10 big signs you’re more attractive than you think you are

Many societies tend to place huge importance on physical appearance. In fact, in the workplace, attractive people tend to have an advantage and are more likely to succeed in their careers. 

Attractiveness is subjective and differs from culture to culture. What one person finds appealing may not be the same for another person. 

It’s only natural to wonder if other people find you attractive. Unfortunately, we’re bad judges of how attractive we are. 

According to behavioral scientist Nicholas Epley, most of us have no clue about our own level of attractiveness. Others are more capable of judging that simply because they are novices about us. 

That means they can look at us with less attention to detail and a much higher level of perspective. 

In any case, you don’t need to wonder anymore. While it’s true that attractiveness is a subjective trait, there are still some universal signs that should give you an answer. 

In this article, I’ll discuss the ten signs that you’re more attractive than you think. 

Let’s dive in!

1) You rarely receive compliments

You would think that getting compliments all the time is the one sure sign of someone’s attractiveness. 

But surprisingly, that isn’t always the case. In fact, most people won’t bother to compliment you if you’re attractive. 

That’s because they assume you already know it. Others may feel that complimenting you would give you too much attention. 

So, if you only get a few compliments, don’t jump to the conclusion that you’re unattractive.

It could be the opposite—you’re so attractive that people don’t feel the need to keep reminding you about it. 

2) When you do get compliments, it feels insincere

On the rare occasion that you get a compliment, it might come as a casual or offhanded comment. 

It might feel insincere because it sounds so indifferent. 

But think of it this way—sometimes, when something is so true that it’s almost considered common knowledge, it doesn’t make sense to make a big deal out of it. 

Think about an attractive friend of yours. Do you tell her she’s beautiful all the time? 

Probably not. Most likely, her beauty is something you’ve always considered a given, so you don’t feel like you need to compliment her about it all the time. 

3) Strangers stare at you or do a double-take

Have you ever gone out in public and caught a stranger staring at you or taking a second look? 

Chances are, they find you attractive. 

Most of us take a moment to stare at beautiful people. And when we do manage to pry our eyes away, we have to go back for a second look. 

Attractive people are often head-turners; they have a presence that catches everyone’s attention. 

When they enter a room, many people can’t help but look and follow them as they walk around.

It can make you feel self-conscious, but look at the bright side—it means you’re attractive!

4) People gravitate toward you

Aside from catching the eye of strangers, you might notice that many people quickly warm up to you and try to get closer to you. 

An important note to remember here is that attractiveness isn’t limited to physical appearance. 

There are many reasons why people might feel drawn to someone. 

Some people are naturally outgoing and charismatic, making them appealing to others. 

Others may be kind, compassionate, and empathetic, which can make them attractive to others because they can offer support and understanding. 

Being intelligent, knowledgeable, and skilled in a particular area can also make you appealing to others because you have valuable insights to share. 

Additionally, people may be drawn to you if you have a sense of humor or a positive outlook on life. 

The attention can feel flattering, especially if you struggle with low self-esteem. 

However, don’t hesitate to express yourself if you find the attention uncomfortable. It’s essential that people respect your boundaries. 

5) People are surprised by your insecurities 

Here’s the thing about attractive people—everyone assumes they are confident and aware of how good they look. 

So, if people are caught off guard when you voice out your insecurities, take that as a cue that they find you attractive. 

They see you as a self-confident individual who’s got nothing to feel insecure about. They find it unthinkable that a gorgeous person like you can feel inferior and struggle with self-esteem issues. 

Some people might even be irritated; they might see your struggles as a form of fake modesty or a figment of your imagination. 

6) You have many dating prospects

This might sound like a no-brainer, but many people aren’t aware that their many dating prospects indicate their level of attractiveness. 

When you’re attractive, you don’t have to wade too far into the dating pool for others to notice them. 

You have a more effective nonverbal presence and a greater appeal that comes across even through the screen on dating apps. 

Physical attractiveness significantly impacts various social interactions, but perhaps the greatest impact is in the realm of dating opportunities and romantic relationships. 

The science backs this up. 

In a study about speed dating, researchers found that a person’s physical attractiveness was the strongest predictor of initial attraction for both men and women.  

So, if getting a date has never been a problem for you, that’s a sign that you’re attractive. 

7) People enjoy seeing and talking to you

When you’re attractive, you’ll see it in the way people smile when they see you. 

Smiling is a natural and automatic response to seeing someone we find attractive. It’s a way to show interest and openness to forming a connection. 

Others also often come up to you and start conversations, regardless of where you are and what you’re doing. 

That’s because of the “attractiveness halo” effect. 

This refers to the phenomenon in which people tend to perceive physically attractive individuals more positively on a range of traits and characteristics. 

If someone is perceived as physically attractive, they may be seen as more intelligent, likable, competent, and even more honest and trustworthy, regardless of whether these traits are actually present.

Physical attractiveness may also be seen as a sign of good genes and overall health, making a person more desirable as a potential mate. 

Simply put, the halo effect operates on the belief that what’s beautiful is good.

8) People behave differently around you

Have you ever taken the time to notice how people behave around you? Do they seem nervous or confused? 

If yes, that could be a sign they find you attractive. 

For many people, keeping their cool around a gorgeous person can be difficult. 

They suddenly feel self-conscious and don’t know how to behave. They get stressed and may even lapse into stuttering because they don’t know how to talk to you. 

9) People are always trying to help you

If you find that other people jump at the opportunity to help you with a problem or difficult situation, that’s a clue to how attractive you are. 

This is an unfair advantage that naturally good-looking people have—they inspire others to take action and lend a hand. 

Human beings tend to be more helpful when they want to make a good impression.

Plus, the attractiveness halo effect comes into play again. Our overall impression of a person gives us a cognitive bias that affects how we feel about them. 

 So, if people quickly step forward to help you out, they likely want to impress you.

10) People have strong feelings about you

When you’re attractive, others tend to have definite feelings and opinions about you. This can go either way—it could be positive or negative. 

Some may seem overly warm and eager to be friends and get close to you. 

Others may go to the opposite end of the spectrum, displaying jealousy and petty behavior for no apparent reason. They might make mean remarks, treat you harshly, or feel threatened by you. 

Either way, it points to the fact that you never inspire lukewarm feelings in anyone. Your presence always elicits strong reactions in people. 

How to feel attractive

Feeling attractive begins with self-love. When you understand and accept yourself, you grow in self-esteem, and what other people think does not matter as much. 

Avoid comparing yourself to the (often unrealistic) beauty standards society sets. Keep critical thoughts at bay and replace them with affirmations and positive mantras. 

Embrace your quirks and flaws—your uniqueness sets you apart from the rest. At the same time, don’t be afraid to embrace change. 

Openness to new experiences can make you more attractive and your life much richer. 

It’s a beautiful cycle, really—the more you grow confident in your own skin, the more attractive you become. 

Final thoughts

It’s important to remember that attractiveness is not the most valuable thing in life. It definitely isn’t the only thing that determines your value.

Ultimately, what matters is that you focus on being happy and confident in yourself rather than trying to conform to society’s standards of attractiveness.

Remember, you’re at your best and most attractive when you’re just being your unique self.

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Tiffany Mcgee

Tiffany Mcgee

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