What dreaming about time travel means: 15 interpretations

Dreams are fascinating and can offer a lot of insight into what is going on in our lives. So when I had this crazy dream where I travelled through time, I had to find out what it all meant.

After a lot of research on time travel dream meaning, I discovered there were quite a few possible interpretations. So I decided to bring them all together in a comprehensive guide to time travel dreams.

If you’re also wondering “What does it mean to dream about time travel?” then read on to find out.

Having a dream about time travel

In general, a lot of time travel dream meanings focus on feeling dissatisfied in some way with life right now.

There is this sense of escape or searching for truth. You may be looking for better balance or belonging in life. Time travel dreams can also represent the wishes and hopes of either our past or future.

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What a dream about time travel means: 15 interpretations and explanations

Time travel dreams to the past

1) You want to escape your reality

If you are going through a hard time right now, then maybe you wish you could escape to a completely new time and place — whether that is a different period in history or a specific time from your own past that holds better memories.

You might be feeling a bit sentimental about times gone by or wish you could return to a time when things felt easier or simpler in life.

2) You have regrets

Maybe you wish things that have already happened in life had played out differently.

If you had your time over again, you wouldn’t necessarily do or say the same things. It may be time to consider what went wrong, forgive yourself and move on. Mistakes are a part of life and are there to teach us for the future.

Or perhaps your dream is telling you that it’s not too late to resolve an issue that has been playing on your mind. Either way, it’s potentially a sign to re-evaluate your options so that you can move forward.

3) You want something back that you have lost

One step further than simply looking back on the past with a fondness, is that you wish you could get something back which you have lost.

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4) You are being asked to shift your perspective

Travelling through time quite literally puts you in another place and gives you a different view of the world.

The journey you take within your dream may be calling you to see things from a new angle. That may be certain events that have happened or looking at your goals and ambitions in a new light.

Are you being asked to take a different route or explore a new option?

5) You’re taking a trip down memory lane

If you’re dreaming about a certain time in your life or maybe a certain person or relationship — perhaps you are looking nostalgically back at something you wish you could rekindle or a time which you really cherished.

Maybe your present feels lacking in something the past gave you?

6) You have been talking about the past

Whenever you talk about things that have happened in your past, it’s normal to revisit it in your dreams.

Whether it was a time that you remember with fondness or that brings back painful memories — your brain is reprocessing and reminiscing about it all.

Or if you weren’t visiting a time for your own past, you may have been chatting about or researching a particular time period which has stuck in your mind and then filtered into your dream world.

7) You are stuck in the past

Continuing on from the point above, maybe in your time travel dream, you didn’t want to be there or felt trapped. If so, do you have difficult memories from the past, that you are struggling to let go of?

Time-travelling back in time in a dream could represent that you are stuck in the past.

Rather than letting bygones be bygones or releasing the pain of past events, you may be struggling to move on — which causes you suffering and frustration.

8) You’re about to make an important decision

If you time travel back to a historical event — like a battle or very significant time period — this could signal that you feel at the crossroads of a big life choice. This decision may affect the course of your history.

Seek clues from whatever historical event you are dreaming about, which may reflect circumstances from your present or past.

Time travel dreams to the future

9) You want to fast forward to better times

Just like dreaming of past times can be an indicator that you are looking to escape your present, so are dreams of travelling to the future.

Perhaps you wish that you could just skip to when difficulties have passed or been resolved. You are looking for an escape from any troubles in your life right now.

10) You’re thinking about how decisions now will impact your future

If you travel forwards into your own future, a decision may be weighing heavy on your mind. You want to know how the choices you make could change your future and how it will work out.

You are being asked to consider how taking a particular path could change your life. You should consider how any current decisions, habits and actions may affect you and those you love.

11) You are fearful about the future

If you have an apocalyptic dream about your own future or society in the future, it reflects that you feel anxious about what is to come in life. You may be worried that some tragic event will turn everything upside down.

12) You’ve been thinking about people further on in life than you

If you have been talking to people that you view as being ahead of you or further advanced in life — perhaps in their career or family life — you may be thinking about what life will be like when you reach that stage.

13) You are idealising your future

Have you been creating an unrealistic image of your future?

Perhaps you are pinning all your hopes on the future being rosy. But life is never perfect and you are being asked to be more realistic so that you can be prepared for setbacks to avoid disappointment.

14) You are curious about the advancement of technology

If you have a futuristic dream with new technologies and human advancement, it’s a sign that you are fascinated about current technology.

You want to know how your surroundings will evolve as time progresses. You may have recently learned of some technological advancements and you want to see what else is still to come for the human race.

15) Precognition — you’re dreaming about something that may happen

The idea of mental time travel and that dreams can predict the future has been around since the beginning of civilization.

Carl Jung, one of the grandfathers of modern psychology, did a lot of research into something he called synchronicity —  events that seem to go beyond coincidence, with signs showing up in dreams amongst other places.

Precognition is now a scientifically studied topic by plenty of academics.

There are some fascinating studies that have shown people can dream the result of something with far greater accuracy than they could have guessed.

Understanding time travel dreams

Clearly, there are a lot of different interpretations for what a time travel dream could mean. Your dream about time travel may even have more than one meaning.

As Clinical psychotherapist Jeffrey Sumber says, there are no real rules to interpreting your dreams, as it’s actually very personal.

“We are always being called by our unconscious self to feel into our ideas, thoughts and actions so as to gain a deeper sense of who we are and where we are going in our lives.”

Some of the interpretations on the list of possible meanings will likely resonate more than the others. I think it’s good to let your own gut be your guide. After all, dreams are unique and you are ultimately the best judge.

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