About Us

Hi, I’m Tiffany!

Before creating Nomadrs, I worked at various corporate jobs before realizing…

It wasn’t enriching my life!

I felt a pull toward spirituality, but everything I read online and in books felt overly complicated.

I got to a point where I considered giving up…

Until one evening. Watching the sunset from my favorite viewpoint in Dubrovnik, Croatia, an idea came to me:

I’m going to strip back all the labels and misconceptions, and get to the heart of spirituality!

That’s how Nomadrs was born. I wanted a space where like-minded, down-to-earth folk like myself could benefit from the genuine principles of spirituality.

We regularly post about:

  • Spirituality
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Twin flames and soulmates

Since we launched, we’ve grown the site into more than just a place to read awesome articles.

Nomadrs is now a community in which I’m in contact with many of our readers…I love hearing from people like yourself, and frequently check in through my emails to find out how I can best help you!

Editorial policy

We know how much nonsense there is out there on the web. That’s why we have a strict policy in place; all our articles are fact-checked and reviewed by our editorial team.

We have extensive procedures to ensure that you receive up-to-date, honest advice and guidance at all times!


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When you successfully purchase a product using one of our links, we’ll earn a small commission from the sale. Don’t worry – this comes at no cost to you, but it helps us continue to provide expert spiritual and relationship guidance!

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