12 psychic signs your twin flame separation is almost over

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We can have an expectation that when we finally meet the one everything will be plain sailing from then on.

But that’s the fairytale version, and the truth is that in reality, the course of true love doesn’t always run so smoothly — even when their soul is literally entwined with yours.

You may have met your twin flame, only for it all to seemingly fall apart. The connection could have felt too intense, you may have felt rejected or been left heartbroken.

It almost seems like the ups and downs are super extreme. Then the more you read up on twin flames, you realize that you were actually entering the twin flame separation stage of your relationship.

But if you’ve been kept apart, you’re probably feeling desperate to know when they’ll come back and that it’s almost over.

Because this confusing twin flame separation phase can last anywhere from weeks, to months or even years, you need to know where you are in the process.  So how do you know when twin flame separation is ending?

Luckily there are some subtle but powerful signals. In this article, we’ll talk about the 12 psychic signs that show you are about to reconnect with your twin flame.

Psychic twin flame connection

Before we dive into the signals that your separation phase is almost done, it’s important to understand how psychic signs can present themselves in our lives.

Particularly if you are an empath or whenever you have an incredibly strong bond with someone — like with a twin flame — you might find you have an almost psychic connection.

There are people who seem to have extra senses that allow them to communicate, see, feel or hear information in ways that go beyond the norm.

You and your twin flame might be able to communicate with just a look. It could seem like knowing what they are feeling or thinking comes naturally to you. You may even feel the same emotions that they do.

That’s why it’s not uncommon for twin flame unions to report strong gut feelings, vivid dreams and visions, seeing lights and colours or experiencing very strong emotions.

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10 psychic signs your twin flame separation is ending

1) You feel great

Your own emotions are one of the most powerful psychic signals you receive in life.

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Often you may not even know why you’ve been feeling so good. But everything is energy, and you are actually just picking up on a lighter vibe that surrounds you.

You are not creating any suffering for yourself, so you may start to feel happy, excited, even euphoric, for no apparent reason.

What’s happening is that you are radiating love and peace from the inside out.

When this starts to happen we become magnetics for positivity and draw all the good stuff into our life.

These are exactly the fertile conditions to reunite with your twin flame.

2) You stop seeing repeated numbers or synchronicities at every turn

It’s common to get signs from the Universe.

We are always being gently guided along our path. Many people look for these signs or get comfort from them — which is understandable.

But actually, these signs are also messages to correct our course or steer us in another direction.

This is particularly the case if you feel like you are constantly, almost frantically, noticing number sequences or other synchronicities.

And it’s not always such a good thing.

The Universe is just ramping up its signals to you so that you get whatever message it is trying to send loud and clear.

3) You recognize them

Want to know for certain whether your twin flame separation is about to be over?

And that this person is ‘the one’ for you?

Let’s face it:

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Even though I was a bit skeptical at first, my friend convinced me to try it out a few weeks ago.

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Are you ready to receive the ultimate confirmation that they are actually your twin flame?

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4) Other areas of your life seem to have come together

Maybe you feel like you are suddenly an absolute manifestation whizz.

Everywhere that once felt like it had a permanent dark cloud hanging over it in your life has now lifted. All those movable pieces have finally fallen into place.

What may seem like good luck is often down to the hard work that you’ve been putting in.

The reason why twin flames are special is the same reason why they can bring with them so much suffering.

This isn’t just another relationship. This deeper love is there to teach you things about yourself and act as a mirror.

Sometimes we just can’t have the sunshine without the rain.

5) You literally sense it in your heart area

One of the physical psychic signs you can receive about the end of your twin flame separation is certain sensations in the heart area.

Perhaps your heart skips a beat or starts to pound. These changes in intensity may occur as you and your twin flames’ hearts start to align as one.

You may also start to get a warm sensation in your heart centre as your heart chakra glows from feelings of love.

6) You feel them touch you

Feeling someone touch you even when no one is around might sound quite freaky at first. But it will actually leave you feeling comforted and soothed.

If you feel tingling sensations or like your twin flame is touching you, then you may be picking up on their strong psychic energy towards you.

Because of its intensity, it actually manifests in physical ways — like feeling their arms wrapped around you when you sleep, or them gently brushing past your skin.

7) You hear them

Perhaps more common than being able to physically feel your twin flame whilst you are separated, is being able to hear them.

For some people, full conversations can even play out in their head as if their twin flame is right there with them.

Or you might just hear their voice, or them gently whispering to you.

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This is all part of the preparation that shows the bond is growing and you will soon be together again.

8) They visit you in your dreams more frequently

You may already find that you often dream about your twin flame whilst you sleep. But watch out for this becoming more frequent or for a change in intensity.

Our dreams act as a portal that bridges the unconscious and the conscious.

That’s why they are the ideal place to receive strong messages from both your own psyche and your twin flames.

Far from being a totally autonomous thing, there is even scientific evidence that people can share the same dreams — highlighting the bond that can take place through our dream world.

9) You feel no lingering animosity towards your twin flame

If it’s been a rocky ride so far, the chances are you will have felt some very strong emotions during your twin flame separation — a lot of which could have been quite negative.

It’s normal to experience anger, frustration and sadness along the way.

Whether it’s been a slow road to recovery or it just hits you out of nowhere one day, you will realize that you no longer harbour any negative feelings towards your twin flame.

It’s almost as if you could let them go completely, safe in the knowledge that the connection can never be truly severed.

Whenever we fully let go in life, it’s often that precise moment we are ready to fully receive.

10) You feel their energy

There’s so much we don’t understand about the universe.

But a growing number of people strongly believe in the power of energy — energy that we give off from ourselves which affects those around us.

This energy comes from inside of us — from our thoughts and our souls.

So, when it comes to working out when your twin flame separation is about to end, a natural place to start is energy.

For example, you may recently feel an overall positive aura that makes everything in life seem brighter and lighter. If so, then this is an excellent sign your twin flame separation is drawing to a close.

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11) You feel drawn to certain places at certain times but you don’t know why

As you prepare to meet again and the time gets closer, you may get strong urges to be somewhere. It’s almost like an impulse or instinct.

A particular location might just pop into your head randomly, or you get an idea or strong desire to go to a certain bar, coffee shop or park, for example.

That’s because, as life conspires to get you back together, a chance meeting might be what it has in mind.

12) You just know they’re about to get in touch, and then they do.

We’ve all experienced thinking about someone only for them to contact us straight away afterwards.

Or hearing your phone ping and before you’ve even had a chance to look — knowing it is that particular person.

In a similar way, when your twin flame separation is about to end you could find yourself psychically knowing that they are about to reach out….and then bam…they do.

In summary: what are the psychic signs my twin flame separation is almost over?

Psychic signs present themselves through strong intuitive (gut) feelings, certain sensations within the body, in our dreams, through visions and through very strong emotions.

The signs you receive will depend on what you are most sensitive towards, as well as your individual twin flame circumstances.

That’s why it’s best to tune in and try to become aware of any subtle changes that you sense within yourself as well as the world around you — as life may be trying to communicate an important message to you.

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