15 unfortunate signs you’re uglier than you think (and what to do about it)

Do you worry you’re an unattractive woman?

Does the word ugly come to mind?

The truth is, we’re all beautiful in our own way, but sometimes it helps to get an objective opinion and see what others see when they look at you.

Here are 15 unfortunate signs that you’re actually uglier than you think (sorry!) and exactly what you need to do to turn the tables.

1) You’re overweight

It’s no secret that carrying a little extra weight significantly reduces your attractiveness right from the outset.

It’s one of the first things people see when they meet you – and first impressions last.

Whether you’re rocking the saggy belly, drooping underarms, ‘kankles’, or the double chin, the easiest way to turn the tables on this one is to buckle down and do something about it.

This isn’t just about looks either. Adopting a healthy lifestyle will not only help you shed those kilos and send you soaring with attractiveness points, but it will also offer up a myriad of health benefits.

It’s time to book in that personal trainer and enjoy those boosts in energy, improved mood, reduced stress and so much more.

You will be feeling better and looking great in no time at all.

It also comes down to your food choices. Swap out that burger for a healthy salad wrap, and your body will love you for it. With just a few simple changes you can make your way from drab to fab in no time.

2) You’re underweight

That’s right, carrying a little excess puppy fat isn’t ideal, but neither is being skin and bone. Just like you can find yourself carrying too much weight, the opposite also knocks you right off that attractive ladder.

Being too skinny can make you look frail – too much skin and bone sticking out for the world to see.

It’s time for operation gain fat. If you simply struggle to gain weight, no matter what you eat, then consider turning that skin and bone into muscle.

A few extra kilos, even in muscle form, will give you a much better figure to work will and propel you into attractive territory.

3) You have bad teeth


If you open up your mouth to smile, only to reveal stained, crooked teeth – you can guarantee you’re uglier than you actually think.

Bad teeth are a big no, no. It’s hard to hold a conversation with someone, when you can’t take your eyes off their teeth.

It’s enough to turn anyone off.

The good news is, this one is easy enough to fix these days. From Invisalign to teeth whitening kits and braces, there are so many options that will have your pearly whites – pearly white!

All it takes is a quick trip to the dentist to work out your best options, and your teeth will be transformed for life.

You can smile wide knowing your teeth are adding to your attractiveness, rather than plunging you straight into the world of ugly.

Quick, take a look in the mirror and give your best smile…do your teeth need a little work?

4) Everyday is a bad hair day

Are you the type to pull your hair tightly back into a bun in the hopes that everyone will forget it even exists?

Or perhaps you let the frizz take over and simply embrace your hair in all its messy, unkept glory.

Either way, this hair of yours is definitely holding you back and tipping you over into the ugly territory.

As a woman, your hair should be your pride and joy. Sure, bad hair days do exist. But if you’re finding that everyday is a bad hair day for you, it’s time to do something about it.

Everyone’s hair is different. If you haven’t managed to work out yours, it’s time for a trip to the hairdresser.

Let them talk you through your options, and take down notes on caring for you hair. Did you know there are entire groups dedicated to curly hair and beating the frizz. If you look hard enough, you will find exactly where you hair belongs and how you can tame it into beauty.

Perhaps the first place to start is with a good cut and colour, then work on the ongoing maintenance.

It’s amazing how the right cut for your features can take you from drab to fab in seconds.

5) Poor personal hygiene

Washing regularly and popping on clean clothes each day might not be right up there on your list of importance – but it should be.

First impressions last. As do second and third impressions.

If you’re constantly dirty and have a stench about you, there’s no two ways about it. You’re definitely uglier than you think.

This is something you should get to work on straight away, and not just for others. It’s something you should be doing for yourself as well!

It’s amazing what a difference a daily shower and fresh, clean clothes can make. You

6) You don’t smile

Believe it or not, something as simple as choosing not to smile can send you plummeting on the attractive radar.

It’s such a simple thing to do, and it can really boost your attractiveness to those around you.

A smile can make others feel warm and comfortable when they’re in your presence. It can also share a lot about your personality and the type of person you are.

A smile does so much more than just boosting your outer beauty. It also offers an insight into your stunning inner beauty just waiting to be discovered.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to that mirror and start practising your best, most genuine smile. Take yourself out of the ugly books and have people lining up to get to know you better.

It’s amazing what a smile can achieve.

7) You have poor posture

Put simply, poor posture is downright ugly.

Do you slouch when eating your food?

Do you hunch over while you’re driving?

Do you walk down the street with your head dropping below the shoulders?

It’s true, you’re definitely uglier than you think – and for good reason. Passersby can barely get a good look at your face when you’re constantly hunched over!

Poor posture also says so much more about you as a person.

It suggests you’re not overly confident – on the shy side – or simply aren’t willing to put in the effort and give anyone the time of day.

It also indicates that you don’t really care about your appearance, which automatically ramps up that ugly factor.

So, it’s time to change that around, and it all starts by simply being a little more aware of the way you hold yourself.

Hold that head up high and pull your shoulders back. You will need to constantly remind yourself throughout the day, after all, old habits can be hard to break.

If you’re truly determined to make a difference, then this will eventually become second nature to you and you’ll find yourself thinking about it less and less.

Before long, you will be giving off an air of confidence and beauty as you take to the streets.

8) You don’t dress well

That’s right, the way you dress could be the determining factor that is making you uglier than you think.

Just because something is in fashion, doesn’t mean it’s the right fashion choice for you.

Everyone’s bodies are different – in a great way! Some have curvier hips, others more straight up and down. It’s important to choose clothing that suits your body shape, so it enhances those amazing qualities you have to show off.

Whether you’re wearing things that are too tight, showing off the wrong parts of your body, or opting for prints that simply clash with your features, it’s time to make a change.

If you’re not sure where to start, it might be worthwhile hiring a personal stylist just to get you on the right path.

Once you know exactly how to dress yourself in order to look your best, your beauty points are going to go through the roof.

It’s amazing how much influence the clothes we choose to wear each and every day have on the way we look to others.

9) You swear a lot

Let’s face it, swearing certainly has a time and place, but if that time and place is whenever and wherever, you’re definitely giving off an ugly vibe.

There’s simply nothing more off-putting than having to listen to someone swear multiple times in one sentence.

It simply makes you ugly.

It also suggests that you are perhaps lacking a little in the intelligence department since your vocabulary is so limited. And you can guarantee that any respect people might have had for you on first meeting will immediately fly out the window along with your cuss words.

Wanting to make a change? It’s time to pick up a book and improve your vocabulary so you don’t feel the need to swear every second word.

One great idea is to create a swear jar at home.

This will make you more aware of just how often you’re throwing a swear word into the mix, so hopefully you can start to make some changes.

You’ll be amazed at just how much more people will respect you once you respect yourself. Plus, they will have the opportunity to actually see your beauty, which has been hiding behind those cuss words.

10) You have bad skin

If you find that people are constantly offering you advice on a good skincare regime, take it as a hint that your bad skin is holding you back.

While most people immediately jump to pimples and blackheads as a sign of ugliness, oily, dry and patchy skin is just as bad. It’s making you look uglier than you think.

Sure, you can pile on the foundation and do your best to hide it as much as possible, but this is simply a bandaid solution to a bigger problem. Plus, it means steering clear of pools or the beach for risk of it washing off.

Instead, it’s time to take up that skincare routine and see just how much it can transform your look. If your problems are bigger than what’s contained in a beauty jar, then simply book into the dermatologist and put yourself first.

Healthy, nourished skin is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and instantly transform the way you look.

11) Some poor choice tattoos

Not all tattoos are bad. Some of them have beautiful meaning behind them and are subtle enough to really add to your overall appearance.

Some, but not all.

If your friends and family are suggesting you find ways to cover up your tattoo – perhaps for a job interview or a nice party – take it as a sign that they have offence with the tattoo itself.

They are letting you know that it’s detracting from your attractiveness – hence the need to be covered.

Don’t worry, these days you have a number of options available to you. To start with, you can simply have the tattoo removed. If you’re rather attached to it, then consider buying clothing that covers it up. If all else fails there are some good foundations out there to do the job for you.

12) You have anger issues

It’s true that people with short tempers tend to have fewer friends. People don’t want to stick around to be yelled at on a daily basis. It scares people away.

A short temper gives off the air of ugliness. People are unable to see past your poor attitude to even consider whether you’re actually beautiful.

They are simply met with the temper first and immediately pop you into ugly territory.

To help sort this one, an anger management course might be on the cards. It’s the best way to help you get control of those anger impulses.

Beauty is just around the corner!

13) You have shocking manners

Do you tend to forget your pleases and thank yous?

Prefer to push past people rather than wait in line?

You’re definitely uglier than you think – and don’t be surprised if people don’t want to hang around you.

Poor manners is ugly. There’s no two ways about it. It makes you appear entitled and rude, which aren’t attractive qualities anyone wants to be associated with.

Now’s the time to find where you left your manners and pick up some good habits. Throwing a few pleases and thank yous into your daily interactions and watch your attractiveness grow.

14) You have dirty nails

This is one of the biggest signs of ugliness! Dirty nails…

Honestly, how long would it actually take you to simply clean out your nails and get rid of any built-up dirt underneath them?

A couple of minutes is all you need.

One look at your nails and people around you are throwing you straight into the ugly category. As they do, they’re also wondering what other parts of your body fall into your ‘can’t be bothered’ category.

For such a quick and simple fix, it’s easy to see why dirty nails give off such an ugly vibe.

Look down at your nails right now – do they need a clean? Take two minutes and get the job done and send yourself skyrocketing into attractive territory.

15) The compliments say it all

When you meet people, consider how they choose to compliment you.

If they focus on your appearance, then it’s a good sign you have some attractive qualities about you. For example, if they say you have a nice dress, your hair looks great, or your nails are amazing.

On the other hand, if they choose to compliment something completely obscure about you, it’s because they’re stretching to find something to say and don’t want to lie. In other words, they find you unattractive. They might share how much they love your phone or something else completely left field.

It’s a sure sign that you’re uglier than you think and those around you are trying not to hurt your feelings.

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