22 signs the universe wants you to be with someone

Let’s be honest, navigating love and relationships isn’t easy.

And once you get to a certain age, all the “failed relationships”, broken hearts, and unrelenting disappointment can make you feel like the world is conspiring against you.

It’s easy to blame it on the universe, but did you ever stop to think that maybe all the “wrong ones” were just stepping stones to lead you to “The Right One”?

The truth is, the universe knows when you’re ready to be united with the love of your life.

And if you’ve experienced any of the signs below, it’s possible that finding the right one is closer than you think, you just need to trust the signs.

So, today we’re going to cover the 21 signs that show the universe wants you to be with someone, but first…

Does the universe send out signs?

Here’s the thing:

Regardless of your beliefs, whether you believe that God is carefully planning out our next moves, or there’s power in the energy of the universe, or that our fate lies entirely in our hands, there’s no doubt that we receive signals from forces bigger than us.

The problem is, we don’t often pay attention to the signs around us.

Some of them are so tiny that it’s easy to overlook them. Others are glaringly obvious yet we’re so caught up in our lives that we fail to see them. It’s only once you open yourself up to the universe that the signs become clearer.

And when the universe wants you to be with someone, you’ll receive more signs than ever…you only need to look for them.

Is the universe sending me my soulmate?

A soulmate is a common term used for finding the right person for you. When we say the word soulmate, we imagine someone who completes us. Someone to share a deep connection with, to grow with, and to love profoundly.

The truth is:

There are different names out there to describe this type of love and companionship.

So whatever name you want it to give it, if the universe wants you to be with that person, know that it’s for a good reason.

Now, you’ve been hurt in the past, most of us have, and you may wonder why the universe decided to send certain “wrong” people to you.

Sometimes, it’s because we need to learn a life lesson.

Even our “bad” relationships teach us something about ourselves and others. We learn what we don’t want from a relationship, to avoid personalities that clash with our own, and most importantly, we learn how strong we are.

After all, heartbreak isn’t easy but when you get back up, dust off, and continue to be open to love…that takes true strength.

And what about finding love and happiness?

Well, when the universe wants to send you “The One”, the right person for you, you might find the signs listed below start happening.

Think about it this way:

The universe is always sending out signs, but it’s only when you open yourself up to receiving and recognizing them that you’ll realize just how much the universe wants you to succeed.

It wants to make you the best you can be, it’ll push you, send opportunities your way, including when it comes to love and relationships.

And once you stop resisting it, you’ll find that everything falls into place a little easier.

So without further ado, let’s check out the signs so you know what to look out for.

Signs the universe wants you to be with someone:

1) You keep running into them repeatedly

The universe has a way of pushing people together…and if it keeps happening, don’t ignore the signs!

If there’s a particular person you see everywhere, at your local supermarket, waiting at the bus stop, or even jogging around your local park, chances are you’re meant to meet them.

Now, if you live in a small town, you might be rolling your eyes because you see pretty much the same people regularly certain someone is waiting every day.

So in this case, look out for the person who always shows up at your time of need, or who you always pass by when you’re in good spirits (it can go either way).

It might not be clear to start with, but you’ll soon realize that you often cross paths with this person randomly and you just haven’t noticed it before.

2) You’ve lost interest in people who aren’t good for you

We all behave a little recklessly with our hearts when we’re young and carefree, but as you become ready to meet the right person for you, you’ll lose interest in having mediocre relationships.

And you’ll certainly give less importance to people who don’t have a profound effect on you.

No more “bad boys” or girls who just aren’t right for you…you know there’s someone better waiting for you and the universe is nudging you in the right direction.

3) What does your Zodiac say?

Using astrology to find out whether love is on the horizon is pretty cool.

The best bit?

Zodiac signs can absolutely help you figure out whether the universe wants you to be with one. Because they influence compatibility between two people regarding communication, love, emotions, sex, and personality.

For example, if you’re a Virgo then you’ll develop the most intimate connection with a Pisces.

While a Libra will be drawn to Aquarius and Gemini’s because they too need independence and intellectual stimulation to thrive.

Just by taking this star sign quiz, you’ll be able to make it your soulmate’s idea to:

  • Pursue you
  • Chase after you
  • And completely commit to you.

I took this quiz a few months ago and was blown away. I just selected my soulmate’s zodiac and then discovered shocking details about them on the next page (which have been 100% accurate so far).

Here’s a link to the quiz again.

4) There are lots of coincidences

Some people take them as coincidences, others see them as signs.

The truth is:

Hearing the same song in different places, seeing the same love quotes pop up randomly, and coming across one certain name repeatedly is the universe telling you something.

Don’t ignore these signs and dismiss them as meaningless, random occurrences — each one is paving the way towards the right person.

5) You’re finally at peace with yourself

When the universe wants you to be with someone, you need to be at peace with yourself first.

Not only have you addressed any negative issues you’ve been dealing with, but you’ve also worked on yourself. You’re now in a place where you can welcome “The One” with open arms.

You see, the universe does this so that you’re prepared.

If you’re not ready, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, the universe will wait before bringing that special person into your life.

6) They step up for you

You have a problem in life, such as a fight with a friend, your car has broken down, or maybe you’re struggling with something at work.

What does the person you’re meant to be with do? Everything they possibly can to help.

When someone steps up to the plate for you and tries to “save the day”, this is an excellent sign from the universe that your soulmate has entered your life.

There’s actually a new concept in relationship psychology that explains why people step up like this for their soulmate.

It’s called the hero instinct.

(While the hero instinct was coined with men in mind, it can explain how both sexes act around people they love).

According to the hero instinct, men have a biological urge to step up for women and protect them against the big and little things in life. He derives meaning from being the guy she turns to for help.

And he won’t enter a relationship (or stay in one) unless his hero instinct is triggered.

If you want to learn more about this fascinating concept, check out this excellent free video.

You’ll learn the things you can do, words you can say, and little requests you can make to activate this very natural male instinct in a guy.

Some ideas are life changing. And when it comes to developing a passionate relationship with a guy you love, this is one of them.

Here’s a link to the free video again.

7) You’ve probably met them before (you just don’t know it)

Ever heard one of those freaky stories where a couple who’ve been together years, suddenly unearth old childhood photos, and what do you know?

Turns out they were actually in the same hockey club for two years as kids.

They never realized that they had met before as children.

Now, you could call this just a freaky coincidence, but the truth is the universe knew long before you did that you’d find each other.

So the chances are, whoever the universe is sending your way, you might have already met them before.

8) They pop up in your dreams

Dreams are another way that the universe conveys messages.

Before you even realize that a certain someone is waiting for you, they might appear in your dreams.

You know those dreams where you’re not even sure what happened, but you wake up with intense feelings?

You could have sworn that something happened to you in reality, but the truth is our dreams can have a powerful impact on us — especially if it’s a dream sent by the universe.

A useful tip for understanding your dreams:

Keep a dream journal. This way, you can see if any recurring dreams feature “The One”.

9) Other people might randomly mention them

Pay attention to who your family and friends mention to you.

The same name will likely keep popping up in different places until you finally meet and understand the reason why — they’re meant to be with you.

So the next time you hear the same name mentioned by your mom, best friend, and the dentist, don’t ignore the signs that maybe you’re meant to meet this person.

10) You realize why all your past relationships didn’t work out

Just as you’ve learned to be at peace with yourself, this development and personal growth will have opened your eyes to what went wrong in past relationships.

You might have thought of your ex as the love of your life, but now you see them in a different light.

The truth is:

Your past relationships didn’t work out, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t take anything beneficial from them. Each was an important lesson from the universe.

After all, without going through the wrong relationships, how will you know when it’s the right one?

11) You’re completely done with the “wrong ones”

And as you come to this realization about past relationships, you’ll also take steps to stop random exes from popping up.

I mean, we’ve all done it right?

You’re single, it’s Friday night and you’re bored, so why not text back that guy or girl you once had a fling with?

It’s harmless, right?

Well, now you know that it certainly isn’t harmless. This is the universe telling you to hold out. Wait for the right one. Stop entertaining the ones who will bring you nothing but lame company and unwanted drama.

12) You are clear on what you want and need in a relationship

As much as you might have been hurt in the past, it’s good to remind yourself that every failed relationship has brought you one step closer to finding the right one.

Throughout all the heartbreak and pain, now you know what you finally want and need from a partner.

And even better?

You now have a more solid sense of “self”, what matters to you in a relationship and how to put better boundaries up.

You no longer enter relationships aimlessly hoping for the best, because now you know what you want and anything less simply isn’t worth it.

13) There’s no sense of urgency or pressure to meet “The One”

Feeling pressured to be in a relationship isn’t uncommon.

From the aunty who reminds you of how old you’re getting at every family party, to being the only single person at game night with your friends, it’s easy to feel the pressure.

But now, all those longing feelings have gone.

Something intrinsically tells you that “The One” will come along when the time is right.

You’ve put your trust in the universe, and combined with all the other changes you’re experiencing, you’re confident that you’re on the right track.

Just like the saying, you only find love when you stop looking for it.

14) Your gut feeling tells you something good is about to happen

And accompanying this patient, calm vibe you’re feeling, you’ll also experience a profound sense of excitement and anticipation.

The tide is turning and you can feel it.

You might have no clue about the changes about to happen in your life, but your intuition tells you that good things are on their way.

15) You’ve let go of old baggage

Baggage — we’ve all got it.

Insecurities, toxic family or friends, bad habits, regret…you name it. All this baggage weighs us down and leads us away from embracing who and where we are in our lives.

It stops us from living in the moment, and it can also harm your chances of finding “The One”.

So, it’s only natural that when the universe wants you to be with someone, it happens once you’ve let go of the baggage.

You no longer feel trapped by your fears, you’ve put distance between you and toxic people and you’re done holding on to past regrets and pain.

Now you’re ready to embark on a new adventure and with the person who’ll bring out the best in you.

16) You feel ready to take risks

And that leads us on to taking risks — without them, half of the amazing experiences we have in life wouldn’t happen.

The truth is:

Fear is a natural feeling. No matter how brave you are, it’s okay to still fear taking risks.

The important thing is that you don’t let it stop you. And now, the universe is pushing for this more than ever.

To meet “The One”, you’ve got to be prepared to leave your comfort zone in some ways.

So whether you get thrown in at the deep end or you take little steps to overcome your fear, know that it’s for a bigger purpose and it’s putting you in line with your soulmate.

17) You can’t help but see love everywhere

Noticing the same love songs repeating everywhere you go?

Does it feel like you’re surrounded by loved-up couples everywhere you go?

The birds are chirping, even pigeons look like they’re hanging out in pairs. Netflix keeps recommending cheesy RomComs to you even though you prefer horror films.

You might even get to the point where you swear you see cupid drawing a heart and arrow in the sky — don’t worry, you’re not going crazy.

Like showing butterflies when you’ve turned a corner in your life, this is the universe filling you with love. It’s showing you that love is all around and there’s plenty for you too.

Instead of resisting it, give in to it and see where it takes you.

18) You’re ready to accept what comes your way

Once you stop resisting all of the universe’s attempts to bring you love, you’ll find it much easier to go with the flow.

And now that you’ve opened yourself up to these new emotions and experiences, you’ll find things changing for the better.

Not only will you potentially meet the love of your life, but you’ll learn new things about yourself and life that never would have come to you before.

Here’s the thing:

A lot of us struggle to give up control. We want to have a hand in everything that happens to us, but this isn’t realistic.

Life is chaotic. It’s a beautiful mess, and with eight billion of us all bouncing around, crazy stuff is bound to happen.

So don’t shy away from situations where you don’t feel in control, embrace them and see where the universe takes you.

19) You’ve forgiven the past

To move forward with your future, you have to let go of the past.

Now, similar to letting go of all your baggage weighing you down, letting go of the past takes a conscious decision.

The bottom line is:

If you’re afraid to get into a new relationship because you don’t want your heart broken again, you’re not going to attract the right person for you.

Or, if you do, you could end up pushing them away.

The universe knows this. It waits for you to heal yourself before sending someone along to enrich your life.

Some people believe that your soulmate is sent to heal you, but the truth is that healing needs to come from within.

And ultimately, how can you be at peace and ready to meet “The One”, if you’re still clinging on to every misjudgment and hurt from the past?

20) You feel calm

Now that you’ve let go of it all, you might feel an incredibly profound sense of calmness and peace.

It’s the kind of calm that comes after the storm has passed. Sure, you’ve been through things in life, maybe you’d lost all hope in ever finding the right person.

But now, something deep within tells you that there’s no rush and nothing to worry about.

You get on with your life, learning, growing and enjoying new experiences, all without any pressure to jump into another dead-end relationship.

21) You’re not afraid to be alone

And this newfound calmness gives you confidence.

More specifically, the confidence to be alone.

What a great feeling! You no longer rely on anyone to make you happy. You know you’ve got this and you finally have trust in yourself.

Things start falling into place, and even when you have a bad day, you know you can pull yourself out of it.

When you get to this point in your life, know that it’s the universe’s way of saying, “you’re ready”.


Because now you’ve fully embraced who you are, you can truly open your heart to the right one.

You have found inner-love and peace, and you no longer need a partner. Now, you want a partner to complement the great life you’ve created for yourself but even if they don’t come along anytime soon, you’re perfectly fine being alone.

22) When you meet “The One” you just know it

So, when you do meet the right one, there’ll be no doubts.

You might not even get together straight away, but whenever you’re around them you feel the unique connection that you’ve never shared with anyone else before.

They soothe your soul, yet they also ignite excitement and love for life within you. Just being around them feels addictive.

And a good way to determine if you’re truly on the right path with this person?

They’ll feel the same way.

Even if you haven’t confessed your feelings to one another, you can see that they too enjoy being around you and there’s a mutual understanding between you both.

The bottom line

The signs are there, but it isn’t always easy to recognize them.

As you can see, many of them are changes that happen within you, and the external signs can often be mistaken for accidental or random.

Here’s the deal:

The universe is continuously sending us signs, it’s up to us to be open and willing to see them.

Hopefully, you’ve recognized yourself in many of the signs. From letting go of the past to growing in confidence, self-respect, and self-understanding, there’s a good chance the universe wants you to be with someone.

A final word of advice:

Don’t overthink things.

In some cases, you might already know who this special person is, but equally, you may not have a clue.

Maybe you’ve seen them in a dream or you’ve bumped into them once and felt a fleeting connection, whatever the situation, continue to let the universe work its magic and bring you together.

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