Twin flame separation sickness: 6 common physical pains and their meanings

Since your twin ray left, you feel heartbroken.

On top of that, you occasionally experience inexplicable physical pain.

Even so, going through the separation phase is normal and almost inevitable in every twin flame relationship.

Do you want to know what else is normal? Twin flame separation sickness.

It occurs when you suddenly feel pain, but you are not hurt, and your twin flame could be to blame for it.

Are you intrigued? Keep reading if you want to find out the truth!

What does twin flame separation feel like?

Kathleen Cranton, a twin flame runner and the author of the Twin Flame Reunion Mastery Course, describes what twin flame separation feels like:

“Whenever a twin flame becomes a runner, they are trying to escape the pain instead of dealing with it. Ironically, in doing that they intensify their suffering tenfold or more.”

She continues by basically saying that twin flames often experience feelings of “worthlessness and rejection” during the separation phase.

Both the chaser and the runner feel like their hearts get broken in every imaginable way. And by this, the author is not only referring to the spiritual and emotional part, but also to the physical part.

“When twin flames go their separate ways for a while […] you continue feeling them – their thoughts, their emotions, even their physical state, says Cranton.

This is also when twin flame separation sickness occurs. The physical pain that mirror souls feel when they are apart is real and it affects the way they function in life.

Make no mistake about it. I’m not talking about the twin flame body changes that occur while the twins are in union.

Even so, you’ll be surprised to find out that some of them are also common during the separation phase, only for different reasons.

A gifted advisor confirms it

The points above and below will give you a good idea about what separation sickness is, and whether you experience it.

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Physical pain during twin flame separation

According to numerous twin flame runners and chasers, there are several types of physical pain twins experience during the separation phase.

If you’re also on your twin flame journey and you frequently experience all sorts of pain and physical discomfort, don’t be alarmed.

Since you and your counterpart are no longer physically together, you may sometimes experience headaches, back pain, and heart pain.

Chances are that you often feel:

  • Shoulder, arms, and upper back pain;
  • Lower back pain;
  • Middle back pain, stomach issues;
  • Pain in legs, feet, knees;
  • Deep physical exhaustion, poor sleep.

Regardless of whether you’re the one who got scared and left or the one who stayed, you can equally experience physical pain caused directly or indirectly by your counterpart.

Do you know what’s the best thing about separation sickness?

Depending on what is bothering you, you can find out more about your unresolved issues.

If you are already in the separation phase, then you’re supposed to be aware of the things you must change about yourself to achieve your twin flame reunion.

However, if you’re not, I can tell you all about the meaning behind each physical symptom you may be dealing with.

As soon as you find out what you can do to speed up your reunion, you can start working on fixing whatever keeps you two apart.

But, more about that later.

What causes separation sickness in twin flames?

Ever wondered why separation sickness occurs in twin flames?

Carol Mary, life and relationship coach, seems to think that there are two possible reasons:

  • You feel what your twin ray is feeling

You and your counterpart are connected in a way we’ll never fully understand.

That’s why, sometimes, even if you two are hundreds of miles apart and you haven’t spoken for months, you can feel what they are feeling and the other way around.

These feelings are inexplicable, and as you may already know, they can manifest as physical pain, too.

While there are general signs of your connection, such as running away from each other and communicating telepathically, the occurrence of somatic symptoms is also possible.

Let’s say that your counterpart has a bike accident and gets his/her knee hurt. Do you think it would be possible for you to feel their pain?

Yes, you are correct! In addition, Susan Brunton, a spiritual advisor, confirms it:

“There have been many instances where someone has reported experiencing pain in their body that they have later found outmatched with what their twin flame was actually feeling at the time.”

  • You experience emotional or energetic blocks

In your body, there are certain energy centers, also called chakras. When ‌energy doesn’t flow properly through these energy centers, you experience energetic blocks.

In turn, these energetic blocks may cause various types of pain throughout your body, depending on your problems.

To be more precise, in case someone keeps ignoring their intuition, they could get forehead headaches. Why?

Because the third eye chakra is located right between the eyes. So, experiencing pain in that area could mean that your chakra is low in energy.

The solution?

Diane Malaspina, Ph.D., a yoga medicine therapeutic specialist, suggests trying “breathing practices to encourage the flow of energy”, as well as “meditation to bring about clarity of mind”.

Is your twin flame a male? If he is, I recommend reading this epic guide to male twin flame feelings.

But if you want more clarity on this, I’d suggest speaking to a gifted advisor at Psychic Source.

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So instead of trying to figure this out on your own, speak to an advisor who’ll give you the guidance – and the answers – you’re looking for.

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The meaning behind each twin flame separation sickness

As promised, I’m going to tell you the meaning behind the most common physical symptoms that twin flames experience when they are separated.

1) Do you experience shoulder, arms, or upper back pain?

If your answer is yes, then you could have to deal with a blocked heart chakra.

What this means for you is that you’ve forgotten to love yourself. Moreover, you’ve lost your confidence, too (probably as a result of breaking up with your twin ray).

Since you feel twin flame separation sickness, you might need to remember how to appreciate yourself more and start believing in yourself like you used to.

Just because your mirror soul ran away from you, it doesn’t mean that your worth has changed.

On the contrary, in case you’re the chaser, you should keep in mind that your counterpart didn’t run because of you.

Also, the heart chakra is considered a direct communication channel with the divine.

If you’ve also lost ‌faith because things between you and your counterpart didn’t work out, the pain you’re feeling could be a side-effect.

2) Are you dealing with lower back pain?

Most often than not, when your lower back hurts, it’s not because your twin flame has worked for an entire day at a construction site.

The real reason could be related to ‌the fact that you haven’t done anything you’re passionate about lately.

Ambi Kavanagh, a Reiki healer, astrologer, and author, confirms it:

This energy center “houses our emotions, passions, and pleasures – the things that emotionally satiate us and give us joy, and is considered the creative and sexual energy center of the body.”

So what can you do about it?

Rediscover your passions and bring back the joy in your life. Take this opportunity to focus less on your twin flame and more on your own well-being and happiness.

By doing so, you can get one step closer to your reunion.

Is your twin flame reunion close? Here are 17 signs to look out for.

3) Do you have middle back pain or stomach issues?

If at the beginning of your relationship with your counterpart you felt butterflies in your stomach, expect nothing less during the separation phase.

As a matter of fact, you could experience worse symptoms such as nausea, tummy ache, digestive issues, and so on.

Unless you feel what your twin ray is feeling, this type of physical discomfort could be an indicator your self-esteem is low and that you have anger issues.

If these negative aspects entered your life when your counterpart left it, it means they are connected and you’re moving away from the right path.

As a twin already on your journey, your purpose is to improve yourself and work on your goals, including your spiritual ones.

So, if you procrastinate a lot lately, feel apathetic, and have difficulties in making decisions, then it’s time to make a change!

Want advice specific to your situation?

I know that twin flame separation can be confusing and frustrating.

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4) Is pain in the legs, feet, and knees bothering you?

If lately, all you do is daydream about your twin flame reunion, while neglecting your basic needs, it makes total sense if you feel pain in your legs, feet, and knees.

This type of pain is, energetically speaking, associated with the need to feel stability and stay grounded.

Simply put, you can’t neglect your well-being, walk with your head in the clouds, and at the same time, hope for a reunion.

There are many other things you can do to reach your twin flame reunion faster.

Meanwhile, if you’re in the separation phase of your twin flame journey, take these pains as warning signs you’re not taking proper care of yourself, and your mind isn’t in the right place either.

Even so, we should not exclude the possibility that your mirror soul is also daydreaming about you.

They could be ready to reunite with you and that’s why you feel their energy stuck in interest-centers that still need fixing for that to happen.

Do you want to know more? Read the 12 psychic signs your twin flame separation is almost over.

5) Do you feel deep physical exhaustion and sleep poorly?

When talking about twin flame separation sickness, an author for Genius Femini emphasizes the fact that “you can feel physically tired all the time. You might want to sleep because you feel exhausted, but you cannot seem to actually sleep well.”

This may happen because you consume most of your energy trying to stay as connected as possible to your twin.

Numerous chasers are afraid that if they don’t maintain a strong connection with their twin flames, they will not come back.

If this is you, then rest assured that you will never lose the connection you have with your other half. Even if you’re not in tune with them, or physically close to them, your bond is unbreakable.

The truth is, your runner flame already regrets leaving you.

6) Do you experience tingling sensations throughout your body frequently?

If you do not fall into any of the above categories, and what you are really feeling are tingling sensations throughout your body, then you must know they may be caused by your soulmate’s presence in your life.

Even if you can’t think of anything other than your twin flame, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to meet your soulmate.

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Is my twin flame sick at the same time?

Depending on what causes twin flame sickness, your twin flame may or may not feel sick at the same time.

It goes without saying that feeling each other’s physical pain caused by, for example, a knee injury/head injury, happens at the same time. We already have Susan Brunton’s confirmation in this regard.

However, if the pain is caused by energetic blocks, there is little chance for both twins to feel it simultaneously.

The reason I’m saying this is because your counterpart may experience stomach issues because they don’t get any work done, while you could experience heart palpitations because you think you’re unworthy of love.

Do you see the difference? Clearly, this is not a question with a straight, yes, or no answer.

Twin flame separation sickness vs. serious health problems

Losing your twin soul (temporarily) can cause many emotional, spiritual, and physical problems. Such an experience often comes with negative effects that occur not long after it happens.

The good news is that things don’t stay like this forever. In the bigger picture, the separation phase is more than necessary for both flames to improve themselves and get closer to ascension.

At first, both halves have self-destructive tendencies and take up bad habits. So, separation sickness can easily be overlooked or not taken seriously (especially in the runner’s case).

However, regardless of whether you’re the chaser or the runner, if you feel severe pain of any kind, you should go see a doctor.

Your counterpart may be suffering; I can’t argue with that. However, serious somatic symptoms are not caused by them.

One way to be sure that you’re actually experiencing twin flame separation sickness and that you are not actually medically ill is to go for a checkup.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, the points above will shed some light on twin flame separation sickness.

But if there’s a part of you that still wants to know more, I recommend speaking to a genuine, professional advisor.

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So if you’re tired of wondering about where things stand with your twin flame, get in touch with a legit advisor and take your future into your own hands. I did, and I’ve never looked back since.

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