25 things you should (& shouldn’t) do on a full moon for good luck

Once in 28 days, the full moon makes its appearance, lighting up our night sky.

Full moons can be the most powerful astrological events filled with manifestation and self-realisation. Knowing the right rituals and practices to tap into its potential can greatly enhance what you get out of one.

Full moons are about endings, and how you choose to spend your full moon, will give you all the luck you need jumping into your next life challenge.

Next time a full moon comes along, you want to make sure you’re doing (nor not doing) everything possible to take advantage of this unique event and bring you good luck.

Start preparing!

17 things you should do on a full moon for good luck

1) Clear your mentals space

The full moon offers good luck as it boosts your energy. In order to receive this, you need to remove any of that negative energy you’re holding on to in your body and mind.

This isn’t an easy task. Take a few moments to yourself to really look at any negative thoughts that are creeping their way into your daily life. Thoughts that aren’t serving your life purpose or helping you get where you want to be.

The best way to tackle these is by creating positive affirmations to bring back that positive outlook.

2) Clear your physical space

Now that you have cleared your mental space, it’s time to tackle your physical space. Thankfully, this process is much easier.

Go through your living space and take a look at all your possession. Give away anything you’re no longer using. Holding onto things can bring down our energy. By cleansing yourself of possession you don’t need it will help to lighten that load.

3) Charge your crystals

The light from the full moon is the perfect opportunity for both charging and cleansing your crystals. The full moon brings about good luck, with our intentions and emotions out in the open, allowing you to process them, heal and then let go.

So, how can you go about it? It’s actually very simple. Leave your crystals outside in a space where the light from the full moon can hit it. The full moon will then infuse your crystal with the vibrations connected to it.

4) Meditate

While many view the full moon as new beginning, it’s more accurately indicating the end of a phase. This is an opportunity for some self-reflection, so you can leave behind the past and look towards the future with an open mind. As full moons are about endings, it’s a great chance to meditate and reflect on your thoughts.

If you’re new to meditating, it’s an art that can be done in so many different ways that focuses on paying attention to your breath (and is something you can do every day, not just when there’s a full moon). Clear out some time in your schedule to sit alone and give it a go, or do it between activities. For example, in the car when you’re waiting for the kids to come out of school. Meditation can be done anywhere.

When we pay attention to our breath, it’s teaching us to return to it, and remain in the present moment.

5) Dance it out

Sounds fun – and it is! All that energy build-up you have from the past month needs to go, and dancing is the perfect way to shake it off.

Let loose any way you like. Dress up, throw on some heels, turn the music up, and pop some disco lights on. The idea is to let the music take your body away, and shift the focus from all that built-up energy. Allow it to simply drift away in time with the music.

6) Say goodbye to emotional baggage

Emotional baggage tends to build up without us even being aware. By taking the time for self-reflection on the night of a full moon, you have an opportunity to notice any patterns, behaviours, or relationships that are stopping you from achieving the life you want.

The full moon is a reminder that it’s time for this emotional baggage to come to an end. It’s time for something new. In order to reap the good luck of a full moon, take the gentle reminder to let the baggage go, or at least question why it’s there and what purpose it’s serving in your life.

7) Check your goals

Over time you find yourself setting goals and then going about your daily life and forgetting about them. From starting a new degree to spending more time with your kids, goals come in all shapes and forms and now is the perfect chance to check over them once more. Strike off any that you have accomplished and feel that overwhelming sense of pride that comes with it.

If you have too many things you’re hoping to achieve it can feel overwhelming and create negative energy. The full moon is the perfect opportunity to review where you’re at and lighten the load.

8) Hold a moon circle

A full moon circle is a great way to bring your friends and family together to help you work with the full moon.

Your circle can be anything you want. It generally involves clearing energy, setting new intentions and reflecting with those closest to you. Offering up a clean slate with the new full moon.

9) Do a manifestation ritual

Is there a goal you’re working towards that you could do with a little help with? From getting that promotion at work to shedding those extra kilos, a full moon manifestation ritual can help solidify your full moon intentions.

  • Gather some inspirational objects (a note pad from work, an outfit you hope to fit into, etc)
  • Sit in front of it and meditate for a few minutes to clear your mind.
  • Close your eyes and visualise exactly what you want.

10) Take a moon bath

Who doesn’t love a bath? A full moon bath is another way you can set your intentions and manifest your dreams. You can make it an entire ritual, or keep things nice and simple.

Relax back in the tub, and say your intentions out loud as you imagine them coming into fruition. Tune into all your senses in the process, and tap into exactly how your body feels in the moment. You can even take a dip in a pool, lake or ocean.

11) Do a tarot reading

A full moon can be considered a very spiritual time. Tarot cards can be used to offer insight into your future, or at least a specific situation or problem. When there is a full moon, the mystics are completely visible to offer a good reading.

12) Journal

If you’re looking for a nice and easy way to bring good luck at the next full moon, sit down and lose yourself in some journaling.

It’s a chance to write about anything you like, but you also have the opportunity to focus on manifesting your dreams into reality.

Ask yourself the hard questions and really get to the root of what is holding you back.

  • What is stopping me from living my best life?
  • How can I rid any negativity that is holding me back?
  • What do I want to achieve?
  • Where do I see myself in 5 years?

The full moon is all about endings – and then new beginnings. It’s a chance for you to reflect on where you are at, and where you want to be.

13) Get outside

This one seems obvious. There’s no point setting yourself up inside for the night while a magical full moon is taking place above you.

Get outdoors, into nature and soak up the rays of the vibrant full moon. It will connect you both to the nature surrounding you, as well as the full moon itself.

You can choose on – or a few – of the activities already mentioned and bring the outdoors. Journal under the moon, take a moon bath in a nearby lake, or even dance it out in your backyard.

14) Do a self-love ritual

Harnessing the good luck a full moon brings with it requires you to really focus on yourself and saying goodbye to anything that is weighing you down and holding you back.

This is hard to do if you don’t value yourself in the first place. A full moon is the perfect opportunity for you to take part in a self-love ritual. It can be almost anything that makes you feel loved and appreciate yourself and where you are at in your life.

Firstly, start by doing some breathwork to really connect yourself to your body.

Here are some ideas to get you started

  • Sit in front of a mirror and focus on yourself in the reflection. Repeat a mantra of your choice: “I am strong”, “I am worthy”, “I am loved”.
  • Do a workout: taking care of your body is the perfect way to show it a little self-love.
  • Grab a piece of paper and write down everything you have achieved. We often rely on others to validate us, but it’s important to recognise our own worth.
  • Pamper yourself: take part in a full moon bath and add in a face mask or a manicure to really take care of yourself.

A self-love ritual is all about making yourself feel valued and appreciated.

15) Eat a healthy meal

While it’s important to cleanse both your physical and mental space during a full moon, it’s equally as important to cleanse your body as well. You can achieve this with a nice, healthy meal to welcome the full moon.

Opt for nice and fresh vegetables and grains. In Summer, toss them together into a healthy and nutritious salad. In Winter, enjoy them in a hearty vegetable stew.

These meals offer both nourishment and comfort as they cleanse your body.

16) Tie up lose ends

The full moon is all about endings, so it pays to tie up any lose ends of your own you might have. This could be anything from finishing a project at work, to finalising that DIY at home you have been doing for the past few months.

Anything that you have been putting off – or simply procrastinating with. Now’s the time to clear that list to make room for new projects ready for you to tackle.

Be proud of what you have accomplished!

17) Relax

Often, the best way to celebrate this lunar phase is by relaxing back and enjoying the full moon at its finest. Clear away any distractions around you – mind, space and body – then settle back and lose yourself in your thoughts.

This can be all it takes to suddenly become aware and connected to our thoughts and feelings and what is troubling us. It can help with the process of letting go of any of that emotional baggage and moving on to that next phase waiting.

Let your thoughts guide you.

7 things you should NOT do on a full moon

As the new moon waxes (increasing towards full light) it is the perfect chance to set intentions and plan new projects. Once the full moon arrives, it begins waning (decreasing in light), and is the perfect opportunity to reflect on our lives and what’s no longer working for us.

Here’s what you should avoid doing during a full moon to really get the most out of it.

1) Rush out to start something new

While it might be tempting to use the full moon and the energy it brings as an excuse to rush out and start something new, this is not the time. A full moon is a chance to reflect, rest and release. If you can, wait to start your new projects a couple of days after. You will be in a much healthier headspace, clear of doubt and any negative energy holding you back and ready to start something new.

2) Overact

The intense energy from the full moon brings with it equally intense emotions – and it’s easy to get a little carried away with it all. This also means, everyone else’s emotions are raised as well. Out of character emotional flare-ups are expected at this time, so it’s important to resist the urge to snap as much as possible. Take three deep breaths and simply walk away if you need to.

3) Make any hasty decisions

While spontaneity is the spice of life, it’s something you want to avoid during a full moon. The impulses will be there, and with it the temptation to make a hasty decision and act on it. It’s important to give yourself the time and space – away from the full moon – to come to terms with any decision you make. Be patient.

4) Overwork

In order to harness the energy from the full moon, it’s important to step back and relax. It’s easy to get carried away and overdo it, overworking yourself. Let go of all that stress. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you don’t manage to do the full moon rituals perfectly. It’s about getting into the right state of mind and giving it a go.

5) Make life-changing decisions

When the full moon glows in all it’s glory it can bring with it heightened emotions. This can often prompt you to make impulsive decisions that change the course of your life. If you find yourself with such inspiration, write it down to come back to and avoid acting on it in the moment. Come back with a clear head after the full moon before deciding if it’s the right thing for your life.

6) Initiate intense discussions

Again, it all comes down to those heightened emotions. Now isn’t the time to bring up an intense discussion with someone close to you. It will only fuel those emotions and bring about a heated argument. The full moon is an opportunity to make peace with yourself. Go internal and reflect on things in your life that are bringing in that negative energy, and go about making change after the full moon has passed and you can think with a clearer mind.

7) Rush the process

The full moon is all about alignment. It’s when the moon is aligned with the sun and earth that it is lit up and radiates for a short period of time. There is a belief that when this occurs, the moon opens up a gateway with the universe – offering us an opportunity to align ourselves with it.

This alignment is stressed in both the law of attraction and manifestation. The more we allow ourselves to tune in with this, the better equipped we are to notice any signs the universe is sending our way. Doing (and not doing) these 25 things will help you align yourself with the universe and avoid any missteps or wrong paths, while taking advantage of every opportunity that presents itself.

It’s all the good luck in the world.

Making the most of a full moon

The full moon is a chance to reflect on your personal challenges and get yourself ready for new challenges to come. If you’re still not sure where to begin with full moon rituals and meditation, here’s the help you need.

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