How to manifest your ex back in 24 hours or less (13 steps)

Are you still pining away for your ex?

Do you want them back in your life ASAP?

Well, I have good news, with focus and determination, anything is possible.

Let us explore how to manifest your ex back into your life in 24 hours or less!

1) Have a positive mindset

Whatever you put into the universe you will receive back in kind.

What does this mean?

It means that if you’re constantly pining for your partner and thinking that you’ve lost them forever, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

If you put negative vibrations into the universe, you’ll get a negative outcome. That’s why it’s super important to have a positive mindset.

If you want to manifest your ex back in 24 hours or less, then you need to believe – no, not believe – KNOW that you can.

So be happy that soon you and your ex will be together again.

2) Be grateful for what you have in your life

An important part of manifestation is being grateful for what you already have in your life.

When manifesting, people often ask the universe for what they want without stopping to reflect on what they already have.

So, think about it. What are you grateful for?

Think about the good things in your life, no matter how big or small. It can be anything from being grateful for your good health to having a loving family or even a pet.

Find something to be grateful for so that you can kickstart your manifesting powers.

3) Be crystal clear about what you want to manifest

This is the most important aspect of manifesting anything in your life. It is vital that you are crystal clear about what it is that you want.

If you are not crystal clear about what you want, the universe will not be able to help you manifest it.

If you are not clear about what you want in your relationship, your ex will not be able to hear you. You may want them back in your life, but if you are not crystal clear about what that means to you, they will not be able to hear you.

Tiffany McGee, founder of and author of Manifesting Love: How to Unleash the Superpower That’s Deep Within You has a great tip for getting clarity on what you want when manifesting:

 “…getting to the point of clarity in the first place requires working out what you don’t want.”

A good idea is to make a list of everything that you don’t want. Here are some examples:

  • You don’t want to get back together with your ex and argue every day
  • You don’t want your ex to be jealous all the time
  • You don’t want to have communication problems

That should help you know what you want:

  • To get back together with your ex and live in harmony
  • To have a partner who trusts you
  • To be able to talk to your partner about anything and solve any issues that come up together because you know how to communicate with each other

Now it’s your turn!

Make a list of everything that you don’t want in your relationship with your ex. Then write down what you would like to happen between the two of you if you were to get them back in your life.

4) Get rid of any doubts

When you try to manifest your ex back into your life, there will always be a little voice in the back of your head telling you that it won’t happen.

This is normal, but you have to get rid of these doubts as soon as you can.

Instead of listening to that little voice, you have to drown it out with positive thoughts.

If you hear that voice saying that you will never get your ex back, replace it with positive thoughts about how good you will feel when you get them back.

If you hear that voice saying that you will never get your ex back because it is too late, you have to drown it out with positive thoughts about how it’s never too late.

But I know it’s not always easy to believe in manifestation and get rid of all doubt, especially if it’s your first time manifesting.

It might be easier if you had someone to guide you through the process, someone you can talk to about your doubts.

Have you ever spoken to a psychic?

When I first got interested in manifestation I read everything I could get my hands on but I still wasn’t sure how to get started. That’s why I got in touch with a gifted advisor at Psychic Source.

Not only were they very knowledgeable on the subject of manifestation but they were surprisingly compassionate and kind. Talking to them felt like talking to a favorite wise aunt.

So if you need a little help to get started, I really recommend you get in touch with them.

And the best part is that you don’t have to go anywhere, you can talk to them from the comfort of your home – just go to their website.

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5) Find a quiet spot

While you can do this anywhere, ideally you should find a place that is quiet and serene, where you can be alone with your thoughts.

This will help you to focus on your desires without any distractions.

It can be your bedroom, a park, a garden, or even the roof of your building so long it’s somewhere peaceful.

Make sure to silence your phone so that you are not distracted by notifications.

6) Make yourself comfortable

Being relaxed and comfortable will help you to release any stress you might be holding, which can get in the way of manifesting your desires.

Wear loose and comfy clothing.

You can play some soft meditation music or light a scented candle to help you relax.

Lie down on your bed or sit somewhere that you feel comfortable.

Take a few deep breaths and relax.

7) Visualize getting back together with your ex in detail

Now that you’ve found a suitable spot and made yourself comfortable, you need to visualize what you’re trying to manifest.

If you want to manifest your ex back in 24 hours or less you need to see it happening.

Visualization is a powerful tool that is essential when you are trying to manifest something in your life.

Let me explain.

If you want to manifest your ex back into your life, you have to visualize what it will be like when it happens. Think about:

  • How you will feel when they walk back through your door
  • How they will  look when they come back
  • What they will say when they walk in
  • What you will say
  • What you will do (hug them perhaps)
  • How you will feel once they are back

Remember that visualization is not just about what you see, but also about how you feel.

You have to visualize getting back together with your ex in as much detail as you can. When you visualize it in as much detail as possible, it will feel like you are already in that moment.

It will be easier to manifest your ex back into your life when you are feeling exactly how you want to feel when it happens.

8) Know that everything happens for a reason

There’s a reason you and your ex broke up.

Maybe you were too clingy and needy, or maybe they were too controlling in the relationship. Maybe they didn’t feel loved, or they never tried to understand your feelings.

You can’t change the past, but you can change your future.

You can’t change the fact that you broke up in the first place, but you can change the fact that you get them back.

Maybe you both needed some time apart to think about how to make your relationship work and realize how much you miss each other.

Everything happens for a reason. And if you want to get them back in 24 hours badly enough, then that’s one hell of a reason!

9) Remember to meditate

When you are trying to manifest something, you need to get into a relaxed, meditative state of mind. This will allow your subconscious mind to open up and be ready to receive the signals and instructions that you are about to send to it.

If you are stressed and anxious, your subconscious will remain closed off and you will not be able to manifest anything.

Therefore, it is important that you learn how to meditate and use this to calm your mind and get into a state of positive and focused energy.

10) Use positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are a statement that you repeat to yourself over and over again.

They’re a great way to reprogram your mind and get it focused on healthy, happy, and positive thoughts.

They are a great way to remove any negative thoughts and emotions that might be holding you back from getting your ex back.

To be most effective, positive affirmations should be spoken out loud (or written down). This helps to reinforce the message in your mind and make it more likely to stick.

Here are some examples of positive affirmations you could use:

  • I’m going to have my ex back in 24 hours or less!
  • I deserve to be happy
  • I deserve to be loved
  • I can do anything I set my mind on

Focus on the positive, and you will reprogram your mind to believe that you already have what you desire.

Let go of any worries or fears that are weighing you down. Feel yourself being happy and relaxed in your new relationship. You deserve it.

11) Ask for help from the universe

If you want to manifest your ex in 24 hours, ask the universe for help and assistance in bringing back your ex.

You see, there is a collective energy out there that is more powerful and greater than anything you can do alone. By tapping into that energy, you are bringing more power and focus to your desires.

The universe can hear your call and help you get your ex back and bring them into your life in a way that you could never have imagined before.

12) Commit to the process 100%

When you are trying to manifest something, it is important that you commit to it fully.

Do not go into it half-heartedly because your lack of enthusiasm will manifest itself in the results you get.

You need to be 100% committed if you want your ex back in your life. This means following the instructions in this article and dedicating yourself to the process.

I also recommend getting a copy of Manifesting Love. It’s a step-by-step guide with a lot of great tips for beginners or people who want to improve their manifesting skills.

And remember not to let your thoughts stray or to be influenced by self-doubt and worry. If you commit to this, you will succeed and your ex will be back in your life before you know it.

13) Take action

Taking action is very important when it comes to manifestation.

You can’t just sit back and wait for your ex to come back.

Once you’ve gone through all the steps to manifest your ex, you need to get in touch with your ex and take a step forward. You can’t expect the universe to do all the work.

A lot of people get disappointed when they fail to manifest something in their lives. That’s because they’re forgetting one key factor – taking action.

So once you’ve worked on your visualization and affirmations, you need to pick up the phone and get in touch with your ex. The universe will help but you need to make an effort and take the first step.

Why is doubt so common when trying to manifest?

When we’re first getting started with manifestation, it’s easy to get caught up in all the things that could go wrong.

We may worry that we don’t have enough time to manifest something, that we aren’t doing it correctly, or we’re not strong enough to make it happen. We may also have hidden fears that we aren’t even aware of.

Some people even start to convince themselves that the Law of Attraction is a lie. They may believe that it doesn’t work, or that it’s just for lucky people who were born with more luck than others.

If you’re struggling with manifesting your desired outcomes, it’s important to recognize that you may be subconsciously holding yourself back.

There are a few reasons why manifestation may not be working the way you want it to:

  • You’re focusing on what you don’t want.
  • You have unconscious fears and insecurities
  • Your current mindset is holding you back

How do you know that manifestation is working?

The process of manifesting can be tricky at times. It doesn’t always work the way we want it to, which can leave us feeling a little confused about what we need to do next.

However, there are some ways that you can tell if your manifestation is working.

1) Seeing immediate results in the physical world

The most obvious sign that manifestation is working is when your desire manifests into reality. But this isn’t the only way we can tell that manifestation is working.

2) Pay attention to your feelings

One of the first things that you should look for is how you feel.

When you are manifesting something, you are essentially putting your energy into creating a particular outcome. This means that you are putting a lot of energy into making it happen.

This can result in various different feelings within you.

You might feel excited, happy, determined, or even nervous. You even may notice an increase in your motivation, energy levels, or emotions.

Or, you might find that you feel nothing at all.

This isn’t a bad thing. It just means that your subconscious isn’t picking up on the energy you are putting out. This can happen when you are still new to manifesting.

3) Watch for signs

Next, you can look for signs that your manifestation is working. This can be anything from a sudden interest in a particular subject to a dream that seems to point to your goal.

A key sign is that you’ll start to feel more and more in control of your life, so you’ll know that things are starting to unfold the way you want them to.

Another sign is that the more familiar you get with the Law of Attraction, the more likely it is that you’ll start seeing things lining up in your favor. You’ll start to notice that there are patterns emerging and things starting to fall into place in ways that feel incredibly meaningful and positive.

There are also signs that things are working, such as feeling inspired and motivated at various points throughout the process.

4) Check on your vibration

You might also want to check on your vibration. Vibration is the amount of energy you are putting out into the world.

This can be a good indication of whether or not you are successfully manifesting something.

If you aren’t putting out the right amount of energy, your manifestation will fizzle out.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can measure your vibration and make sure that you are putting out the right amount of energy.

Manifestation is a very energetic process. It often involves you pulling in the things that you want by creating vibrations that will draw those things to you.

This is where having a high vibration really comes in handy. A high vibration will pull in more energy while a low vibration will only repel it.

So, if you want to make sure that your manifestation is going well, you’ll want to make sure that your vibration is high enough. To do this, you can use a variety of different techniques.

Many people use things like visualizations, affirmations, breathing techniques, and even yoga to help raise their vibration and improve the strength of their manifestations.

Final thoughts

I hope this article has been helpful and that you’re on your way to manifesting your ex. But if there’s a part of you that still wants to know more, then I really recommend getting in touch with someone at Psychic Source.

If you have any doubts about manifesting or if you’re not sure you should manifest your ex back (is he really the one?) then don’t hesitate about getting help from a true psychic.

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The Psychic Robot then tells you exactly what to do.

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