18 signs someone is coming back into your life

The two of you parted ways a while back, but you can’t help but feel like you’ve lost a big part of who you are ever since then. You wonder if they’re ever coming back to your life.

Thankfully, there are signs that can help you know if—and when—someone will return.

To help you know what these are, here are signs that someone is coming back into your life.

1) There was no real closure

A good sign that someone might come back to your life is that there never was any real closure between the two of you.

Maybe they told you that they had to go, but didn’t—or couldn’t—tell you exactly why. Or maybe they just disappeared out of nowhere. You are left with loose ends that are just begging to be fixed or addressed.

Chances are that they will return to your life so that they could set the record straight. And chances are, they think about you the same way you think about them.

2) You broke up in good terms

There weren’t any heated words or broken furniture when you parted ways. Instead, your breakup was a quiet affair.

Maybe you broke up because you realized you were holding each other back, or you weren’t enough for one another, or maybe circumstances outside of your control forced your hand.

Maybe they didn’t cut you off because they still see a future, and maybe that “future” is right now.

3) They’re never out of the picture

You might have broken up, but you’re still in each other’s thoughts.

When they’re out doing something, they still ask you to hang out with them. Likewise, when you find out about something interesting, you don’t feel strange telling them about it.

Maybe they just wanted to have some distance between the two of you but they’ve been planning to return one day.

4) You feel their care even as friends

Many people stop caring for their exes, but not them.

When they see you getting stuck in self-destructive habits like partying all night and losing out on sleep, they’d try to pull you out of it.

Or when they know that you’re sad, they would try to be there to cheer you up.

If they are hurt over the break-up, they do their best not to show it so that they’ll be the best friend that they can be.

5) Your physical attraction is still magnetic

You can’t help but be drawn to each other, even now. The two of you simply need to be in the same room together and you’d naturally drift closer.

There’s so much going on between the two of you, even, that your friends just can’t help but notice it sometimes.

Chances are that you truly are meant for one another, and that you simply need the time and space apart to deal with some differences between you two.

This might even be a sign that you are twin flames and that you’re simply in your twin flame separation phase.

6) Your goals are aligning

When you first met, there was a magnetic attraction between the two of you but your differences got in the way and pushed you apart.

Maybe they wanted to have six kids and a big house while you hated the idea and would rather live in a small cottage without any kids messing up your lawn.

With your goals being so opposed, you just couldn’t see a future with them and decided you’d be better off as friends.

But now, your goals are beginning to align. Maybe you’ve started thinking that maybe a couple of kids and a decently-sized home won’t be too bad. They, on the other hand, might have realized six kids is too much, and a smaller home would be more cozy.

This is a big sign that they might just come back to your life.

7) They once told you you’re “the one”

They told you that you’re “the one” once, and those words stick with you to this day.

There is a chance that they were just love bombing you, of course. Especially if they began treating you badly or ignoring you on the days leading to your break-up.

But if these other signs are also true, and that they treated you well even after your break-up, chances are that their feelings were genuine.

They truly did—and might still do—feel so strongly about you that, to them, you’re irreplaceable.

8) Your important beliefs match

When you go on social media to rant about your beliefs, they reply not to dismiss you but to show their support.

And when you share your beliefs with them in person, they share back and it turns out that your beliefs are either adjacent or exactly the same.

Maybe they used to think differently in the past, and maybe your break-up was in part to them being dismissive towards the things you like.

But right now, your important, non-negotiable beliefs are in alignment and make you even more compatible with one another.

9) They are still friends with your friends

When you’re hanging out together with your friends, there isn’t any tension whatsoever.

Your friends don’t give them the stink-eye or act weirdly about your break-up. It’s possible they might not even know that there was a breakup in the first place!

And even if there’s some distance between the two of you now, they didn’t push your friends out of their life.

This is a sign that either your relationship remained pleasant and amicable after your break-up or, in the case that there was tension, that they want to keep an eye on how you’re doing.

10) You catch them staring at you all the time

You would be eating your lunch in a corner and you notice them staring at you. They might stare back when you return the gaze.

Chances are that they’re lost in their thoughts. They look at you and remember all your good times together and wish you can be together again.

If they give you the look of love, they’re still interested in you, even if they might try to deny that fact.

11) You often dream of them

Dreams are when our minds are the most in touch with the universe. When our true feelings—as well as those of others—come out and express themselves.

When you dream of them often, it’s most likely because they have you in their mind all the time. In doing so, they manifest their thoughts and reach out to you spiritually.

You might not notice their presence tugging at your soul when you’re awake because of just so much going on in the waking world, but you will feel it when you’re asleep.

12) They’re trying to impress you

When you see them—whether it’s on social media or in real life—it’s almost like they’re trying hard to show off.

And most importantly, you know that they’re not simply “showing off” for the sake of it. They’re trying to catch your attention by talking about the things that you’ve always been interested in.

If they know you love music, they might try to make moments magical by showing off their singing voice. If you’ve ever thought highly of successful people, they might brag about how they are now working for a multi-trillion-dollar company.

13) They’ve made the necessary changes

You hated how they used to make hurtful jokes all the time, and now they no longer do it.

You hated how they would go speeding on the road, and now you see them being the calmest driver on the road.

They aren’t just aware of the things that pulled the two of you apart, they also took steps to correct those changes.

Sure, they might not be doing it simply so that you would like them again. They might be doing it simply because they thought it’d make them a better person. But it does mean that they care and you have an impact on them.

And chances are that they did it to have plus points when they finally have the courage to get back together with you.

14) Their replies are faster

Try to message them on social media, and they would not waste time in replying to you.

They would respond as soon as they’re aware, or when they catch a break at work. They might even apologize if they were a bit late to respond, even if it wasn’t their fault!

Sure, there are people who make it a habit to respond as quickly as they can simply to be polite. But think about it—you broke up!

Most people would have so much emotional baggage that no matter how polite they try to be, they would leave you on read for a while before they send their grudging reply.

But not them. Not your ex. If anything, they seem to be even more eager to chat with you, and you might get the impression that they’re just waiting for you to message them.

15) They “bait” you on social media

They keep posting things online that they know you’ll like so that you’ll reach out first.

If you’re crazy about Japanese food, they might keep posting pictures of all the ramen and sushi that they’ve indulged in on their latest trip to Japan. If you like art, they might post their attempts at learning how to paint.

They might get a thousand likes from a thousand strangers, but the one thing that would make their day is to see you react to their posts.

Try talking to them about it. Maybe they’re trying to give you something to latch on and talk about so that you won’t have to sit in awkward silence.

16) You see angel numbers

The universe tries to guide us along our lives all the time, but it just can’t make our decisions for us. Instead, it tries to communicate by sending us subtle signals such as angel numbers.

If you keep on seeing repeating numbers like 111, 333, or 666 everywhere, you might want to pay attention to which numbers you’re seeing, and where you keep on seeing them so that you can better understand what the universe is trying to tell you.

The universe might be trying to warn you away, for sure. But more often than not, it’s trying to nudge you along because you’re on the right path.

17) Your friends mention them a lot

You just can’t run away from them, or their name. When you’re hanging out with your friends, they might tell you about how your ex had gone on a trip to Havana, or how they’re always sitting in one particular place in the park every noon.

It’s very suspicious, and maybe a little bit frustrating. You might wonder why your friends are bringing your ex up so often.

Chances are that your ex had already been talking with your friends. Maybe they wanted to talk to you again, or find a good opportunity to speak with you alone, but are afraid you’d brush them off.

Having your friends do the work by dropping not-so-subtle hints makes it easier for them.

18) They seem ready to be in a relationship

Shortly after your breakup, you might have seen them vent over and over on social media about how they’re never getting into a relationship ever again.

But now they seem ready to jump into one again.

They have dealt with their issues, and they actually have a life they can be proud of—a good career, house, car, and all that.

All that’s missing is you.

The bottom line

It’s important to keep in mind that no single one of these signs is enough to say for sure that someone will return to your life. But the more of these are true, the better your chances.

Being prepared for their return will help you greatly.

It’s much better to begin talking again. It might even be a good idea to be the one to reach out.

And when they do return or respond positively, welcome them back with open arms and an open heart.



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