17 signs a Virgo is serious about you (no bullsh*t)

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They’re kind, genuine, and never hesitate to be there for you whenever you need them. They’re also always trying to learn more about themselves.

Their natural curiosity about people makes them an excellent match for someone who’s not afraid of getting down and dirty in a conversation or two.

Virgo’s are subtle, like the Scorpio they might fight against in a love battle, but they don’t mind getting in your space if they sense that you need their support.

So if  you’re not sure, here are 17 subtle signs that a Virgo is serious about you:

1) They take the time to know more about you

Virgo’s are incredibly curious about the people around them.

They like to learn as much as they can, especially about the people they love.

When you’re in a relationship with a Virgo, they have this incredible knack for knowing exactly what you need even if you don’t call them and tell them yourself.

What else do they want to do when being with you?

They love watching movies and TV shows that touch on real-life issues, so it is a great way to get the communication going with your Virgo.

These signs are especially true for the ones who are born between 10th August to 30th September.

When they meet somebody new, which considering that they’re usually not shy, it usually takes them some time to get to know you. But once they do, they take the time to really check you out.

They don’t just do it because they have to. They’re not just being friends by helping people out. They really want to know what makes you tick, what matters to you the most and why and so on etc.

They want to know everything about you, so they will take the time to ask you questions and listen to your answers.

The signs that they’re into you are subtle, but they’ll sparkle in their eyes when they learn something new about you.

2) They show that he values trust and honesty early in the relationship

A Virgo can be incredibly sarcastic if they are not in a good mood, or when they feel threatened by something.

But you should know that nobody is ever spared by their wise-cracking remarks. Even their best friends have to endure their barbs.

Still, they are very loyal friends and they keep the secrets of other people like they were gold, oftentimes even better than family members.

This is why a Virgo who likes you will never joke about something as important as trust.

If you want to know if a Virgo is interested in you, pay close attention to how he/she treats your secrets when you tell them something.

They will test you, to find out whether you deserve their trust, and if you don’t earn it, they’ll have no problem with ending the relationship and moving on.

If you do manage to earn their trust though, expect to be supported through thick and thin.

They don’t like to be in a relationship just for the sake of being in one.

Trust and honesty are two of the most important ingredients in any relationship, because ultimately, you’re going to want them to trust you enough to open up about their personal life and past, so that they can get through all the issues they had with their previous partners.

3) A gifted advisor confirms it

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4) They spend quality time with you often

Virgo is the 2nd sign in the zodiac, so they have a lot of things on their mind, especially once they find a person that they want to love and spend their whole life with.

They’re incredibly practical, with no room for fun nor frivolous nonsense.

They’re quite aware that life is short, so they make their best efforts to avoid unnecessary stress and drama.

The ones who take the time to understand what you need are the ones who will be there for you whenever you need it. Their lives are ruled by all that needs to be done in order for them to get where they’re trying to go.

So if you want the kind of relationship that can last forever, then you need someone like that.

They will take everything in their stride and make it happen because that’s what they’re good at. They’re always working on something, because they know the clock is ticking.

So if you want a Virgo to spend some quality time with you, then make yourself useful.

Help them with their work and you’ll be surprised to see how much time they’re willing to give you.

5) They always want to talk to you

If a Virgo loves you, they will never hesitate to call you when they need to talk.

Virgo has a lot of concerns, issues, and questions that they need to solve on their own, so they don’t like the idea of having somebody to lean on.

But if you’re the kind of person who can understand what they’re going through and help them out, then this will be a good sign.

Maybe he or she has nothing important to say, but they’ll call you anyway. They’d rather talk to you than think about how much they miss you.

It’s really true!

A Virgo who likes you will never hesitate to tell you everything that’s on their mind, no matter how trivial it may seem.

So if he or she calls you just because they want to hear your voice, then don’t make them wait for your reply; answer the call.

Just to catch up on the small talk or maybe even just because they miss your voice, either way it proves that he or she cares.

And if they’re always talking to you, it means that they literally can’t stop thinking about you.

6) The way they say your name

If a Virgo says your name, you’ve already made a lasting impression on them. By the way, they’ll always say it right.

Virgos are very much aware of the way they talk to people, and knowing how someone likes to be addressed could show a deeper connection.

When it comes to relationships, Virgos are the ones that will be there for you and yours. They want to know everything they can about that special someone in their life.

Sure, everyone texts everyone. But only the Virgo will share everything about them with someone else.

They take their job as your keeper very seriously, which means that they’re going to want to make sure that everyone knows you’re a close friend of theirs.

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7) They spoil and pamper you

If they’re in love, a Virgo will act as a provider. They won’t hesitate to shower you with affection and gifts. They’ll also be attentive to your needs and provide them to the best of his abilities.

So why?

The reason being, they want to make you happy.

That’s exactly how they see you, and how you should be viewed. They will do anything for their partner and will pay attention to anything that might need to be fixed, or things that need improvement.

You’re their priority and are always in the spotlight.

They’re not the kind of person who will just drop you out of the blue and then disappear. They’ll always be in your corner and will always be there to support you through everything.

8) They put your safety first and foremost

A Virgo who loves you will always put your safety at the top of their priority list.

They will never try to hurt you, which means that they are very reliable and trustworthy. It also means that they care for your well-being, and will only want what’s best for both of you.

They expect you to be faithful, and will only stay if you are.

The reason being, they respect their partner’s loyalty and honesty above all else.

They don’t want to be the one cheated on, nor will they cheat on you. They’re also not interested in anyone with a promiscuous lifestyle. This is perhaps the most important one.

Virgos are not just going to fall for anyone.

They are actually very selective when it comes to their partners, and will only choose someone whose character is flawless and flawless as theirs.

Of course, this also means that a Virgo won’t be able to be with someone who can’t match them intellectually.

Virgo is a sign that values emotion and intimacy most of all. So if you find that your Virgo doesn’t even want to be in the same room as you, they’re not interested in being with you.

So it’s important that you’re honest with them. You’ll also have to learn how to deal with the Virgo who is protective over his or her partner.

9) They show you his authentic self

A Virgo’s never hiding their flaws, but they also won’t be showing their insecure side to everyone.

Want to know more?

A Virgo will only share their most confident and authentic self with the person they really love. They want to be with someone who is strong and will support them emotionally in return.

So if you have a Virgo in your life, then you’d better learn how to make him or her feel loved and appreciated.

Their compassion comes in handy when dealing with other people’s problems, like someone who wants you to solve their issues behind their back.

Only their partner will see that vulnerable side of them. That’s why they will see you as special and they won’t want to lose your trust and faith in them.

So when a Virgo is showing you his authentic self, you’ll know that he’s serious about you.

10) They’re supportive of you

A Virgo is already supportive of everyone and everything, but when it comes to matters of the heart, they’ll be even more attentive to your needs and what you want for your future.

They will also be there to support you when you have problems of your own.

They’re not going to put any ideas in your head that aren’t yours, and they will always keep you in the loop.

A Virgo doesn’t want to see his or her partner get hurt, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. The signs are also very loyal to their partner.

Virgos may experience feelings of insecurity themselves, but they don’t let that affect their relationship.

The truth is that when a Virgo loves someone, they love them with all their heart. A Virgo is a great listener and counselor, so having them by your side is always a great thing.

But if you’re not sure if the Virgo in your life is right for you, then be sure to speak to someone who can give you a much clearer picture of what they’re thinking and feeling.

11) They envision a future together with you

A Virgo will visualize their future with you, and are not afraid to discuss their plans for the future with you.

They will also be very open about those plans, and will be very communicative about those things that matter to them.

A Virgo is loyal to what they believe in, and if they believe that your relationship could go far, then they’re not going to lie to you about that.

A Virgo wants you to be a part of their future, so they’ll do anything they can to make that happen.

So if a Virgo really likes someone and wants to be with them, they’re not going to let them go easily.

They want to be with you. If they’re confident that you will be happy and fulfilled, then they won’t hesitate in sticking it out and wait for your decision.

What’s more?

The Virgo is also very good at figuring out what his or her partner needs and wants.

So if you want to know if your Virgo is the right one for you, try asking them about their plans for the future and how involved you will be.

You should also get to know whether they truly feel that you are the one for them. They will tell you what they want from a relationship, and will even ask about your vision for the future as well.

12) They introduce you to his family

A Virgo knows that nothing is going to go wrong when it comes to their family.

They will tell you about any changes or developments in the family and are very professional when it comes to dealing with any family-related matters.

They won’t bring up family problems if it’s not something they want to talk about with you first. But if they do, then they’ll be very honest with you.

They take care of their family and are always concerned about the well-being of the people around them.

Sounds familiar?

It’s not easy for a Virgo to open up to a new person. They will only open up when they find that you can be trusted with their secrets.

They are very private persons, so if they trust you enough to let you into the most intimate parts of their life, then you have proven yourself worthy of them opening up and letting themselves fall for you.

13) They try to remember every little detail about you

A Virgo will remember every little detail about you.

They’ll remember the way you laugh and smile, the food that you love to eat, the place that’s special to you, and your favorite songs and movies.

They will also remember everything you talk about while together with them. They’ll remember what makes you happy and what you want out of life.

But if they didn’t try to remember every little detail about you, they probably don’t think that much about you.

So if your Virgo can tell everything about you right down to the smallest details, then you know that they think of you as a person who is very special to them.

The things that they don’t know yet, they will try to learn more about it.

A Virgo is very capable of feeling a connection to people, so if you think that a little note about you will make them happy, then go for it.

When the Virgo thinks that someone is special to you, they’ll do whatever they can to make sure that you know it.

As a Virgo falls in love, they will never forget that person.

14) They’re willing to open up to you

Virgos are not afraid to open up to their close friends and family, but that’s not the case with everybody.

First of all:

They may be very insecure around people they don’t know personally, but they will open up to you just as soon as you become special in their eyes.

So if your Virgo has opened up to you like this, then you know that they really do see something in you.

They’ll open up to you about their past, their hopes and dreams, and their future. But even if they don’t tell you about some things, it doesn’t mean that they don’t care about them.

A Virgo is a very understanding person. If they make mistakes, they will apologize. They will also try hard to do things right in the future.

A Virgo is that trustworthy kind of person who will help and support you.

They will be there for you no matter what. They’re honest, loyal, and caring. And if you happen to be a Virgo as well, then you will have a great time being around them.

15) They believe in love at first sight

A Virgo believes that when you have feelings for someone quickly, then they are really special to you and they will be the one for you forever.

If you want to know if your Virgo is the one for you, then wait for the “butterflies in your stomach” feeling that comes with romantic love.

A Virgo truly believes that love at first sight is possible. If they start noticing these things about a person, then they will tell that person how they feel.

They are very honest with their feelings, and will be open about anything that bothers them or brings them down.

A Virgo feels that if two people love each other enough, then they can make it work. They believe in forever.

If they think that you are the one for them, then they’ll tell you about those feelings.

A Virgo believes in commitment and loyalty. So if they share those feelings with you, then you can be sure that they will stick around and be with you no matter what happens.

16) They have set clear boundaries regarding your relationship

If a Virgo has made it clear that they want to be just friends with you, then you should respect their feelings and accept that.

It’s not because there’s nothing between the two of you; it’s just that they don’t see any potential in the friendship at all.

There may be other reasons why they think that way, like they still have some things to sort out in their life before they can really open up to someone else.

A Virgo will set clear boundaries before they become really close with someone.

If you want to know if your Virgo is the one for you, then ask about these boundaries. And if the two of you are just friends, then there’s no need to wonder why.

If they think that a friendship is all that can come from your relationship, then respect their feelings and be happy for them.

Virgos are very intuitive people who can easily tell which direction life is taking them in.

17) They care for your well-being

A Virgo cares for the way their life looks to others, and will do whatever they can to make it look perfect.

This sometimes brings them problems and unexpected emotional issues, but they don’t really have a choice.

They will do what they can to make sure that everything is perfect until they reach their goals.

In fact:

Virgos are perfectionists, and if something doesn’t meet those standards, then they will find a way to fix it and make it just right.

If your Virgo is the one for you, then they will care for your well-being in that way as well.

They’ll want to make sure your life is perfect and without any problems. They want to take away the burden on your shoulders and carry it for you.

A Virgo will do everything they can to make sure that you are happy, even if this means sacrificing their own happiness along with it.

Final thoughts

Virgo’s are known for their loyalty, and if they’ve said that they want to be with you, then you’re in a pretty good spot.

Hopefully, the 17 signs above will shed some light on whether a Virgo is serious about you.

But if there’s a part of you that still wants to know more, I recommend speaking to a genuine advisor.

And there’s one company that I always end up recommending, Psychic Source. Not only did they blow me away with their accurate reading, but they were also kind and understanding of my situation.

So if you’re tired of wondering about whether a Virgo is serious about you, get in touch with a gifted advisor and take your future into your own hands. I did, and I’ve never looked back since.

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