20 clear signs the universe is talking to you

Can you hear it?

The universe is talking to you.

Before you drag me off to the insane asylum let me explain…

The universe has different ways to send you signs and guidance, and if you know how to recognize them you can use that to have a much better life.

The universe is talking to me? Really?

It’s not about a voice emanating from the washing machine or sending us secret messages from the CIA hidden in TV ads.

It’s a lot simpler and less bizarre.

The cosmos we live in is alive and we are connected to it in the grand web of life. It communicates with us naturally, through situations, people, and signs.

If you’ve started feeling like the universe is talking to you, you’re not crazy.

You’re actually on the path to something great.

Here are 20 signs the universe is talking to you

1) Where on earth did that come from?

Have you ever had a random idea or thought pop into your head out of the blue and wondered “where on earth did that come from?”

It didn’t come from the earth, it came from the universe.

One of the top signs the universe is talking to you is that a single dominant thought cuts through the mental fog and suddenly jolts you awake:

With an answer, a warning, inspiration, advice, and more…

This random thought won’t just be something like how much you like donuts — although those can be good random thoughts to follow from time to time as well.

It’s likely to be along the lines of realizing a possible solution to a situation that’s been plaguing you, an overwhelming certainty of what you should say to a job offer, a warning about an upcoming event, or something about a loved one or family member being in trouble.

The universe is talking to you, my friend.

2) It literally gives you a sign

At times the universe likes to play little jokes and make a pun. Sometimes it gives you a sign by literally giving you a physical sign.

Example: I was once wondering whether to invest a lot of money in a stock and being told conflicting advice. Some people said go for it, others told me not to believe the hype.

I was on my way to the grocery store one day when a large sign that said “Seatbelts Save Lives” caught my eye. It featured a smiling family driving in their SUV and at the bottom, it also said “it’s not just the law, it’s common sense”.

I had a real epiphany. The universe was telling me to have some common sense and be careful and “buckle up” in terms of investing.

I ended up deciding to invest in a safe mutual fund and watch in amazement as the stock I’d been considering started to go on a rocket ship to hell a few days after I’d been contemplating my decision.

If I’d ignored that sign I would have lost a lot of dinero!

3) Your body speaks to you

In spite of all its positives like modern medicine and low-carb beer, our-fast paced society has some real problems.

One of the top issues is that we are very “head-centric.” Many people spend their days staring at screens and tapping at keys, only to go home and be entertained by a screen as well.

It can lead to losing touch with our breathing and our body.

There’s deep wisdom in the body and in our body’s reactions. Have you ever heard the term about something “making the skin crawl” or “butterflies in the stomach” during an exciting time?

This is the universe talking to you through your body.

The reactions of your physical being are more than just random chemical reactions: they’re the wisdom of the cosmos filtering down into you and sending your brain and intuition signs about what to do.

Aches and pains, energy, exhaustion, restlessness, deep calm: these are all examples of how the universe is talking to you through your body.

4) A real psychic confirms it

The signs above and below in this article will give you a good idea if the universe is talking to you.

Even so, speaking to a real psychic will give you more clarity.

But how can you find a psychic you trust? In this day and age, it’s so important to stay away from fake ones.

I recently tried Psychic Source after going through a bad break up. They provided me with a unique insight into where my life was going, including who I was meant to be with.

I was actually blown away by how caring, compassionate and knowledgeable they were.

Click here to get your own psychic reading.

Not only will a genuine psychic tell you more about these mysterious signs from the universe, but they can also reveal all your love possibilities.

5) You get messages from other people

You’re connected to the universe and the wisdom of life, and so is everyone around you.

As such, one of the top ways to know the universe is talking to you is to listen hard to those around you.

They will often bring you what you need to know and when you need to know it, like an email that arrives just in time or a text message that pops up and suddenly changes your week, month, or even year.

The universe will speak to you through other people, calling you out of your shell and out of your confusion into a role and a mission that’s been created for you.

The universe wants to let you know about your spiritual calling.

It’s just a matter of discernment and learning to filter the proactive messages from the white noise.

Spiritual teacher and speaker Sri Akarshana has a good pointer video here on how to differentiate between mental fantasy and true universal flow and divine energy.

Essentially Akarshana explains how our monkey mind will often interrupt, interpret or try to twist the true intuitions and signs being sent to our heart, so you must:

“Follow your heart and take action. Don’t let your mind distract you, because your mind is preprogrammed by other people’s minds and your social conditioning.”

6) The universe sings to you

Sometimes the universe doesn’t talk to you: it sings to you.

I remember one time I was feeling extremely depressed and ready to give up on life, lying in my bed listening to songs on my phone.

I’d heard them all so many times and was bored. Life looked like a pile of crap with endless nothingness ahead.

Then a song came on I’d forgotten I even had on the phone and only heard once before. I usually clicked next right away because it started slow and seemed kind of boring.

But my downer mood made me drift into the music and this powerful energy came through the song, which was a remix of tribal music from Ghana, Africa. The tribal chanting somehow pulled me back into myself and delivered a crucial message I needed to hear:

You do belong, and you do have a place in this universe. You are needed and accepted.

I got up off the bed feeling strangely different. And I was because I’d just had the universe talk straight to me.

7) Things that seemed easy go wrong for no apparent reason

Plans and dreams go wrong all the time or have setbacks. That’s life.

In most cases it means you dust yourself off and try a new approach, reassess your goals, or just plain try again until you succeed!

But one of the strongest signs the universe is talking to you is when setbacks, snags, and strange misfortunes hit you on a goal or project that should be straightforward.

You’re just doing your thing and every damn thing is going wrong. Why?

Sometimes the universe is sending you an express airmail with a simple message: this path, this job, this person, this place is not for you.

I know that in my life many of the things I didn’t expect to work out or be for me turned out to be incredible opportunities and guiding lights on the path of life.

And many other options — including university — which I expected to be milestones and formative experiences ended up being quite disappointing and underwhelming for me.

Everything that should have gone right just seemed to go wrong…but it took me years to listen and realize what was being said.

Listen to the universe.

8) You stumble across it

Sometimes one of the best ways to know the universe is talking to you is to actually trip over what you need to know.

Lost items, household objects, and other things can sometimes be the wake-up call you’ve been needing to snap you out of a trance, low period, or state of confusion.

This can also include the digital version of stumbling over things – you’re rifling through your computer one evening while listening to music and come across the profile of an old school friend you haven’t thought of in years.

So you send them a message…

And what do you know! They are actually living near your area these days and working in a field which is exactly what you’ve been dreaming about getting into.

The universe just took a bullhorn and let you know what’s up.

9) Everything starts coming up roses

This is one of the signs the universe is talking to you that’s sort of the opposite of hitting unexpected snags and problems on something that should work easily.

It’s the opposite: you have happy coincidences, unexpected help, amazing luck, and all sorts of time-sensitive success on a project or decision that seems to come out of the blue.

When you commit boldly to the true mission and desires of your soul, gears start to move in your favor that you never even knew existed, and the wheels start rolling towards a bright horizon…

In high school, I lived with my dad for a couple of years, and he had a quotation on his fridge that I used to read often.

It was from the German philosopher Johann von Goethe:

“There is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans, that the moment one definitely commits oneself that Providence moves, too. Whatever you can do or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”

Over the years since that time, I have had the good fortune to learn just how true Goethe’s words are.

10) You feel it deep in your gut

This is related to what I said about learning to hear what the universe is telling you through your body. It’s just more specific.

Your gut is obviously a physical location in your stomach, but it’s also an emotional center.

As the shaman Rudá Iandê says in his free Ybytu Breathwork Masterclass, we can even learn to breathe from our gut with certain techniques such as oceanic breathing, bridging the gap between conscious and unconscious and entering a state of deep communion with the biome and the universe…

Your gut is powerful!

Not only is your physical gut health integral to your mental and emotional health through its flora and digestive efficiency: your gut feeling and gut instinct are a barometer for truth and safety.

Your gut isn’t the same as just impulse, however. Suddenly feeling angry and smacking someone in the face isn’t your gut instinct, it’s just your instinct.

Your gut instinct has far more to do with what’s actually right and logical to do…(and usually, that’s not to hit someone in the face, although there are exceptions).

The universe talks to you through your gut instinct telling you to embrace someone or run away…

To keep a job or leave it in the dust…

To help someone or let them find their own way…

Trust your gut!

11) You’re considering something new and suddenly…

One of the big signs the universe is talking to you is when it gives you a little nudge at just the right time.

For example, say you’re considering moving to a new city but a lot of questions remain.

Will it really work? Is it going to bust up your finances? Is the new location right for your family? Will you regret leaving behind friends where you’re at currently?

And then suddenly…

You get messaged out of the blue by an old friend who lives in the place you’re thinking about moving to;

Then you start chatting with a local business owner and he tells you about how he grew up in the place you’re considering moving and he always misses it;

And so on…

Pay attention especially closely if these things happen repetitively or in a short time frame right around the “crunch time” of when a decision needs to be made.

12) Let me count the ways …

I know that numerology and lucky numbers and so on has a bit of a bad reputation. Some people see it as hokey or crazy.

However, in my experience numbers can be a clear sign the universe is talking to you.

This applies to lucky numbers sometimes, I really think so, but most of all I see it in a different way:

Numbers tend to be ways to remind you or spur you into action on tricky decisions or aspects of your life that have fallen by the wayside.

For example, you may see your old high school football number popping up in random places as a reminder that you should get more in touch with old friends and revive your friend network.

Or you may see the number of your wife’s birthdate as a reminder to pay more attention to her and remember how much she means to you.

13) Experiences keep repeating for no apparent reason

When the same thing seems to keep happening for no apparent reason it could be the universe trying to get through to you.

In order to tell the difference try to look at whether this repetitive thing is the kind of thing that’s unusual to repeat.

If it’s getting a call from your friend every Friday night or having cravings for burgers at lunchtime, there’s nothing really unusual about that and it’s likely nothing to do with the universe.

Or if you’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos on how to make a beautiful garden it’s not exactly surprising that your Facebook feed gives you an ad for a local nursery.

That’s not the universe, it’s just advertising algorithms in our Orwellian world.

For universal signs, look more for things like:

Starting to hear about a new philosophy or idea from completely unconnected places just when you’ve been looking for answers…

Hearing a song over and over in different locations that you haven’t heard in years which has a strong message…

Meeting someone in multiple places randomly who you haven’t seen in a long time and have very small odds of meeting randomly so often can also be a big sign from the universe… (caveat: they’re either stalking you or it’s the universe).

If you want more clarity on this, I’d suggest speaking to a gifted advisor at Psychic Source.

I mentioned them earlier. They have helped me out in the past and I’ve always found them honest and compassionate in their readings. 

Analyzing these repetitive patterns on your own can be overwhelming, speak to an advisor who can shed more light on these unusual events.

Click here to get your own personalized reading.

14) Animals show you signs

Since ancient times, animals have been an important part of spiritual guidance and meaning.

The ancient Egyptians had animal gods and many cultures attributed animals with various spiritual and metaphysical abilities, including the Aztecs, Mayans, Native Americans, ancient Chinese, Arabic cultures, and various African tribes.

Animals can be spirit guides and symbols who guide you on the right path in life, provide comfort during dark times, or show you a way to approach your existence that provides inner peace and clarity.

Watch the way a cat moves or the affection a dog has for its owner…

The effortless slithering of a snake, and the sinewy majesty of a jaguar or tiger…

These animals can be a way that the universe speaks to you.

15) The power of the spoken and written word

Words are powerful. In Christianity the concept of the logos or divine word is at the foundation of the Gospel, with the Book of John starting by saying:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

The universe uses spoken and written words to communicate with you in ways that resound and carry forward into your life and future.

It could be advice from a friend or loved one…

A passage from a holy book or philosophy article…

A quote from Rumi or the random graffiti scrawled on a subway bench…

Something about it sticks with you and penetrates deep into your soul. And you realize that it applies directly to a major challenge, question, or decision in your life…

That’s the universe using the power of words to talk to you.

16) Sometimes the universe leads you by your nose

If there were one of our five senses which is underappreciated, I would definitely say it’s our sense of smell.

Smells can alert us to danger, excite us sensually, disgust us, intoxicate us and make us curious…

I think back to diving in a fresh pile of leaves as a youngster and that inimitable damp and rejuvenating smell of the leaves. There was just something about it…

Just smelling cinnamon can take me back to childhood days with my grandparents at the all-you-can-eat buffet overlooking the lake…

Or the smoky smell of wood fires burning brings me back to the nostalgia of living in rural Georgia near Russia and the crisp feeling of fall…

Then there’s our pheromones, invisible smells that help attract or repel us from those around us and potential mates.

Smell matters! And sometimes smell can be the universe talking to you about what to do, where to go, or what to focus on.

Never underestimate the ability of the universe to lead you to your destiny by your nose!

17) You dream it

Remember Joseph’s dream in Egypt?

Dreams are ways that the universe talks to us. The sneaky cosmos sneaks past our hyper-critical conscious mind and enters our subconscious mind. Here it imparts wisdom, warnings, hope, and heartfelt truth.

In between the tossing and turning you have a dream that guides you in a direction you might not have expected.

But you wake up and it links up with your gut instinct (which I talked about earlier) and next thing you know…

You are rock ‘n rolling in synchronicity with this wacky and wonderful universe of ours.

What a wild ride…

18) Getting invited to something unexpected

Sometimes the universe talks to you by presenting an invitation or opportunity you never expected but which jogs something in the back of your mind or soul…

Maybe I should go to that thing…

Maybe this would be… fun?

So then you do it and end up down a whole new path which ends up leading you to the life of your dreams.

Or you go to your friend’s party and it’s a complete dud but you end up meeting the love of your life at 7/11 on the way home buying a snack.

Life’s funny that way.

And so is the universe.

19) Sudden waves of emotion

Just like before when I talked about sudden unexpected thoughts which break through the gloomy routine and show you the way, sudden waves of emotion can overpower you and provide light.

These are the universe talking to you and showing you the way.

How do you separate between hormones, random emotional mood swings, and real signs from the universe?

The best way in my view is to look at the duration and intensity of the emotion. Does it come and go like a summer storm and you never think of it again?

Or is it lasting, deep, and real?

If it’s the latter then you’re likely on the line with Mr. Universe.

20) Serendipity

Serendipity is not just an underrated 2001 romantic comedy starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale.

It’s also a beautiful word — and one of the ways that the universe is talking to you.

When you have unexpected coincidences one after another you’re getting a clue from the universe. This could be meeting someone who you’re meant to be together with…

Finding a new job just when you’ve come to the realization that your current position isn’t going to work out for you…

Serendipity often strikes when you least expect it. But you’ll notice because of just how unlikely and awesome it is.


If the universe wants your attention the least you can do is give it to him, her, or it (who am I to genderize our cosmos?)

I truly believe that when the universe is talking to you it’s doing so for a reason:

To guide you, help you, inspire you, warn you, rejuvenate you…

By thinking more about the pointers above you’ll learn to see when the universe is talking to you, and that conversation between you and the cosmos is definitely one worth having.

Can a gifted advisor help you too?

If you want specific advice on your situation, it can be very helpful to speak to someone with special intuition.

I know this from personal experience…

A few months ago, I reached out to Psychic Source when I was going through a tough patch in my relationship. After being lost in my thoughts for so long, they gave me a unique insight into what my future holds, and the confidence to make the right decisions when it comes to love.

If you haven’t heard of Psychic Source before, it’s a site where gifted advisors help people through complicated and difficult life situations.

In just a few minutes you can connect with a highly intuitive psychic and get tailor-made advice for your situation.

I was blown away by how kind, empathetic, and genuinely helpful my psychic was.

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Paul Brian

Paul Brian

I’m a multimedia journalist with experience in print, photography, video and online. My passion is reporting on individuals, faiths, nations and situations that impact us all on the journey of life.

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