How to know if someone misses you: 16 psychic signs

It’s all too easy knowing when we miss someone else—it’s a different story finding out if they’re missing us in return.

However, the fact is this: it is possible to know if someone misses you. There are quite a few psychic signs that you can tune into and look out for.

Once you become sensitive to these psychic signs, you’ll be able to know if someone is missing you in return. Let’s look at 16 different signs to tune into.

16 psychic signs someone is missing you

The first step in attuning yourself to psychic energies is to find your own homeostasis.

Homeostasis is how our body functions in its most basic state. We are aware of our breathing, our injuries, our allergies, triggers, overall health, and so on.

When you are completely in tune with your own baseline, it becomes far easier to tell when an external psychic force is acting on your body.

Taking even five minutes a day to create a dialogue with our bodies is a great way to meditate, keep healthy, and realign our body and mind.

Once you’ve done that, these following signs will be far easier to decipher.

Let’s get going.

1) They show up in your dreams

Dreams are powerful.

If someone is missing us, it’s possible they’ll show up in our dreams. Sometimes it might be that we dream about them because we’re missing them, but that’s not always the case.

There are times when this person hasn’t been on our minds at all recently, perhaps we haven’t seen them in years or thought about them in months.

And then, out of the blue, they appear in your dreams. They show up as if no time has passed, and it seems really random or odd that you’d dream about them, considering they’ve been off your mind for so long.

That’s a big psychic sign that this person is missing you.

Ever wondered if when you dream about someone they dream about you too? Here’s an interesting article that talks about it.

2) You have random mood swings

This is a pretty common psychic sign to have when someone is missing you. It will seem, as if out of the blue, that your mood takes a sudden shift.

What your mood swings from can vary depending on a lot of factors. The key thing you’re looking out for here is that it will almost feel like this mood comes to you from outside your body.

It’s almost as if someone put this mood on you, or you’re taking on the mood of someone else.

You could have been sad, and then all of sudden you can’t help being happy. Or, the opposite — you’re minding your business, doing your thing, and suddenly you find yourself absentminded, irritated, mind in other places.

The person missing you is reaching out to you psychically, and whether consciously or not, you’re responding to that.

If you’re sensitive to energy, here’s a great article with some top tips for protecting yourself against negative energy.

3) A real psychic confirms it

The signs above and below will give you a good idea if someone misses you.

But a surefire way to know for sure is to speak with a real psychic.

However, I know how important it is to stay away from fake mediums.

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4) You call other people by their name

I tend to mix up people’s names quite a bit, so this point is sometimes a little skewed for me.

However, much like all these points, it’s the anomaly of the person whose name you use. For instance, when I mix up a name, it’s usually between a few of the people I’ve been seeing the most lately.

It’s rarely someone who I haven’t seen for a long time. In other words, if you find yourself suddenly slipping up and using this person’s name, even if you haven’t seen them for weeks or longer, it could be a psychic sign they’re missing you.

They’re calling out to you, thinking about you, and when you pick up on that subconsciously, it slips out and you call other people by their name.

It’s weird when this one happens, and it’s kind of hard not to notice

5) You keep finding white feathers

A white feather is a symbolic reminder from someone who is dear to you. It most often points to the truth that someone you’ve lost is watching over you, thinking of you, and missing you.

However, it could also be that finding a white feather is a psychic sign from someone you haven’t seen in a very long time, who was once very close to you. They’re missing and thinking about you.

White feathers aren’t found extraordinarily often. When you do find one, pay attention to your surroundings. What were you just thinking about? Does this place remind you of anyone?

Taking note of these context clues will give you a better idea of why you found the white feather, and who could have been thinking about you.

6) You’ve been thinking about them a lot recently

Psychic signs are a two-way street. When someone is missing you, you’re likely to pick up on it. Maybe you’ve been missing them, and they’ve been picking up on it, too.

The bottom line is that there’s a two-way connection between you and the person who’s missing you.

So if you’ve found yourself thinking a lot about a specific person recently, it could be because they’re missing you, too. These kinds of echo chambers between two people’s psychic energy is what often leads to some form of synchronistic encounter.

Don’t be surprised if you look up from a daydream about this person to see them standing in front of you!

If you can’t seem to get them off your mind, here are some interesting things it might indicate.

7) Strange sensations, goosebumps, being watched

Something just in the corner of your eye, the sound of someone breathing behind you, sensational gooseflesh across your body.

These are just a few of the stranger feelings you can get when someone is missing you. These kinds of strange sensations are usually symptoms of a strong psychic connection.

The person who has been missing you is really close to you or has a really strong psychic energy. When they’re thinking of you, it might feel like you’re being watched. You’ll look over your shoulder to see that there’s no one there.

Goosebumps when you’re not cold—like on a warm day in the sun—is another psychic sign that can happen when you’re being missed by someone.

8) Sexual tension

If there’s sexual tension between two people, they’re likely to also have a strong psychic connection.

Therefore, if you’ve recently met someone with whom you had some kind of chemistry, there’s a good chance that they’re thinking about you now that you’re gone, and that they’re missing you.

You, also, in this case, might be thinking about them. That duality of thought makes for an even stronger psychic connection. Keep that flow of energy open between you, and before long you won’t have to be missing each other.

Here’s a look at 15 psychic signs your twin flame is thinking about you sexually.

9) Sneezing fits

At the start of the article, I mentioned taking the time to understand your body’s homeostasis before trying to decipher these psychic signs.

In this instance, it’s really important to have a good understanding of your body.


There are countless reasons why you might have a sneezing fit. Whether it’s allergies, pollen, dust, and so on, these can cause sneezing fits.

However, when you have a sneezing fit-out of the blue, and you recognize that none of your normal triggers were the cause, it could be a strong psychic sign that someone is thinking about you.

10) Hiccups

Another common physiological sign that someone is thinking about you is inexplicable hiccups.

Getting hiccups without any correlating reason (overeating, drinking, eating too fast, etc) often points to someone thinking about you negatively.

So maybe they don’t miss you, per se, but you’ve been on their mind, and in that way, they’ve caused you to get hiccups. Pay attention to when you get inexplicable hiccups, why, and even if you get them around certain people.

11) Phantom touch

The feeling of someone brushing your arm, touching your shoulder, coming up beside you, only to realize that there’s no one near.

This is one of the key psychic signs someone is thinking about you and missing you. It’s almost as if they’re there with you, even for a brief moment, as your energies connect and bridge the gap of distance and time.

When you feel a phantom touch, pay keen attention. Who do you think it was? Were you able to identify who touched you?

The more you pay attention, the more in tune you will become to energies, and those moments when people make a real psychic connection with you.

12) Flushed ears or face

The old platitude that your ears burn when someone is talking about you does have merit. In fact, it’s a big psychic sign that someone misses you, is thinking about you, or is talking about you.

So if you notice that your cheeks are tingly, you feel flushed, or your ears are burning like you’re embarrassed, take it as a sign.

This sign, similar to the sign regarding hiccups, can mean that someone is thinking negatively about you. However, it doesn’t have to.

It could be that they’re having strong feelings about you, or giving you a lot of attention when you don’t like being the center of attention.

In this case, a flushed face and ears is kind of like embarrassment, which can be a good thing.

13) Eye-twitching

These last several points have all been related because they have to do with physiological responses to psychic energy.

Another physiological response our bodies have when someone is missing us is when our eye starts twitching.

A lot of things can cause eye twitching—allergies, stress, caffeine, and so on, so remember to first understand your body and keep a healthy dialogue in regard to what’s normal.

The interesting thing is that depending on which eye it is that’s twitching, the person thinking about you is either doing so positively or negatively.

For men, a twitching right eye is positive thinking—someone is missing you. The left eye is negative thinking—someone is having bad thoughts about you.

For women, the opposite is true. The left eye indicates positive thinking, and the right eye negative.

14) Distress while eating

A calm and peaceful meal can suddenly be interrupted by a sudden wave of distress. If you understand that your body doesn’t normally do this, you can take it as a psychic sign that someone is missing you.

Depending on the intensity of the psychic connection, and how much this person is missing you or thinking about you, how you react can vary. It could be as simple as having some difficulty swallowing, or suddenly losing your appetite.

It could also be an inability to swallow, coughing on your food. No matter how careful you are, it’s still difficult.

Take it as a psychic sign that someone is missing you.

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15) Hearing their voice

Thoughts become things. When someone is sending out strong vibrations into the universe, you’ll be able to pick up on them.

For instance, if they’re thinking about you and how much they miss you, you might think you can hear their voice. Maybe it echoes down the hall, you hear it come from another room, or it seems like they whisper your name right behind you.

Whose voice was it and what did they say? Pay attention, listen close, and you might get a really good idea about who it is that’s missing you psychically.

16) Telepathy

It may seem like you’re reading their mind, hearing their thoughts all of a sudden. That’s because they’ve been thinking about you and bridging the psychic gap between you. They miss you, and—whether consciously or not—they’re communicating with you.

Telepathy is a big psychic sign that someone is missing you. If it seems like you can easily intuit their thoughts and feelings, even if you haven’t seen them in ages or if they’re a thousand miles away, take it as a big psychic sign.

Remember, these signs are best understood once you’ve understood yourself, your body, and how it reacts in various environments. A lot of times it’s a combination of several of these signs that give you the best clue.

Keep your senses and mind open, and be observant! You’ll be surprised how often you get psychic signs that someone is missing you.

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Xandar Gordon

Xandar Gordon

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