17 signs God is preparing you for a relationship (and what to do next)

Do you sometimes lose hope that you’ll find your one true love?

Do you find yourself asking God, always wondering when it will happen?

Stay strong. Keep the faith. God never abandons his children, and he’s always trying to make sure everything will work out for you.

In this article are 18 signs that God is actually preparing you for a relationship so that you know what to do when you feel like all hope is lost.

Why Pray for love?

Love God, love your neighbor. These are the two commandments upon which all others must follow.

In all things you do, you must put God in the center. If you do that, your heart should be at ease and everything will fall into place.

What’s more, God is the all-powerful, the all-knowing, and the ever-present.

This means that not only does He know the desires of each person, he knows what’s best for them. He knows where you should be headed, and will surely guide you towards the path leading to your destined partner.

Remember, God is in the details, so you just need to listen closely and look for the signs that love is coming.

17 signs god is preparing you for a relationship

1) You’ve become a firm believer

You might have wavered in your faith in the past. Perhaps you weren’t even that spiritual in the first place. But now you know to put your faith in Him with all your heart.

You’re no longer tempted by the tricks, heresies, and lies that the world throws at you. Your faith is steadfast, and you know better than to seek help from sketchy false worship.

This is important, because this means that God put in the work to earn your faith.

He’s present in your life, guiding you, helping the universe move with you… and one of those things that God is guiding you to is a fulfilling relationship.

2) You feel content with your life

When all the other aspects of your life seem to have aligned in accordance with God’s plan—your career is going steady, and nothing is tying you down—that is a clear sign from God that you can go ahead and start a relationship.

You know your purpose. You are steadily achieving your dreams to become the best version of yourself.

When you are at this point in your life, it is the perfect time to get to know someone who will be there to hold your hand through not just the tough times but the good times as well.

3) You’re no longer bitter

You no longer find yourself obsessing about the things that went wrong in your past relationships, and painful memories no longer burn like they used to.

Your heart has healed—you’ve endured your pain through God. You have risen past the pain and no longer fear it because you know God is with you.

Because of this, you are more open to do new things and meet new people. The traumas of your past no longer haunt you and hinder you.

You are ready, and God knows this.

4) You no longer find yourself in a hurry

You might have been driven by desperation for as long as you can remember—always whining and complaining, asking for when you’ll find the right person to come into your life.

But now you find that you are no longer obsessed over the search.

Perhaps, like some, you simply stopped caring about looking for that “special someone” and decided to focus on your life.

Or perhaps like others you were filled with a confidence that, eventually, your one true love will eventually enter your life.

No matter how you came to this state of mind, you simply came to find yourself full of patience and calm.

This is God telling you to tune your senses so that you are able to listen and see more clearly.

5) You have vivid dreams about love

Dreams are when we are at our most honest, and the most in touch with our real selves. So it is no surprise that sometimes God will choose to speak to us through our dreams.

But not just any dream. Having a dream about love once can mean absolutely nothing.

But when you dream so intensely and so often about love that you can swear it’s all that’s been in your head all week… then chances are that love’s about to barge into your life.

Perhaps there’s someone new on the way, or perhaps your relationship with someone you’ve already known for a while will change. It might not even be what you expect it’ll be, but it’s certainly on its way.

6) You are in control of your emotions

You are now in a place where you can say that you’re in control over your emotions.

You don’t simply lose your temper or have your peace disturbed when things don’t go your way.

Emotions such as anger, frustration, and even desire are well within your control. You are no longer rash or impulsive, and you know to reserve your judgment when someone does you wrong.

7) You’ve matured in how you view love and relationships

You no longer spend your days looking for the “perfect” partner.

Too many people look for the “perfect” person and set themselves up for disappointment when they find out that people are flawed.

You may have thought this way once, but no longer. You don’t put people on a pedestal, as if they could simply be some immaculate marble statue. An immaculate and unchanging embodiment of an ideal.

This has made you forgiving of people’s flaws, and accepting when they refuse to fit the expectations that you and society had put on them.

If anything, you might have come to enjoy their quirks… and this makes it easier for you to love someone despite their flaws and imperfections.

I used to search for love with a big checklist, only wanting to date the “perfect guy.”

This journey was tough and left me feeling lost because no one could meet all my criteria.

Then, I found something amazing: the Love and Intimacy Masterclass created by the well-known shaman, Rudá Iandê.

This free masterclass didn’t tell me to keep looking for the perfect person. Instead, it showed me a different way, teaching me to:

  • Truly love myself before anything else.
  • Let go of fake love stories that society tells us.
  • Build real, heartfelt connections through honest communication.

It turns out, it’s not about finding Mr. Perfect. It’s about creating happy, true relationships, starting with loving myself first.

Ready to see love and relationships in a new light?

The Love and Intimacy Masterclass could be your first step.

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8) You’re happy with other aspects of your life

You’re not just content about your love life (or lack thereof), you’re also happy about every other aspect of your life.

Gone are all the self-pity, frustration, and anger that cast a negative aura around you. Instead, you’re now much more inclined to be positive, and to be surrounded by a positive aura that draws people in.

This is no coincidence.

God led you to this point so that when He leads you to your future relationship you won’t be worried with trying to hold your life together, and instead be able to direct your energies to making sure your relationship thrives.

9) You can see beyond appearances

You care less for what someone looks like now, at least compared to how you used to. And this is God’s way of guiding you to your love.

You still appreciate it when people look good—who doesn’t?—but now you value personality and integrity more.

You now know that true love is unconditional and exists no matter what kind of person they are.

They may be the ugliest person in the world, and their personality might be far from perfect, but you love them for who they are anyways.

Besides, looks will fade in time and wealth is fleeting, but the beauty of the heart will remain. This —and not their sharp looks or fancy cars—is what you now find value in.

10) You have become humble

Pride is a huge barrier that will prevent you from truly accepting yourself and others.

When God strips away your pride, you are aware of your imperfections as well as the brokenness of others.

Your previous relationships may not have worked out because you tried to single-handedly solve everything, or you tried to “save” your ex from whatever it was that was troubling them.

When you’re humble enough to ask God for help and accept that there is always something to learn from your trials, you’re ready for true love.

It is a sign that when you get into a new relationship, you won’t forget to always seek God for guidance.

11) You are financially stable

Do not underestimate the effects of money in relationships (or lack thereof).

Financial troubles can take a heavy toll on someone’s life and if you don’t have it together, it could be a burden that will drag you down.

It might even be the reason you’re not in the mood to go on dates because you’re too focused on your basic needs.

To make sure you can focus on your relationship, God has laid it out that you are independent first before you can start a new life (and potentially, a family) with somebody else.

12) You’ve become more compassionate and understanding

When you become more sensitive to other people’s needs, it means that you are going to be a good partner to someone…and it could be very soon.

Being understanding, supportive, and willing to step out of your way to help someone— these are ideal traits of a giving partner.

And it makes you more attractive to the right people.

Possessing these traits means that when God finally leads your true love to you, you will be able to treat them right.

13) You have developed the right skills to steer your relationships

If there’s one good thing to be gained from bad experiences, it’s that it toughens you and teaches you what to do next when the “real” one comes along.

As you grow older and wiser, you’ll know what type of people to avoid, and the good traits to look out for when you meet new ones.

You can rein yourself in or stop yourself when you feel like you’re about to get into trouble or another disagreement.

You also know how to communicate better, how to negotiate, how to handle conflict, and how to “add” more to a relationship rather than take and take.

Don’t think it’s all just you. This is God’s work, too. He’s preparing you to have a lasting relationship. Don’t be surprised if your true love will land on your doorstep any day soon.

14) You’re abundant with opportunities

At first, the search seems futile and fruitless. But when you opened yourself to the different ways you can meet other people, the opportunities flooded in!

It isn’t just because you changed your profile photo, it’s because God believes you’re ready to have a relationship.

If you feel like you do not find signs anywhere, you might actually just need to start something new in your life.

Everything else has plateaued, so stir up a new hobby or change your morning jog to an afternoon one, or simply take a new route to work.

God nudges you to take small steps leading to the big path forward.

15) You finally let go of your insecurities

God has given you all these talents and gifts.

But the real world is so scary for you that you decided to stay in a corner and watch the world go by.

But now, things have changed.

You are now fully aware and accepting of who you are, flaws and all, so you see no reason to hide you and yours away from the world.

What’s great is that it’s precisely because of this that you attract the partners that are suitable for you.

The right person will admire your talents, but more than that, they will also see past that and love you for the person you truly are.

16) You love yourself

Before you can love others, you should know how to love yourself. Otherwise, you’ll just end up in unhealthy relationships.

God knows this and this is exactly the reason why the right one hasn’t come to you yet. He doesn’t want you to be stuck in bad relationships. After all, it’s better to be alone than to be in a toxic relationship.

Now, things are different. You know what self-love is really about and you give it to yourself abundantly.

You already know what you want and what you need to keep yourself healthy and happy, like an exercise routine or a hobby or a good book.

You know what pumps you to keep your energy up to power through an exciting new life ahead.

You see, all of this “delay” in the love department is for you to realize that you should prioritize your own happiness.

I talked about the Love and Intimacy Masterclass before.

It really helped me with my self-love journey, even though it was tough at times.

The class showed me a lot about loving myself and understanding my feelings better.

I learned to stop hiding who I really am and to love all of me, even the parts that aren’t perfect.

Now, I’m happy on my own and don’t need others to make me feel complete. Love from others, like from a partner, is an extra joy, not a need.

If you find loving yourself hard, I really recommend this free masterclass. It might help you like it helped me.

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17) You have a strong feeling you’re ready

There is nothing holding you back and you are more than willing to start something new. You are very much confident stepping into a new relationship.

This new-found courage and determination is because you put your trust in God.

All the above boxes are ticked so all you need to do is just be your true self and let the universe unfold before you.

Close your eyes and listen to the voice inside you. Does it say love is coming? Does it say you’re ready to start a life with the person you love?

Then this is God reassuring you, telling you that there is absolutely no reason for you to doubt that love will find you in the end.

What to do next?

You can’t just sit around doing absolutely nothing, waiting for someone to drop from the sky in a basket.

God works in mysterious ways but He won’t do it if you’re not taking the lead.

If you’re still single and haven’t found “the one”

When you’ve checked out all the signs and feel like you still haven’t met the right person, here are some things you can do:

  • Be more prayerful

There is no doubt that prayer helps to move things forward in your life.

As you say your aspirations and desires when you pray, it serves as a resounding affirmation of what you want to happen in your life.

Praying also strengthens your relationship with God and thus, you are more keen to the signs He gives you.

  • Don’t settle

You might be feeling impatient right now, and because of it your judgment is clouded.

Even if a person is not a good match for you or you’re not comfortable around them, you might force yourself to be with them because you are restless and anxious.

Don’t forget that God has plans for you and you just have to be more discerning.

  • Surrender your fate to God

You must put your full trust in God.

Sure, you are doing things by yourself on the surface, but underneath is God’s miracle working while you are not aware of it.

God is in control, so rest easy that things will go according to His plan.

  • Have courage

Don’t fear making new steps forward because God is there to keep you safe from hurt or disappointment, if you just believe in him and believe in yourself.

Assume an active role in your life. So go ahead and meet new people, do something new, join volunteer groups, go to church, or even do a bit of online exploring.

  • Don’t give up

You’ve already checked the signs and you’re more than prepared.

Everything is set up for you so it will happen.

If you give up now or stop going to that thing you decided on doing, you are letting opportunities slip you by. So be diligent and persevere!

It can be a bit daunting to wait for the right one to come along. It’s normal to ask questions when you talk to God about your apprehensions. But you have to work at it and keep the faith.

If you’re already dating someone

You might be asking, “Is this relationship really according to God’s will”?

How will you know that this is the one for you?

When you feel confused about your partner or your relationship, turn to God through prayer and do not be afraid to question.

The thing is, God will speak to you and make the answer known from the bottom of your heart. You’ll know it when God actually wants you to be with someone.

When you are comfortable with this person, you complement each other and you do not desire for more out of the relationship, then you can confidently say that you have found whom God has intended for you.

While you’re in this relationship, you love yourself more. Or at least you know your misgivings and changing for the better.

There is a positive effect the relationship has on you. You and your partner are helping each other to become more spiritually mature and you both agree to put God in the center of your relationship.

You might begin to see your future together with that person, and even entertain the possibility of starting a family together.

If that is the case, then without a doubt God has led you to be with the right person who will be with you when you reach greater heights in your life.


We cannot attract the right kind of love if we’re coming from an anxious place.

Sometimes it’s best to set our anxieties aside and surrender to the will of the Almighty—to live the life we want while doing our best to follow His plans for us.

The signs mentioned in this article is God making sure that everything in your life is properly set up for your meeting with your true love.

If you can relate to most of them, then rejoice!

True love will find you sooner than you expect.


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Tiffany Mcgee

Tiffany Mcgee

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