16 fast ways to make a Virgo man fall in love with you

Are you trying to make a Virgo man fall in love with you?

If so, you should know that when it comes to dating, the Virgo man can seem a little reserved. He’ll take his time to get to know you and won’t be so quick as to offer up his love in return.

The Virgo man is also one of the hardest zodiac signs to crack, but guess what?

That doesn’t mean you can’t get him on your side with a little strategic matchmaking!

But how do you make this shy and reserved Virgo man fall in love with you?

It’s not an impossible task—they are only human, after all—but they require a different approach than other men might.

To see your crush light up and fall head over heels for you, read on for 16 fast ways to win over a Virgo man

1) Be straightforward with your intentions

How well do you express your sincere intentions with a Virgo man?

Are you trying to straightforwardly tell him how you feel?

If not, then you might want to change your approach.


Because Virgo men are very perceptive and will see right through a woman who is trying to play games with them.

They know when someone is being dishonest or trying to manipulate them. That’s why they are so attracted to women who are honest and straightforward in their intentions.

Believe it or not, Virgo men always want to know what’s on their minds. You need to be upfront and open with him about your intentions.

You can’t expect him to take you seriously if you don’t come out and say it.

But how is this going to help you if you’re trying to win his heart? Should you directly tell him that you like him?

Of course not.

You have to be more subtle.

And that’s where the tricky part comes in. You don’t want to give him the wrong impression, but you also don’t want to come across as too cold and distant, either.

As a Virgo man’s crush, you’ll need to strike a balance between the two.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Be honest with yourself. If you’re going to try and win your man over, then you’ll have to be honest with yourself about who you are and what you want from him.
  • Be honest with your intentions. Here’s how to be upfront about your intentions: Tell him what it is you want from him without giving any clues as to what he should expect from you in return for his help or support in pursuing his own goals or dreams.

That way, you’ll let your Virgo man know that you’re ready to commit and that you’re serious about him.

2) Keep it light and fun

Even though Virgo men are not always into humor and fun, they are still open to it.

But you need to be careful when you’re trying to win over and impress him with your wit and humor.

You don’t want to come off as too serious or obnoxious.

And if you’re trying to woo a Virgo man with your humor, then he will not only see right through it, but he will also find it very annoying and off-putting.

But guess what?

You should still try to keep your dialogue light and fun. How is this possible?

Well, if you’re trying to impress a Virgo man with your humor, then you need to make sure that your jokes and quips are not only fun but also have some substance behind them.

You can do this by using your wit to tell him about something that’s going on in his life.

So what can you do?

Keep it light and fun!

Be witty with him. Don’t just talk about yourself all the time.

Talk about things that interest him, things that make him happy. Don’t go on and on about how stressful your day is or how hard everything is in your life right now—you don’t want to bore him!

Remember that Virgo men are very sensitive and will pick up on the subtle signs of boredom from their crush. If you start talking about boring things, then he’ll start to feel like you’re trying to bore him.

But keeping it light and fun will help boost his spirits and boost your chances of winning his heart.

3) Reach out to a professional advisor for guidance

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4) Honesty is the best policy

Let’s be honest.

Do you try to express your feelings and emotions to your Virgo man, or do you just keep quiet and keep him guessing?

If you’re being honest with him, then he will be able to tell right away if you’re being sincere with him or not.

If you’re being honest with him, then he’ll know that it’s safe to trust you and that he can confide in you.

But if you’re keeping everything bottled up inside of you, then he’ll know that there’s some kind of turmoil going on in your life and that there’s something about your life that you’d rather not say.

You may try to hide what’s happening in your life from him for various reasons—maybe because of fear or maybe because it would be too hard for him to hear.

But if this is the case, then it’s best to just come out with it and let things go. You can’t fool a Virgo man forever!

If anything, the truth will only make him feel better.

So, be honest about your feelings for him. to make a Virgo man fall in love with you.

But remember: you don’t have to be overly romantic about it, but you do need to be honest about how you feel about the Virgo man.

Don’t try to hide your feelings behind a veil of mystery because he will pick this up and will start feeling insecure around you.

5) Go out of your way to make him feel special

Ever tried to make a guy feel special?

Do you try to make him feel like he’s the only guy in the world who matters?

You know, that special feeling that makes you want to go out of your way to make him feel special.

Well, Virgo men are the same way. They need to feel special and loved!

The truth is that Virgo men are extremely sensitive and will feel hurt if they think that you’re not showing them enough love. And even if you’re not trying to hit on them, but just being friendly and cordial to them, then they’ll still be able to sense it.

What else?

The Virgo man is one who will appreciate a little extra attention, so if you want to make him fall for you, go out of your way to make him feel special.

This can mean anything from helping him out with his workload to let him sit in the passenger seat on a date.

They thrive when they have a sense of purpose, so give them an opportunity to feel useful while spending time with you.

This will not only show him that you care but will bring you two closer together in the process. So go out of your way to show him some love!

But don’t just go around doing it for the sake of doing it—make sure that what you’re doing actually makes him happy. If he’s happy with what you’re doing, then everything will work out fine.

So, try your best to make him feel special and, in that way, you’ll definitely make him fall in love with you.

6) Make an effort to understand his needs and desires

Now let’s talk about how to make an effort to understand Virgo men.

Honestly, this one is a bit harder than the previous ones because Virgo men aren’t exactly the type who will just open up and let you in.

If you’d like to make an effort to understand him, then you’ll need to be a little more creative and imaginative.

That said, here are some simple ways that you can help him understand his needs and desires.

You see, Virgo men are very sensitive and emotional, and they need to be loved in a way that makes them feel special.

They are also very practical people, so they need to know that you’re doing all of this for them, not just for your own selfish desires.

So, if you want to make a Virgo man fall in love with you, then it’s important that you understand his needs and desires.

Why don’t you go ahead and ask him what he likes and what he doesn’t like when it comes to being in a relationship?

For example, if he wants you to be more affectionate with him than you are right now, then show him that you’re willing to change so that you can make him happy.

And remember: you don’t have to be particularly romantic or sensitive about it—just try your best to make an effort to understand what he wants from life.

And then make sure that what you’re doing is exactly what he wants!  This will definitely help him fall for you!

7) Take care of your spiritual life

When it comes to spirituality, Virgo men are actually pretty deep.

They love being connected to the universe and they like to be around people who are also interested in spirituality.

And if you want to make him fall in love with you, then you definitely shouldn’t let him feel like he isn’t enough for you.

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8) Be yourself around him

Have you noticed that Virgo men enjoy it when you’re yourself around them?

In fact, they like it so much that they often get a little nervous when you’re not being yourself around them.

And if you want to make him fall in love with you, then the best thing that you can do is to be yourself around him.

Believe it or not, he’ll love it when he sees that you aren’t hiding your true self from him.

But how can you do this?

I’m glad you asked!

Well, the first thing that you should do is to be sincere with yourself and tell him whatever you feel.

It’s okay if you don’t feel like being romantic or sensitive all of the time, but you should definitely tell him exactly what you think when it comes to his feelings and desires.

And don’t pretend to agree with him when you don’t think like him.

This will help him know that you’re not just trying to do things for yourself and that you’re actually interested in understanding him better.

So, make an effort to be yourself around him on a daily basis so that he can fall in love with you!

9) Don’t play games or be manipulative

If you’re trying to make a Virgo man fall in love with you, then you have to be honest with him.

And this means that you shouldn’t play games or be manipulative with him.

If you try to manipulate him or play games with his emotions, then you’re going to be a real drag on him.

Why am I so sure?

Well, the Virgo man is a pretty straightforward individual who doesn’t have time for games or manipulations.

To win his heart, don’t play games or manipulate his feelings for you.

If you want to be with him, be upfront about it and don’t play any games. If the feelings are not mutual, he will let you know and you can move on with your life.

If the feelings are mutual, though, you’ll save yourself a lot of stress.

And if you start to play games with his emotions, then he’s going to get suspicious.

Also, you shouldn’t try to be his guide or teacher because he’s already got a guide or teacher in his heart and mind.

So don’t try to tell him what to do or what not to do. Instead, just be yourself around him and let him fall in love with you naturally!

10) Give him space when he needs it

This is one of those things that many guys don’t know how to do—how to give their partner space when they need it and when they don’t.

Virgos are no different in this sense: they too need space sometimes, so give them some room!

This means giving them some space from your constant presence and letting them go out on their own for a while if they want to do so.

It does not mean ignoring them or leaving them alone for hours on end—just letting them interact with other people on their own will do.

And this is actually a good thing because Virgo men need to interact with others in order to express their feelings and emotions.

If you provide them with enough space, they will be able to connect with other people better and learn how to communicate better.

They just have to have some time to themselves so that they can develop themselves as individuals without you there!

Just give him space. If he’s interested in you, he’ll show it by being around all the time. And while this is great (it means that he really likes you), it also means that he’ll get tired of waiting for you if you’re not careful.

So don’t tease him by being around all the time—he’ll get annoyed!

11) Don’t try to change them

This is one of the worst things that you can do when trying to make a Virgo man fall in love with you.

You see, the Virgo man does not want any changes in his life—he does not want any change at all!

He’s very set in his ways and he loves the way he is right now. That’s why you shouldn’t try to change him.

If you try to change him, he’ll make you feel miserable and he’ll not be able to express his feelings and emotions.

Instead, just let him be who he is and don’t try to change anything about him. He’s a Virgo—he’s not supposed to change!

And if he does want to change something about himself, then it means that he really loves you and that he’s willing to do whatever it takes for the two of you to be happy.

So if you try and force him to change himself for you, he’s going to hate it!

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12) Help him feel more confident about himself

Do you notice that your Virgo man requires a lot of attention and approval?

If you notice that he’s always asking you if he did a good job at something or if he did something wrong, it’s because he wants to be loved and accepted.

When your Virgo man needs approval from you, it means that he really loves you. Or at least, he’s attracted to you.

So try to give him the attention and approval that he needs without making him feel like crap about himself.

It’s not easy for a Virgo man to be confident in himself. And it takes time for them to feel comfortable with themselves. So don’t expect him to change overnight!

Why is that?

Well, the Virgo man is a very self-critical man who will likely be dealing with bouts of insecurity.

If you want to win over the heart of the Virgo man, you’ll want to be sure to help him feel more confident about himself.

13) Help out with his work, but don’t demand thanks

When you’re with a Virgo man, sometimes it’s hard to get his attention because he’s very focused on his work.

But don’t expect him to tell you about it or show you how he does things.

The Virgo man is very private and reserved when it comes to showing his work. That’s because he’s a perfectionist who will likely be working on something for hours at a time.

And if he’s working on something, he won’t want to be interrupted by anyone else. So don’t expect him to tell you about what he’s working on! He’ll probably just let you know when it’s finished!

If your Virgo man is always busy working or studying, then it means that there are things in his life that are making him feel stressed out or uncomfortable.

And if that happens often enough, then your Virgo man will probably start avoiding those situations altogether.

But you don’t want him to avoid those situations, don’t you?

You want him to face them and handle them because that’s what a Virgo man needs to do to feel less stressed out.

That’s why you should try to help out with his work, and that way, you’ll easily make him fall in love with you.

But remember: don’t ever demand thanks from your Virgo man.

He’s a very private man, and he doesn’t like to be forced into doing things. But if you do so anyway, then he’ll likely get annoyed with you and start avoiding you!

14) Be a good listener

Did you know that Virgo men are often looking for a good listener?

That’s because they need to talk about their feelings, and they usually don’t know how to do so.

This is why you should be a good listener. You should be able to listen to what he wants to say, and then you’ll be able to help him feel better about himself.

You can do this by telling him that he’s a good person who does a lot of important things for the people around him. And if he feels like that, then he’ll probably start feeling more comfortable in his own skin!

For example, when a Virgo man talks about his work, it means that something is bothering him. And that’s why he needs someone to listen to him and understand what he’s saying.

He’s not going to say anything bad about his work at all, but it means that there are some things in his life that are stressing him out. And you’ll want to help him feel better by listening to him and understanding what he’s saying.

15) Don’t be too serious too soon

If you’re a Virgo man’s girlfriend, then you should be aware that he’s a very serious person.

This means that he’ll want to talk to you about all of his problems and things that are bothering him.

But if you’re too serious too soon, then he might think that you’re not interested in him or that you’re not into him.

What’s worse, he might think that you’re being too pushy or needy.

So be careful: don’t be too serious too soon!

He’ll be really happy to talk to you, but he might be nervous that you won’t like him if he’s being too serious all of the time. And this is why you’ll want to wait a little bit before being serious with him.

So the best thing to do is to show interest in what he’s saying by smiling and nodding your head often. This way, it’ll make him feel comfortable enough to open up and talk about what’s bothering him!

16) Surprise him with small acts of love and care

And finally, if you want to make a Virgo man feel special and loved, then you should start by giving him small acts of love and care.

For example, if he’s working on his laptop at home, then you can go in there and start cleaning up his desktop.

This will show him that you care about him and that you’re an important part of his life. And this is why he’ll be grateful for it!

If he’s walking with a friend, then you can walk with them instead of just walking behind them. This will make him feel like you’re not just following behind him, but that you’re actually trying to spend time with him.

And if he’s sitting in front of the TV or computer by himself, then go join him! This will help him feel like someone cares about what he’s doing and that there is someone else in his life who cares about what he does.

Whatever you do for him, make sure that you do it in a way that shows him that you care about him. That’s the best way to make him feel loved and important.

Final words

To sum up, Virgos are known for their intelligence, diligence, and attention to detail.

But this intelligent sign can be difficult to win over — especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

Dating a Virgo can be challenging, but it’s not impossible! This article gives you a lot of insight into making a Virgo man fall in love with you. But understanding an issue can be just the beginning.

I mentioned Psychic Source earlier. I recommended them because of my own positive experience, and I’m optimistic they can do the same for you.

Their spiritual advisors helped me in a real way that brought me answers I’d never been expecting.

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Nato Lagidze

Nato Lagidze

Nato is a writer and a researcher with an academic background in psychology. She investigates self-compassion, emotional intelligence, psychological well-being, and the ways people make decisions. Writing about recent trends in the movie industry is her other hobby, alongside music, art, culture, and social influences. She dreams to create an uplifting documentary one day, inspired by her experiences with strangers.

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