15 ways to sense when someone likes you

Can you sense when someone is interested in you?

Maybe you get a feeling, but you’re not sure. After all, there’s often a fine line between friendly and flirty. And when your heart is on the line, it’s vulnerable to put yourself out there.

You want to know for certain that you’re reading the signals right. Luckily, you can tell when someone likes you by looking at their actions and body language.

Just look out for these 15 ways to sense when someone likes you.

Can you sense when someone likes you? Here are 15 ways to tell:


1) Chemistry

One of the strongest ways we sense when someone likes us can also be the most confusing. We can’t see it, we can’t touch it. But we know it’s there.

Chemistry is that energy that you sense between two people when there is mutual attraction.

Who we feel it with can seem like a total mystery and difficult to predict. But that romantic spark that you feel isn’t imagined, it’s actually backed by science.

As noted in Good House Keeping:

“Helen Fisher, Ph.D., a senior research fellow at the Kinsey Institute and author of Anatomy of Love, looked at MRI results of 17 subjects who were intensely in love.

“When the subjects looked at photographs of their loved ones, the resulting MRI scans showed the areas of their brains associated with reward and motivation and rich in the chemical dopamine were activated. So, Dr. Fisher explains, “When people say they have chemistry with someone, they’re being accurate.”

Mother nature tends to flood us with feel-good hormones when we are in the company of someone we like.

Although it’s tricky to explain when both people are feeling the same thing, it seemingly creates an almost electric feeling between you too.

So don’t be so quick to dismiss your gut feeling. Mutual attraction is often magnetic. You are both drawn towards one another.

2) They get closer to you

How do you know if someone secretly likes you? Even when they’re trying to keep it to themselves, there are some things they can’t hide.

We often don’t even need words to know how someone is feeling. Non-verbal cues account for anywhere between 70% and 93% of communication according to experts.

Personal space is a really big body language sign that shows how comfortable we are with others. Most people have an invisible bubble that surrounds them.

We don’t let just anyone into this space. In fact, it’s a boundary that we guard and exclusively save for those we feel most intimate with.

If someone tries to move closer to you physically, it’s usually a strong sign of their attraction. Even when it’s subtle, it’s powerful enough for you to sense.

It’s one of those psychological signs someone likes you because often they won’t even know they’re doing it. They can’t help it.

They may lean towards you ever so slightly, take a step or two closer to you, or find other excuses to move into your own personal space.

If there are certain barriers in between you, they may move them out of the way — for example, taking cushions off the couch, moving bags that are in between you or sliding over glasses on a table, etc.

If they’re moving closer to you, chances are good that they like you romantically.

3) They talk to you more often

Whilst many of the signs that help you sense when somebody likes you will be subtle, they’re not rocket science.

When somebody likes you they will want to be around you more and talk to you more.

Maybe they always seem to seek you out in a group. Perhaps you can tell they’re trying to make conversation with you to keep chatting.

It’s important to note though that sometimes people will talk to you because they think you’re interesting or fun to be around. This doesn’t necessarily mean they like you.

So how can you tell the difference?

Firstly, it’s repetition and the amount of effort they’re putting in. The more often they try to talk to you, and the more effort they put into making conversation, the more likely they are attracted to you.

Secondly, like many of the signs on the list, several of the signals together will give you a better overall sense that someone is into you.

4) They make eye contact with you

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul for good reason.

How to know if someone likes you without talking to them? Eye contact is a very powerful form of non-verbal communication.

It says a lot about what you’re thinking and feeling at any given moment. It also tells us whether someone likes us or not.

If they look away from you, it could be because they’re shy or uncomfortable. Holding the gaze of someone we’re attracted to can feel awkward. But generally, we look at people who we like and avoid looking at people we don’t like.

So if they keep looking right at you, then it’s easier to tell that they’re interested.

The best thing to remember is that eye contact isn’t constant. That would be starting (ane pretty creepy). Even when someone does like you, eye contact is just held for slightly longer than normal.

Just long enough for you to sense something between you two.

An extra subtle sign that you might be able to pick up on lies in their pupils. Elevated oxytocin levels from attraction has a knock-on effect that dilates the pupils, making the blacks of the eyes look bigger.

If this happens, you can rest assured that they like what they see.

5) A gifted advisor confirms it

If you don’t feel like you have a natural gift for picking up subtle signs, luckily there are other intuitive people out there who do.

You can tap into their gifts to help you feel clearer about a particular situation.

The signs above and below will give you a good idea about how to sense when someone likes you.

But a surefire way to know for sure is to speak with a real advisor.

The problem is finding someone you can trust.

There’s an abundance of fake “experts” out there, but very few genuine advisors who can offer practical life advice.

That’s why I recommend Psychic Source. They provided me with a unique insight into where my life should go, including who I was meant to be with.

Having tried several online advisors, I think they’re the most caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable network of gifted advisors out there.

Click here to get your own personalized reading.

Not only will a genuine advisor tell you whether a certain someone really does like you, but they can reveal all your love possibilities.

6) You laugh together

This is another great way to sense if someone likes you. If they’re laughing along with you, it clearly means they enjoy your company.

But it can also mean much more than that too.

As reported by Healthline, researchers found a direct link between laughing and attraction. One study discovered that when two strangers meet, the more a man tries to be funny and the more times a woman laughs — the more likely it is that she’s romantically interested.

But the biggest sign of attraction is when a couple laughs together. As researcher Jeffrey Hall, Ph.D. explains:

“When you’re getting to know someone laughter is co-constructed. It’s not as if people are giving canned jokes and the other person is an audience member. This is word play. Going back and forth and teasing and having fun with somebody. When people are laughing together they are doing very much what humor is about, which is co-constructing something that’s amusing and light hearted with each other.”

7) They touch you

Touching is one of the clearest ways to sense when someone feels attracted to you. It shows that they want to connect with you. And it lets them express affection without saying anything at all.

Gently touching your forearm, fixing an item of clothing that you’re wearing, moving hair from your face, etc.

Essentially, they might find little reasons to touch you and get more physical. It’s a subconscious way of letting you know how they feel.

So, if you notice that someone touches you in these ways, you’ll probably start to sense that they like you.

8) They seem insecure around you

Not everyone is born with game. In fact, plenty of us feel at our most useless when we’re around someone we like.

If someone is a bit too shy or pretty damn awkward around you, you might start to sense it’s because they’re into you.

Maybe they seem quite insecure, and they keep checking your reactions. They might blush when you talk to them or touch them. Perhaps they fidget a lot from nervous energy. Or they may even get a bit tongue-tied and stumble over their words.

How to tell if someone likes you but is hiding it? Extreme awkwardness is usually a good indicator. We only usually act this way when we care a bit too much about what someone thinks of us.

9) They compliment you

Everybody loves to hear a compliment. But compliments aren’t just vain ways to flatter. It’s a signal we send to show that we like someone.

They’re a way to give some verbal affection to the object of your desire.

Maybe they really do like your hair today, or that shirt you’re wearing really does bring out the blue in your eyes. But ultimately what they’re really saying is “I’ve noticed you, and I like what I see”.

That’s why paying someone a compliment can be a really great way to let them know that you’re interested, without having to directly say it.

It’s not just compliments on your appearance that you should watch out for either. Maybe she tells you how much she loves being around you, or he tells you he thinks you’re hilarious.

Compliments can be a way of testing the water without coming on too strong and showing all your cards so that it’s obvious how you feel.

10) Through technology

We live in an increasingly connected world, so it’s no wonder that technology tends to play a big role in romance.

One of the first signs that someone is interested in you is them popping up on your technology.

They might do a little social media stalk and like some of your pictures. Perhaps they’re always responding to your stories and posts. Or maybe they’re sliding into your DM’s to make conversation.

Similarly, if they have your number, they could be checking in on you quite a lot just to see what you’re up to, or chat.

How to tell if someone likes you through text?

How often you hear from them is your biggest clue. The more someone is blowing up your phone, the more you can assume they like you.

11) They listen to what you say.

Really listening doesn’t actually come so easily to most of us.

It’s so easy to get distracted by what’s going on around us, and the inner dialogue in our own heads. Or we’re busy thinking about what we’re going to say and simply waiting for the other person to finish talking so that we can speak again.

The more someone attempts to really listen to what you say, the more they probably like you. They’re making an extra effort to pay attention, which shows that they really are trying to connect with you.

And if they nod along while you talk, it means they’re in the conversation engaged.

12) They ask you about yourself

If someone asks you questions about yourself, then they’re genuinely interested in who you are as a person.

Science confirms that we like people more who ask us questions.

All questions are a good sign but some are even better than others. Asking you about your job, or where you went to school might just be making polite conversation.

But when someone wants to learn more about you, they want to know things about you that only you would know. This is because they care about you as a person. And they want to understand you better.

So if they ask you about your hobbies, your family, or even your favorite foods, this is a good sign that they’re interested in getting to know you better.

13) They share personal details about themselves

It’s a two-way street. Just as much as someone who is into you will ask you questions to get to know you, they’ll also open up so you can get to know them better too.

That means bringing you into their confidence and going beyond chit-chat to reveal personal things about themself.

That doesn’t mean telling you their deepest darkest secrets. Just things that let their real personality shine through. It could be anything from a funny story to a goal they have or a hobby they really enjoy doing.

Perhaps they talk to you about a problem they’re having. Maybe they’re struggling with something at work or home. Whatever it may be, they’re sharing it with you.

They’re letting you into their world. And it’s a great way to show that they trust you enough to share those kinds of things with you.

14) They show interest in you

Showing interest in you may sound a bit vague, so let me explain.

Showing interest in you can be as simple as asking you what you’re up to, where you’re going, and checking on your plans.

It might be that they notice little things about you. Like, “Hey, you had your hair cut, it looks great”.

If you just met, and they’re making sure they have your Instagram and your Whatsapp before you leave, again, this is them taking an interest in you.

All these types of acts are a way of paying you attention. The more we pay attention to someone, the more we like them.

15) They become more animated whenever you’re around

Do they visibly light up when you walk into the room? Or stop talking to whoever they’re with and enthusiastically come over to say hi?

It’s more than just being friendly. This is extra.

You sense a change in their regular behavior and they become more animated whenever you are near. They may even show off a little bit.

Think of it like an animal in the wild trying to attract a mate. They’re proudly displaying their colors to get your attention.

To conclude: How do you really tell if someone likes you?

Hopefully, the 15 signs above will shed some light on how to sense whether someone likes you or not.

But if there’s a part of you that still wants to know more, I recommend speaking to a genuine, professional advisor.

And there’s one company that I always end up recommending, Psychic Source. Not only did they blow me away with their accurate readings, but they were also kind and understanding of my situation.

So if you’re tired of wondering about whether someone likes you, get in touch with a legit advisor and take your future into your own hands. I did, and I’ve never looked back since.

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Tina Fey

Tina Fey

I've ridden the rails, gone off track and lost my train of thought. I'm writing for Nomadrs to try and find it again. Hope you enjoy the journey with me.

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