How to get a Leo man to chase you (10 practical tips)

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The Leo man is known as the Lion for good reason.

This guy has the confidence of a king, and he knows it. So how do you get a Leo man to chase you?

Here are some practical tips:

1) Don’t be pushy or aggressive

If you want a man to chase after you, don’t be aggressive or pushy.

This is the absolute worst way to get a man to chase you, especially not a Leo.

You risk coming off as desperate, and you’ll probably turn him off completely.

Instead, try to set the mood, and let him come after you.

You can’t force a man to chase you if he doesn’t want to do it.

If you want a man to chase after you, you need to make him want to do it.

You see, this is especially true for a Leo man. Being very confident himself, he prefers to stay the Alpha in the relationship, if that makes sense.

That is where the power of seduction comes in. You see, when a man sees that you’re confident and know what you want, he’ll be impressed.

So what do you need to do?

You need to make him see that you have something that makes him want to chase after you.

No matter what it is, it can be anything. Don’t worry about being too specific.

Just make sure he knows that there’s something special about you and he should chase after you.

Sparking desire in that way will help you get him obsessed with you.

2) Help him feel good about himself

Leo men often struggle with low self-esteem, and they need reassurance that they are valuable and worthy.

I know, it sounds crazy, given how confident they seem, but it’s true!

Make sure to tell him how special he is, and let him know how you appreciate his presence in your life.

If he knows that he makes a difference in your life, he’ll feel good about himself, and he’ll most likely be more interested in you.

You see, people often don’t fall in love with other people, especially not at first, they fall in love with how those people make them feel.

So if you can make him feel good about himself, he’ll be more likely to fall in love with you.

This means giving him lots of compliments, admiring his work, telling him how much you appreciate him, and so on.

Playing into a Leo man’s ego is what will get him obsessed with you, believe me.

And once he’s hooked, he will be chasing you!

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3) Don’t rush things or jump to conclusions

Leo men are quite confident in themselves, and they don’t like to feel rushed or pressured.

They also don’t like it when you jump to conclusions too soon.

If you like a Leo man or you’d like to date him, don’t rush things or try to force things to happen.

Give him time to get to know you, and don’t be too pushy.

Let him get to know you, and give him enough time to decide if he’s interested in dating you.

Also, don’t jump to conclusions too soon. If he’s taking a while to ask you out, don’t get frustrated or assume he doesn’t like you.

You see, jumping to conclusions and sending him a paragraph of how he’s making you feel is bound to push him away, believe me.

Let him get to know you first, and then you can ask him out on a date.

Leo men like women who respect themselves, so don’t come across as desperate or needy, especially not right away.

Leo men are quite confident in themselves, they don’t like to feel pressured, and they don’t like to feel rushed.

4) Go to events where you can meet him

If you want to date a Leo man, you’ll need to go out there and meet him. Leo men like to go out and have fun, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet him.

Try going to bars, clubs, sporting events, parties, or any other events where this Leo man likes to go.

Make sure to make an effort to talk to him and spark a conversation. You’ll have to let him know that you’re interested in him!

You see, when he starts seeing you around, he will start to be interested in you.

Especially when it’s at events where you can go all out, wear a great outfit and maybe even go with your friends so he knows how glowing you can be around the people you love.

He will want to be the person by your side, trust me.

5) Flirt with him constantly

Leo men love being flirted with, and they especially love confident women.

So if you are interested in a Leo man, make sure to flirt with him constantly.

As long as you don’t cross the line into being too aggressive or desperate, he’ll love it.

Flirting with a Leo man is basically just being a confident woman who likes him.

You don’t have to try to be overtly sexual or anything. Just flirt with him and let him know that you’re interested in him.

This goes back to the section about compliments. Leo men like to be reassured, even though they are pretty confident in themselves.

So if you like him, just tell him!

Plus, there is nothing a Leo man loves more than flirty banter and excitement.

If you show him how enticing a conversation can be with a little bit of excitement and flirting, he’ll be more than happy to let you into his life.

On the contrary, he will crave that kind of presence in his life and will start to chase you!

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6) Touch him often

If you want a Leo man to chase you, you’ll need to start touching him.

Leo men are very touchy-feely and tactile, so if you want him to notice you, you’ll need to start touching him.

Holding his hand, touching his arm while you’re talking to him, or giving him a friendly hug would be a great start.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to jump right into the sexual touching.

Start off by just casually touching him, and letting him know that you like him and you’re interested in him.

This is a great way to let him know that you’re interested without coming on too strong.

Of course, you need to pay attention to his body language when you do this.

Does he seem into it, or is he leaning away from you?

If he is leaning away, try to ease up and give him some space, you don’t want to cross any boundaries here.

The thing is, when a Leo man is attracted to you and you touch him gently while flirting, only to then pull away a bit, he will go crazy and will start to chase you, believe me!

7) Confidently let him know what you want

Leo men love it when you confidently let them know what you want.

If you like him, don’t be passive or subtle about it.

Instead, confidently let him know that you like him and that you’d like for him to ask you out.

Don’t be too aggressive or pushy when doing this. If he’s interested in you, he’ll let you know.

If he isn’t interested, he won’t ask you out, so you won’t have to worry about feeling embarrassed.

You see, the key here is confidence. You don’t want to come across as desperate, so let him know what you want while still giving off the impression that if he isn’t interested, that doesn’t destroy your world in any way.

You are okay, whether he likes you back or not, and having that mindset will make you irresistible to a Leo man!

8) Leo men like a little mystery

Don’t be too transparent or revealing.

Leo men like to be able to solve a little mystery and figure you out.

Don’t be too transparent or obvious when you’re talking to him.

Simply put, in the beginning, don’t be too open, and don’t talk about your feelings and thoughts too much.

Let him put in a little bit of effort to figure you out, and he’ll appreciate it.

He’ll also probably be more interested in you because you’ve got a little bit of mystery going on!

Now, if you are dating a Leo man you can obviously open up about yourself, but in the early stages when you are trying to get him to chase you, that’s the time to be a bit more mysterious, and a little less open.

He will want to figure you out and it will drive him crazy!

9) Show him how fun you are to be around

Leo men like to go out and have fun, so if you want to date one, you’ll need to be able to show him how fun you are to be around.

If you’re always stuck at home and never go out, he’ll probably see you as boring.

So if you want to date a Leo man, go out with him and show him that you’re fun to be around.

If he asks you on a date, suggest something out-of-the-box and uncommon, so he knows that he will never know what to expect from you.

Have fun together and keep conversations light-hearted. Leo men love to chase a woman who makes them feel good, and that means she’s funny and easy-going.

10) Take risks and do things that scare you together

Leo men are ambitious, and they like women who are adventurous and take risks.

If you’re always playing it safe and playing by the rules, he probably won’t be interested in dating you.

If you want to date a Leo man, go on adventures with him, take risks with him, and do things that scare you together.

His adventurous spirit will probably be turned on by this, and he’ll probably be more interested in you if you’re willing to take risks with him.

That doesn’t mean you need to go Bungee-jumping on your first date but start little, by trying out new cuisines together, for example, or even asking him if he wants to join you on a spontaneous trip somewhere.

Anything that isn’t predictable and boring will be thrilling for a Leo man, and he will want to chase you.


The Leo man is a confident, passionate man who knows what he wants in life.

He’s often charming and charismatic, and he’s a great partner if you’re interested in dating him.

You’ll need to let him know that you like him, but you don’t have to be too aggressive or too transparent about it.

Follow these tips, and you’ll have a better chance of having a Leo man chase you!

Remember, don’t be desperate! Leo men like a challenge and will often prefer a woman who is uninterested rather than one who is constantly throwing herself at him.

If you follow these tips, you’ll have a much better chance of getting your Leo man to chase you!

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