Forty good morning prayer for my husband

Good morning prayer is the secret sauce to a long and lasting relationship.

Not only does it help you develop compassion towards your husband, it helps you provide a place of comfort and strength for him as he faces the day ahead.

In this article, I will tell you how reciting a morning prayer is important in relationships and give you forty powerful “good morning” prayers for your husband.

How prayer improves relationships

For as long as humans have existed and all throughout history, we have relied on prayer for strength and guidance.

No matter what or who you believe in, you communicate to the divine as if surrendering your fate. And that definitely comes with its benefits.

Here are some of the benefits of prayer:

1) Prayer influences how you act towards your goals

As you pray, you determine among your goals which deserve the most of your time, attention, and effort. You decide which are important and in so doing, direct your actions into achieving them.

Your willingness to work towards realizing them increases.

Listening and seeking answers from prayer reaffirms your life’s purpose, which is hugely impacted by your marriage and your role as a spouse.

In self-reflection and prayer, you understand what things need to be done to fulfill your goals.

2) Prayer makes us change for the better

Although it is not prayer per se that moves mountains, it inspires you to be the change— to progress towards your objective that you sincerely wish for.

Simply put, prayer motivates you to become a better person.

This in turn improves how you treat your significant other in the relationship as well as the people surrounding you.

Your life is no longer just yours as it is irrevocably connected to your husband by marriage, and any decisions you make directly involve him.

Introspection helps you to find a peaceful alternative when faced with serious dilemmas to decide on anything life-changing. It brings you to alignment with the divine will.

3) Prayer impacts our capacity to forgive

There is a tendency to increase feelings of compassion and understanding when you close your eyes, put your hands together, and talk to god.

Prayer is the first step towards reconciliation.

The process of praying invites you to heal and awakens your desire to resolve conflicts that arise in a relationship, therefore restoring unity and fondness for your partner.

When you pray, feelings of resentment, retaliation, and bitterness are replaced by compassion, and forgiveness. This is because you are inclined to lay bare your heartaches and guilt.

You admit to all your raw thoughts of vengefulness and pent up negativity and so you become more understanding of what others feel.

Because of this, you gain perspective on equal ground and become more empathic and cooperative in making the relationship work.

4) Prayer gives hope to despair

Sometimes in a relationship, you can feel like a situation is out of your control and things are spiraling into hopelessness.

In your desperation, you invoke the powers that be to deliver you from the darkness.

In prayer there is a saving grace— a light in which you run towards. You become inspired, think positive thoughts, and seek enlightenment.

You may not be wishing for the grandest of miracles, but any tiny bit of sign can lead you to do the right things.

In these times of weakness and your patience is tested, prayer can lift your tired and weary spirit to provide a refuge.

You gain strength to endure the difficulties of life and break through. You become encouraged and persevere to withstand the challenges of a rocky relationship.

5) You recognize your partner’s worth

Your husband has wonderful gifts and talents that can go unnoticed.

When you see that he is struggling and you utter a prayer, it means you recognize his abilities and it empowers him.

When you let your husband hear your prayer, it reassures him that his efforts are not overlooked, and that you are with him through his difficulties to see it through.

Prayer communicates his value and importance.

As you pray, you are engulfed with feelings of gratitude for all the blessings you receive, and this includes all the amazing things your partner has done for you and the sake of your union and family, too.

You become more aware and sensitive of their personality traits that have made a difference in your married life.

Why pray in the morning?

“First things first” is a famous saying to mean that one should do the most important things before doing all others.

This means that you set your goals first so that you will know how to align your actions to move towards them.

Your mind is clear

Prayer is paramount in the morning when you can hear your thoughts and desires before being influenced by the happenings and meetings you will have all throughout the day.

When you pray as the first thing, it means you give priority to your relationship with God and your husband next over everything else.

It’s a personal moment with your husband

The morning is a personal moment and the perfect opportunity for you to orient your heart, mind and spirit at the very beginning of the day.

Because it is meaningful, sharing this waking moment with your husband and giving prayer is one of the beautiful gifts you can give him every day. With this, you are already spiritually connected at the very start and this brings you closer.

Morning prayers awaken feelings of gratitude

Prayer makes you thankful for the blessing of marriage and having a life partner.

It spurs in us hopefulness so we can power through the entire day as we face the battles that come our way.

Sunlight gives you a boost of energy

Sunlight is a perfect representation of hope and renewal, and the morning brings in light after the darkness of the night.

Some coaches and doctors believe in Light therapy. It is a scientifically proven therapy that is used to treat certain disorders and depression.

As you spend time praying in the early morning, you expose yourself to precious sunlight and its benefits:

  • It causes chemical changes in the brain boosting serotonin and melatonin which keeps you calm, focused, and positive.
  • It lifts your mood and prevents you from being too tired or sleepy all throughout the day.
  • It increases your energy levels so you are better equipped to tackle the trials in the next 24 hours.
  • It promotes better blood circulation leading to a healthier body and mind overall.

When you start your day with positivity of prayer, your momentum will carry on for the entirety of your day and it propels you through the mundane, mediocre existence to find a more meaningful purpose.

40 Good morning prayer for your husband

To help you meditate during your morning reflections, here is a helpful list of prayers you can offer to show your husband that you love and care for him.

For career and prosperity

  • My dear husband, may the Lord bless you at work today. I hope your efforts will not be in vain. There is much to be thankful for that you have this job and I pray you commit yourself to the Lord for everything you do.
  • My dear husband, I pray that you lead selflessly as you direct people and colleagues to follow you. May you have the wisdom for them to walk after you.
  • Lord, I pray for my husband to be equipped with the proper skills to handle his finances in an honest and confident manner. May his kindness permeate and not be taken advantage of. Everything he gains, he offers to the welfare of your children and your glory.
  • Lord, I ask you to guide my husband today as he makes important decisions. You are the best judge in all situations so do not forget my husband to carry out your will. Open his eyes so that he can discern for himself with your enlightenment.

For the heart, mind and soul

  • Dear husband, I wish you to be free from temptations that could sway your heart and mind to do things you might later regret. Keep a pure heart and mind and listen to the voice of God that will steer you away from impulsive and reckless actions.
  • Lord, direct my husband to follow a path that is always on the side of righteousness and justice. May he be a defender of all things good and obey your will for the betterment of those in need of his support.
  • My loving husband, I pray that your heart and body be eased of all pain and suffering. I pray you do not have to endure any more hurt and aching.
  • Dear God, please look over my husband who sets himself apart with his stoutness of character and steadfast loyalty and fierceness of spirit. He is truly a knight that pledges his sacrifices for You and a person one can truly count on.
  • Lord, please grant my husband a heart full of mercy towards his companions and any persons who have done him wrong. Make him sensitive to the sufferings of others so that he may be sincere and refuse no one who asks for his forgiveness.
  • Almighty Father, hear my husband’s plea of asking for your grace and pardon for the things he did wrong. He knows in his heart that he should come to you. I pray you accept him with open arms so he can start anew.

For the family

  • My wonderful husband, you are an excellent father to our children and I pray that you will always be the pillar on which we can find our strength. Stay the ever supportive father who keeps his family together.
  • Lord, I have a good husband who loves me and I thank you for every moment I spend with this man. I pray that he continues to be a loving and caring spouse. May his devotion be forever renewed with vigor.
  • Bless this man, Lord, who has been a good son to his parents here on earth. May he continue to treat his mother and father with respect and honor. I pray that he will always be there for them and not desert them in times of trouble or need.
  • My husband, I pray that you understand your in-laws and the relationship they have with me, your wife. Heed the words of your elders as you would the Lord, for their wisdom will surely help you and bring us closer together.

For protection

  • Dear God, I pray that my husband is blessed with peaceful relationships with his friends and other people surrounding him. Lead him to cultivate his friendships and bind them together. May he become a source of comfort to the special people in his life.
  • Good morning, my love. I pray that you tap the power and strength of the Lord so that it will extend to your body. I pray for your health that you may be vigorous with a strong resistance to illness so that you can do more than you were designed to do.
  • Lord, as we find your presence wherever we go, surround my husband with your loving care and protect him from danger as he travels. Bring him safely back to me as his journey ends. I pray that no unexpected issues will occur that can stop him from coming home.
  • Heavenly Father, here is my husband in his waking hour. Remind him that in You he can find refuge from the evils of the world and they may come in the form of people with dark intentions. Under Your wings he will find safety and he will be kept away from trouble.

For peace of mind

  • My darling husband, I pray you find courage to face the uncertainties this day will bring. Do not let your apprehensions get the better of you. I pray you will not fear what lies ahead of you but boldly trust in the Lord for you are not alone.
  • Dear God, heal my husband of his past wounds and make his scars go away so that he is no longer reminded of them to give him pain. Comfort him when he decides to release all of his guilt and resentment so that he may now face forward and live a new life with me.
  • Lord, free my husband of all his worries so that he may be in calmness and solitude. Give him mental strength. Lend him your power to crush all his anxiety to fine dust that will just blow away with the wind. Carry him and relieve him of this uneasiness.
  • Dear God, I am thankful that my husband has awakened from peaceful slumber, free of any nightmares that might haunt him or plague his time of rest. It might still be morning but I implore that he be free of any restlessness and I hope your angels reassure him that you are watching over him.

For thanksgiving and gratitude

  • Lord, I am forever grateful to have been married to this wonderful man. He is the source of all my inspiration and happiness along with the family we have created. All these blessings are more than I could have ever hoped for and I thank You for staying within our midst all through our married days.
  • My dear husband, words cannot express how grateful I am to have found you as a soul mate and best friend who knows all of me and my inner demons. I confide in you my deepest secrets and I entrust to you my future, knowing that you will lead me in the right direction.
  • Heavenly Father, You are the great provider. Through my husband you have extended all the blessings that could be granted upon me. There is nothing more I wish for because I fully trust my husband to deliver whatever it is I need with Your help. I know I am loved and I promise to love him and support him in return.

For intercession

  • Lord, grant my husband the things that he needs for today. May you provide him with all the blessings and guidance for him to accomplish his tasks with ease.
  • My dear husband, I pray that all your dreams will come true. As you wake up today you will be a step closer to realizing your ambitions which are in accordance with God’s plan. I know you work hard to reach your goals and I sincerely pray that you reach them.
  • When you wake up this morning, my darling husband, know that I recognize your gifts and that the Lord will truly bless you. You are favored by the Lord and people will come to see the talents you possess and today will be the day you will be rewarded for it.

For specific circumstances in his life

  • Dear God, I pray for my husband who I know is facing many problems in his life. Give him the guidance so that all the complexities will unravel before him.
  • My loving husband, I wish you to feel that you are not alone in your struggles. I am here for you and I hope that you open your heart to me and share your burdens with me today, for we are in this together through thick and thin.
  • Lord, give my husband the strength to persevere. May he be granted the endurance so that he will not give up too easily and he can do things according to your will with vigor and eagerness.
  • I ask you Lord to guide my husband as he faces his conflicts and relationships with others. May he always take the peaceful resolution so that there will be no need for aggression in his heart.

For his spirituality

  • God the father above, You see everything and you have a plan for all of us. Enlighten my husband so that he is no longer confused and he may follow his true calling. Give him his true purpose for today so that he realizes his goals.
  • I know in my heart that my husband is kind and generous. Let him be one with nature today, overflowing with respect for other living beings and grant him wisdom to care for his surroundings, become an instrument of Your creation, to act now for the good of future generations.
  • My dear husband, I pray you hear the voice of God and the universe today. They speak to you so open your heart and heed them so that you know your direction this very morning as you face the world. I know you have a strong mind so I pray you let them lead the way.

For his future

  • Good morning my husband. Today is a wonderful day and I pray that your day ahead will be clear from all the darkness. I pray that all the days ahead of you will be bright and free from worry.
  • Lord, it is your will to make my husband’s life bear fruit then so be it. May he prosper, bloom, and live in abundance because he lives in your light and enrichment.
  • As you wake up today, my dear husband, I pray that God will lead you to meet sincere individuals who will genuinely share your willingness to do good. I pray you will have lasting relationships with these people and have more meaningful encounters ahead.

For his happiness

  • To my loving husband, as you find your purpose today, I pray that you will be satisfied in all the things you do. I pray you will be fulfilled so that you will not desire any more beyond what is given which might lead you astray.
  • My wonderful, amazing husband, open your eyes to find joy and happiness for you deserve it today. You are surrounded with good things that you have strived for. May you find all things good to you so that they bring smiles and laughter to your heart all throughout the day.

Tips to pray better

1) Identify

Who is it you are praying to?

It is much more effective if you know to whom you offer your prayers so that you do not feel lost.

Believers often feel confused because they do not address prayers. There is no wrong way of praying but it becomes more meaningful when you direct your intentions properly.

2) Submit yourself

When you pray, give it your all with no reservations.

You must acknowledge that the moment you begin to pray, you surrender your fate to let God do his work and the universe to conspire.

3) Do not hesitate

Since prayer is the opening of your heart to the divine, your deepest desires are made known.

There is a sense of shame in admitting what you truly want, but your prayer becomes stronger if you ask in earnest and you are specific with your goals.

4) Pray together

If you can, pray with your husband. It’s the best way to do it.

Or if it is not physically possible, pray with family and friends.

Praying together amplifies the effects as more voices chime in to ask for the things you wish for. It reminds you that you are not alone and that you are all in the same level of needs.

5) Read scriptures or passages

There are many verses that you can recite so that your mind can get in a more meditative mood.

When you find it hard to reflect or concentrate, you can read verses, scriptures, stories or passages that will help you be in one with the Almighty.


Your husband is a treasure and a wonderful gift, and it is perfectly natural that you seek the guidance and support of God to bless him because he is important to you.

Morning prayers are intimate and when you share it with your husband, it means that you put yourselves in the presence of the Almighty as the very first thing to start your day.

It is beautiful that you intercede for your husband as it shows how much you care for him.

Just be sure that beyond prayers. You also need to communicate with each other as a married couple and express your love in many other ways.






Tiffany Mcgee

Tiffany Mcgee

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