15 signs a Virgo is losing interest in you (and what to do about it)

Dating a Virgo man can be truly a roller coaster kind of experience.It may surprise you to find out that when Virgo loses interest in you, it can happen in subtle ways and without the person doing anything directly about it.

Here are 15 signs that your Virgo man is losing interest in you.

1) He’s not as interested in your life as he once was

When you notice a Virgo drifting away from your personal relationship stories, it’s a sign that he’s losing interest.

Picture this: the more time two people spend together, the more he has to talk about the same thing over and over. He’ll start to get bored with the same old stories.

And it’s not just a matter of you giving them new things to talk about, because he’ll probably notice that you’re doing boring or lame things, like going on and on about the same old stuff all the time.

It’s like he disappears from your conversations.

Virgos have a thing for listening to other people talk, but they’re not fans of small talk, but with their special someone, of course, they are eager to know what they have to say.

With that fact, when he suddenly stops talking you, this is a signal that he’s losing interest in you.

2) He can’t look you in the eye

Eye contact is the first thing that attracted anyone to their partner.

For example, if he folds his arms over his chest when talking to you or has a difficult time staring at your face while having a conversation, then he’s not interested in you as much as he claimed to be.

Virgo men are known for their direct gaze, but when Virgo is losing interest in you, he might be looking at you with a blank look.

You may not even notice the change right away, but if you do note the fact that his gaze has shifted to be more casual and passive, this is a sign that he’s losing interest in your relationship.

Gone are the days when he looks at you with a deep stare, his eyes piercing your soul.

3) He doesn’t want to be around you as much as he used to

If your Virgo man is losing interest in you, he’ll show it by not making time for you as much as he used to.

Virgo has a business mind and is able to see the benefits of things. If there’s no benefit for him in being with you, he’ll probably be somewhere else doing something that’s more important to him.

Being together becomes hard for him, and the worst is? He may not show it clearly but nowadays, he hates when you talk about your personal life.

It’s likely that your Virgo man will start getting annoyed.

Don’t be surprised if he becomes short with you, and don’t be even more surprised if he becomes super short and passive-aggressive about it.

4) A real love advisor confirms it

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5) He’s not as affectionate anymore

Affection is a huge part of any relationship, but if your Virgo man is losing interest in you, he may lose the spontaneous desire to hug or kiss you as often as he used to.

He may also stop giving you random compliments that make your day.

If you’re paying attention, the decline in affection could be your first sign that your Virgo man is losing interest in you.

If he’s trying to fix himself to be more attentive and loving, it’s a sign that he’s trying to hold onto you.

But if instead of effort, he’s just going through the motions without any heart or enthusiasm behind it, then it’s clear that he’s not interested in being affectionate with you right now.

6) He acts distant and detached from you

Notice the subtle changes in his behavior.

Changes in your Virgo man might be small but they can be really hard to notice when it comes to the subtle behavior.

For example, he’ll seem more irritable or distant at the times you hung out with them.

They might insist on being a bit more assertive or blunt than usual.

If he starts acting like he wants to spend less time with you and more time doing their own thing, this can be an early indicator that Virgo has lost interest in you.

You have to reach out to him again and again just to get his attention.

The more time together goes on, the more this distance shows up, and it’s not just a matter of him letting other things take up his time.

7) He’s not as responsive to your text messages and calls

He’s more likely to ignore your text messages than respond back to them, so if this happens too much over a period of time, it can be a sign that this Virgo man has lost interest.

Virgo is not into petty stuff like that. He’ll prefer to prioritize other things over a personal relationship.

And the worst part?

He’s not responding to your attempts at communication.

The longer it takes him to text back or call, the more likely he will be out of your life before you even realize it.

8) He’s going through everything in his life with a fine-toothed comb

If you were once a part of this process, you probably noticed the way he went through your things, or the questions he asked you.

He’s always trying to find new things about your relationship and your life that he hasn’t figured out yet.

And when he’s completely done with this stage and stops asking questions, it means he’s lost interest in you.

The end of the dream for a Virgo man with his woman is something that he probably wishes doesn’t happen.

9) His actions don’t match his words anymore

For Virgo men, what they say and how they do things matter. This is also true for their actions not matching their words.

If it’s happened before and again and again, then it most likely means that he has lost interest in you now.

Be careful now, because if you’re still in love with your Virgo man, this could be one of the most painful red flags to watch out for.

He’s not doing anything that he claimed he would do.

He’s not calling you when he said he would call or text you.

He’s clearly losing interest in the relationship and not doing what they’ve said they would do.

10) He is hot and cold

Virgo is not one of the signs that are defined by extremes.

They do not have very strong emotions and they tend to react calmly even in situations where they should be angry or upset. The same goes for their relationships.

If Virgo gets cold with you and then warms up to only get cold again, he has conflicting emotions and is losing interest.

Someone being hot and cold tells you that they don’t really care.

They might think that the love they have for you can be replaced by someone else who will give them a deeper return on their investment in you.

11) He’s focusing on other things now

Virgo is a sign that’s very interested in their own personal growth, and they usually have a lot of big plans, like taking up new hobbies or traveling to new places.

When they’re focusing on these things more than your relationship, it’s a sign that they’ve lost interest in you.

He may show that he’s so busy that you barely see each other.

When your Virgo man starts to be busier at work, don’t take it personally.

It’s more likely that he’s losing interest in you and putting whatever he can between you two instead of telling you directly.

Simply put, you’re no longer a priority for this Virgo man – and maybe it’s time to move on.

12) He has already broken up with you in his mind

As we mentioned before, the first step toward losing interest is taking your attention away from them and redirecting it somewhere else.

In his mind, he’s already broken up with you, so the next step is to break up with you in reality.

This is usually when Virgo starts acting different, by not paying attention to the things that matter most to them and obsessing over something else instead.

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13) He wants more “privacy”

Here’s the thing, a man losing interest means he’s not sharing anything with you anymore than he used to.

Sharing the things happening in each other’s life and even secrets are very important for Virgo men, because it’s one of the ways that they show their commitment to the relationship.

If he wants to show you that he’s committed, he has to be willing to share more personal details of you and his life with you.

Otherwise, don’t expect him to commit or continue committing to you.

A man who doesn’t continually share his thoughts and feelings with you isn’t interested in the relationship.

14) He’s not taking the relationship seriously anymore

Virgo can be one of the signs where they often overlook the small things because of their overanalysis and perfectionist nature.

Because of this, they may not notice that you’re upset with them or that they’ve hurt your feelings unless you actually bring it up.

When he notices that something is bothering you and he doesn’t seem to care about fixing it, this is a sign that he’s losing interest in you.

In his life priority list, there are many things that come first before you or the relationship he has with you.

15) He’s stopped doing “couple-y” things with you

When your Virgo man starts to stop doing the little things for you and says it’s not important, it’s time to see what else is going on in the relationship.

Remember when he used to take you out for movies? Or having dinner together can become date nights? Or when you bought that couple’s shirt together?

Yeah, those are all in the past now.

Virgo is usually one of the signs that are more interested in their relationships than even they realize.

So when they start losing interest, they’re less likely to share their personal time with you. They’ll stop in to see you, but it’s not nearly as often as it was before.

He doesn’t care about your needs, wishes, and desires anymore, therefore the relationship is gone.

What to do about it

If in this list you have checked a few things about your Virgo man, this means that you’ve noticed he’s losing interest in the relationship.

There are still things that you can do to save your relationship with him.

1) Ask him directly to be honest

Before you go ahead with anything, ask him directly what it is that he no longer wants from you.

It is better to know the truth so that you can deal with it.

But be careful, you have to be patient and don’t start trying everything at once.

2) Give him space

Once you’ve asked him and he’s been honest with you, allow yourself some time for the dust to settle before you attempt to talk about it again.

Give him a little space where he can go off on his own and see things clearly before seeing if he could see things from your perspective as well.

3) Address his emotions

Once he’s been honest with you, and you’ve given him some space to work out this new revelation he has about the relationship, don’t forget to tackle his emotions.

This is the best way to start speaking about the relationship again. By focusing on his feelings, it will help him see things from a different perspective.

4) Love yourself even more

This is the most important thing, to fall in love with you even more than you did before.

If he doesn’t see how amazing you are, he will always wonder. It’s time to make yourself the most valuable thing in your life and make him value you and the relationship.


It will be difficult, but it’s in your hands whether you will let go of the relationship or do something to save it.

You deserve all that love has to offer you, so don’t settle for less than what you want or deserve.

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