28 popular starseed types: Which star system are you from?

You feel different from everyone else in a way that’s hard to put into words.

You have an extra sharp intuition and empathy. You feel homesick even at home, and sometimes like you just don’t belong anywhere — yet a sense of still searching for fulfillment makes you unable to leave.

The signs all point to one thing: you’re a starseed.

But if you really want to complete your mission, you can’t stop there. You have to dig deeper and figure out exactly which starseed type you are.

Figuring this out is the key to understanding your mission on Earth and the best way to fulfill it.

In this guide, we’ll give you all the tools and information you need so you can move forward on your starseed journey.

What is a starseed?

There are 28 different types of starseeds that you could be, all with an amazing, unique mission to fulfil.

But first, what do they all have in common? In other words, what exactly is a starseed in general?

Basically a starseed is an advanced spiritual being. They originate in other planets and realms, and therefore have spiritual knowledge dating back thousands of years.

They are incarnated to Earth to complete a specific mission or deed.

This mission differs across starseed types, but overall it involves paving new pathways for the ascension of humans and Earth in general. This can include:

  • innovation
  • healing
  • creativity
  • understanding
  • love

Check out our guide to recognize the signs you are a starseed and the stages of a starseed awakening.

1) Pleiadian

Pleiadian starseeds come from the beautiful star cluster Pleiades. It’s also known as the Seven Sisters and Messier 45, located in the Taurus constellation.

Pleiadian Starseed physical traits:

  • well-defined facial features, like a chiseled jawline and prominent cheekbones

Pleiadian Starseed personality traits:

  • gentle, loving, and nurturing nature
  • extremely sensitive, prone to depression, insecurities, and anxieties if your chakras are out of balance
  • introverted, polite, and soft-spoken
  • tendency to seek validation from others
  • family-oriented, great with both kids and animals

Pleiadian Starseed interests and gifts

  • curious about astronomy, metaphysics, astrology, and space
  • incredibly developed creativity
  • gifted in arts and traditional healing practices
  • drawn to altruistic and humanitarian endeavors

Pleiadian Starseed mission:

According to Western Hermeticism, Pleiadian starseeds have one aim only: to be the record keepers of Earth. They use their esoteric knowledge to help develop their own healing abilities, contribute to collective consciousness, and help those who seek the truth.

2) Sirian

Sirian starseeds come from the Sirius Dog Star, or Alpha Canis Majoris. Not only the brightest star in the night sky, it is also the subject of many legends and myths — for good reason! It’s often said that Sirius is the most important star in our sky for the evolution of humanity.

Sirian Starseed personality traits:

  • lead a simple life but see the magic in the mundane
  • generally open-minded, but reserved when it comes to romantic relationships
  • tight circle of friends and very loyal to them
  • struggle to express personal feelings
  • great sense of humor
  • value personal freedom
  • process things internally

Sirian Starseed interests and gifts:

  • keen to learn about anything mystical, metaphysical, and magical
  • tend to have vivid daydreams
  • no interest in power, status, or luxury
  • very fond of dogs

Sirian Starseed mission:

Starseeds are the peacekeepers and guardians of the universe. Their purpose is to watch over other souls and guide them in times of turbulence. They help point the way towards enlightenment and spiritual awakening, but they must first go through it themselves.

3) Arcturian

Arcturian starseeds come from the Arcturus star in the Bootes constellation.

Arcturian Starseed personality traits:

  • natural born leaders
  • strong-willed and charismatic
  • very passionate about their work
  • highly organized
  • logical thinkers
  • extroverted and love attention
  • high drive for success and tend to “climb the corporate ladder”
  • ability to be compassionate, but very guarded
  • clearly express anger when upset
  • can seem callous, not in tune with other’s emotions

Arcturian Starseed interests and gifts:

  • most likely to work in logical thinking fields: science, math, technology, architecture, engineering, medicine
  • natural healers
  • gifted at telepathy, divination and channeling
  • great public speakers

Arcturian Starseed mission:

Arcturians are the builders, the architects, and the planners of the universe. They are said to be responsible for creating the template for how life should be lived on Earth. Their mission on Earth is to innovate, drive development, and guide the world towards a brighter future.

Need help identifying your starseed type?

It’s pretty clear to you that you’re a starseed — you feel strongly identified with all the signs, and many of the points on this page make all your insides scream “Yes! That’s it!”

This is incredibly exciting, and the very first step in your divine spiritual journey.

But let’s be real.

It can be real tough trying to figure out your origins when they are millions upon millions of lightyears away. And even today, so little is widely known about starseeds that trying to figure it out is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

But here’s why this is so important:

If you don’t know what your destination is supposed to be, you’re going to have a real hard time getting there! You may as well stop moving, as you could just as easily be going farther away from your goal as closer to it.

So if you want to save years, or even lifetimes of aimless wandering, take matters into your own hands and speak with a gifted advisor.

They can answer questions like, what starseed type am I? What is my personal starseed mission? What stage of starseed awakening am I in, and how do I move forward?

How to find the best gifted advisor to figure out your exact starseed type

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4) Andromedan

Andromedan starseeds come from the spiral-shaped galaxy Andromeda. There are much fewer Andromedans on Earth than other starseed types, although the galaxy is relatively close to Earth.

Andromedan Starseed physical traits:

  • Tall and thin physique

Andromedan Starseed personality traits:

  • Pursue the truth no matter what
  • Easy to talk to
  • Laidback and carefree
  • Introverted, analytical, and highly observant
  • Great sense of humor
  • Don’t like being the center of attention
  • Drawn to teaching and inspiring others

Andromedan Starseed interests and gifts:

  • Deep appreciation for art and sciences
  • Value personal freedom
  • Drawn towards artistic and spiritual practices, like writing, composing music, or teaching spirituality
  • Long to travel the world and gain new experiences
  • Feel strongly connected to nature and cosmic energy

Andromedan Starseed mission:

Andromedam starseeds’ main mission is to re-align themselves with their own interdimensional version. This can take some time as their natural form exists up to the 12th dimension. So on Earth’s heavy and dense frequency, they can only retain a small amount of their true energy and find it difficult to adjust. But one they understand their true essence, they will naturally turn to helping Earth evolve and raise its own frequency.

5) Orion

Orion Starseeds come from one of the most easily recognizable constellations in our universe. As there are hundreds of stars and many planets in Orion, there are also several sub-types of Orion starseeds.

Orion Starseed personality traits:

  • Disciplined and great self-control
  • Goal-oriented and passionate about their work
  • Intellectual, logical, and rational thinkers rather than emotional
  • May seem cold or emotionless to others
  • Focus all their attention on one task at a time
  • Stick to the facts, which can lead to polarized opinions
  • Calm and adjusted
  • Perfectionists both towards themselves and others
  • Competitive and enjoy challenges

Orion Starseed interests and gifts:

  • Strong desire to inspire others
  • Hungry for knowledge of any type
  • Inquisitive and pursue the truth no matter what
  • Value alone-time
  • Likely to become entrepreneurs

Orion Starseed mission:

To complete their mission, Orion Starseeds must open up their heart chakra and learn to look beyond there pragmatic and logical thinking. Ultimately, they are meant to spur human’s advancement in medicine, science, and technology.

6) Mintakan

Mintakans are a sub-type of Orion Starseeds, as the Mintaka star system was originally part of the Orion belt. They are said to be the first star beings to incarnate to Earth, and thought to be the original Lightworkers. The Mintakan realm no longer exists, so any Mintakan starseeds still on Earth may feel particularly homesick.

Mintakan Starseed personality traits:

  • Strong sense of not belonging anywhere and homesickness
  • Compassionate, nurturing, and kind
  • Drawn to the ocean and aquatic creatures
  • Strong intuition and can easily detect dishonesty and deception
  • Tend to be impulsive and indecisive

Mintakan Starseed interests and gifts:

  • Aim to spread love and positivity around them
  • Value open and honest communication
  • Value freedom and novelty, don’t like to get attached to a particular place or person
  • Great at setting personal goals and achieving them

Mintakan Starseed mission:

Mintakans should first and foremost pursue their creative and artistic goals to express their most authentic self. In doing this, they will also contribute to clarity and healing of Earth as a whole. They reincarnated on Earth to bring out other people’s potential and the good inside them.

7) Lightworkers

Lightworkers are an extremely rare type of starseeds. They don’t all belong to one planet, or even star system, but come from a variety of different realms.

Lightworker Starseed personality traits

  • Experienced trauma early in life
  • Had a deep spiritual awakening that led to a major shift in their way of thinking
  • Rebellious and tend to go off the beaten path rather than following the herd
  • Set their own standard for success
  • Highly intuitive, sensitive, and in tune with their emotions
  • Give their all to everything they try
  • Often attract problems or problematic people

Lightworkers Starseed interests and gifts:

  • Gifted at psychic abilities, lucid dreaming, astral projection, or channeling
  • Great at using the law of attraction to manifest whatever they want
  • Extremely creative and artistic
  • Put off by chemicals and try to live “naturally”
  • Strong drive to serve others

Lightworker Starseed mission:

Lightworkers are here to spread love, kindness, and light. They must first heal their own past wounds and align with their truest selves. Then they can give themselves to leading a collective shift of the planet, through their creative pursuits or high vibrations.

8 & 9) Lemurian and Atlantean

These two starseed types are thought to be the first ever to originate on Earth.

Lemuria, also called the Island of Mu, was a large continent that sank in the Indian Ocean in ancient history. Atlantis was described by Plato as an ancient great empire on an island, destroyed in a natural disaster.

Both of these historic parts of Earth were home to advanced beings that had incredible technological, philosophical, and healing capabilities.

Though their home no longer exists, Lemurian and Atlantean starseeds continue to be incarnated on Earth, and share many things in common as they share their home planet.

Lemurian and Atlantean Starseed physical traits:

  • long flowing hair
  • often very tall

Lemurian and Atlantean Starseed personality traits:

  • instinctive, intuitive, and empathetic
  • strong team players who work well with others
  • outgoing and thrive in social situations
  • natural born leaders, teachers, or healers, passionate about helping others

Lemurian and Atlantean Starseed interests and gifts:

  • powerful psychic and clairvoyant abilities
  • amazing healing abilities
  • highly interested in atomic energy and technological advancement
  • drawn to lost and ancient civilizations

Lemurian and Atlantean Starseed mission:

Lemurian and Atlantean help fulfill several important purposes. More individually, they help humans heal from past trauma as well as reconnect to their core spirit. On a broader scale, they help create harmony on the planet.

Still not sure what starseed type you are?

If you pay close attention to the signs and traits on this page, you should be able to identify what starseed type you are.

But it’s not always simple for everyone. Starseeds are incredibly complex beings to begin with — they go beyond what science can discover at this point in its development, not to mention many people can be a blend of several different starseed types!

So if you want more clarity on this, the easiest way that will save you the most time, energy, and mistakes is to speak to a gifted advisor at Psychic Source.

I mentioned them earlier. They have helped me out in the past and I’ve always found them honest and compassionate in their readings.

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10) Maldek

Maldek starseeds are largely unknown, but very important starseeds. They originate from Maldek, a planet with an abundance of water and greenery that existed long before Earth became what it is today. The planet and its civilization was unfortunately destroyed due to its over reliance on robotic technologies… much like we are starting to today.

Maldek Starseed personality traits

  • warrior-style mentality
  • detail-oriented
  • tend to dig deeper and don’t accept simple explanations
  • prone to overanalyzing interactions with others
  • particular sense of humor that not everyone can understand

Maldek Starseed interests and gifts

  • well-developed creative and artistic abilities
  • able to perceive beyond the three basic dimensions
  • enjoy spending time alone
  • very intuitive and easily sense others’ moods and feelings
  • love discovering mysteries and working on challenges

Maldek Starseed mission

The Maldekian people relocated to Earth through incarnation to try to help another civilization avoid making the same mistakes. Their main aim is to educate humans and guide them towards better decisions in health, politics, and technology.

11) Lyran

Lyrans are the starseeds with the oldest souls in our galaxy as we know it. They hail from Vega the brightest planet in the Lyra constellation. But they weren’t alone — two similar ancient civilizations called Felines and Avians cohabited with them.

Lyran Starseed personality traits

  • tend to live in the present rather than ruminating on the past or worrying about the future
  • natural born leaders and problem-solvers
  • hard workers, not afraid of physical labor
  • great sense of when to keep persevering and when it’s time to let go
  • very passionate about anything they undertake
  • sensitive to injustice and not afraid to fight against it
  • calm and serious, yet confident
  • often make spontaneous decisions
  • often belong to fire signs: Sagittarius, Leo, or Aries

Lyran Starseed interests and gifts

  • love traveling and trying new things
  • fascinated by metaphysics, advanced technology, magic
  • strong interest in history,  lost lands and ancient civilizations
  • drawn to quirky and unconventional things
  • love having a good time with food, drink, exercise, and pleasure

Lyran Starseed mission

The mission of Lyrans is to live life to its fullest and set an inspiration for others to do the same. They spread wisdom where needed and help others make the most out of any circumstances thrown their way.

12) Feline

Feline starseeds come from the same planet as Lyrans: Vega in the Lyra constellation. They share many similarities in common with Lyran starseeds, but there are still some things that set them apart.

Feline Starseed physical traits

  • feline facial features like small nose or upturned eyes

Feline Starseed personality traits

  • require more sleep than typical humans (over 9 hours)
  • enjoy physical pleasures: exercise, food, sexuality
  • grounded mentality, yet willing to take risks
  • fiercely independent, don’t rely on anyone else
  • start new projects with great passion, but easily abandon them
  • often belong to fire signs, especially Leo and Sagittarius

Feline Starseed interests and gifts

  • cat-like curiosity leads you to travel and explore new things
  • feel a strong connection to cats or ancient Egypt
  • averse to water
  • enjoy social environments, but prefer to be an observer
  • artistically talented, especially things related to music: playing an instrument, singing, dancing

Feline Starseed mission

Similarly to Lyrans, Feline’s purpose on Earth is to live life with abundance and joy and inspire others to do the same. They forge new paths with their independent personalities and inspire others through their creativity and musical talent.

13) Avian

Like Felines and Lyrans above, Avian starseeds also originate from the planet Vega in the Lyra constellation. They share many points in common with Lyran starseeds, but they are still unique in their own way.

Avian Starseed physical traits

  • birdlike facial features, like a thin face and sharp pointed nose
  • often feel a heavy, tingling, or pulling feeling between shoulder blades (where wings would be)

Avian Starseed personality traits

  • positive, uplifting personality
  • ability to see the big picture but zero in on the tiniest details too
  • saying what you think is either your best asset or your biggest challenge

Avian Starseed interests and gifts

  • drawn to the sky and the expanse
  • love the sensation of flying
  • birds seem to be drawn to you, and you feel a deep connection with them too
  • artistically talented and incredibly creative
  • drawn to the color blue

Avian Starseed mission

Like Lyrans, Avians incarnated to Earth to show others how to make the most of life and its pleasures. Their cheerful nature and creativity inspires everyone around them to chase freedom and happiness, and they set a great example for how to do just that.

14) Blue Ray

Having traveled through different star systems, including Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, Orion, and Lyra, Blue Rays are like the intergalactic travelers of the universe. This makes them something like a “hybrid” mix of different starseed types.

Blue Ray Starseed personality traits

  • calm and reserved
  • at peace with themselves and every aspect of their life and existence
  • feel most comfortable expressing feelings through art
  • extremely empathetic, perceptive, and sensitive
  • compassionate and able to love deeply
  • easily adapt to harsh environments and bad conditions
  • prone to fatigue and overwhelm

Blue Ray Starseed interests and gifts

  • ability to transform negative energy into positive
  • able to quickly tap into skills and knowledge whenever it’s needed

Blue Ray Starseed mission

Blue Ray’s mission differs from that of many other starseeds, as they’re not necessarily here to help others in the individual sense. However, their purpose is crucial to all other starseeds: they are meant to set the stage for other starseeds to fulfill their purpose and help form communities that stick and work together.

15) Venusian / Hathor

Also called the “Hathors”, Venusian starseeds are intrinsically linked to the Egyptian cow-goddess of love, motherhood, and fertility. She awakened Venusian starseeds so they could carry out their divine purpose.

Venusian Starseed physical traits

  • slender and taller than average
  • often very attractive with conventionally desirable features (feminine women or masculine men)

Venusian Starseed personality traits

  • derive happiness from seeing loved ones thrive and be happy
  • nurturing and compassionate nature
  • very sensual and passionate, making it hard to commit to one partner
  • tend to avoid risk, sometimes seen as “flighty”
  • highly spiritual, need to be reminded to ground themselves

Venusian Starseed interests and gifts

  • deeply fascinated by metaphysics and new-age spirituality
  • intrigued by Egyptian mythology, especially the goddesses Hathor, Venus, and Aphrodite
  • interested alternative healing methods

Venusian Starseed mission

Considering their loving nature, it’s no surprise that the purpose of Venusian starseeds is to teach unconditional love, kindness, and acceptance.

16) Martian

As you would expect, Martian starseeds originate from the planet Mars. Though their origins are incredibly near (relatively speaking), they seem to be quite rare and very little is known about them.

Martian Starseed personality traits

  • trailblazers and freedom seekers

Martian Starseed interests and gifts

  • strong desire to innovate and advance the human race
  • deep connection to natural elements, especially fire and water
  • drawn to planet Mars, including visions and dreams

Martian Starseed mission

Martians incarnated to Earth for a single, yet crucial purpose: to propel the advancement and evolution of the human race.

17-20) Reptilians, Draconians, Lifgarians, and Grays

Reptilians and their sub races all come from the Draco constellation. They have a notoriously bad rep and are considered the “dark starseeds” because of their astute ability to manipulate and propensity to pursue selfish goals. However, throwing them all under this label would be like assuming all humans are bad just because some are.

The talents and high intelligence of reptilians are indeed very useful for manipulation and selfish gains, and Dark Reptilians dedicate their life to just that. But more evolved Reptilian starseeds choose to harness their gifts to do amazing good.

Differences between the Reptilian starseed sub-races:

There are several sub races of Reptilians — Draconians, Lifgarians, and Grays — which share their constellation and most qualities. However, each have their own particularities which can help differentiate between them:

1) Draconians: driven by their dominant personality and tendency to take control. Quicker to anger, but can maintain a deep sense of calm as well.

2) Lifgarians: tend to be more artistically oriented than other Reptilian starseeds.

3) Grays: the most feared of the Reptilian starseeds. Their brooding nature adds to their menacing appearance, but when they break through their primal selfish urges, they have amazing capacity for good.

Reptilian Starseed (and sub-races) possible physical traits

  • lower than usual body temperature
  • often feel cold and drawn to warm weather and the sun
  • lizard-like features: thin, long faces and bodies, lizard-like eyes
  • large head in proportion to a smaller body
  • no or almost no hair on body
  • dark brown or black eyes (particularly the Grays)
  • great stamina

Reptilian, Draconian, Lifgarian, and Gray Starseed personality traits

  • dominant, assertive, and confident
  • natural leaders and good at leading a team
  • don’t feel good being at the bottom of a hierarchy, rebel against authority
  • strong, stoic, and dutiful
  • often take jobs in government, politics, banking, elite clubs, pharmaceuticals, religion, and the media
  • feel misunderstood by most people
  • great at communicating and persuasion
  • very guarded, difficulty opening up and being vulnerable — often come off as “cold” or emotionless
  • when out of alignment, can be power-hungry and manipulative
  • when in alignment and from a higher dimension, aim to unite people

Reptilian, Draconian, Lifgarian, and Gray Starseed interests and gifts

  • drawn to reptiles, amphibians, and dragons
  • good at fitting in, much like a chameleon
  • great at innovating and finding new solutions
  • often drawn to science, math, and technology
  • keen observers and clever at deciphering body language
  • amazing perseverance for completing any task
  • not afraid of risks and often do dangerous jobs, such as shark divers, mountain climbers, or firefighters

Reptilian, Draconian, Lifgarian, and Gray Starseed mission

In order to fulfill their starseed mission, Reptilians and their sub races must first learn to transcend the pull of their ego and selfish desires. Once they do, they have incredible power to help elevate consciousness and vibrational energy, perhaps more than any other starseed.

Think you might be a Reptilian starseed?

If you can identify with the traits of one of the Reptilian starseed types, you might be having very mixed feelings right now.

How can I find my true starseed mission to do good? How do I overcome people’s prejudice towards my starseed type? And how can I be sure that this is truly my starseed type?

If you’re struggling with any of these questions, you can easily put them all to rest by speaking with a gifted advisor as early as today.

I mentioned Psychic Source earlier. Reptilian and Draconian starseeds are an often misunderstood topic, but it didn’t faze the advisor I spoke with. In fact, they blew me away with how knowledgeable and compassionate they were in their readings.

So don’t let yourself get bogged down by worries and anxieties. Speak to an advisor who’ll give you the answers you’re looking for.

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21) Annunaki

Originally from the planet Nibiru, Annunaki starseeds have roots in the Ancient Sumerian deities of the same name. Many mistakenly believe them to be demons or evil aliens as not much is known about them yet. But in reality, they are a branch of the Sirian civilization and played a key role in human creation.

Annunaki Starseed physical traits

  • larger than normal head and eyes
  • almond-shaped eyes
  • often have middle-Eastern ancestry

Annunaki Starseed personality traits

  • You stay out of drama and other people’s issues
  • You love incorporating both spiritual and mundane rituals into your routine predisposed to developing a God-complex

Annunaki Starseed interests and gifts

  • interested in ancient civilizations, especially Babylon, Assyria, Akkadia, and Sumerian
  • very talented at astral projection and manifestation

Annunaki Starseed mission

The sole mission of Annunaki starseeds is to disseminate wisdom and awaken deeper awareness in others.

22) Polarian

Poliarian starseeds have roots in the Polaris star system, commonly called the North Star. They used to be giants in height, and are thought to be one of the first spiritual beings to come to Earth.

Polarian Starseed physical traits

  • taller than usual

Polarian Starseed personality traits

  • extremely empathetic
  • tend to be peacekeepers, diplomats, and mediators in their communities
  • nonbinary, not just with gender identity but with worldview in general
  • hard workers and team players
  • very loyal and monogamous
  • prefer stability, uncomfortable with unpredictable and fast changes

Polarian Starseed interests and gifts

  • deep fascination with history, evolution, metaphysics and spiritual enlightenment
  • drawn to nature and animals
  • highly sensitive to energetic shifts in nature, including natural disasters
  • tend to attract abundance in every aspect of life

Polarian Starseed mission

Poliarian starseeds are destined to develop a new structural system for Earth that will let it flourish. Along the same lines, they are also meant to teach, guide, and raise the vibrations of humans on the planet.

23) Agarthan (Inner Earth)

There are legends that the Agarthan starseeds are a civilization that lives in the hollow core of Earth. In 1947, a man named Admiral Byrd said he was taken deep into the Agarthan city and met this civilization. The legend goes that Agarthans are now incarnating on the surface of Earth in order to help humans.

Starseed physical traits

  • often tall and thin
  • “elf-like” qualities like more pointed ears

Starseed personality traits

  • very compassionate and caring
  • can be very passionate about issues they hold close to heart
  • may sometimes come across as too pushy
  • incredibly perseverant and don’t let setbacks deter them from their goals

Starseed interests and gifts

  • deep concern for the environment: often become activists or find jobs in sustainability
  • you have vivid memories of Atlantis and nightmares of drowning in an apocalyptic flood
  • very attuned to the Earth’s cycles and changes

Starseed mission

Agarthan starseeds are wholly dedicated to Earth and nature. Their purpose is to teach humans better sustainability and responsibility towards their environment. They also do important work towards preservation.

24) Alpha Centaurian

Alpha Centaurian starseeds come from one of the closest star systems to Earth, Alpha Centauri.

Alpha Centaurian Starseed personality traits

  • introspective, inquisitive, and honest
  • self-assured, independent, and confident
  • great providers for their loved ones
  • strong sense of justice and morality
  • enjoy privacy and solitude
  • incredibly intelligent, which can scare some people
  • can be seen as “complicated”, particularly in romantic relationships
  • can be judgemental of others and tend to stay away from people as a result

Alpha Centaurian Starseed interests and gifts

  • usually have careers in science, technology, or medicine
  • great sense of style
  • love the color purple or violet

Alpha Centaurian Starseed mission

Alpha Centaurian starseeds dedicate their existence to the pursuit of the truth and knowledge. They incarnate to Earth to help spearhead development and positive social change.

25) Hadarian (Beta Centaurian)

Hadarian starseeds come from the Beta Centauri star system. The legends say they had to flee their home to escape being enslaved by an evil race that invaded.

Starseed personality traits

  • incredibly empathetic, able to get in tune with the emotions of any living things
  • happiest and most fulfilled when in a relationship
  • can be seen as “hippies”, preaching free love to everyone
  • because of their trusting nature, can be taken advantage of by others
  • shy and introverted at first
  • very optimistic, almost to an irrational point
  • ability to see the silver lining and find the good in any situation

Starseed interests and gifts

  • not interested in wealth or success
  • primary drive is to help others
  • tend to find jobs where they work in a team and help others, such as counselors, philanthropists, and humanitarians

Starseed mission

The main mission of Beta Centaurian starseeds is to spread unconditional love and teach others to do the same.

26) Indigo children

Indigo starseeds are the first wave of Starseed children, typically born between the 1950s-1980s. If we look at how different life became from this period onward, we can clearly see their influence.

Indigo Starseed personality traits

  • sensitive, intuitive, and strong-willed
  • can be very stubborn
  • zero tolerance of injustice and can be short-tempered with related issues
  • tend to have an extremely high IQ
  • rebellious to authority and hate being subordinate to anyone

Indigo Starseed interests and gifts

  • great innovators
  • dedicated to living a life of fulfillment and meaning

Indigo Starseed mission

Often called “rapid ascenders”, indigo children are destined to help revolutionize human society and ways of thinking. In other words, they lead the way to progress and positive change.

27) Crystal children

Crystal starseeds are the second wave of starseed children, most likely born between 1980s-1990s.

Crystal Starseed personality traits

  • highly empathetic, spiritual, and closely connected to nature
  • tend to feel homesick, unlike Indigo and Rainbow children
  • believes everyone is good in their core
  • spread love, kindness, and fairness everywhere around them
  • often act impulsively, without thinking

Crystal Starseed interests and gifts

Crystal children mission

The purpose of Crystal starseeds on Earth is to help humanity break free from the old paradigm of control, fear, manipulation, and greed. They help humans shift towards sharing love, peace, and abundance.

28) Rainbow children

Rainbow children are the newest wave of starseeds, which started appearing from year 2000 onwards.

Rainbow Starseed personality traits

  • Rainbow starseed children are very unique in the sense that this is their first incarnation, so they haven’t accumulated any karmic debt yet
  • bold and fearless
  • very lively, passionate, and driven

Rainbow Starseed interests and gifts

  • powerful healing abilities
  • drawn to vibrant colors

Rainbow children mission

The mission of Rainbow children will become more apparent with time, as most of them are still too young to have fulfilled it. However, it seems most likely that Rainbow starseeds are here to help people heal and move through difficult periods in their lives.

What’s the best method to figure out your starseed type?

The signs for all the starseed types above will give you a pretty good start to knowing what starseed type you are.

But what if you can identify with several of them? Are you a blend of multiple starseed types? Or are you missing a key piece of information that might cost you years of time, effort, and painful mistakes?

If you want to truly be sure, the only reliable way to know for sure which starseed type you belong to is to ask an expert advisor.

And there’s one company that I always end up recommending, Psychic Source. Not only did they blow me away with their accurate reading, but they were also kind and understanding of my situation.

So if you’re tired of wondering about your starseed type and mission, get in touch with a gifted advisor and take your future into your own hands. I did, and I’ve never looked back since.

Click here to get your own professional reading.

Confused about what to do next?

A weird, new way to figure out what to do next is to get advice from the Psychic Love Robot.

This is a very sophisticated tool using advanced artificial intelligence and neural network modeling.

You ask a question and then share additional information about your situation.

The Psychic Robot then tells you exactly what to do.

It’s honestly mind-blowing. And it’s free for a limited time.

Check out the Psychic Love Robot here.

It may tell you exactly what you need to know.


Tina Fey

Tina Fey

I've ridden the rails, gone off track and lost my train of thought. I'm writing for Nomadrs to try and find it again. Hope you enjoy the journey with me.

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