Give your love to someone who will always choose you

You don’t have to convince someone to love you. Healthy and genuine relationships shouldn’t be too hard to create.

And yet, we spend a huge part of our lives settling for mediocre—even downright toxic—relationships.


Is it fear of being alone? Is it the product of deep emotional baggage from your childhood? Or is this just how you think love should be?

Whatever your reason is, you should know that it’s not a valid excuse to continue giving your heart to someone who doesn’t deserve it.

You can choose to give your love to someone who completely loves you back. And there’s no shame in letting go of relationships that don’t bring any value to your life.

So here’s a reminder that amazing things can happen when you finally realize you deserve better.

When you know your worth, you don’t tolerate mistreatment

Before you can attract good people in your life, you first need to believe that you deserve to be treated kindly and with respect.

When you know what you offer on the table, you don’t tolerate bad behavior. You don’t create excuses for someone who keeps doing you wrong. And you don’t let it get to a point that it becomes toxic.

As Marilyn Monroe says:

“If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”

You’d rather be alone than settle for a relationship that doesn’t make you happy.

The funny thing is, it’s when you learn how to be happy being alone, that you attract the right people

It always happens like this. When you’ve finally learned to be at home with yourself, that’s when good relationships find their way to you.

Beautiful things happen when you find self-love. The world looks better. You can see through people clearer. And you have this deep confidence that no matter where life leads you, you’ll always end up someplace you were meant to be.

That feeling of completeness and self-security finds its way in every area in your life—including your relationships. You’ll start noticing that you meet kindred souls, people who have the same visions and goals in life.

And slowly but surely, you’ll build a life that is surrounded with love, meaning, and fulfillment.

Real love is gentle, kind, and supportive

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”

– The Perks of Being a Wallflower

When we’re young, we idealize love. We think that it should be earth-shattering, fiery, reckless. And anything less than that is just not good enough.

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As a result, we keep loving people who give us that passionate, messy, unreasonable love—even when they’re not good for us.

But you should know that real, genuine, healthy love is kind, gentle, and supportive. Yes, chemistry is important. But it should be more than just skin-deep.

You deserve someone who will fight your demons with you, not create them. You deserve someone who is willing to build a life with you, no matter how hard it gets. And you absolutely deserve someone who will always choose you.

But first, you need to believe that you deserve it. And remember not to settle for less.

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