10 powerful heart chakra opening symptoms (and what to expect)

There are seven wonders in the world and seven chakras in our bodies. I don’t think this is a coincidence.

The chakras are energy centers in our bodies; each one is as vitally important as the next. 

They hold our energy, which allows us to function as spiritual beings and helps us transform and evolve throughout our lives. 

These chakras must be in a state of balance, openness, and freedom. Only this way they will work as they should. 

However, what if one of the chakras becomes blocked or stops working properly? Is there a way to fix that? 

Continue reading to find out the 10 powerful heart chakra opening symptoms (and what to expect)!

1) You’ll let go of the past

Overthinking about the past is what keeps us trapped in a downward spiral. Constantly thinking about our worries only adds to our low emotional state and negatively influences our self-esteem and our vibrations. 

Overthinking is one of the main reasons why the heart chakra might not be working properly. 

Once we heal that and let the heart’s energy flow again, we can let go of those negative and useless thought patterns. In a way, when we “fix” our heart chakra, we “cleanse” our energy. 

When I started practicing letting go of the past, I could release a lot of emotional baggage that I was carrying without even noticing it. 

I was the one person who always forgave abuse and selfish behavior, and thus my heart chakra was getting blocked, and its energy was robbed from me by negative people. 

I constantly felt anxious, and I could never feel happy or fulfilled. 

Finally, I learned how to let my energy flow again. I could forgive the people who’d hurt me, and I could keep healthy boundaries for myself. 

This way, I opened my heart chakra and let the energy circulate freely.

2) You will feel connected with others

When our heart chakra is open, we can fully embrace and embody the profound connection between all elements of the Universe. 

This deep feeling allows us to develop stronger bonds with those close to us, as well as with people in general, the “flora and fauna” of the earth… and even non-physical spirits!

How can you check if you’re connected to other beings? These are some of the signs:

  • You’ll be more receptive to authentic connections with other people. Dedicate the time to explore shared interests or appreciate the unique differences each person can contribute to the tapestry of your life;
  • You may find yourself at peace with solitude and able to connect deeply with and appreciate your own energy in ways you didn’t even know before;
  • You’d feel a deep sense of compassion for others;
  • You’ll feel like you love the whole world for no particular reason.

When this energy starts flowing in your life, you will also feel the need to spend time in nature and natural environments. 

The color associated with the heart chakra is green, so it makes sense that you will want to be in lush green spaces like a forest or even the mountains. It will help you restore that energy even more. 

3) Your emotions will constantly change

Remember that we are talking about the heart: it’s where our emotions are “stored.”

If you experience a rush of emotions, it might be a sign that the heart chakra is opening inside you. 

When it doesn’t happen, you will feel “emotionless” or suppress emotions when they appear. Since the flow is “blocked,” when it releases, it will be more intense than what you’re used to. 

What can happen as well is that you will deal with emotions that you can’t name at first because of their overwhelming power. It’s important that you give yourself space to free and release these emotional states, not block your heart chakra again. 

When the blockage is gone and the emotions mellow, your heart chakra is back in balance. 

I felt like I’m “half alive,” with my feelings being active only for around 20% of what they should’ve felt for a long time…

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4) Compassion will become your second nature

As you deepen your connection with everything and everyone around you, your heart will overflow with kindness and compassion towards other beings, humans, animals, and plants. 

This will make it easier for you to forgive the mistakes and even the cruelty of others around you. The hurt and pain will come and go, but you will be able to keep healthy boundaries with everyone and not hold a grudge toward them.

It’s a good skill to learn to be more compassionate, but it’s also a great way to open your heart chakra if you feel it’s blocked.

5) Your chest will feel “lighter”

Our bodies can store our emotions, and a lot of scientists say that we get sick when we don’t express our feelings. 

What does this mean?

Well, a chain of thoughts, or even a single thought, can cause a reaction that quickly translates into our body. 

Think of anxiety attacks; for example, the body isn’t hurt, but it reacts as if it were physically sick because the mind is suffering. 

This is why some emotions are “heavy,” and some are “light.” 

When our heart chakra is flowing and opening, the most common physical symptom is feeling light in the chest, quite literally. 

You might even feel as if you can breathe a little easier. 

6) You will face your own demons

Confronting our inner demons can be one of the most daunting parts of the heart chakra opening process. 

But it can also be the most freeing part of all. 

This is why most people are hesitant to open their heart chakra: it can bring to light the parts of ourselves we have pushed aside, the ones that we don’t like.

Although opening our heart chakra can lead us to a better life full of love and kindness, this doesn’t happen until we face our demons and monsters within. And we all have some! 

The heart chakra plays a huge role in our subconscious, bringing forward all our most cruel and darkest parts. This includes:

  • Negative feelings we suppressed;
  • Overwhelming emotions that we didn’t express;
  • Unresolved trauma that we still carry around;
  • Abusive events that we didn’t process;
  • Perversions or moments of perversion that are still alive in our memory;
  • Addictions and other maladaptive behaviors that steal our focus from the good in life.

I had a lot of terrible nightmares, brought on by past trauma until I could free the energy blocked in my heart chakra.

It can be hard to meet your demons, but it’ll feel much better when you do that. Trust me!

7) Your relationships will be healthier

With keeping good boundaries inevitably comes a healthier relationship not only with yourself but with everyone else. 

There will be an improvement in the people that surround you and in your relations as well. 

Especially those of a romantic nature! 

You will be more aware of whatever your partner is going through and how your behavior might affect them. This will transform both you and another person. 

Cruel actions and behaviors have no place in a good, healthy relationship. If you’re guilty of this, your heart chakra will help you change. 

If your partner is the cruel one, then you will be able to resolve it or end things in a way that will benefit you and your peace of mind. 

8) You’ll get to know yourself better

Opening our heart chakra allows us to know ourselves better and to explore ourselves and our likes and dislikes. 

This can happen through a spiritual awakening or a dark moment where we face our demons. 

Either way, the heart chakra allows us to upgrade our lives in whatever way we need. It brings forward abundance and authenticity. 

This new journey creates space for us to travel, for new and exciting things, and for a lot more that we can’t even imagine. 

9) You’ll find happiness in little things

The small things in life are what matters in the end. Little but significant details is what the heart chakra allows us to notice when it’s healthy and balanced. 

You will feel a curiosity and sense of wonderment that you haven’t felt since childhood, and the world will be brighter and more exciting. 

The sun on your skin, a good breakfast, and even butterflies flying around will fill you with an overwhelming feeling of happiness and joy.

10) You will hear the Universe more clear

The force of the universe, God, or whatever you call it isn’t always audible. If we open our hearts, we can hear it better and know that we’re being guided through life. 

We might start seeing synchronicities, for example, and the more our chakras are flowing, the better we will perceive the world around us and our own life. 

When your heart chakra starts opening, you will surrender to the flow of life and the universe like you’re meant to do. You’ll let go and start enjoying life to the fullest

You will have more confidence in your decisions, knowing that you can face the consequences and that everything will be okay in the end. 

Anxiety and frustration will not govern your lives anymore. You’ll feel cared for and protected. 

What does the heart chakra control?

There are seven primary chakras:

  • Root Chakra; 
  • Sacral Chakra
  • Solar Plexus Chakra;
  • Throat Chakra;
  • Third Eye Chakra;
  • Crown Chakra.

The heart chakra is part of this system. Its Sanskrit name is “Anahat,” but it’s also known as the “Fourth chakra” in English. 

The energy around this chakra is green, and it’s located above the heart. 

It controls our ability to love, experience different emotions, and act on them. If it’s healthy, we can feel the love around us. 

When it comes to our physical bodies, the heart chakra is felt in the chest, in our heart. 

When this chakra isn’t balanced, it can be dangerous for our blood pressure, and we can also experience chest pain and shortness of breath, along with bad blood circulation.

What are the signs of a blocked heart chakra?

Since it’s related to our emotions, we block the energy of the heart chakra if we repress those emotions. 

Wounds, past trauma, and anything we don’t process in a healthy way–become another blockage. 

Experiencing bad romantic relations, being surrounded by cruel people, or becoming a victim of narcissistic abuse are just some of the ways in which our heart chakra can get blocked. 

Physical illnesses related to the heart or chest can also affect it. 

As for the symptoms, these can vary because we’re all different. As a general rule, these are the signs of a blocked fourth chakra: 

  • Holding grudges against people from the past;
  • Overthinking past relationships;
  • Having trust or commitment issues; 
  • Feeling lonely and unloved;
  • Being defensive, pushing people away;
  • Not paying attention to your needs; 
  • Living with constant stress and anxiety;
  • High blood pressure, heart palpitations, respiratory issues, etc. 

How do we balance the heart chakra?

Our energy centers, our chakras. Life can be overwhelming, and we won’t always be in perfect condition. However, it’s possible to work on balancing your heart chakra since it’s a very important one. 

For balancing your heart chakra, these things work best: 

  • Cultivating gratefulness for life, either through writing a gratitude journal or meditation at the end of each day;
  • Practicing different yoga poses to help the energy flow better, like Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose). Or more intense and difficult ones like Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (Upward-Facing Dog Pose) and Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge Pose), and Matsyasana (Fish Pose);
  • Meditating and trying to tune into the frequency of peace and love;
  • Keeping heart-opening crystals  like quartz, for example, around; 
  • Getting into affirmations–you can practice the ones that help you release your heart chakra.

The heart chakra should be clear from past traumas and glowing with love and gratitude if we want to be physically and mentally healthy.

What can you expect when the heart chakra is opening?

It’s difficult to describe in words the feeling of a heart chakra that is balanced and open to the world. 

I mean, tears are, of course, to be expected, but they’re not sad tears at all. 

You can feel the love flowing through your body, and it’s much more overwhelming than you can imagine, but in the best possible way. 

It definitely changes your life for the better. 

The heart chakra can be considered a door, a portal to higher consciousness. A spiritual awakening that will leave you shaking but happier than you were before. 

You can shed old prejudices and negative beliefs away because empathy and love will wait for you on the other side. 

What are the heart-opening crystals for the fourth chakra?

Certain crystals and stones possess unique properties and vibrational frequencies that can assist us in addressing emotional issues, specifically those related to the heart chakra.

Rose quartz is the most common one since it’s believed that it can bring on healing energy and helps us with anxiety, for example. 

This is especially good for when we want to attract love or get over a breakup. 

Chakra stones have infinite ways in which we can use them. We can wear rings and necklaces or buy stones and place them around us while we meditate. 

Some affirmations to help heal and unblock your heart chakra

Practicing affirmations can amplify the positive energy associated with the heart chakra.

Maintaining a gratitude journal aids in recognizing the blessings of the present time. Here are a few examples of affirmations that can foster positivity in the heart:

  • I love and accept myself on every level;
  • I am loved by the Universe, and that’s enough;
  • I can love and enjoy loving others;
  • I am forgiven for my mistakes;
  • I am grateful for life and the opportunities I get;
  • I value and appreciate the love in all its forms;
  • I am worthy of love;
  • I love all beings, and I cultivate compassion in my heart;
  • I am in harmony with myself and others.

Once a chakra has been opened, does it remain open?

For some chakras, yes, especially if we constantly work on our energy to keep and protect it. 

However, in most cases, some of our chakras are more open than others, and that’s okay. As I said before, we’re not perfect, and we’re not meant to be either. 

Everything can impact our chakras, not only our emotions but life itself. This is why they need to be cared for, and we need to be cared for too. 

If we allow negative things to accumulate, most surely, our chakras will start getting blocked, even if we have worked on them before. 

Healing and cleansing our energy centers must be a daily practice so we can process everything in the best possible way. 

Will my body change if I heal my chakras?

Yes, some of the symptoms can be shown in our physical body. For the heart chakra, we might notice that our eating habits change in a healthier way. 

The urge to eat snacks or fast food will diminish the more present we are. 

Some people might even become vegans or vegetarians in order to keep this energy around. 

You can also start exercising more easily. 

Your body is basically cleaning toxins just like your energy system is. 

In a nutshell

The lower three chakras govern more physical and material aspects of our lives, but the heart chakra is related to our spirit and soul connecting with the earth. 

We can’t feel true empathy if our heart chakra isn’t healthy and flowing. Our mind will get in the way, and since it’s trying to protect us, we might feel inclined to be sarcastic. 

But you have to continue opening your heart chakra if you feel like the process has begun. It’s a chakra of love and connection with others, don’t let it get blocked!

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