60 twin flame affirmations to attract your mirror soul

Are you looking for “the one”?

Perhaps, it is your mirror soul who you are waiting to find. Mirror souls, or Twin flames as they may call them, are two souls who were originally one being.

But what exactly is a mirror soul?

A mirror soul is a person who has been your partner in a past life and you have met again in this lifetime as part of a big epic love story- or in this case, someone you are still trying to meet.

What separates these two souls from everyone else is they were always destined to meet again after the separation because they were created so that they could each help the other evolve.

Our purpose on earth is to find our mirror souls in order to fulfill our mission as twin flames.

So what does it mean if you have met your mirror soul?

It means that you are on the path of your soul’s purpose. When you meet your mirror soul, it is as if your soul was saying “Guess what? You’re mine now.”

They will reassure you of your worth and make you realize that it was never wrong to be yourself in the past or in this lifetime.

Although Mirror souls don’t need a partner to be fulfilled, they do desire their mirror soul and do not rest until they find them.

Finding your mirror soul can be the most fulfilling thing in the world, however, it is not that easy to spot your one true love. You may have been searching for years and all of your dates have failed to get the job done.

Every time you’ve tried to meet up, they don’t show, or they can only stay a short while. Then, they say off or leave mysteriously without a trace.

If this is you, then it’s time to manifest finding your mirror soul.

There are many ways to attract your true love, but a few key affirmations can help you on your path to finding your soul mate.

Here are 60 affirmations that will help attract your mirror soul by filling your subconscious with the right messages.


  1. “I am a twin flame. I attract the love that is worthy of me.”
  2. “I am worthy of being loved by a twin flame.”
  3. “I am my twin flame’s perfect match, and we are made of the same energy.”
  4. “I am interconnected to my twin flame through divine love. We share the same vibration.”
  5. “I am open to receiving love from my twin flame.”
  6. Divine guidance brings me, my ideal soul mate.”
  7. “I am my mirror soul’s perfect match.”
  8. “I believe I have found my mirror soul and I know that he/she is out there waiting for me.”
  9. “My mirror soul is attracted to me and we are destined to be together.”
  10. “I am a special, unique person.”
  11. “I am filled with unconditional love.”
  12. “I have a clear vision of my mirror soul.”
  13. “Mirror souls are created by divine love.”
  14. “My mirror soul is the one for me, and I can feel it.”
  15. “I will always be ready to receive guidance from my mirror soul.”
  16. “I am open and receptive to all signs that lead me to my mirror soul.”
  17. “I am clear about my vision of my twin flame, and I know that he/she is the one for me.”
  18. The universe will guide me to my mirror soul.”
  19. “Mirror souls are attracted to each other by divine love.”
  20. “My mirror soul and I are on the same page.”
  21. “I deserve to be loved for exactly who I am.”
  22. “It is safe to be with my mirror soul.”
  23. I am connected to my twin flame through divine love.”
  24. “I am open to the possibility of having a spiritually guided relationship with someone who is right for me.”
  25. “I am a beautiful person, and my mirror soul can see that.”
  26. “Divine love is attracting me to my twin flame.”
  27. “I am in the process of manifesting my twin flame.”
  28. “It is safe for me to be in love with my twin flame.”
  29. “I love myself unconditionally and I am open to receiving the same from my mirror soul.
  30. “I give myself lovingly.”

The signs above and below will give you a good idea about what affirmations attract your mirror soul.

But a surefire way to know for sure is to speak with a gifted advisor.

They can answer questions like, ” When will I meet my mirror soul?” or “Are these affirmations enough to manifest my mirror soul?”

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  1. “I am capable of a soul connection with my mirror soul.”
  2. “My mirror soul is strong, confident, and loving.”
  3. “My mirror soul is committed to giving to me what I need and want from life.”
  4. Mirror souls are cosmic matches made in heaven!”
  5. My twin flame and I are meant to be together.”
  6. “I know that my mirror soul is the one for me.”
  7. “My mirror soul shares my values.”
  8. My mirror soul is a source of inspiration.”
  9. “I deserve to be loved by my twin flame.”
  10. “I am free to be myself with my mirror soul.”
  11. “I am on track to finding my twin soul.”
  12. “My twin flame and I are part of the same group energy.”
  13. “My mirror soul shares the same goals in life as me.”
  14. I am open, honest, and vulnerable.
  15. “I am a loving soul.”
  16. “I am capable of unconditional love.”
  17. “My mirror soul is the embodiment of my true nature, and I can feel it.”
  18. “I am deeply loved by my mirror soul.”
  19. “Everything in my life leads me to my twin flame.”
  20. “It is safe for me to fall in love with my twin flame”
  21. “Love knows no time or space, and it comes from deep within me.
  22. “Receiving a spiritual connection to my twin flame is an honor.”
  23. “I know that my twin flame is out there waiting for me.”
  24. “Mirror souls are created by the universe.”
  25. “My mirror soul is made of the same energy as I am.”
  26. “I have a natural connection with my twin soul that comes from within me.”
  27. “I am my mirror soul’s perfect match.”
  28. “I am on the path of my twin flame’s purpose in life.”
  29. “My twin flame is right for me and it is safe to receive his/her love.”
  30. “My mirror soul and I share the same values and beliefs.”

And there you go!

By saying these affirmations, you will start to attract that person into your life. When we are focused on attracting our twin flame and following this divine path then we tend to be more open to love.

We are all special beings and we deserve to be treated with love and respect.

We have to be willing to put in the energy and effort, but it will be completely worth it when we feel this level of love and passion from someone who deeply understands us.

The universe responds to our desires and intentions. If we want this specific person, then the universe has no choice but to send them our way.

When we exercise positive energy with these affirmations in mind, we can strengthen our intention and attraction while attracting that person into our life.

Remember: We are not supposed to walk this journey alone.

The twin flame connection is the most authentic relationship that you will ever experience in your life. We are asked to truly know ourselves and be fully present in the relationship; including our flaws and weaknesses.

As we are vulnerable with our twin flame, we can expect them to do the same.

These affirmations will greatly help you in your quest for finding your twin flame.

But what if you’re looking for practical solutions to deal with attracting your mirror soul?

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I am rooting for your success!

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Jude Paler

Jude Paler

I am a poet with a positive outlook in life and a writer with a purpose in mind. I write to express my thoughts so that others will be inspired.

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