5 hidden spiritual reasons you keep seeing spiders (no bullsh*t)

In Japan, spiders are revered for their skills in weaving webs and catching prey. They are also seen as symbols of good luck.

Some people notice spiders more than others. As a matter of fact, you may be seeing them now!

But what does it all mean? Why spiders? And why are they coming into your life now?

There are 5 different spiritual reasons behind this unusual phenomenon that might enlighten you.

And since they’re all so interconnected with our sense of self-worth, it pays to know what they are!

The top 5 mystic reasons you keep seeing spiders

1) It’s a sign of spiritual empowerment

It’s said that “an average person can have a spider in their apartment for a maximum of 4 days.” In other words, it’s not an issue of time but a spiritual sign showing you’re about to break a new barrier within yourself.

And to those who are about to break the barrier, more than anything else it is a sign of true spiritual empowerment.

It’s as if you can no longer look at any creature – human or animal –with fear and animosity.

This is no coincidence! In fact, your aura is changing so that you would be able to see all fellow beings with a new sense of love and acceptance.

So, we might say that you’re seeing spiders because you’ve finally gained the ability to understand their symbolism in your everyday life!

I’m, in fact, not saying that you are activating special spider senses, but I’m suggesting that you’ve grown into a more confident and fearless version of yourself.

Do you have a goal you’ve been wanting to tackle? Once you have your eyes on the target and are fully determined to see it for what it is, all other supposed obstacles will not be able to keep you from achieving this goal.

Say goodbye to all doubts: If you believe in your abilities, then act like you believe! You’re about to break down walls and upgrade your consciousness!

2) It shows spiritual maturity

As mentioned above, spiders are symbols of both good luck and spiritual empowerment.

Given their natural ability to be invisible, they are also signs of spiritual maturity.

A possible reason you may be seeing spiders is because you’re finally ready to acknowledge that you are a powerful being who can achieve anything –always.

The spider is a very good example of a being that has transcended the physical realm and is now in the spirit world. In other words, it represents a part of your soul that has made the jump from here to there.

As a result, you’ve gained the ability to be unseen, a skill that allows new and more evolved versions of self-id to come into existence.

So, those who are seeing spiders are actually those who are growing spiritually – or have already done so – and are now able to maintain a sense of self.

Filling the universe with pure light and energy, you are now able to cut off from the world that envelops everything in order to create your personal time zone. Does this sound like you?

Well, if it does, your invisible influence is probably expanding far beyond your physical body; it’s reaching out for a wider field of influence!

The spider web that you see in your surroundings or imagination represents all of the work you have done on behalf of every person on this planet!

You are one with the stars by now, so good job!

3) It shows you’re ready for “astral travel”

Spiders have always been seen as messengers between the worlds of the living and dead. And it’s no accident that they tend to appear when someone dies whom we knew, worked with, or cared about.

This is because they have the ability to move between worlds.

And since you’re seeing spiders now, it means the veil between your world and theirs has thinned enough for them to appear in your world.

And when this happens, it’s a good sign that you have a close connection with the spirit world!

So, I suggest you double-check: If you’ve been feeling very intense moments of deep connection with beings from other dimensions, this might have something to do with spider sightings.

Why? As incredible as it may sound to some, these are indicators that you’re now able to perform “astral travel” on your own. This means you can see and encounter spirits already inhabiting another dimension.

The ability (or rather, the potential) to astral travel is often associated with the presence of spiders in our lives.

For those who are just starting this journey, you may be seeing these creatures to indicate that you’re about to cross the threshold of self-awareness.

You’ve successfully created a self-willed being with its own life and beliefs, and now it’s ready for more.

This shows that the person you once were has disappeared – and a new version of self-identity has taken its place. Do you feel like this?

4) It could be a warning from higher forces

Another reason why you may be seeing spiders is that they’re warning signs of imminent danger.

Given the fact that spiders can live for a long time without food or water, this seems to tell you that you’re about to reach a point where you’ll need to gather your strength and face a difficult challenge.

Spiders symbolize shedding one skin to grow into another. This can be especially true if you’ve been through an intensely emotional time such as a breakup or an illness.

Many people who’re about to suffer from a serious negative life experience are also seeing spiders.

This might also mean that your new level of maturity has opened doors allowing you to connect with higher forces.

Pay attention to the details of your encounters with this symbolic spider. Why? Because they’re going to help you avoid some potentially unwanted or dangerous situations!

For instance, if your life as you know it is about to disappear – due to a breakup or divorce for example – spiders can foreshadow this.

You can also try talking to a spiritual healer. You might want to enter a deep state of contemplation and prepare for what’s coming up next.

5) Your guardian angels are praying for you

“From my father I learned not to fear the spiders and from my mother that all things are possible.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

The symbolic spider that you are seeing might actually represent a form of contact between you and your guardian angels.

It is often believed that your loved ones who have passed away can send signs in the form of spiders to indicate their presence and help.

When you’ve really taken the time to understand the higher forces better, you’ll know that they’re generally benevolent and want to help you in any way they can.

So, if you’re seeing spiders, it can mean that someone you love has been praying for your safety and wellbeing.

In a way, they’re asking you to think of them when you’re going through toxic relationships or when you feel like your world is falling apart.

Being in touch with a spider can be very comforting for those who have experienced a trauma and are not yet ready to talk about it.

This means that those who are sending you spiders now have a deep desire to help you in the best possible way, so you must not dismiss these messages lightly.

Dreaming of spiders

Although many people who dream of seeing spiders consider them scary, their appearances can give you a deeper understanding of yourself as well as your spiritual growth.

The fact that you see them in your dreams should tell you it’s time to be more aware of what’s happening around and within you.

Spiders are logical signs that have become self-aware like you. And since they’re tiny, it means your consciousness has now become able to see itself from a different perspective.

Symbolic spiders can also be a form of insight into your subconscious mind.

This is known as an “archetype” – one of the universal images, themes and stories that help us better understand our inner world.

So, if you’ve been seeing spiders during the night or waking up suddenly, it might mean there’s something you’re not telling yourself.

For instance, you might have a “secret” fear of spiders that you’re not ready to take responsibility for.

Or perhaps your subconscious mind is trying to tell you there’s something wrong with what you’re currently doing – and that it’s time to change.

Are you afraid to lose someone? Are you afraid that someone’s going to hurt your feelings?

It could also be the sign of a deep desire for transformation in your life.

You might want to try treating yourself with more kindness and giving yourself the freedom to be who you really are.

“Experience is a kind of huge spider-web of the finest silken threads suspended in the chamber of consciousness and catching every airborne particle in its tissue.” -Henry James.

The powerful symbolism of spiders

There are certain symbols in the world that have deep religious and mystical meanings.

Not only do they give us a way to express ourselves, but they can also answer some of the biggest mysteries in life, including why we’re here and what comes after it all.

These “sacred” images are created by all cultures, along with their rituals and ceremonies that help people better understand what’s happening within them – both individually and collectively.

Spiders are one of these powerful symbols, and they can give us clues to the meaning behind many of our deepest questions.

These creatures come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny to huge ones that take up a whole web. In some cultures, spiders are even believed to be the incarnation of a particular god or spirit.

Below are a few interesting spider associations across different cultures.

  • In the Christian religion, spiders are often associated with St. Patrick, especially in Ireland. This is because the Catholic Church was afraid of their power, symbolizing the evil that existed in Ireland at that time and within the human race.
  • In Norse mythology, spiders are considered to be sacred and wise creatures who spin their webs between the heavens and earth.
  • In Africa, spiders are seen as a symbol of transformation – something that is required for humans to become wiser.
  • In some cultures, they’re also thought to have a connection with death and rebirth as well as femininity and masculinity.

Undoubtedly, different people see different symbols when they encounter spiders.

Some people interpret them as “something bad” but this can be a false interpretation because this is just about your subconscious mind wanting you to grow beyond your current level of consciousness.

However, regardless of the symbolism, seeing spiders in real life or while sleeping can be highly symbolic.

Prevalence of arachnophobia throughout the world

Spiders have always been a part of human culture, running away from them is therefore a natural survival instinct that we all possess.

And believe it or not, there is an ongoing arachnophobia epidemic throughout the world – especially in countries where there’s been a rapid population growth in modern times.

But understanding why you’re afraid of them and having some control over your fear can be very important.

It’s the only way you can take your fear of spiders and turn it into something good, like love, gratitude, and ultimately spiritual growth.

Since most spiders are harmless and not inclined to attack us, many people get scared just seeing one around the house or garden – even when they’re perfectly harmless.

According to scientists at Oxford University, these fears are common across the world.

In the United States, the fear of spiders is considered to be one of the top phobias that people have, and it’s also reported to be the third most common in both men and women.

In Europe, on the other hand, spider fears are less common. Only around 10% of people have arachnophobia.

Final thoughts

Many ancient cultures revered spiders for their ability to weave webs that resembled the cosmos.

These cosmic webs were meant to let people see that they too could be like spiders – as they, too, could weave their own web around the universe!

And as such, we might say that those who never see spiders have actually chosen not to look. As a result, they have disconnected from the universe and no longer believe in the power of the invisible world.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that everyone should start seeing spiders in their dreams every night.  But it does mean that you can work with the symbolic subconscious of spiders whenever you want.

For instance, now that you know their importance and the role they play in your life, try to remember what your spider dreams are about.

Write them down if possible so that you can reflect on them later. Or simply keep a dream journal to help decipher what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

“The entire universe is one ecosystem, similar to a spider web— if one part is touched, the entire net shimmers. ” -Matthew Flickstein.

Nevena Glogovac

Nevena Glogovac

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