Will God reunite me with my ex? 15 ways to tell

Breakups are heart-wrenching, and losing someone you love is crippling, painful, and downright depressing.

During those times of uncertainty, I’ve searched for signs and hints to the question, “Will God bring my ex back into my life?”

Yes, I prayed for second chances and hoped to rekindle the love that my ex and I once shared.

So if you’re searching for signs God will bring him back to you, let me share with you the most powerful signs I’ve discovered.

Let’s start.

Will God bring back someone to my life? 15 ways to tell

God put someone into your life for a purpose, and if it’s part of His will, He can also bring the two of you together again.

We just have to accept that God has a plan for everything that’s unfolding in our lives.

So as you recognize these signs, I hope you’ll experience peace beyond understanding and faith that can move mountains.

1) It’s not forced

Sometimes we try and force our ways to make something work even when it’s not meant to happen. We walk in another direction that only leads our lives to go downhill.

But God doesn’t pressure people to restore their relationships with Him or with one another.

This means that you don’t have to manipulate situations or beg your ex to get back to you. You should not force the romance between you to happen.

Ultimately, the best thing to do is to pray so that you can hear his voice. Seek God’s help as He only wants the best for you.

Praying gives you clarity – in a way that will allow you to figure out if things can or will work with your ex.

2) There’s healing and forgiveness

The breakup could have caused you too much pain.

But reuniting with your ex will not be possible if you haven’t forgiven yourself and your ex until now.

God wants you to forgive and heal completely.

You will know that God will give your relationship a comeback if it helps you move entirely from the past pain.

For when God wants to bring a person back to you, you will speak without bitterness and hatred.

Know that love is a powerful weapon that brings light into darkness and casts away sins and fears.

3) When it brings closure

If it has been months or years after the breakup, you may cross paths with your ex again. It could be at the grocery store, in a new restaurant, or even when you’re on a vacation.

That’s God bringing someone back into your life. And this may happen to give you closure and healing.

However, this doesn’t mean that you’re rekindling the romance and relationship.

Even if a second chance at love doesn’t happen and you will separate again – but this time around, you’re both free from pain and hurt.

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4) It’s a new beginning

When God restores relationships, there’s a strong possibility for a second chance at love.

He knows when you’re both ready to commit to a life-long relationship. He will be with you as you start the friendship all over again.

He will work to orchestrate things so that you can have a fresh start together.

Seek His help, and he will give you the wisdom to be better for each other and avoid the mistakes that separated you before.

The truth is that God turns the darkness into light when he wants to bring you back with someone.

He is with you and will always be with you. So put on the armor of God and walk in love with truth and honesty in your heart.

5) It doesn’t hurt anyone

Another clear confirmation that God will bring your ex back into your life is when it doesn’t affect anyone negatively.

If you or your ex is already in another relationship or already married to someone else, then the ‘comeback’ happened for another reason.

It could be that your path crossed again so you can both give each other closure.

But when you find yourself meeting each other again and you’re both single, it’s clear that God wants you to start over again.

6) There’s true love between you

God won’t allow you to get stuck in a relationship if there’s no love and respect.

If you still love each other and the affection has not changed, it’s a sign that God will reunite you.

Probably, you have never moved on and let go of each other as you’re meant to be together.

And you know that your ex wants you back and to give your relationship another chance. This shows that you both know that your heart belongs to each other.

True love will lead you back to each other.

7) There’s peace within you

As long as your heart desires reconciliation, God hears what you ask.

Reconciliation is God’s will. Thus, you should be confident that when you ask in His will, He will work towards bringing you and your ex back.

For when there’s peace in your mind and your heart, it will feel so right to have your ex back in your life.

For when you’re with the right person, it will feel like home.

And no matter how long you’ve been separated from each other, you will experience the love, peace, and comfort of home when you get back together.

However, finding peace isn’t exactly easy.

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8) The time is right

Some couples who end their relationships think that their relationship is a hindrance to their goals, or that they aren’t the one for each other.

But when nothing is holding you back from fully committing to each other, then God will be behind the ‘come back.’

This means that you’re ready to be with each other without what-ifs.

When the time is right, it means that you’re both emotionally, mentally, socially, spiritually, and even financially stable.

9) There are no hindrances

Any relationship comes with trials, problems, and challenges, so don’t expect that reuniting with your ex will be easy and flawless.

When God brings you back together, let those challenges strengthen your relationship and the love you have for each other.

The important thing to remember is to trust that restoration is part of God’s plan, His timing, and His purpose.

Take this as a reminder to put your relationship in the hands of God.

For when you trust that God is with you, there will be nothing that can hinder the growth of your relationship.

And nothing can stop the love you have for each other or prevent you from being together.

10) You’re both ready for another relationship

Most relationships end when one or both people aren’t willing to commit wholeheartedly or when it’s built on lust alone.

But whatever the reason is, the relationship ended as you’re not ready to serve each other as partners.

The thing here is that there’s a huge difference between wanting a relationship and being truly ready for a relationship.

Once you have worked on yourselves and are ready to commit to each other and the relationship, that’s the time when God will intervene.

God will reunite you with your ex when your heart, body, and mind are ready for each other.

You may notice these signs to be sure that you’re both ready for love:

  • You’re willing to open up your heart
  • You’ve stopped questioning things
  • You’ve dealt with your issues
  • You’ve learned to compromise and communicate
  • You’ve learned to love and complete yourself
  • You’re not afraid to be vulnerable
  • You accept change and are ready to grow together

11) You both become a better person

When God brings someone back into your life, it could mean that you’ve both been mature and healthy for each other.

This means that you will be a good influence on each other, and your relationship is meant to last this time.

You’ve both grown and have already overcome your immaturity and personal issues. You’re more compassionate and understanding than before.

When you reunite, you will help each other become a better version of themselves. You’ll both encourage and inspire each other to increase your faith in God.

12) When you place God at the center

God is pleased when you both strive to put Him at the center of your lives and relationship.

You have His favor if you’re both doing your best to live godly lives and making your relationship a blessing.

That’s because before God reunites you and your ex, you need to completely surrender your life, your relationship, and your ex-boyfriend to him.

But when you’re still emotionally invested in the breakup, it’s an indication that your past relationship is still serving as an idol.

The thing is, you don’t have to depend on your ex or your relationship for your happiness or give you a sense of completeness.

Don’t make someone your source of approval, attention, value, and validation.

When you recognize that his Word is more important than anyone else and begin to appreciate things more for their essence in itself, it becomes the perfect time for you and your ex to reunite.

Remember this: You can love someone without idolizing the relationship.

13) You both want to be together

When no reason stops you from being with each other again, this could be a sign that God wants you to give it another try.

Sometimes, the loss of the relationship will make you realize the goodness of the other person.

So if there’s no sinful reason why your relationship didn’t work out, then God will help restore the relationship you once had.

God gives us immense freedom to love and be in a relationship. He only demands that we follow His teachings and let the Spirit guide us in our lives.

Just don’t risk getting into the unhealthy cycle of breaking up and getting back together over and over.

What would a relationship coach say?

While this article will shed light to know if God will reunite you and your ex, it can be helpful to speak to a relationship coach to get advice on your situation.

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14) When you realize your sense of worth

You know that you’re with the right person when being together helps you value yourself more.

You’re on the right track when this person will encourage you to love yourself more.

True love indeed makes you selfless, but it will also help you see your worth as a person.

Amazing things will happen when you learn how to love yourself.

And in return, it is your partner’s selfless love that will make you feel special and valued.

It is through his love that you will embrace yourself. And through His kindness, you will learn to be kinder to yourself.

Sometimes, all it takes is one person to remind you that loving yourself isn’t selfish at all.

When this happens, God reunites you and your ex – and it will completely transform your life and your relationship.

15) You learned to appreciate what you have

Breakups change you – and that’s a scary thing. However, they don’t have to leave scars.

When you break up, you grieve what has been lost – but nothing has been taken away from you.

Even if the relationship ended, it’s normal to remember the good memories you once shared.

The truth is, we tend to lose something for us to realize how good it was.

So if God separated you and your ex, that’s the time when you can get to appreciate what you have together.

Sooner or later, it’s going to teach you important things about who you are.

And you will learn how:

  • It teaches you how to deal with loss
  • It teaches you to do better the next time around
  • It shows you what your relationship was actually like
  • it shows you that everything happens for a reason

This way, you’ll reunite in a much better way.

So it’s time to build yourself back up and become the best person you can be – for yourself, your relationship, and for God.

Reuniting with your ex

God restores relationships if it’s meant to be – if it’s according to His will, His purpose, and His ways.

You will reunite – whether it means giving you the closure you need or you will stay together.

I believe that God sometimes ends a relationship for a good reason – as in most cases, it’s for our spiritual growth.

You may not understand why the relationship ended, but believe me when I tell you that you will thank Him later.

And also sometimes, even if we love or care for the person, we need to let go of the past and fully move forward with God.

Know in your heart if this relationship is healthy for you or not. Ask yourself, “Is the relationship godly and empowering?”

Because the only way you and your ex will reunite is when you trust and accept that God works things together for your good.

When you and your ex get back together, do your best to make it work.

This article gives you a lot of insight into reuniting with your ex – but understanding an issue can be just the beginning.

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And keep this in mind,

God works things for your good, whether or not that includes reuniting you and your ex. And it is through God and genuine love that everything will eventually fall into place.

Rest in that truth today.

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