12 real psychic signs someone has a crush on you

Often when somebody is sweet on us, we just sense it.

Even if they haven’t told us directly, there are lots of intuitive clues given out.

Sometimes you may also get psychic messages that show you someone is thinking of you and has a crush on you. These signals may be harder to define or don’t seem to have a logical explanation.

Here are 12 psychic signs that somebody likes you romantically

1) You feel it

Intuition or “gut feelings” may be tricky to scientifically pin down, yet most people will tell you that they experience it. It is an insight that arises spontaneously, without any conscious reasoning.

For example, sometimes we just know to avoid something, because we get a feeling we should, or our gut reaction helps us to make the right decisions.

There are some things in life that we just feel like we know the answer to, even if we don’t have concrete proof. This might be the case when it comes to someone you suspect of having a crush on you too.

There could be something that you can’t quite put your finger on, but you just get a vibe that they are interested.

The truth is that this person is sending out so many different energetic signals to you, many of which your conscious mind is not picking up on.

In science speak, we call this a heuristic —  a mental shortcut that lets people make judgments quickly and efficiently. It means that you are only ever consciously thinking about such a small amount of the information you are taking in.

So that you don’t get flooded with details, your mind filters out the obvious things that it thinks you need to know. But it’s also still subconsciously picking up on so much more information — which you then sense through a more vague feeling.

Maybe they act a little strangely whenever they are around you — going quieter or more talkative than normal.

These are signs they are more conscious of their behaviour, perhaps because they have a crush on you.

2) You recognize them

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3) You feel like they will message you, or call you — and they do.

One of the most common psychic experiences that people report are thinking about someone and very soon after, them contacting you.

You may have been thinking to yourself, I really should reach out to a particular person only for the phone to ring, and it is them — almost as though they have sensed this. Or you just know who is ringing you, before you look at your phone or pick it up.

You don’t even need to have strong psychic powers for this to happen.

When we have a connection to someone, we often send out energy to each other that we pick up on.

If you sense that somebody is about to contact you before they do, it must mean that you too have a bond or that they are thinking of you a lot. The potent energy that they are putting out is significant enough for you to have tuned into.

So, even if the message a potential love interest sends you seems innocent enough, the fact that you picked up on it, could suggest it’s not quite so casual. They may have more feelings for you than they are letting on.

4) They keep appearing in your dreams

Dreams can offer a lot of insight.

Not only do they signal what is going on in your own subconscious mind but we may also find ourselves picking up on energy sent from other people or messages from the Universe.

If you keep dreaming about the same person, when you hadn’t been particularly thinking about them before, you might be psychically picking up on their feelings for you.

Whilst one dream could be a coincidence, repeated dreams are a stronger sign.

Similarly, if they have been on your mind a lot, it could be your energy and not theirs that is creating this dream.

For example, only last night I had a dream about a significant ex-partner from years ago, who cheated on me. In this dream, he came back and told me what a mistake he had made.

Whilst I’d love to believe I am picking up on the energy of his regret, realistically, it is more likely to be about my repressed feelings around it all — especially as I’d been watching romantic films before going to bed.

So, how can you tell if you are dreaming of them because they have a crush on you?

Try to notice the energy of the dream. How did it make you feel?

If it creates strong emotions in you, it is more likely to be your subconscious mind trying to process certain feelings or experiences.

But if you feel quite neutral about it, without any particular feelings either way — and their appearance felt unexpected — it is more likely that the energy is coming from them, not you.

5) A real psychic confirms it

The signs above and below in this article will give you a good idea if someone has a crush on you.

Even so, speaking to a real psychic will give you more clarity.

But how can you find a psychic you trust? In this day and age, it’s so important to stay away from fake ones.

I recently tried Psychic Source after going through a bad break up. They provided me with a unique insight into where my life was going, including who I was meant to be with.

I was actually blown away by how caring, compassionate and knowledgeable they were.

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Not only will a genuine psychic tell you whether someone likes you, but they can also reveal all your love possibilities.

6) You think of them constantly

Much like the previous psychic sign that someone has a crush on you, this one also needs you to apply some analytical judgment.

If you have been obsessing about a certain person it is not very surprising that they are always on your mind.

If you are always going on their social media to see what they are doing or constantly talking about them to your friends — it is probably you that is generating these persistent thoughts of them.

But if you keep thinking of someone and you have no idea why it could be that you are psychically picking up on their feelings for you.

7) You sense them watching you

This psychic signal that someone likes you isn’t quite as creepy as it may sound at first.

You don’t sense them watching you in a “stalker hiding outside your house” kind of way. I mean you can feel their eyes on you whenever you are together — even if you don’t directly catch them looking.

This sense that we get when we know somebody is watching us is called “gaze detection”.

Our ability to detect when we’re being watched is so precise that scientists have found that someone only needs to move their head just a few degrees for the feeling to be triggered.

You have a very finely tuned radar. So the chances are, if you sense a crush looking at you, they probably are.

8) Little signs seem to appear everywhere you go

Are you being constantly reminded of a certain someone wherever you go in everyday life?

You see, hear, or touch something that brings them to mind. Maybe it is an inside joke that you share, things appearing from past experiences together, or even a song that reminds you of them.

It could feel like you hear their name, or see it written down, all the time.

Basically, if they are appearing in subtle ways in your environment, or out of nowhere, it could be a psychic message.

9) There is chemistry between you and you feel it

Sexual chemistry is one of those hard-to-explain things that we either feel towards one another or don’t.

How many of us go out on a date with someone who is perfectly nice, we have a pleasant time and enjoy their company — but we still don’t want to see them again, telling friends that “the chemistry just wasn’t right”.

This special spark that we are all looking for in any romantic connection is essentially just a highly charged energy that the two of you create. Like all strong energies, we just sense it.

It feels more remarkable than the vibe we get from someone who thinks of us in a purely platonic way.

You may feel like magnets being drawn together, or get butterflies in your tummy.

10) They suddenly come to mind

A really strong psychic indicator that someone is constantly thinking of you and so perhaps has a crush on you, is if you randomly think of them, seemingly out of nowhere.

Perhaps you are busy doing something else when all of a sudden this person pops into your head. Or you haven’t thought about someone in ages and there isn’t another explanation for why they just came to mind in that precise moment.

You might be tuning into a psychic energy that they are thinking of you, which is why you thought of them.

Their energy is in motion and it reaches you.

11) You feel a positive energy

Do you feel a motivating or lifting energy whenever you are around this person or maybe even when you think of them?

Perhaps you feel a warm and comforting sensation in your heart centre. Particularly if you are picking up on psychic signs someone loves you, you may even feel whole or complete somehow.

All these strong positive energies imply that someone could have a crush on you.

12) You get physical signs

Our bodies often speak louder than words.

You could pick up on cues through someone’s body language that let you know they have a crush on you:

  • They lean towards you when you talk
  • They look into your eyes
  • They touch you often
  • They mirror your body language

If someone has a particularly strong longing to be near you, you may even feel their touch, even when they are not there.

Although it will most likely be very fleeting, you may sense a hand brush yours or a gentle touch somewhere — along with an intuitive feeling this person is telepathically reaching out to you.

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