15 spiritual signs he will come back (and stay for good)

If you are wondering if there is any hope that your love will come back, this post is for you. 

This article will give you 15 spiritual signs that he will come back in a way that really sticks. 

When these signs happen and he comes back, this time he won’t be going anywhere!

1) You’ll randomly bump into each other in unusual circumstances and it will feel like kismet.

You will be at a coffee shop and bump into him by accident. 

When you see each other, it is like nothing ever happened. 

It is like you never stopped loving each other. 

He will say what’s up, and you say the same. 

You will be able to start a conversation as if it were just yesterday that you talked.

You both engage into a normal conversation like two old friends do after a long time of no contact. 

You will see him in other unusual places too. 

It will feel like kismet when you run into each other, because it seems as though the universe wants you two to be together again. 

There would be that instant connection and attraction

It would feel like electricity is flowing between the two of you. 

2) You start having dreams about him or being in his presence.

One night you will have a dream of him and in that dream he will be talking to you, holding your hand and being with you. 

Another time you will see him in your dream, smiling at you and being with you. 

These dreams will be more of a vision and a revelation of his coming back than just having a random dream about him. 

When he comes back this time, you will feel like you were destined to be together and that it is right. 

You can’t wait to see him again in the physical world. 

You keep dreaming about him and being in his presence, because you know that he is coming back soon.

Believe me! 

He will come back to you over the months, confirming that he wants to commit himself back into a loving relationship with you and forevermore.

3) You’ll have dreams where you see him apologizing and begging for forgiveness.

You will have dreams about him, but it will be different. 

You will see him in a position of weakness and dejection, begging for forgiveness and saying to you over and over: “I’m sorry, I love you.” 

He will do this throughout all your dreams.

You feel that he is sorry for the wrongs he committed against you, and that he is asking forgiveness of you. 

When he comes back, you will forgive him, because this time it’s different. 

After forgiving him, he will be sorry for the mistakes that he committed against you and will regret them deeply. 

You’ll feel almost as though he is apologizing for not coming back sooner. 

When he comes back this time, he will do so with absolute certainty that what happened was out of his control.

4) You have a dream about him sitting next to you.

You both were talking and laughing together, like in the old days. 

It was just the two of you – no other people, no distractions, no interruptions. 

It’s just the two of you sitting together in a place where you and he love to be together. 

You want him back without a doubt; he wants you back without any doubt. 

This dream shows that he knows that he made a big mistake by going away from your life. 

In this dream, he is showing you that he wants to come back to you and make up for what he did. 

You know that he loves you and wants you back, so why not forgive him and let him try his best?

5) You see him constantly in your dreams or meditations.

You will have spiritual experiences with him. 

When you are praying or meditating, you will see him in your mind. 

You will sense his presence around you especially in the early morning hours or when the moon is high in the sky. 

At times when you think of him, you will get a random urge to go out and say hi to people that he knows.

6) The universe gives you signs that he will return.

Some signs I could mention:

First, you felt that unexplainable urge to call him and the minute he picks up the phone, you know in your heart that it’s going to be alright and you two are going to make it because he sounds relieved to hear from you.

Second, you have the urge to go to his place but you tell yourself that you need time apart from him and you listen to your heart and don’t go over there. 

After a few days, he invites you over .

Third, he mentions some of your past conversations that only the two of you would know about (even though it is never brought up again) like how he used to tease you about something silly.

Finally, your ex’s best friend tells you point blank “We’ve been friends for too long and I know this guy like the back of my hand, well there is no doubt in my mind that he’s crazy about you again.”

7) There is synchronicity in everything you do.

You’ll notice that the two of you will be in the same places at the same times. 

For example, if you’re meeting with your friends at a restaurant on Thursday evenings and your ex also happens to be there at the same restaurant, you’ll notice that he will be sitting across the room, so far away from where you’re sitting. 

If this happens once or twice, it can be seen as a coincidence. 

However, if it happens more than once, it’s because the two of you are predestined

And I’m sure that he will definitely come back to you.

Or sometimes, you’ll feel like he’s there with you, even though he isn’t physically present.

8) You start to feel good about yourself. 

If he was gone for a long period of time, you must have been depressed and lost in life. 

Only when he comes back and you feel his love again, you will love your life and the new changes that are going on in it. 

You feel good about yourself, and you feel like your own self again

You start to get up in the morning and look in the mirror without wanting to hide behind it. 

You will feel great about yourself and your life and will want to improve in all areas of life. 

You might even start taking care of yourself in a better way

You will get over the depression that was there.

9) You feel an overwhelming sense of peace.

You will feel peace inside; you will feel like a child again. 

You will be happy and content, like you were before he went away. 

You like the feeling of being loved, and when you are with him you feel happy and at ease. 

All the hurt that you felt before is gone. 

The anger and resentment are gone. 

In its place is a new feeling of calmness and peace that you had long forgotten about. 

You will wake up in the morning feeling so well rested, because now your mind no longer spends all night worrying about anything. 

When he comes back, this time he will not rush off again – ever!

10) You feel more secure when being with him than ever before.

You feel a sense of commitment and security when being with him. 

You can’t believe how much he loves you. 

You’re in a good mood and you feel like there is nothing but love around.

As you look at him, your heart is filled with a feeling of joy and happiness. 

You feel great being with him because the two of you were made for each other.

Your ex sits down next to you and your heart skips a beat because he’s right there next to you and it is as if he were never away from your life. 

He actually feels like he has come back from another planet, that is where we all should be, loving each other unconditionally

You feel calm and peaceful around him, as though nothing else in your life matters other than being with him.

11) You got a confirmation from a real psychic.

You know, by some way, I am confident that you are just as interested in spiritual matters as I am when you come to this article.

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12) You notice that there is a rush of affection when you meet and that everything somehow feels right.

You have an instant connection with your ex. 

Everything around you seems to be perfectly about you and your ex. 

You feel that he might be the person you were destined to love and with him, your life will have meaning again. 

You feel good being with him, because the two of you are more similar and you can relate on different levels.  

You know that he feels about you the way that you feel about him and there’s never a doubt in your mind as to whether or not it is right for you two to be together. 

Your heart knows what it wants and so does your mind. 

Your ex is the one and only person that can make you feel this way. 

All of a sudden, your ex will be around you quite often and he will call you up to see how you are doing. 

It feels as though he’s been waiting for this day to come all along – the day that he will get his second chance with you.

13) When he comes, everything around the two of you disappears into thin air.

It seems as though you can’t see anything else except for the two of you. 

It’s like you’re the only two people in the room and there’s no one else around. 

You can feel that he is happy to be close to you, and your heart aches inside because you are happy too. 

You know that he misses you and longs for your love. 

The two of you will have an instant connection of love and chemistry

You’ll feel great being near each other.

14) You feel like you will never lose your love for him. 

All of a sudden you wake up and you feel great. 

You know that the most important thing in your life is to be with this person who loves you and treats you with respect, dignity and value. 

You want to be with him forever, because he brings out the best in your life and he makes you happy. 

You know that this is the only person for you. 

You are able to start your day without the help of coffee. 

You are waking up energetic and happy with a smile on your face. You now care about your health and well-being. 

You feel that no one else can give you what you need from a partner because this person brings out the best in you and has many qualities that are hard to find in others. 

Your ex is like no other man out there, because he has all these qualities that you love and admire in him.

15) You catch yourself singing your ex’s favorite songs and into a good mood.

You hear one of your ex’s favorite songs and out of nowhere, you suddenly get into a good mood. 

You start singing and dancing along in your head like the time when you first started dating or whenever he would sing that song to you. 

You know it’s his favorite song because it always puts him in a good mood and he used to sing it all the time. 

You smile to yourself when that song plays, because you remember the good times you two had together back then.

In addition, I’ll give you some indications he’s falling in love with you all over again and staying for good:

He starts planning for the future with you. 

He’ll plan things to do together in the future and what you two can do. 

He’ll call and text you often. You feel great because the two of you are communicating with each other more than ever.

He really enjoys hearing from you and he wants to see you.

You feel very excited because, soon, he’s going to propose to you soon

He tells your parents that he wants to get married and there is no doubt in his mind that it’s a done deal that it will happen soon.

In fact, he is an excellent gift giver and makes fantastic plans that are full of love and romance. 

He nurtures your heart in all the ways you want to be nurtured. 

He knows how to give the right amount of love for each occasion. 

Your future is bright and happy because of this person in your life. 

He constantly reassure you that he’s on your side, has your back, and is there to stay.

He’s very supportive and compliments you, makes you feel special

He holds your hand and you feel so secure.

He’s your emotional support system.

He is the perfect match for you, where he truly enjoys being with you and picks up on little things that make you smile or laugh. 

He has a way of making you feel that everything is going to be all right in the end. 

You know that he will always stand by your side to support you in all of your struggles and triumphs.

You can trust him with your life and know that he’s going to love you as long as he lives.

You know deep inside that time was your greatest ally, not your enemy. 

You know how it feels to be in love with this person who loves you back. 

You feel like a magnet is pulling the two of you together and all you want to do is be with each other as much as possible.

You know the love of a strong man who will always be there for you and hold you close whenever you need him.

He won’t run from conflict, but will work through it with you.

He’ll never run from a fight, but will stay and face it with you. 

There is no doubt that he’s going to face the problem along with you when any kind of problem arises. 

He knows that you two can work through it together. 

He always looks out for your best interest at heart and never deceives you in any way.

You are becoming closer than ever as the relationship between you two grows stronger

He’s growing in more ways than one and he’s a different person now than he was before. 

He is there to listen whenever you want to talk, even if it means listening for hours during a conversation with him.


The above are spiritual signs that your ex-boyfriend will come back to you.

I know some of them may sound irrelevant, but you know, that’s the spiritual. 

There is no doubt that your ex-boyfriend loves you, and he wants to be with you again. 

When he comes back, he will commit his life to you once again and this time for good, and you will know that he will never leave you again. 

You know that he will be there for you and that you will love him forever.

As I mentioned above, if you want to clarify if what you’ve experienced is really the spiritual signs, try to get help from a real psychic.

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Tiffany Mcgee

Tiffany Mcgee

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