11 reasons your twin flame is so distant (and what to do about it)

A twin flame relationship is like no other.

When it’s at its best you will feel loved and truly seen like never before.

But when at its worst you could be left feeling disconnected from your twin flame or even wondering why they are ignoring you.

If you’ve felt separated from your twin flame lately, in this article we’ll cover 12 reasons why and how to fix it.

Do twin flames distance themselves?

Although it can feel like a connection that is out of this world, twin flame relationships are still very much real-life relationships.

And just like any relationship, there will always be ups and downs.

In fact, because of the strong nature of a twin flame connection, many twin flames find that they have even more hurdles to overcome.

Intense relationships have their own challenges, as well as their own unique rewards.

But even if you truly are twin flames and destined to be together you will still experience conflict.

First, you need to identify the root cause of why your twin flame is acting cold or distanced, before learning exactly what you can do about it.

Why is my twin flame shutting me out? 12 reasons…

1) They’re mirroring you

One of the biggest hallmarks of a twin flame relationship is mirroring. You reflect in one another your own deepest darkest issues that need resolving.

That’s why when twin flames ignore one another, they are actually mirroring something much bigger.

Whatever the fear is that has caused the disconnection with your twin flame most likely exists within you too.

Twin flames often have the same core wounds, even when they manifest in different ways.

Whether your twin flame has a fear of commitment, a fear of intimacy, a fear of love itself — it’s most likely mutual.

Fear of abandonment? Fear of rejection perhaps? Ask yourself what love wounds that your twin flame is showing you that you may need to heal within yourself to find peace.

2) You’re entering, or are in, the separation phase

Perhaps in the beginning everything felt like plain sailing between you and your twin flame.

But then, seemingly out of nowhere, there is trouble in paradise. You’re left scratching your head over what went wrong, with no obvious explanation.

It is helpful to realize that the so-called separation phase of a twin flame relationship is widely acknowledged, and some say unavoidable.

Many twin flames experience a period of time where they retreat from one another.

This can be an emotional retreat, like getting quiet or distant for a while. It can also be more of a physical retreat where they seem to be avoiding you.

What is important to know is that:

3) A real psychic can tell you

The signs above and below will give you a good idea of why your twin flame is so distant and what you can do about it.

But a surefire way to know for sure is to speak with a real love advisor.

However, I know how important it is to stay away from fake “experts”.

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Having tried several online advisors, I think they’re the most caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable psychic network out there.

Not only will a genuine advisor tell you why your twin flame is so distant and what to do, but they can reveal all your love possibilities.

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4) They are “the runner”

Another widely reported characteristic of a twin flame relationship is what is known as the runner, chaser dynamic.

In a nutshell, this is a period of time where one person runs away from the relationship and the other party chases after them.

Even if the runner tries to find other excuses for their behavior, it usually boils down to the fact that they are not yet ready for the union.

This resistance to the union can then be felt in them becoming withdrawn or distant.

This can especially happen when your partner is not as advanced on their inner work, and so finds it easier to run away rather than deal with things.

YouTube video

5) You’re being paranoid

You may be absolutely right in your intuition that your twin flame has become distanced.

But as twin flame relationships are intense for both partners, it’s always important to self-reflect before laying the problem at the feet of your twin flame.

If you have triggers or previous relationship wounds around people leaving you, you may find that you are just extra sensitive or are overthinking.

What feels like a healthy amount of space to your partner, may seem like too much to you.

What looks like a normal amount of communication to them — texts, phone calls, etc. —  may seem like they’re giving you the cold shoulder from where you stand.

We’re all different and even when we have an incredible bond with someone, they still can’t read our minds.

Sometimes in relationships, we read too much into things because we’re projecting our own fear.

6) It’s a defense mechanism

Defense mechanisms can bring out what on first appearance seem like very destructive behaviors.

For example, someone’s defense mechanisms lead to anger, arguments, avoidance, and sulking.

We all have defense mechanisms and most are unconscious. It is just a way of coping with discomfort.

Want advice specific to your situation?

I know that being disconnected and ignored by your twin flame can be frustrating.

While this article explores the main reasons why your twin flame is so distant, have you considered consulting a professional relationship coach about your situation?

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7) They’re going through a period of growth

Twin flame relationships are usually seen as teaching grounds to learn important life lessons.

In fact, that is one of the most significant spiritual purposes of any twin flame connection. As love coach Lisa Vallejos told Allure, they inspire and even force you to grow.

“This kind of high-level, soul-based connection isn’t about romance. It’s about spiritual growth,” says Vallejos. “You meet them and your life just completely changes. You start seeing the world differently. It pushes you to want to engage with the divine, shift consciousness, and become a better, soulful being in this experience.”

If that sounds intense, well it certainly can be.

If your twin flame is dealing with their own growth right now, you may feel them pulling away as they focus on themselves.

8) Avoidance is part of their personality

We’re all different. When backed into a corner some of us adopt a fight attitude, whilst others a flight one.

If something is bothering you, perhaps you are the type of person who will want to talk it all out. If someone triggers you, you may react by screaming or shouting.

For others when something is on their minds they will go into their own little world.

If they have an argument they may need some distance to resolve their feelings before talking things through.

We learn ways of communicating, processing, and dealing with issues at such a young age, and often from our families.

These differences in personalities always need to be considered with close relationships. Perhaps your twin flame is more prone to avoidance in order to cope with things.

9) They’ve got a lot going on

Who hasn’t heard the expression that when you assume, you make an ass out of me and you.

As cheesy as this saying is, it’s often a good reminder not to jump to conclusions in our relationships.

How many times have you worried that someone is ignoring you or is cross with you because they didn’t reply to your text, only to later learn there was a good explanation.

They were simply busy doing something else, or their phone died and they hadn’t even seen your message.

My point is that sometimes we go looking for the worst-case scenario when the truth is far less dramatic.

You should always trust your gut if you think something isn’t right.

But it’s also worth asking yourself what else could be going on in your twin flames life that might have them distracted?

Are they snowed under at work? Have they been studying hard? Is there something going on for them at home?

Don’t automatically assume the problem is with you when it could be other external factors that are behind the change in their behavior.

10) They’re scared of the intensity of their feelings

If your twin flame feels threatened or overwhelmed by the strong emotions they are experiencing then it’s normal to feel nervous.

Twin flame connections are unlike regular dating which will feel more casual in nature.

Twin flames relationships are by nature intense and emotions can heighten very quickly.

Retreat is a common go-to response when this happens and it all feels too much to handle.

11) They’re not your twin flame

The last thing to consider is whether this person really is your twin flame?

The beginning stages of falling in love can feel extreme, and it is possible to mistake the signs of a twin flame.

It’s very important to point out that unhealthy behaviors like narcissistic abandonment or total ghosting are very different from your twin flame seeming a bit distant.

If this is what is happening, you may need to do some soul searching about whether this is a relationship you genuinely want to pursue.

What to do when your twin flame pulls away

1) Talk to them

If you are still talking, it’s always the best first step to try and keep those lines of communication open.

Twin flames depend on powerful communication skills to navigate their often intense relationship.

Be open and vulnerable with your partner.

Try to calmly explain how you’ve been feeling and ask if there is something on their mind.

2) Give them space

Especially when you’re desperate to resolve any issues between you and your twin flame, it can be tempting to go into overdrive.

Constantly calling them, texting them, or stopping by to bring them closer to you.

But the more you push, the more likely they will pull further away.

If your twin flame is dealing with difficult emotions right now, being overly demanding could risk triggering that even more in them.

Rather than pestering them, take a step back to give them a bit of space. It’s not about ignoring them because you feel like they’ve ignored you.

It’s about recognizing that right now if your twin flame is being distanced, they are signaling to you that they may need some time and space.

So if you truly love them, you will allow them it.

3) Be patient

If this is a special relationship you can’t have a ‘my way or the highway’ attitude.

You must consider their needs and wants, as well as your own.

That obviously doesn’t mean accepting bad behavior from your other half.

At no point should your twin flame be totally ignoring you, and if they are, maybe they’re not your twin flame after all.

But it does mean being considerate of how they feel and trying to be as understanding as you can. If that means they need a bit of distance, try to realize that not everything within your relationship can be on your terms.

Whilst it’s clearly unreasonable to keep you hanging on indefinitely, ask yourself is this person worth being patient for?

If they really are your twin flame, the answer will be yes.

4) Focus on your own self-love

When we love deeply, it’s easy to get lost in someone else.

But even a twin flame relationship has shown up to ultimately strengthen and help grow the relationship you have with yourself.

Never forget that this is your primary relationship and the one which you should always pour the most of your love and energy into.

Rather than getting carried away with what could be going on with your twin flame, bring your attention back to your own self-love, self-worth, and self-respect.

5) Set your own boundaries

Preaching love, patience and understanding is all very well and good. But it always needs to be backed up with healthy and clear boundaries.

You should never tolerate emotional cruelty from anyone. Neither should you feel like you are the only one putting in effort into a one-sided relationship.

Your true twin flame, even during difficult times, will still treat you with respect.

To conclude: Feeling disconnected from your twin flame

Hopefully, the reasons above will shed some light on why your twin flame is distant.

But if there’s a part of you that still wants to know more, I recommend speaking to a genuine, professional love advisor.

And there’s one company that I always end up recommending; Psychic Source. Not only did they blow me away with their accurate readings, but they were also kind and understanding of my situation.

So if you’re tired of wondering why your twin flame is distant and what you can do about it, get in touch with a legit advisor and take your future into your own hands. I did, and I’ve never looked back since.

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Can a gifted advisor help you too?

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