12 common spiritual meanings of dreaming about getting married

Dreaming about getting married is not just a figment of our imagination. 

It could mean that we are subconsciously preparing for the big day or even that we have strong feelings for someone else. 

Let’s take a closer look at these 12 common spiritual meanings of dreaming about getting married, and maybe find out what yours means!

1) Your soul is seeking a connection

Here’s the thing:

As much as we’d like to deny it, a marriage is, in essence, a union of two souls.  

As Dr. Freud pointed out, the sexual act is symbolic of the connection between two souls for eternity.  

That’s why we think that dreams of getting married are highly significant in the spiritual sense and not just because you wish to change your marital status.

As your spirit guides you through life they always try to give you signs along the way because they know that it helps us adjust our course and stay on track with our soul’s purpose as well as keep us safe from harm. 

When you dream about getting married, it’s not just a sign that you want to change your marital status.

Rather than that you want a deeper connection with someone special and are striving towards this goal consciously or unconsciously. 

2) You are in a transition phase

Dreams about getting married are signs that you are in an important transition. 

It could be in your career that you have reached a new level and now you’re asking yourself what’s next? 

Or it could be that you are thinking of leaving your current relationship and entering into a new one. 

Maybe it’s time that you re-evaluate your relationship and decide if it’s the right path for you

There is also a chance that your partner is not the right one and is dragging you down, in which case, this dream would have come to warn you of impending danger.

In short:

Dreams can help us take stock of our lives and get back on track with what we truly desire and need.

3) You are hoping for a divine intervention

Divine intervention is always a possibility anytime we have a dream regarding a supernatural event.  

Therefore, if you’re dreaming about getting married, it’s safe to say that you are hoping for a divine intervention of some kind.  

This can be an indication that you are hoping that your spouse will treat you like royalty and truly love and care for you in the way that you’ve always wanted. 

The key here is to look at how this dream makes you feel as well as what it symbolizes in your life.  

  • Are there any red flags that point to danger? 
  • How do you feel after the dream or how did you wake up? 
  • Are you really ready to get married? 
  • Or are you hoping that it will happen after all? 

Then it’s time for you to take a good look at your relationship and see if it fits your needs or rather you are hoping that you’ll get married. 

4) What would a gifted advisor say?

The points in this article will give you a good idea of the spiritual meanings of dreaming about getting married.

But what if you’d like advice tailored to your unique situation?

A gifted advisor can answer all sorts of questions and give you the guidance you’re searching for.

Like, are you meant to be with them? Are these dreams just a sign that you are hoping for marriage or that it will happen after all?

When I spoke to someone from Psychic Source after going through a rough patch in my relationship, they really helped me out. After months of not feeling like myself, I was finally able to see my situation with better clarity and direction.

Not to mention, I was extremely impressed by how kind, empathetic, and understanding of my unique situation they were.

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In a reading, a gifted advisor can tell you whether your dream is a true sign that you’re hoping for marriage or if it’s simply a sign that you’re trying to tell you something, and most importantly, empower you to make the right decisions when it comes to your life.

5) You hope to experience life with someone new

If you’ve gone through heartbreak or a recent breakup, then dreaming of getting married would be indicative of your desire to experience life with someone new.  

You want to move on from the past and focus on the present.  

While this may be an indication that you are ready to get into a relationship.

It’s just as likely that you want to experience life without being tied down or having any restrictions or inhibitions.  

Sometimes we just want to be free!

Keep in mind:

Dreams can act as a barometer that allows us to see our true desires and motivations so we can make choices regarding our actions in the future.

Also, dreams can be a message from our spirit guides and angels that gives us guidance or a warning of danger.  

Pay close attention to the symbolism in your dreams so you can interpret them correctly.

6) You feel the need to settle down

Another possibility is that you’re dreaming of getting married because you’re ready to settle down and have a family.

You may want to get married for a variety of reasons ranging from you are ready to have children. 

Perhaps, you’re ready to build a family with your significant other now and raise children together.  

Or maybe you see marriage as the next step in your relationship and haven’t voiced this to your partner yet because you’re afraid they won’t feel the same way or reach this level of commitment.  

But wait, there’s more!

In case you’ve been single for a while and have come to the realization that it’s time to move on and perhaps settle down, then dreaming of getting married would be symbolic of your desire to settle down and get married. 

7) You are trying to reconcile with an old love

The truth is:

If you are trying to mend fences with an old love, then dreaming of getting married may be your spirit guide’s way of telling you that this person is still worth reconciling with.

If your ex broke up with you and you’ve been dreaming of getting married to him/her, then it could be a sign that he/she is ready to reconcile and make amends.  

On the other hand, if you have broken up with someone and have been dreaming about getting married, then it’s a sign that this person feels the same way about you and isn’t ready to let go


Not to eliminate the possibility.

If you have been dreaming of an old love for a long time, you may want to see if there is any new development in your relationship. 

8) You are feeling overwhelmed by responsibility 

Do you feel that the stress of life has become overwhelming lately and the responsibilities of life are too much to handle?

For example, your parents and/or in-laws are demanding more of you and you find yourself worrying a lot about how to handle the situation?

Are you feeling that it’s time to start a family, but the practicalities of your financial situation and career path are making it difficult to do so?

In this case, dreaming of getting married maybe your way of telling yourself that you need to lighten up and learn to let go.  

Perhaps, you’ve taken on too many responsibilities and have forgotten what it feels like to just have fun every once in a while.

Then this dream is a message from your spirit guides that they want you to focus on things more important than getting married and settling down.

9) You have recently met your soulmate

A soulmate is an individual who is the perfect fit with you in almost every way.  

They have a deep understanding of your innermost thoughts and are ready to be sincere, honest, and supportive of you at all times.  

The dream then maybe a way for your spirit guides to let you know that you have finally met someone who is right for you.

But how can you tell if they’re really your soulmate?

What if they seem perfect on the outside but are actually not compatible with you in any way?

What if they don’t have your best interests at heart?

To help you identify the signs that you have finally met your soulmate, I recommend getting professional guidance from a gifted advisor.

I mentioned earlier how speaking to a gifted advisor can reveal the truth about the spiritual meanings of dreaming about getting married.

Rather than just analyzing the signs in the hopes of getting answers, a gifted advisor can give you real clarity on your situation.

And the best part of speaking to the folks at Psychic Source?

Not only can they give you guidance on what your dream is telling you, but they can empower you to make the right decisions when it comes to your love life. 

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10) You feel trapped in your current relationship

It’s rare that a dream of getting married will just happen without any significant reason.

This means that you probably feel trapped in your current relationship, and are trying to find ways to escape and move on.  

Ask yourself these questions to assess your situation:

  • Are you having difficulty getting through to your significant other and have tried several times to resolve the issue? 
  • Has your partner recently revealed the truth about their past?
  • Have you had a falling out with your parents and/or in-laws?
  • Have you become extremely dependent on someone, but they aren’t supportive of your needs?
  • Are finances and career situations completely dominating the way of your life? issue more than they should and causing you stress? 
  • Have you simply outgrown your significant other and begun to feel trapped in your relationship?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may be dreaming of getting married to get out of your current relationship.

Perhaps this person isn’t right for you after all?

Then you need to think about leaving your partner for good and starting your life fresh with someone else.

11) You are in a period of romantic bliss

For those of you who are head over heels in love with your significant other, dreaming of getting married may mean that you are enjoying your relationship.

Maybe you feel like nothing could ever come between you and your partner because the love is so strong and perfect.  

In this case, it’s important to use caution before reaching a decision to get married. 

This is the time when things seem perfect and there are no obstacles in the way of your relationship.

So it all adds up to this:

Dreaming of getting married isn’t always a negative thing.  

On the contrary, it can often be a sign that you are moving toward your soul’s path and aligning yourself with love and happiness.

12) You are seeking some reassurance

Getting married is a major commitment.

It means that you are making the ultimate commitment to stay with someone for life.  

Once you get married, it’s very difficult to stray from your spouse. 

So if you are dreaming of getting married, it could be a signal from your spirit guides that you need some reassurance that this is the right choice for you. 

Maybe they’re trying to tell you that they want to see if they are ready to take a step of faith and move toward marriage.

And if your dream is about marrying someone with whom you have never met, then it’s possible that you are being guided by your spirit guides that there’s someone out there who needs a new relationship.

Whatever it is that you are being inspired to do, make sure that you are acting in accordance with your soul’s deepest desires and not conforming to what others expect of you.

Final thoughts

We have covered 12 common reasons that people dream about getting married.

I will end this article with a few important reminders:

You are free to believe that your dream is the true message from your spirit guides if you want. 

Don’t be afraid to think for yourself and simply remind yourself to reach out for help if you’re unsure about how your dream is being interpreted. 

I mentioned Psychic Source earlier. They’ve consistently helped me in the past when I’ve felt stuck in a rut.

That’s why I always recommend them to anyone facing issues with the spiritual meanings of dreaming about getting married. Their advisors can help you get to the root of your problems and guide you in making empowered decisions about your future.

When I got recently signed up for a love reading, I was blown away by how kind and genuinely helpful they were. 

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