15 tips to Feng Shui your bedroom for love

Did you know that you can use Feng Shui to boost your love life? 

We’re not just talking about putting the Feng Shui symbol for love someplace in your bedroom. 

You can actually rearrange the entire space to make it more conducive to romance!

Here are 15 tips to Feng Shui your bedroom for love:

1) Make sure the bed is accessible from both sides

Tip number 1 goes like this: you shouldn’t push a bedside against the wall. 

Both sides must be open for love to blossom.

Ideally, there should be enough room to comfortably sit on both sides of the bed.

In this way, you can avoid the occurrence of big problems between you and your partner, such as a loss of power. 

How so?

According to the principles of Feng Shui, a couple must be equal in every way. 

If one of you needs to climb over the other to reach your side of the bed, that’s not good news for love.

That kind of energy exchange is not good news before going to sleep.

2) Make sure your bed is facing the correct direction

Want to set the right mood for romance?

Make sure your bed faces the right direction!

Simply put, your bed must be aligned north-south if possible, not east-west. Why?

According to the rules of Feng Shui, the flow of energy lines in a bedroom is complicated. 

And that’s why the exact positioning of your bed can affect the quality of your relationship. 

So, placing it in a romance-friendly location is important.

In case you don’t have a compass, here’s how you can tell where the cardinal points are:

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. So, pay attention to that!

What else?

We recommend that you place your bed against a wall to avoid unnecessary movement. If you move your bed around too much, it can lead to conflict between you and your partner.

3) Keep your bedroom clutter-free and clean

Would you like romance to blossom in your bedroom?

We suggest that you keep your bedroom tidy, clean, and clutter-free. 

Let’s discuss each!

Decluttering your bedroom is essential if you want to attract love and keep it. Why? 

According to the principles of Feng Shui, a clutter-free environment facilitates smooth energy flow. This is key for love to thrive. 

Moreover, it’s also important to keep your bedroom clean and tidy. 


A dusty room is like a chaotic mind. It can negatively affect your relationship with your partner.

We highly recommend that you vacuum every week and also wash comforters, sheets, and pillows regularly. 

Keep in mind that a clean environment is essential for romance to thrive!

4) Don’t keep anything from your ex-partners

You should also avoid keeping reminders of your former partners in your bedroom. 


There is a possibility that the energy from your exes can affect you, especially if you still have unresolved relationship issues with them. 

So, avoid this temptation! The last thing you want is to enter into a new relationship while still harboring bad feelings from your past relationships. 

Or, to ruin your current romantic relationship by thinking about your exes.

In fact, most Feng Shui experts say that you should throw away any object that reminds you of an ex or that belonged to an ex. Keeping them would only affect you energetically.

5) Avoid bright colors and Christmas lights on your walls

Let’s talk about color. 

We recommend that you keep your bedroom in neutral colors. 

For example, a soft shade of gray or beige is ideal if you want to attract love and keep it.

If you want to make your bedroom look more romantic, consider using rose-colored hues. Or, stained glass shades of green or purple can be a great idea! 

That said, we suggest that you avoid using bright reds or pinks in your bedroom, especially if you have a big bed.

The energy of your bedroom should be calming, not chaotic. 

That’s why you should also avoid putting anything on the walls that is too bright, such as Christmas lights or decorations in loud and vibrant colors. 

Loud colors tend to have a power-restricting effect on relationships, so that can be problematic for love between you and your partner.

6) Make sure the bedroom door opens completely

What else should you consider if you want to boost your love life?

You should also make sure that your bedroom door opens completely.


In case the bedroom door gets stuck or it doesn’t open easily, then you’re basically obstructing your romantic energy. 

This can create problems inside your relationship in the long run. 

So, avoid this problem by buying a new door or fixing the old one!

What else?  

Make sure the doorknob is also functional. If it isn’t, then this can cause problems with your relationship. In fact, a broken doorknob is a symbol of “losing your grip”.

7) Avoid mirrors on the wall facing the bed

Mirrors are great for feng shui-ing your home.

In fact, we recommend that you use them in your living room, bathroom and kitchen if possible (but not in your bedroom if you want to attract love!). 


Here’s what the principles of Feng Shui say: 

  • Mirrors bounce energy around the bedroom;
  • They can cause bad luck and nightmares;
  • Mirrors may deplete you of your personal energy;
  • A mirror in the bedroom may bring a third party into your relationship.

So, if you want to create an environment of love, we suggest that you stay away from this type of decoration.

8) Fill your bedroom with everything a couple needs

Here’s another tip to Feng Shui your bedroom for love: make sure you have 2 of everything.

For example, this means that you should have 2 blankets and 2 pillows on your bed. 

This creates harmony and balance in the bedroom. 

Also, it would be great if you’d hang romantic artwork on your walls or pictures with your partner – in case you’re already coupled. 

What else? 

Well, you could also choose to decorate your bedroom with items that come in pairs.

These items should be placed in the southwest corner of your room.

This has a positive impact on your relationship. 

For example, you could have 2 small vases or 2 small statues.

The goal is to create romantic energy that will lead you to a successful and healthy relationship!​​

9) Keep everything made of metal out of the bedroom

Are you still interested in what else you could do to Feng Shui your bedroom for love?

Don’t keep things made of metal in the bedroom. 

Here’s why: 

Metal interferes with the flow of energy in the room. Also called chi, the flow of energy is essential for romance to thrive.

Therefore, we suggest that you avoid using metal in your bedroom. For example: 

  • Pictures frames made of metal;
  • Curtain rods made of metal;
  • Lamps with a metal base;
  • You should also avoid using metal as a decoration element (such as vases made of metal). ​

The only metallic item that Feng Shui experts say you can put in your bedroom is a clock.

However, if you don’t have one, then it’s not a big deal! A clock serves the purpose of reminding you of time, but it’s not necessary to have it in your bedroom.

10) Leave any electrical appliances out of your bedroom

Do you want to kill all the romance in your bedroom? Then put a TV in it and you’re all set!

However, if that’s the opposite of what you want, then you should make sure that your bedroom is free from any sort of electrical appliances.

As you probably figured out by now, these electrical appliances are also made of metal. 

Therefore, if you want to Feng Shui your bedroom for love, then you should not keep any electrical appliances in this room. Keep them out! 

11) Try to avoid working out in your bedroom 

… or leaving your gym equipment there.

You see, Feng Shui experts say that working out in the bedroom is a bad idea. 

When you work out in your bedroom, you’re creating a whole different atmosphere. Instead of being romantic and peaceful, you are confusing your energies.

You’re basically creating a work and toil atmosphere that’s not at all specific to romance.

Likewise, leaving your gym equipment in your bedroom can also create problems for your relationship.

That’s why we recommend that you keep these items out of the bedroom if you want to attract positive love energy.

Instead, try to work out outside whenever you can. By doing so, you’ll notice extra benefits.

12) Only keep pictures of you and your partner

According to another precious Feng Shui rule, keeping photos of yourself – by yourself – in the bedroom is not a good idea. 

You want your bedroom to be a couple’s bedroom, so such pictures don’t belong there.

Also, experts recommend displaying pictures of your family and friends in another room. 

The reason? Having your uncle watch you do you-know-what doesn’t sound sexy at all, does it? 

Instead, we suggest that you only keep pictures of yourself and your partner in the bedroom. 

If you don’t have a partner, then fill your room with sensual artwork to attract just that. Invest in symbolic paintings or posters that make you think of love.

13) Create romance by using the proper crystals

What are the best crystals for romance?

Rose quartz and amethyst are the most romantic stones to decorate your bedroom with. 


These crystals are not just beautiful, but they also create a romantic atmosphere. 

You can find various decorative objects that contain these stones.

Here’s an idea: You can place these stones inside a bowl of water and then put it on a bedstand. Or you can simply hang them above the door or in other similar places.

Can’t decide which crystal you want?

Then you should know that rose quartz is especially used for attracting love and amethyst for keeping it.

Therefore, it would be ideal to choose both.

14) Use essential oils to create romance

Using essential oils in your bedroom is another great way to create romance and maintain positive energy there.

What oils? 

Jasmin, lavender, and vanilla essential oils are a perfect choice. These are aphrodisiac oils, which means that they can enhance the romantic energy in the bedroom.

Or, if you want to get your creative juices flowing and Feng Shui your bedroom for love at the same time, then you should try out this amazing trick: the red rose essence spray! 

This stuff is magic, you see. 

You can use it in instances when you’re having problems in your relationship, or when you’re trying to attract a romantic partner into your life.

Just spray it around the room to revive romance.

15) Don’t keep a fish tank or anything similar in your bedroom

I know what you’re thinking: Why should this be a rule? 

Various Feng Shui experts say that keeping a fish tank in your bedroom is one of the biggest no-nos. 

Surprisingly enough, this has nothing to do with the fish, but with the water in the tank.

You see, if you keep this much water in your bedroom, you’re in danger of having a shaky relationship.

Let me tell you something even more surprising: You should avoid hanging pictures that show water on the bedroom wall, as well. Why is this? 

Water is liquid, and therefore it doesn’t provide stable energy. It can’t help creating a solid relationship.

Instead, you want to keep the things that create positive energy in the bedroom. For example: 

  • Love quotes;
  • A picture of you and your partner;
  • Symbols of love, such as Mandarin ducks, butterflies, and peach blossoms.

In case you’re having difficulties choosing between these symbols, just go with the one that inspires you more.

However, try to keep things simple. Don’t clutter your bedroom – not even with symbols of love!

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