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Somehow you’ve managed to stumble across our little corner of the internet, and I’m so happy you have!

My name is Tiffany – a full-time traveler, part-time chocolate addict, and the founder of Nomadrs!

Why Nomadrs?

When I created Nomadrs I had one goal in mind:

To demystify spirituality, making it accessible and fun for everyone!

When I first started my spiritual journey, I felt like an outsider. It was like a world reserved for candle burners and hippies, a world I desperately wanted to be a part of but never quite fit into…

But I quickly realized that spirituality is more than just being a yogi or reading tarot cards – it’s about creating a fulfilling life with purpose and meaning!

So, at Nomadrs you’ll find down-to-earth, empowering guidance. We cut through the woo-woo to give you practical advice.

And best of all?

Everyone is welcome!

With over 400,000 monthly readers, I believe we each have a unique path to walk, but that doesn’t stop us from supporting each other along the way!

We cover a wide range of topics in the spiritual world, but our main focus is on love and relationships.

We want to help our readers create healthy and happy relationships with others, but it’s also super important to strengthen the inner relationship we each have with ourselves!

We believe that spirituality and love go hand in hand…that’s why you’ll find down-to-earth, genuine advice in all of our articles, as well as plenty of self-development guidance!

Who am I?

Although I was born in the US, I consider myself a citizen of the world. Travel is my passion, but I equally love a cozy get-together with good friends and delicious food!

Before creating Nomadrs, I worked at various corporate jobs before realizing…

It wasn’t enriching my life!

After leaving my steady job, I was thrown into the big, wide world without direction or clarity.

I felt a pull toward spirituality, but everything I read online and in books felt overly complicated.

I got to a point where I considered giving up…

Until one evening. Watching the sunset from my favorite viewpoint in Dubrovnik, Croatia, an idea came to me:

I’m going to strip back all the labels and misconceptions, and get to the heart of spirituality!

That’s how Nomadrs was born. I wanted a space where like-minded, down-to-earth folk like myself could benefit from the genuine principles of spirituality.

Since then, we’ve grown the site into more than just a place to read awesome articles.

Nomadrs is now a community in which I’m in contact with many of our readers…I love hearing from our subscribers, and frequently check in through my emails to find out how I can best help you!

That’s what led me to write two eBooks:

But enough about me…

It’s time to explore!

Now we’ve got the introductions out of the way, let’s move on to the juicy stuff! Feel free to check out our full range of articles by clicking “Categories” on the top menu, or have a gander through some of our top posts below…


Spirituality can be defined in different ways, but rather than focus on the dogmatic principles, we see spirituality very much rooted within each of us!

Twin Flames

Twin flames are one of our most popular topics. But we understand that this complex, unique type of relationship can be a bit daunting!


Spirituality affects all areas of our lives, including love and relationships! We share articles that combine the two, but we also tackle some of the nitty gritty topics surrounding falling in love, making it work, and what to do when it all goes wrong!

Dream Interpretation

Often, dreams can present themselves as guidance or warnings. Rather than try to predict the future, we draw out practical advice from the meanings so you can make positive life changes…


Forget crystal balls and crazy future predictions, psychics can be used to increase spirituality and improve your quality of life! Since the beginning of time, “gifted” people have used their abilities to help people empower themselves. Check out some of our top posts below:

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Thank you

The internet is pretty jam-packed with spirituality-based websites, so it means more than you can imagine to have you here on this journey with us!

So, once again:

Thank you and welcome to Nomadrs!

I hope you have the best possible experience on our little piece of the web and don’t forget, I’m just an email away if you’d ever like to get in touch.

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