How to use energy to attract someone

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Have you ever experienced the sensation of seeing an attractive person and thinking “Wow, I would really like to get to know them a little better,”

but found that the person just never made the first move?

If so, it may be because you’re not giving your energy in ways that make sense for how their aura works.

While we can’t all be psychic, there are plenty of things you can do to boost your chances of meeting new people.

Here are some tips on how to use energy and intention to attract someone.

1) Be clear about what you want

Energy is literally a form of communication. When you want someone to approach you, or vice versa, you have to speak the same language.

The goal is for both people to understand and connect with each other on a deep level. That’s why make sure that what you’re saying matches their interests and goals.

One of the best ways to use energy to attract a person is to be clear about the kind of person you want.

If you want someone who is ambitious and driven, then be alert for the signs:

  • Does this person have a passion for their work?
  • Are they highly skilled?
  • Do they have their eye on a particular goal?
  • Do they seem lively and happy in their work?

Energy is attracted to like energy, that is why if you’re clear in your mind about what it is you are seeking, you’ll be able to recognize it.

This is only a small example of how to use energy and intention to attract someone. And we’ll be digging deeper into these ideas later on.

2) Be clear about your intention to meet someone new

If you want to attract someone specific, you’ll need to be clear about how you want your energy to affect them.

But here’s the thing:

Don’t be confused with intentions – intentions are what you try to do with your energy. If you’re confused about your intention to meet someone new, then that’s likely what you’ll be attracting.

The specific details of what you’re offering to them will help them recognize and connect with your aura. It’s like a gift that helps bring people together.

A great way to do this is to set an intention that can be checked afterward.

It is helpful to set an intention only after you’re clear about the kind of person you want to meet. Otherwise, your energy might just be misdirected.

But if you already have someone in mind to attract, why not set the intention now?

Focus all of your intentions on the person you want to meet.

Try to make your intention as clear as possible. If there’s anything you doubt, however small, it is better to keep working on it until you feel nothing but doubt has been left.

The strength of your intention will directly affect how strongly you attract them. The stronger the intention, the stronger the attraction that follows.

3) Visualize them being attracted to you in return

Once you set your intention, visualize the person feeling intense feelings of attraction for you. Visualize them feeling so strongly attracted to you that they feel compelled to act on it.

They might not know exactly what it is they need or want, but acting on their attraction will lead them to find the answer.

At the same time, you can be sure that your intentions are being carried out. You can make sure of this by questioning what you’d have to observe to make this happen.

Visualization always works in the direction of your intentions, keep in mind that any feelings of doubt will stop it from working. Be sure to get rid of any doubts first.

Let’s check how to visualize effectively:

  • Close your eyes and imagine the person that you want to meet.
  • Be aware of what their physical appearance is like.
  • Be aware of their energy and how it feels in your own energy.
  • Be aware of how you’re feeling around them, and how they make you feel.
  • Finally, see them looking back at you with a look of attraction on their face.

How do they smell? How do they feel when they touch you? What exactly is happening when they look at you?

Get as many details as possible, and be sure to notice every one of them in your visualization. This will help immensely when it’s time to test whether the visualization worked or not.

If you do this on a regular basis, you’ll build up a momentum that makes this even easier to do.

4) Attract the kind of relationship you want

This is where it can get confusing, particularly when you’re inviting someone new into your life.

If you’re clear about what kind of partner you want, you can use your energy to attract them with ease.

If this isn’t clear to you, then start simple. Try visualizing a specific type of relationship with a specific person. Stay in that form for as long as possible.

But relationships can be so full of disappointment and deception.

Experiences like attracting and being with the wrong person are enough to make you give up on love for good.

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We need to face the facts about being with the right person and love.

The alternative is to end up in loveless relationships or endless dating frustration that only leaves us cold and empty.

The alternative is to be sunk in stagnant codependency and completely unable to resolve things like being stuck with the wrong person.

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5) Try the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction has become popular over the past few years for good reason: it works!

The law states that like energy attracts like energy. So if you send out positive thoughts and feelings, you’re likely to attract positive things.

When you’ve set out to use the law of attraction, you have to be clear about what you want. Don’t assume you’ll automatically know what’s right and wrong.

Again, the clearer your intention, the easier it will be for them to sense your energy – which will in turn attract them stronger than ever before.

But obviously, the law of attraction will not work for you if you have doubts about what you want – or if you have any doubts about your ability to create the deep attraction you want.

And make sure to use the law of attraction at the right time and place.

Feelings are more powerful than we think, and synchronicity will work for your intentions if it’s used at the right times and in the right places.

But remember that your feelings don’t always have to come from someone else – sometimes, underlying emotion can be a sign that your current situation isn’t ideal for attracting new people into your life. Beware of any situations where you feel like you want something new but you don’t, or where you’re unhappy all the time.

These two things can get in the way of finding the right person and creating deep attraction – they certainly put a negative block on your attempts.

You have to be careful not to fixate on your feelings and use them as your only factor for attracting a new partner into your life.

6) Be on the lookout for signs that indicate the person’s interest in you

Be attentive to any signs that indicate your potential partner’s interest in you. Try not to rely on assumptions.

Many people can assume that someone is interested in them by the way they look at them, give them looks, or even by what they say when you talk to them.

But this can be a problem as it is not reliable.

There’s no real way of telling just how much someone likes you unless you know how to read energy and energy attracts energy in the form of attraction.

Notice the most subtle signs such as:

  • The way they look at you
  • Anything they say when talking to you
  • The tone of their voice
  • Their attitude towards you
  • Their body language, including nonverbal communication
  • Their facial expressions during conversation

To the most obvious signs:

  • They stop what they’re doing to look at you.
  • They smile when they talk to you.
  • They touch you, physically or with their energy.
  • They seem to like hanging out with you a lot.

7) Change your energy

If there’s anything, in particular, that’s blocking you from attracting someone new, it’s probably your own energy.

The first step is to be clear about what attracts or repels someone into a particular relationship with you.

Once you know this, it’s then easier to change how your energy feels around that person. You want to make yourself more attractive to them, so without losing your dignity or charm you must change what attracts you in the first place.

What does this mean?

You need to figure out what draws them in, and then start thinking about how to get what they want from a new perspective.

The focus of your energy completely changes!

I suggest that you start by becoming conscious of any negative energy you have around someone else. It’s easy sometimes to be unaware of our own feelings and the negative things we say about others.

If this is true for you, it’s time to get some self-reflection down on paper.

To be honest, you also need to stay away from people that gives off the wrong energy.

Often, this is the feeling they give you. For example, it’s possible to recognize when someone is attractive or not based on their aura and their energy.

You can feel that they’re interested in you, but there’s something else to them that makes them hard to get close to. It’s like they have an invisible barrier around themselves that turns you off from getting close to them.

If you feel anything like this, I suggest a break for a little while.

8) Make the attraction a win-win

Remember that attracting someone is only useful if you can also attract their energy back to you.

If you really want some advice from me, then remember this:

“You can’t attract what you don’t have.”

How true!  Make sure that your intentions are aligned with what it is that you want. In this case, to attract someone who will return your energy.

Like attracts like. Don’t let your desire for new love get in the way of the potential for it to happen.

When you’re clear about what kind of relationship you’re looking for, it will be easy to make sure that they feel the same way and get drawn into a relationship with you.

To do this, don’t just sit there like an idiot waiting for the right guy or gal to arrive!

Act on your desires like them – take action and make yourself attractive to them. Be sure that you’re focusing on your relationship with them, and not only on your own needs.

This is essential – you need to want to get close to someone that is attracted to you first, before they come closer to you.

What do I mean by this? It means that when it comes down to it, the new person needs to want you more than they want what they already have.

9) Know the difference between attractions and attachments

You may want to attract a new partner into your life, but it doesn’t mean that you’re going to be attached to them or vice versa.

Attractions are just naturally there. You can’t get rid of them.

However, you can attach yourself to someone by limiting your own choices based on what you think will happen with that person if they joined your life.

Attachment is something completely different. It’s entirely up to you if you decide not to be attached to someone or not – and when it comes down to it, this is entirely up to how much energy you put into that relationship.

Hear me this: attachment is basically how much you give up to someone in your life, compared to what you’re getting out of it.

Think: “What do I get out of this relationship?”

Attraction is always there, and it’s something that you can’t really control. But you can control the way you want to feel about someone.

Attachment is something that’s going to come anyway, so why not let it work for you?

10) Be kind to yourself

Be kind to yourself and remember that you’re going to attract what you give out until you change your energy.

You need to think about the best way of doing this, as there are some steps that will help.

One of them is being respectful towards yourself and looking after your own well-being by consciously taking care of your needs.

Don’t neglect the needs in your life because of a desire for someone new, as the new person has no idea how important these things are for you. Make sure you’re putting in the work required to attract someone new into your life with ease.

If you’re not putting in the effort, don’t be surprised if you don’t attract someone new. If it’s important to you and activating that feeling of desire, it will always be there when it’s needed.

In the end, it’s not healthy to keep blaming yourself if the person doesn’t come into your life.

Love yourself more than anyone else.

By learning how to attract someone new into your life, don’t overlook the most important part of all attracting anything – loving yourself!

Never forget that love is something that grows naturally with time and continues even when things go wrong.

11) Radiate love

This is the most obvious attraction technique, as it’s so simple.

Let me explain.

You know that you want to attract a new partner into your life, so you think of all the things you like about them and put those things inside you.

Next, radiate that energy out to find someone that can bring those feelings back to you.

Here’s some advice for putting this tip into practice:

Think about your new person and what it is about them that appeals to you. Then, work to bring yourself more of those same qualities.

So, if they’re someone who always has a smile on their face, try smiling more and seeing how you feel.

The only way this tip works is if you work on it first before you start to attract someone new.

Love yourself first and foremost because there is nothing that comes before loving yourself in life.

We attract who we are

Attraction is not about what you want in the person, but it’s about you wanting to be close to the person and how much you feel good around them.

When you’re able to get in touch with your desires and figure out what it is that makes you happy without having to worry about what others think, that’s when it will be possible for someone new to come into your life more easily.

I believe it also has a lot to do with being present in the moment. When we look at the past and future (the things we can’t change), we don’t allow life itself – and everything in it – to help us achieve our goals today.

If you’re able to get in touch with what you really want in life and live in the moment, you’ll start to see that there will always be someone new coming into your life.

Your energy is powerful – use it well

When it comes down to it, attracting someone new into your life is entirely up to you.

All you need to do is to make sure that you’re ready to get in touch with what it is that makes you want to create a relationship.

Use your energy wisely and avoid trying to attract a relationship that doesn’t feel right for you.

If things don’t work out, just make sure that you don’t blame yourself and give yourself permission to move on.

If it’s right for someone else, they will come knocking on your door when they’re ready.

In the meantime, use your energy wisely and not attract people into your life who aren’t right for you.

Final thoughts

When you’re able to get in touch with your desires and figure out what it is that makes you happy without having to worry about what others think, that’s when it will be possible for someone new to come into your life more easily.

Attracting someone new into your life doesn’t have to be a challenge.

You just need to learn how to use your energy more wisely than before.

Maybe you’re tired of attracting the wrong people into your life and don’t know yourself well enough to find someone new that is right for you.

Well, with some practice and patience, I think you’ll be surprised at how easy attraction can be.

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