8 ways to manifest someone back into your life

Is it possible to make a single thought a reality? In recent years, manifestation has become a hot topic.

The coincidence is unlikely. Many of us found ourselves trapped inside as the world closed its doors and little else to do but think and, perhaps, dream.

It would seem that the Universe has led you to this post.

The following tips will help you reclaim that special person, even if it seems impossible.

What exactly is manifesting?

Sounds impossible, doesn’t it, to imagine your ideal life and wish it into existence?

Despite all the skepticism, this method does seem to have helped countless individuals.

If you’re open-minded and wondering how to manifest someone back into your life, you’re probably Googling all things “law of attraction.”

There’s a reason the Secret (2006) sold 30 million copies, and it’s something thought leaders, including Oprah, Eckhart Tolle, Gabrielle Bernstein, Deepak Chopra, and Iyanla Vanzant, have discussed. Manifesting works is something that the panel all agree on.

Although manifesting aims to make your dreams a reality, you have to take proactive steps to make it happen. You won’t get results overnight.

Despite this, it is still a small price to pay for something that can profoundly impact your life.

How to manifest someone back into your life

The secret to manifesting someone back into your life is holding them in your loving thoughts, imagining them back in your life, and letting go of all the negative emotions and apparent problems that prevent this from happening.

All of us are interconnected. It is common to have an emotional connection with people you had relationships with in the past.

Even though we separate from these people we once had a strong bond with, we can still maintain strong connections with them for quite some time.

Just thinking about someone can evoke a flood of emotions and memories. These memories can either be beneficial or hurtful.

Feelings of longing, sadness, or depression may be channeled into a powerful force to bring them back to you.

You might not attract the person you have lost, but you will attract others like them if you are sincerely open and receptive to new people.

In our love relationships, we are most concerned with how people affect our self-esteem, the energy they generate, and our attachment to them.

Is it easy to manifest someone back into my life?

If you become blinded by current circumstances, manifesting a person back in your life might seem impossible.

To achieve success, you need to adopt a mindset and a belief. In truth, holding the opposite opinion creates resistance to what you want.

Your belief that you can bring back a loved one will make manifestation possible.

Before you start manifesting…

Points to ponder before you start.

It will rarely occur on your schedule and in the way you intend. The Universe is random.

If you’re expecting your manifestation to fall out of the sky, think again.

Second, even if you can manifest that person back into your life, they could often appear in your life to fulfill a different role. Allow the Universe to unfold by being open and receptive.

Having clear goals is the first step to manifesting.

While everyone approaches manifestation differently, most follow the same basic principles. You need to know what you want. Only you know your innermost desires.

1) Set your intention

You can intentionally manifest someone back into your life by simply deciding that you wish to have them back.

There is no wish behind this. Neither is it a hope.

An intention lies behind this. Whenever you think of this person, you feel as if they are returning to your life, whether it seems like a pipe dream or not.

Put your intentions on paper so that they are clear and visible.

In writing, you are more likely to commit to your intentions. If possible, write in your journal, “Now that [name] is back in my life, I feel so blessed…”

You might be familiar with the 369 method, which involves writing down what you want in the following order:

  • Three times in the morning
  • Six times in the afternoon
  • Nine times at night for 33 or 45 days

It could also be as simple as writing a letter to the universe.

2) Keep this person in your thoughts

Physicists have long demonstrated that the mere thought of someone can influence their consciousness, which might seem a bit far-fetched to some, but there is plenty of scientific evidence to support this.

You think about someone a lot, and then the phone rings – it’s them! We have all experienced that feeling.

It’s easy to call these events coincidences, but they’re simply two things coming together perfectly, as the word suggests.

When you devote all of your thoughts and energy to someone, you reach them somehow.

There is no guarantee that they will call you or appear at your door right away. Simply allowing their thoughts to reach them indicates that they are conscious of the possibility.

With his ability to tune into other people’s energy, Edgar Cayce figured out the whereabouts of hundreds of missing persons.

To manifest someone back into your life, you need to focus on thinking about them intently. Always surround yourself with positive thoughts about them.

3) Sharing or reliving vivid experiences

Here’s where the fun begins. There are times when the process of manifesting something feels forced since we have no first-hand experience with the thing we are trying to imagine.

You may have difficulty visualizing a million-dollar lifestyle if you’ve never owned more than $50k.

If you share great memories with someone, reliving them will not be a problem. The joy of the experience is that you can imagine it, believe it, and attach happiness to it.

Look at a photograph of this person as often as possible.

When you relive great experiences together, it engages all of your senses – both your thoughts and your feelings. In this way, you activate the law of attraction.

Never go down this road if the memory makes you feel sad, depressed, or reminds you of that person’s absence.

The Universe responds to your energy – not just to your thoughts.

Looking at someone’s photograph can make you feel sad, or you can feel joyous and excited about many more to come.

4) Create your own movie

One of Neville Goddard’s techniques is one of the most powerful laws of attraction exercises, especially when you want to bring someone back into your life.

Imagined acts are actions you plan to do after your intention has been fulfilled.

For example, you can imagine a hugging situation where you throw your arms around someone. Imagine walking up to your front door and seeing someone with a massive bunch of red roses.

Creating a ‘picture’ doesn’t matter that much. For it to manifest, you should be able to imagine it taking place vividly.

It’s about manifesting a future event that can occur only once the intention is realized.

As soon as you create the imaginary act, you must practice it every night before sleeping.

Keep it on loop in your brain and visualize this mini-movie as clearly as possible.

5) Create space for them in your life

Manifesting someone back into your life requires making room for that person.

This may sound a bit silly at first, but you will soon realize that you genuinely invite the person back into your life by doing it.

Suppose you want to rekindle a relationship with an ex-partner.

Are you comfortable with them sharing your home? Is there space for their clothing, will you be sharing your bed, and are you open to sharing your space? Is your current living space inviting, and is it suitable for a couple?

Can you free up your social calendar to make space for them, or are you so busy with other events that you cannot slot them in?

Making space for someone in your life involves taking care of all the things that can prevent them from returning to your life. Be sure that your living situation can accommodate this person.

6) Be grateful

A grateful heart is a powerful manifestation tool; however, being thankful for something before having it implies that you already have it in the bag.

A person cannot manipulate the law of attraction by using gratitude.

When you accept an idea, it must become a reality. Don’t let your mind be confused or disrupted by thoughts, which can lead to self-doubt.

When you express gratitude for the presence of this person in your life, you create the impression that this person is in your life.

Gratitude does another fantastic thing.

All fear disappears when you feel grateful.

Feeling fearful or worried that the manifestation will not materialize? Take a moment to give thanks and find something that you are genuinely grateful for.

It could be the roof over your head, the food in your pantry, or the sunshine on your skin. Your consciousness is opened up by gratitude, and more are attracted to you.

When fear closes the door, gratitude opens it.

Gratitude is the key to manifesting this person you desire. Thank them for being in your life. If you had an opportunity to connect with them or share anything with them, be grateful for it.

When you bring this person into your gratitude practice, you automatically loosen any resistance you have towards manifesting them back into your life.

7) Don’t be attached

Although it may not be what you wanted to hear, you have to let this person go. You cannot create your reality in someone else’s.

The steps above will bring them back into your life; however, that does not mean they are forced to stay. Remember, we all have free will. The same goes for the person who you are trying to manifest back.

They are free to make their own choices, and they have their own needs and desires that they need to fulfill. We cannot force it.

As humans, it is our connections and feelings with those people and relationships that drive us forward.

Attachment is motivated by fear. In the case of manifestations based on fear, you will manifest what you fear.

When you intend to manifest someone back into your life, make sure you release them in love and joy. In doing so, you are releasing your attachment to them and re-magnetizing them with the right energy.

If you truly love someone, you’ll want what will make them happy, what is appropriate for them, and won’t demand what is, in reality, a selfish choice to meet your desires.

Let them go, whether a family member, estranged friend, ex-partner or even an unknown acquaintance. Wish them nothing but love, joy, happiness, and harmony.

8) Make sure to check (and change) your energy

What does Oprah know for sure? It’s all about energy. “We get back the energy we give out,” if all you do is whine and moan, you’re constantly sending out negative vibes. The universe will return the favor to you.

On the other hand, if you can raise your vibrations and send out happy vibes, you’ll be putting out more positivity, which will help you achieve your goals.

How do I lift my energy?

Creating positivity and thus lifting your energy, it’s simple.  Focus on the things that bring you a sense of joy and happiness. It could be doing a good deed, donating to a charity, or spending time with rescue animals.

Nowadays, self-care has become an essential part of life and shouldn’t be neglected.- be kind to yourself.

As well as focusing on how you want to feel, you can set your intention to be more loving. To cultivate more kindness, focus on compassion and empathy. Let the process guide you and be flexible.

All in all, the process is fluid. As long as you believe, whatever steps you take don’t matter as much as your actions, visions, and clarity; your faith gives you the motivation and courage to accomplish your goals.

What NOT to do when manifesting someone back into your life

Indeed desperate times can call for desperate measures; however, it’s really lame and cringy – especially when you’re trying to get someone back in your life.

Avoid anything that might make you appear needy, clingy, whiny, upset, distraught, etc., when you’re trying to catch your ex’s attention. Chances are you’re going to embarrass yourself and will come across as being weak.

The best thing you can do is to back off and focus solely on yourself and your thoughts. Taking time to work on yourself can make all the difference.

Here are some significant “don’ts” when trying to manifest some back into your life.

  • Begging. Nothing expresses desperation more clearly than begging your ex. And don’t constantly cry in front of them.
  • You are constantly bombarding them with texts, calls, emails, DMs, and social media messages. You should also avoid liking all of their tweets. Social media stalking is not a good idea.
  • Asking their friends for advice on how to get them back. You are merely attempting to manipulate them, and their friends will most likely not be very receptive.
  • Hold back on the “I love yous” and pester you for answers as to why they left. Avoid any verbal pleas right now. For them to want you back, they must feel that it was their choice.

How do I know if I’m on the right track?

If you’ve been working with the law of attraction successfully long enough, you’d already be familiar with some of the signs that your manifestation is coming.

So for those new to manifestation, the best way to know if it’s working is NOT to conjure up things that make you believe your manifestation is happening. You saw the number 7 on the news this morning (more like you were looking for those sevens), and it must be a sign! Slow it down, sugar.

When the time is right, the Universe will reveal everything to you. Manifesting someone back into your life is not something you can force. You need to let it be.

There are, however, a few subtle hints the Universe will show you to let you know that your manifestation is on the horizon:

1) You are at ease with the situation

Even though you know it will happen, you don’t obsess about it. You have an innate sense of knowing it will happen, and it’s a very relaxed feeling.

You might find that you no longer feel like doing any visualization because it’s like trying to switch on a light during a power outage. You have faith, and that’s all you need!

2) Darkness before the dawn

Before anything can improve, it gets worse. Manifesting more money is great, but all of a sudden, you have an emergency or new financial obligations, and it’s like you’re never able to catch a break!

Why is this happening? Consider it a gift!

As part of your intention, you’ve set an objective to experience something different.

Keep calm and remind yourself gently that your imagination is more accurate than what is, and these problems will be resolved, and you will manifest what you want!

3) In sync

Most people dismiss these events as coincidences. You, however, are a manifesting grandmaster! Synchronicities occur every day, in so many forms.

Your manifestation starts to take shape in 3D as you get more and more. Sometimes, you see the same number all the time – 11:11, 12:34, 111, 222, 333, or 666 ( Sometimes, the same thing occurs repeatedly.

4) Hearing your dreams

There is a chance you can overhear someone talking about your desire. Imagine turning on the radio and suddenly hearing about the very thing you desire!

5) Dreams

Keeping a dream journal is an excellent idea if you don’t already do it.

You begin to experience dreams that reveal the manifestations you have already achieved (physically speaking, since we know they are already done).

6) Experiencing deja vu

Woah, wait, this already happened? Suddenly, you get the sense that you have been there and done that before. You are being shown what you want to do by yourself via this method.

It is almost as if you are just a character in a story that has already been crafted. The script ends with you living your best life.

7) The feeling of excitement

Your heart feels a sense of anticipation and joy since you know it’s coming. It’s possible to feel excited without having an apparent reason why.

It feels as if something big is about to happen. There is no doubt about it.

Count on it!

Your soul is sending you a message. Feelings are the language of the soul. Become comfortable with trusting it.

8) Leaving people behind

The sign is both bizarre and fascinating.

Everything exists as vibrations, and the law of attraction combines like vibrations, so anyone who is not aligned with the desire you have set for yourself is thrown out.

The person may have moved out of town, ceased to communicate, or whatever.

You may be able to find logical reasons for why they disappeared, but in Universal terms, everything is vibrational. Those who aren’t on your vibe fall away.

There’s an old expression that goes, “Misery loves company.” It’s true! Vibrations will affect who you meet and what you experience in life.

High vibrations will draw people and experiences of that frequency to you.

That’s all there is to it.

Wrapping up

Anything is possible when you use the law of attraction to manifest. Getting an ex back or perhaps an old friend is no exception.

The process of manifesting things with other people can be more challenging (because there is always free will), but if you follow these tips, you’ll know both what not to do and how to do it.

This combination will undoubtedly increase the chances of attracting the love you desire.

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Lyndol Lyons

The business of life is the acquisition of memories. In the end, that's all there is. Writer, spiritualist, mom. Tolerant of people, but prefer animals. Owner of 346 cats in a previous life.

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