5 signs you’re a person who thinks deeply and prefers being alone

Most of us are taught early on that success means material wealth. But what if that definition of success is wrong? What if there’s more to life? The truth is that striving for popularity and “success” isn’t very meaningful to some.

Some of us prefer to be alone and carve out our own lives.

Here are five signs you’ve thought deeply about what you want and decided you’d rather be your own company.

You’re not too concerned with what society expects from you

Society is constantly trying to mold us. From what we wear, to what our definition of “success” means, every second it’s trying to keep us inside this small box called “normal”.

But you have realized this and decided that this box doesn’t pertain to you. You’re more focused on figuring out what will make YOU happy. You follow your intuition and heart.

You don’t immediately make plans for the weekend

Society tells us that extroverts are ‘cool’. But instead of being pressured to hang out with friends on the weekend, you do what will make YOU happy. You enjoy building your own schedule and leaving space open should other things come up.

You’re a genuinely happy person

Out of all the factors necessary for happiness, perhaps the most important is the ability to accept yourself.

As society’s pressure has no affect on you, you know who you truly are and have decided to accept to yourself. This means you no longer rely on external entities for validation.

You know what will make you happy and what you want in life.

You make enough time for yourself.

Constantly hanging out with others and being on the go leaves you drained. You need to have personal downtime to recharge. Some people think you’re rude, but your closest friends know this and accept you for who you are.

You think deeply, inward and outward

You’re at your best when you’re alone and thinking deeply. You look inward, reflecting on who you are as a person and who you strive to be. It’s times like these when the world just makes sense to you.

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