Surround yourself with loving and positive souls

Friendships are magical relationships that can make our lives more beautiful and meaningful.

That is, if you’re lucky enough to find genuine friends who continually love and support you every step of the way.

These kinds of friends are extremely rare. So when you do find them, try to keep them close.

Here are 7 signs that you have genuine and deep friends:

1. They remind you to love yourself first, always.

We’re our own worst enemy. No one is more critical and unforgiving of our flaws than ourselves. This is why you need friends who always remind you to be kinder and more accepting of yourself.

A true friend is someone who never judges you. They see the best of you, and they want you to see yourself the way they do, too.

2. But they’re not afraid to call you out when you’re wrong.

Genuine friends see your beauty. But they’re not delusional. They know you are human and prone to mistakes. And when they see you making the wrong decisions, they’re the first ones to call it out.

A good friend is someone who supports you on both sides—meaning they will tell you off when it benefits you. They’re not spiteful. Their gentle honesty only wants to help you make the best decisions for your own benefit, not theirs.

3. They’re loyal.

A real friend is consistent in one single thing: never leaving your side.

No matter the distance, no matter what they’re doing or where they are in life, they will always be there for you in any way they can.

They’re your constants. And no matter what happens, you can feel secure that you’ll never have to do it alone.

4. They celebrate your wins and grieve your losses.

Jealousy has no room for real friendships. When someone truly loves you, they wish you only the very best. They watch your triumphs with pride and celebrate every small or big win.

But when you do experience your downs, they’re there to cry with you. Sympathetic words are simply not enough. They feel your pain as keenly as you do. That’s what real friendship is all about.

5. They leave you energized, not drained.

When you’ve spent time with a real friend, you feel energized and ready to conquer the world! Genuine friends are great at motivating you and making you feel invincible.

On the other hand, if you’re left feeling negative and drained, you know that it’s not genuine friendship. Time with friends shouldn’t be exhausting. They should be comfortable, easy, and effortless.

6. They really listen.

Real friends don’t just listen for the sake of responding. They listen because they want to understand you.

Conversations with them aren’t one-sided. It’s an equal give and take that always makes you feel heard and validated. You just have a solid and deep rapport that each conversation leaves you fulfilled.

7. They humble you.

As much as a good friend lifts you up, real friends keep you grounded.

Their honesty will always keep you in check. And the history you share with them will always remind you of your roots.

The most beautiful thing about it is that they knew you before all that change, success, and evolution. Deep down, they will always know who you are at your core. In this crazy world. that’s something that will always help you feel unfazed and steady.

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Genefe Navilon

Genefe Navilon

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