15 no bullsh*t signs you have an incredibly strong spirit

There are people who have very strong spirits, and others, whose spirit is a bit more on the weaker side. Although nothing is wrong with the latter, almost everyone strives to move towards having a stronger spirit as they grow and evolve.

If you are wondering whether you are on the right path, here are 15 no bullsh*t signs that you have a strong spirit:

1) People seem to be drawn to you

One sign of a person who has a strong spirit is that other people tend to want to spend a lot of time with them.

If you feel like people always seem to be around you, enjoy being with you, want to chat with you, or lean in when you talk, this can mean that you have a strong spirit.

This is because people tend to gravitate towards individuals with strong spirits. It makes them feel safe, comfortable, seen, and motivated. Also, spending time with people that have strong personalities can help us evolve faster and reach our dreams.

2) You question everything

Questioning everything is not necessarily a bad thing. Being inquisitive is a telltale sign of someone who has a strong spirit.

For you, this could mean you analyze situations a lot, question the narratives, go against what the mainstream says.

To summarize, you are always looking for absolute truth in everything you do.

This also means that you don’t accept “because that’s the way it is” as a reason for anything. You want to know motives, and you want to understand.

This can range from being as innocent as questioning why an animal behaves the way it does, to big questions such as whether there is an agenda in certain political systems, or what is wrong with society and why.

At the heart of your being lies curiosity. You see the world through the eyes of a child, that has just gotten into its “but why?” phase, and you are on a never-ending quest for truth.

3) You are decisive

Having a strong spirit means that you don’t struggle with decisions a lot. Sure, you might sometimes take a lot of time to carefully think about a decision before making a definite choice, but once you decide on something, it is a done deal. Usually, you don’t end up changing your mind a lot.

This is such a big sign of having a strong spirit, as being decisive radiates confidence. People who are very indecisive often don’t trust their own decisions due to feeling insecure. When you can take time to make an informed decision, and then stick to it, it means that you know how capable you are and that all of your decisions are valid.

You are perfectly able to make a decision without needing advice from others, although you are smart enough to know when it is time to consider a second opinion.

4) You are responsible

This point is connected to the one above, being decisive. Having a strong spirit also means that you are responsible.

You make decisions and take responsibility for the consequences of your actions. Nobody gets it right 100% of the time, and you know that. When you’re wrong, instead of looking for an excuse, you fix as much of the problem as possible, and then move on with your life, knowing that a mistake does not mean you are untalented, weak, or incapable.

Another important aspect of this point is that you never blame someone else for your mistakes. That is a sign of someone with a weak spirit. You know that one mistake does not define you, so you don’t feel the need to blame anyone else for it.

After all, it will help you grow, learn, and evolve, so that in the future you know how to avoid making the same mistake again.

5) You embrace all situations coming your way

Embracing every situation life throws at you is another sign of having an incredibly strong spirit. This means you know that life is not always easy, but you also understand that all the challenges in life help you grow and evolve into a better version of yourself.

The difference between strong and weak spirits is that strong-spirited people don’t see themselves as victims of their life. Life is not happening TO them, it is happening FOR them.

This can be explained very well with Nietzsche’s philosophical concept of “amor fati” (love of one’s fate). According to this concept, one sees every situation in their life, even if it is connected to suffering or loss, as something good, or, at the very least, as something necessary.

Think of the hardest times in your life so far. Of course, they weren’t fun, and at the moment you would have loved to avoid them, but reflect on what you learned, and how it has helped you to become the person you are today.

Realizing that you would not want to go back and erase those “bad” times because after all, they made you who you are, is a sign of a strong spirit.

6) You are reliable

Being a person with a strong spirit means that people can trust and rely on you. You value honesty and when you make a promise, others can depend on the fact that you will keep it.

Of course, life can get complicated and we can’t always keep our word, but if you can’t stick to something you promised, you immediately let the people involved know and usually have a pretty good reason why.

This goes hand in hand with honesty. Because you stay true to your word, you have no problem telling people the truth. That way, people trust you, because they know you will tell them straight to their face if there is a problem.

7) You love without expecting to be loved back

This is a big one. An individual who has a strong spirit knows that love is not something you lose, or have less of by giving it away.

You know that you have an unlimited abundance of love, and so you give it out, unconditionally. This also means that you don’t love to be loved in return, but simply because you want to give.

This character trait will inevitably pull others in even more, and you probably end up being loved by many people.

Knowing that love is not something you can “lose” also means that you have deep-rooted confidence in relationships, that even if things were to go south and you split up, your love is always gonna be there. It was never “theirs” or “yours” to begin with, it just is, and therefore you can always access it if you need to.

This makes your relationships a lot healthier, as you can give your love freely and unconditionally, without living in fear of being left “without love”.

8) You are enthusiastic

People who have a strong spirit are in love with their life.

They embrace challenges every single day and feel enchanted by the mere beauty that this life has to offer. This is also the reason they thrive so much. They never give up and look for ways when there seem to be none.

Their abundant enthusiasm for this life is contagious, which is another reason why other people seem to want to be around them all the time. Their limitless approach to life encourages weaker spirits to go after their dreams, as well.

Watching these individuals inspires others to fall in love with their own life. They know that your options are infinite, and that excites them beyond measure.

A person with a very strong spirit is constantly on the path to better themselves and their life, trying to push their limits further and further. They are curious to see how much potential they can realize within this lifetime and don’t let obstacles in the way discourage them from following that dream.

9) People hold eye contact with you a lot

Maybe you have noticed that people seem to look into your eyes a lot when you speak with them. This can be a sign of having a strong spirit.

The reason people look you in the eyes so much is that you hold their attention. Their sole focus is on you.

They listen intently to what you say, and they are attracted to your energy. You are captivating, and they want to know what you think, to get to know you better.

People with a strong spirit tend to be very present with anything they do, and anyone they talk to. That makes them very charismatic, and people want to connect with them as much as possible.

10) You are comfortable with uncertainty

Having a strong spirit means that the thought of uncertainty doesn’t faze you too much. You accept the fact that practically all of life is uncertain, and the only constant in life is change itself.

Although this can be a challenging realization to have, you trust in the fact that life was never certain, and will never be, and that is okay.

A person with a strong spirit does not have a need to control how the situations in their life unfold, they know that in reality, they can’t control anything but their own reactions to those situations.

This way of thinking can be incredibly liberating, as a lot of the fear and anxiety that holds you captive, simply melts away.

It can be so easy to get caught in a downward spiral of overthinking, fear, and anxiety about the future, but having a strong spirit means that in those crucial moments you can take a deep breath, step back, and realize that you can’t control the future.

By all means, you can take action now to move towards a more desirable outcome, but in the end, life is uncertain and you have to trust that whatever happens, you will figure it out when the time comes.

This also applies to other people. We could sit around all day thinking about how a person might react to something or what they will do in the future, but all that does is rip us away from the present.

A strong individual knows that they will never control the way another person thinks, feels, or acts. They know that all they can do is control how they let that behavior affect themselves.

11) You are rebellious

We already talked about a strong-spirited person questioning everything. This goes hand in hand with being rebellious.

Following what authoritative figures tell you is often viewed as a very good thing to do, and don’t get me wrong, in lots of situations, it can be the right way to do things.

However, being a person with a strong spirit means that you also have a rebellious part inside of you, the same part that questions everything and wants to know the truth.

This means you don’t always conform to the norm, you question authority, and you don’t hesitate to stand up for what you believe in.

When you have something that is important to you, you stop at nothing to fight for that cause. You listen to what feels right to you, and you don’t just sit back and be silent when witnessing injustice.

A person with a strong spirit stands up for their beliefs, and for other people when they can’t do it on their own. This is why a lot of people look up to them and admire their passion and courage.

12) You trust yourself

One big sign of someone with a strong spirit is that they trust themselves. This reflects in everything they do, their confidence is radiating from all their actions.

Trusting yourself is important, but many people have forgotten how to do it. They feel like they aren’t good enough, can’t make decisions on their own without the guidance of others, follow the advice of others blindly, hide their authentic self, and feel self-conscious all the time.

A person who trusts themselves is aware of their thoughts and feelings, can express themselves openly and honestly, sticks to their ethics, standards, and values, knows when they need to prioritize self-care, and pursues all their dreams without letting others interfere.

Maybe you can see why this is such a big indicator of an individual with a strong spirit.

Trusting yourself also means that you can trust yourself to meet your own needs in order not to overly depend on others.

Of course, you understand that community and inter-dependence are crucial, but you can also be independent when you need to be.

You enjoy being supported by others and going to them for help while at the same time knowing that you’d be okay if they are not available.

13) You can forgive

Having a strong spirit means that you are able to forgive people for their wrongdoings. This does not mean that you are consenting. You understand that forgiveness doesn’t mean that you think what happened is right.

Forgiveness is for you, and not for the person who hurt you. Their actions are a reflection of them, not you, and by understanding that, it is easier for you to let go of what happened.

What do you think a person with a strong spirit would rather do: hold on to anger, resentment, and thoughts of revenge, spiraling themselves back into those hurtful feelings every time they think about what happened, or embrace forgiveness and consciously decide to move forward?

An individual with a strong spirit knows that forgiveness is for them, and it will help them lead a better life in general. Holding on to anger means that you bring all those old feelings into every new experience you’re having. You get wrapped up in thoughts of the past to a point where you can’t enjoy the present anymore.

That is not how strong-spirited people want to live.

They decide to forgive instead. Forgiveness does not mean you need to continue engaging with the other person, by the way.

You can forgive and lovingly choose to let them go. Many mistake forgiveness with weakness, when in reality, it is the exact opposite. Strong people feel their emotions and are brave enough to let them go.

14) You don’t look outside yourself for fulfillment

If you have stopped looking at external things to bring you fulfillment, that is a big sign that you are a strong-spirited person. Having a strong spirit means understanding that your purpose or meaning does not lie outside of yourself.

External things can be appreciated, by all means, but you don’t overvalue them too much, and you don’t let them define who you are as a person.

You know that waiting for things like relationships, finance, or the world to improve is not going to make you happy.

Inner strength means knowing that feeling happy and content is a choice rather than something that comes and goes, depending on outer circumstances.

Think about it, if you don’t feel happy right now, with all the amazing opportunities you have, how will you be happy if something external changes?

People who have a strong spirit practice lots of gratitude, because they know that being in the moment, and seeing all the beauty and abundance that exists right now, is the only real happiness there is. Of course, they still work towards their goals in hopes of a future that’s even better, but they find appreciation in what they already have.

15) You are okay being alone

When you have a strong spirit, it usually means you are okay with being alone. On the contrary, many people even value their alone time more than anything else.

Human connection is important, no doubt about it, but when you have a strong spirit, you know how healthy it is to spend time alone.

There are studies that found that people who spend time alone are better at solving problems, and other studies, which state that highly intelligent individuals are happier alone than in groups of people.

Strong-spirited individuals know that their worth does not depend on others. They see their alone time as an opportunity to reflect, unwind, and let their creativity flourish.

Being alone does not equal being lonely for them. Plus, they understand the importance of quality over quantity. Instead of filling up their time with numerous meaningless encounters, in order to not have to be alone, they like to focus on a few, high-quality connections, that run deep.

People who have a strong spirit have worked on developing a relationship with themselves. By doing so, they also got the chance to get to know themselves and their values a lot better, which helps when showing up in the world.

Individuals with a strong spirit know that they can take the time to invest in their passions without someone else present. This not only makes them happier but also strengthens the foundation of their self-worth and confidence.

Are you a person who has a strong spirit?

All these signs are indicators that you have a strong spirit. That doesn’t mean you need to show all of these signs, all the time, of course.

If you feel like a lot of these things are still lacking in your life, this is a great place to start examining yourself and identifying where you can evolve and grow, in order to have a stronger spirit.

After all, these signs are all things most people strive for, and they can be an excellent roadmap when trying to improve your life and relationships.

Don’t be hard on yourself, and keep moving forward, knowing that each day you are better and stronger than the last.

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