15 devious ways to make someone think of you

What if you could make someone think of you?

Well, it’s entirely possible!

In fact, let me share the 15 ‘underhanded’ ways to do so.

1) Act mysterious

Face it: you like mysterious people.

I know I do!

This fascination is no mystery, though – it’s actually backed by science.

According to psychologists, “people who create uncertainty about how much they like someone can increase that person’s interest in them.”

It’s a matter of using this finding to your advantage!

Be the mysterious, attractive person they’ll think about a lot doing these things:

  • Be indifferent
  • Don’t go into details
  • Do your own thing
  • Not posting much (or anything) on social media
  • Re-shift the focus to them
  • Keep your feelings under wraps

2) Don’t be available 24/7

If you want a special someone to think about you all the time, then you should fight the urge to be available 24/7.

Sure, it’s nice to spend a lot of time with them – but it won’t make you as missable as you want yourself to be.

So if you want them to think of you like crazy, reply to their text later than usual.

Heck, miss their calls from time to time!

Remember: absence makes the heart grow fonder. And before you know it, they’ll be sending a lot of psychic signs that they miss you!

3) Play hard to get

If you’re hesitant to play hard to get – you shouldn’t.

Research has proven that it works!

According to a study, “making the chase harder increases a potential mate’s desirability.”

As social psychology researcher Gurit Birnbaum explains:

“People who are too easy to attract may be perceived as more desperate. That makes them seem less valuable and appealing — than those who do not make their romantic interest apparent right away.”

So if this someone is begging to talk to you – or go out with you – fight the urge to say yes.

Try to play a little hardball – and they’ll be thinking a lot about you in no time!

4) Always be the first one to end the dialog

Whether you’re phoning or DM-ing them, being the first one to end the conversation will make them think about you – a lot.

This is especially the case if you’ve been unavailable lately – and playing a whole lot of ‘hard to get.’

Doing this will surely make them want you more.

It’ll even drive them crazy!

In fact, this may make them ‘fess up to the fact that they’ve fallen in love with you!

5) Take it slow

When you like someone, it’s understandable if you want to go ‘full speed ahead.’

As tempting as this might be, it wouldn’t help you in your quest.

If you want to drive them crazy thinking about you, you should take it slow.

Make them wait.

If they want to go out with you tomorrow, tell them you’re not available until next week.

In other words, pump out the breaks and make them yearn for you!

Not only will this make them think a lot about you, but this slow love can also help you achieve a fulfilling, longer-lasting relationship!

6) Have fun – without them

It sure is a bummer to see the person you like having fun without you.

You’re left behind at home (or at work) doing the opposite of what they’re doing.

While some may think of this technique as brutal, it’s effective!

They won’t be only missing out on things – they’ll end up thinking of you even more.

By having fun without them, they won’t hesitate to tell you that they miss you!

7) Ignore their social media posts

Instead of being this special someone’s number 1 social media fan, be the opposite.

Don’t engage or react with their posts.

Just remember: it’s a matter of social exclusion.

Many people post on social media to feel love and belongingness.

Some do so for self-esteem – which is why their posts are often all about them.

This intentional act of ignoring will make them react emotionally.

Why haven’t you liked their sleek picture, anyway?

This pondering will help you achieve your goal quickly – which is to make them think about you.

8) Casually mention this ‘someone’ to a mutual friend

It’s no secret that friends gossip.

Heck, I’m guilty as charged!

So if you want to make someone think of you, then casually mention them to a common friend.

This pal may share this ‘conversation’ with them, inadvertently (or not.)

No matter what the case may be, this tactic will surely make them think more about you.

9) Mention a song that reminds you of them

Music has a profound effect on our lives, relationships included.

In fact, a study has shown women exposed to romantic lyrics gave their numbers more readily than women who listened to neutral music.

Considering this, why not play a love song whenever they’re around?

And if they’re far away, you could tell them to listen to this song “for it reminds you of them.”

This sweet gesture will surely make them think about you.

Who knows? They might actually like you, but they’re just holding back!

10) Leave secret notes for them to find

Despite the name, this technique is not a ‘real’ secret.

In fact, you’re helping them find the notes – even if they’re supposed to be a secret.

It’s just like ‘vibing’ the psychic signs of someone having a crush on you.

These secret notes are proof that you indeed are interested. These would definitely surprise them – and make them think more of you!

11) Be scent-sational

If your objective is to make them go ga-ga over you, make sure to leave a trace.

A scent-sational one, to be exact.

Funny as it may seem, this technique is based on sound science!

As one Psychology Today article explains:

“Physical attraction itself may literally be based on smell… As we act out the complex rituals of courtship, many of them inscribed deep in our brain, scent-based cues help us zero in on optimal partners.”

In essence, what the article is trying to say is this:

“Typically, our noses steer us in the right direction when it comes to picking a reproductively compatible partner.”

So whenever you go out with this special someone, make sure to wear your trademark scent. It’s sure to make them long for you whenever you’re not around!

12) Keep them laughing – even if you’re not physically together

It goes without saying that a sense of humor is a desirable trait (especially if you’re a man.)

As a Psychology Today article explains it, “evidence that shows that being funny makes you more desirable as a mate.”

So if you want to make them think about you – then make sure to keep them laughing – especially when you’re not physically together.

Messaging them with a joke – or a funny meme – will help you make a mark on their mind.

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13) Make them feel like a hero

If you want this special someone to think of you 24/7, then you need to trigger his hero instinct.

The term, which James Bauer first coined, is a psychological phenomenon innate in men.

They desire to feel needed. They always want to be the hero saving the day.

In a nutshell, when a man feels respected, useful, and needed, he’s more likely to go crazy and think about you.

And the best part is, triggering his hero instinct can be as simple as knowing what to text.

You can learn exactly what to do by watching this genuine and straightforward video by James Bauer.

14) ‘Unintentionally’ do something thoughtful

As psychologist Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D. reminds most people:

“A little thoughtfulness is something we all need in our lives. It will make your relationship and your life a better place to be.”

True enough, showing your thoughtful side will make this special someone think of you more.

And it doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive, considerable effort (though there’s no stopping you from going all out, of course.)

It could be as simple as showing empathy to this particular person – especially after a particularly long day at work.

15) Try to leave things on a positive note

Whether you talk to this ‘someone’ frequently or occasionally, it’s also good to leave things on a positive note.

Just remember the time you had a pleasant conversation with this person.

It made you think a lot about them, right?

Well, the same thing is bound to happen whenever you talk pleasantries with them.


These 15 ways may be somehow tricky, but they’re undoubtedly effective. Trying any (or some) of them will make them think about you in no time!

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Raychel Ria Agramon

Raychel Ria Agramon

Raychel Ria Agramon, RN (PH & US), MPM I'm Raye, a nurse licensed in both the Philippines and the US. I also have a Master's degree in Public Management. Just like helping my patients, I like to empower & motivate readers with research-backed articles.

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