11 ways to manifest someone to miss you (complete list)

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Would you love for someone to miss you? I was in that situation, I know exactly how you feel.

I wanted nothing else than for that one person to finally miss me and want to come back.

So, what did I do? I manifested it!

At first, I wasn’t sure if I could believe in manifestation, but it worked!

Of course, I wanted to share that with you, so here are some ways to manifest someone to miss you!

1) Be the best version of yourself

When someone misses us, we want them to miss who we really are. We want them to miss our best selves, so it’s important to be the best version of ourselves.

Manifesting someone to miss you is about showing them how much you have to offer, so you have to be the best version of yourself in order to do that.

But you see, it’s not just about showing what you have to offer, it’s actually more of an internal journey.

When I wanted to manifest someone to miss me, my self-esteem hit rock bottom. I was feeling like a loser, and like I couldn’t possibly get someone to miss me.

So, first of all, I had to rebuild my self-esteem.

I started reading books on how to raise your self-esteem and how to love yourself. But it wasn’t just about reading, it was about applying what I learned.

I started working out more often, eating healthier, and taking better care of myself.

The thing is, the biggest part of manifestation is the inner work, which is why I put this as the first point as opposed to the more traditional ways to manifest.

You see, if I hadn’t worked on myself and become the best version of myself, I know that all the other points in this article wouldn’t have worked as well.

If you’re stuck with low self-esteem, you might have lost sight of who you really are because you’ve been so focused on the relationship.

You might have gotten out of the habit of doing the things that make you feel good and being the best version of yourself.

So, this is a good time to reflect on what you love to do and what makes you happy.

Get back in touch with your passions and pursue things that make you feel alive and excited. You’ll feel more like yourself, and the person you want back in your life will see the real you, too.

And when the right person comes along, you’ll be more attractive to them because you’ll be more yourself.

For me, that meant working out again, spending more time with friends, going on spontaneous trips, and just living more.

I had become so focused on wanting this one person back that I had neglected myself. So, my self-esteem was really low, and I wasn’t the best version of myself.

But I started working on me again, and it made me feel good.

I felt like a winner and a valued person, which is what you want to feel before you attract that special someone back into your life.

When you’re feeling good about yourself, you’ll be more attractive to the right person who will value your worth and accept who you are for who you are.

So, that’s one of the reasons why manifesting someone to miss you works better when your self-esteem is high.

2) Have a clear vision of what you want

If you don’t know what you want, you can’t manifest it.

You can’t just hope for something without having some sort of vision.

The thing is, manifestation is super powerful, but only if you’re clear about what you want.

If you’re not clear on what you want, the universe can’t bring it to you because it doesn’t know what to bring.

So, here’s the deal – if you have a vision of what you want, the universe can bring that to you.

If you don’t, then it’s like trying to hit a target that’s not there. You’ll just be shooting in the dark and hoping something will hit.

But if your vision is clear and precise, then your manifestation will be spot on.

So, how do we get this vision? How do we know what we want?

Well, there are all kinds of methods for figuring this out: meditation, journaling, and more.

Try to really imagine the scenario that you would like to achieve, how it will make you feel, and the details.

Once you have a clear vision, that’s when things will get much easier.

3) Ask for advice

When you want a specific person to miss you, it’s hard if you are new to manifestation.

I know how lost I felt when I first started manifesting.

Questions like: “Am I doing this right?”, or “Is this working?” kept me doubting myself over and over again.

I told my friends about my doubts and that’s when they told me to speak to someone at Psychic Source.

It’s an online website where you get the chance to speak to a real gifted advisor.

If I had my doubts about manifestation, I definitely felt hesitant when it came to psychics!

But at the same time, it made sense, I mean who else could help me out with a topic like that?

So I tried it, and I have to say, I didn’t regret it one bit.

The psychic I talked to was incredibly knowledgeable about manifestation and told me some tips and tricks I hadn’t read anywhere online.

Plus, they really reassured me and after the session, I felt like I was doing it all right, after all!

If you are not sure whether you are doing the right things, I can only recommend them.

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4) Write down your vision

As I mentioned before, when you write down your vision, it becomes much more real and easier to manifest.

It’s best if your vision is written down so you can look at it regularly and you can also share it with others.

You can write your vision on a piece of paper, in a journal, or in a text document on your phone. It doesn’t matter where you write it as long as it’s somewhere where you can access it easily.

Writing down your vision will make it more real for you, and it’ll be easier to manifest.

You can write down your hopes and dreams for the relationship and your future with that person. Also, you can write down what you want to avoid.

For example, you might want a healthy and happy relationship, but you don’t want to be in a toxic relationship again.

You can write down what you want and what you don’t want so you’re clear about what you’re manifesting.

This is one of the most fun parts of manifesting: you get to actually play around with the idea of being with this person and you can write out any detail you would wish to manifest.

One thing I personally love to do is write my vision in different ways: a bullet point list, a list of emotions I will feel once it comes true, a diary entry from the perspective of a future me who just lived our manifestation, etc.

You can really get creative here! The important part is to be clear and specific.

You don’t have to write a novel, but you should spend some time on it.

If you don’t know how to express yourself in writing, I recommend that you create a vision board, instead.

This can be a collage of different photos, words, clips, and similar stuff that you either physically assemble or make a virtual board.

All of these things should remind you of your manifestation.

Put the board somewhere you can see it a lot, like as your phone background, or in your room.

5) Visualize your ideal outcome as often as possible

When you visualize your ideal outcome, it will help you create what you want.

You can visualize yourself and your ex in a happy relationship again.

Visualize your lives together and imagine what it would be like if your ex came back.

You can also visualize all of the amazing benefits you’ll receive when your ex comes back.

You can see yourself being happy again, smiling, and feeling free. When you visualize your ideal outcome, it will help your manifesting process.

It will show you what you want to manifest, and it will help you create it faster.

It will make you more confident, so you won’t be afraid to talk to your ex about getting back together.

And you will know exactly what you want, so you won’t be nervous about what you want to say.

While you visualize all these things, don’t be afraid to go ahead and feel the emotions you will feel once it becomes a reality.

Believe it or not, this is the key to manifestation.

When you experience the emotions of feeling happy, being in love, and being in a loving relationship, you are helping yourself to manifest those things.

I know it sounds silly, but the more you feel these emotions, the more quickly your manifestation will come true.

So it’s important to feel all of those emotions as much as possible when you visualize your ideal outcome.

It feels silly at first, but it honestly feels so good. During these 5, 10, or 20 minutes that you visualize, all worries seem to disappear and it’s only you and your goal.

It’s such a wonderful thought!

6) Think about all the things you have to offer

When you want someone to miss you, it can be easy to get caught up in all the things you miss about the relationship.

But you don’t want to focus on all the things you miss — you want to focus on all the things you have to offer.

Think about all the positive things you bring to the table and all the positive things you have to offer a new relationship. This will help you focus on all the positives and bring more good into your life.

It will also help you to stop focusing on all the negatives, which can prevent you from moving forward and creating the relationship you want.

You need to remember that you have amazing qualities to offer someone new. All you have to do is be open to receiving them.

Remember how the first step was about your self-esteem? Well, this has to do with that!

Don’t see yourself as this desperate being, waiting for someone to come back.

You need to convince yourself that you are amazing, so of course, they would want to come back!

Approaching it from this angle will really help you to realize that you are not desperate, you are strong and powerful, and anyone would be lucky to have you in their life.

It’s important to see yourself this way because it will help you to stop being so sad, and start being excited about the future.

If you are excited about your future, it will be easier to create a new relationship that is even better than the last one!

This step really ties into all of the other steps. You need to believe that your life is going to turn out amazing, and once you do that, there’s no way it won’t happen!

7) Stay positive (but allow your negative emotions, too)

Manifesting something positive can be challenging when you’re feeling down and negative.

You need to stay positive while you’re manifesting, but you also need to allow your negative emotions, too.

That doesn’t mean you should wallow in them or allow them to consume you. What it means is that you shouldn’t push your negative emotions away or try to ignore them.

Instead, allow yourself to feel them and when the time comes, choose a positive thought to replace them.

For example, if you feel sad and miss your ex, don’t push those feelings away. Instead, allow yourself to feel sad, and really sit with your emotions.

So often we try to run away from our negative emotions because we don’t recognize them as normal and healthy.

Allow yourself to feel them, and then choose a positive thought to replace it.

Many people think you have to be positive all the time in order to manifest something successfully, but that’s not true at all!

Instead, you simply need to learn how to cope with your emotions in general.

At that moment, you are sending a message to the universe about what you want.

So if you are feeling down and negative, that’s exactly what the universe will give you more of!

And if you are feeling happy and positive, that’s exactly what the universe will give you more of!

But in your day-to-day life, it’s okay to deal with negative emotions.

8) Don’t give up, even if it doesn’t seem like it’s working

Sometimes, when you manifest something, it doesn’t come right away.

It can take time. Don’t give up on what you’re trying to manifest; keep working on it.

You may not see results right away, but they’re coming.

You just have to be patient and keep working on what you want. If you give up too soon, you won’t see the results you want.

You have to be persistent and keep believing that what you want will come to you.

Even if it doesn’t seem like it’s working, it is. You just have to keep going. Stay positive and keep working towards your goal. It will happen.

When I was trying to manifest someone to miss me, I felt like giving up.

After weeks of trying, I still had no results.

That’s actually when I went for a second session at Psychic Source. I was angry, I wanted to tell them that their tips hadn’t worked.

When I talked to my gifted advisor, however, they explained to me that the universe will sometimes test you to see how badly you want something.

What I thought was me failing was actually the final and most crucial phase of my manifestation!

After the session, I felt so much better and I knew: that when doubt creeps up and you feel like giving up, keep going!

If you need someone to support you on that journey, I can only recommend Psychic Source!

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9) Get rid of limiting beliefs

Some people believe that it takes a long time to manifest something, but that’s not necessarily true.

It can take as little as 24 hours to manifest something.

But you have to get rid of your limiting beliefs first, otherwise, they’ll keep you from manifesting what you want.

You have to be clear and confident with what you want, so your thoughts can become real.

One way to do that is to visualize achieving your goal and feeling the way you’d feel when it’s a reality.

You can write down what you want, too. There are other tools and techniques you can use, too.

You can find what works best for you, and it will help you get rid of your limiting beliefs.

Your limiting beliefs are beliefs you have about yourself that are holding you back from achieving your goals.

If you don’t get rid of them, they’ll hold you back from achieving your goals.

If you have limiting beliefs about yourself, like “I’m not good enough to achieve my goal,” then that’ll hold you back.

You’ll feel like giving up because you don’t think that what you want is possible.

But it is possible! You just have to believe in yourself and visualize what it would be like when your goal comes true.

I think one of the best ways is by using affirmations.

Affirmations help us shift our thoughts so that we can see ourselves having what we desire in our lives. Affirmations help us see things as already being true so that they eventually become true through manifestation.

You might be wondering how affirmations work when some people seem to have gotten nothing from them while other people swear by them and say they work every time for them – even though those same people might have said affirmations don’t work at all!

It’s because affirmations only work if they come from an authentic place within yourself – otherwise, they’re just empty words.

If they come from a place of truth, then they’re already working whether you realize it or not.

Some affirmations you could use are:

  • I am worthy of love.
  • I am loveable.
  • I am easy to love.
  • I am a gift to the world.
  • I am a gift to my loved ones.
  • I deserve love and happiness.
  • I am full of love and joy.

10) Enjoy every moment once it becomes reality

This is an important tip that a lot of people forget.

Enjoy the process. Don’t just obsess over the end result.

Enjoy every moment and savor every experience. That way, when it finally becomes reality, it will be that much more enjoyable.

When you miss someone, you want them to miss you, too. And I know the process can be a bit frustrating at times, but don’t forget to enjoy every moment of it.

The thing is, when you rush through it, you will regret it later on.

The time will go by regardless, so you can choose whether to enjoy it or not. So, when you’re trying to manifest someone to miss you, savor the whole process.

Take your time with it. Enjoy every moment and experience. And when the person misses you, enjoy that moment as well.

11) Be grateful for what you already have

Okay, this one is kinda important, even though I put it at the end of the article.

One of the most important techniques when manifesting someone is to be grateful for what you already have in your life.

Being grateful for what you already have is the foundation of all manifestation.

When you’re grateful, you attract more good stuff.

It’s like a magnet that attracts more positive things into your life.

So, when you’re trying to manifest someone to miss you, be grateful for all the good things in your life right now – even if it’s just a little thing like being able to walk, talk or read this article!

That way, when the person misses you, it will be that much more enjoyable because of the gratitude for what you already have.

Plus, you will manifest things quicker because you are attracting positivity into your life!

You got this

I know, manifestation can seem a bit overwhelming at times.

But I just want to say that it’s not as hard as it seems.

And if you apply these 11 tips, it will become a lot easier.

I know you can do it!

When my manifestation came true I really didn’t believe it at first, but it worked out!

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