15 surprising signs an Aries man is not interested anymore (complete list)

Aries men can be complicated, and sometimes it might feel as though they change their minds about who they’re interested in in a heartbeat.

If you are on the receiving end of this possible rejection, I’m sorry, I know that it can be really confusing.

This is especially true if you are in the in-between stage, where you are technically still together but your gut is telling you that he might not be interested in you anymore.

Luckily, there are some signs that you can look out for that may bring you some clarity.

Here are the signs that an Aries man is no longer interested in you:

1) He’s not paying attention to you anymore

The first sign an Aries man has lost interest in you is when he stops paying attention to you.

He might have been your biggest fan when you first started dating, but now he’s not interested in what you have to say.

It could be that he has lost interest in the relationship he has with you, or it could be that something else is going on.

If you feel like all of a sudden, the person who used to want to hear everything about your day has gone completely silent, then this might be one of the many signs an Aries man is no longer interested in you.

You see, when an Aries man likes you, he will literally become a little bit obsessed with you. That brings me to my next point:

2) He lost his little obsession with you

Aries men in love are often obsessed with their partner. They will want to know what they are doing at all times, and they will want to spend every second with them.

This can be a little bit overwhelming for the Aries man’s partner, but it also shows that he is very interested in you.

However, this obsession doesn’t have to be anything unhealthy, sometimes, they simply notice every detail, like how you started wearing a new perfume or the fact that you got a new haircut.

They are naturally attracted to you, and they will notice when you start to change.

Now: it feels really good being on the receiving end of this little obsession, it shows you that he truly likes you, but it also means that he is going to notice when you change in any way.

If you start to feel like you aren’t getting the attention from him that you used to, then it might be a sign an Aries man is no longer interested in you.

3) He is sending you mixed signals about his feelings

Aries men tend to be very straight-forward when they like someone, but they also tend to be a little bit confusing as soon as they lose interest.

You see, an Aries man in love will give you no reason to even begin to doubt his feelings for you, but as soon as that love is gone, he might send you a ton of mixed signals.

He might make plans with you and then cancel them at the last minute or he might not even bother to show up at all.

If he used to be very flirtatious with you and now he’s not, it could be a sign an Aries man is no longer interested in you.

He is probably afraid that if he shows any interest in you again, it will hurt your feelings even more than they already have been.

Now: this can be a terrible stage to be in. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have clarity that a relationship is over, than be wondering for days or weeks while receiving mixed signals.

If you want to be sure that he is no longer interested in you, then you might want to talk to him.

You see, a lot of the times, these mixed signals stem from him not communicating any more, which brings me to my next point:

4) He doesn’t communicate clearly

Another sign that an Aries man is no longer interested in you is that he doesn’t communicate clearly.

He might be avoiding you or he might not be replying to your messages or calls.

Now: it may be a little bit difficult to tell if this is an issue of him not being interested, or if it’s just a sign of him being busy.

Aries men are known for having a lot on their plates, so if they are distracted by work or another project, it could be the reason why they aren’t responding to you.

In order to understand an Aries man’s intentions, you have to understand what his ulterior motive and goals are.

There is a new quiz that will actually tell you all about what an Aries man wants.

Sure, that might not bring his interest in you back, but it might show you where things went wrong and how you could potentially fix it.

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And if you really want to know if he is no longer interested in you, then you should try talking to him about your relationship and see how he responds.

However, this issue with communication is often just a result of him not really going deep anymore.

The conversations with him might be hard, too, even in person. That’s actually what I wanted to talk about next:

5) Every conversation feels forced and difficult

Usually, Aries men are great conversation partners.

They are generally easy to talk to and they are really good at keeping the conversation going, even if you only have a few things in common.

However, if he is no longer interested in you and he is trying to keep the conversation going, it might be because the conversation feels forced and difficult.

You see, when an Aries man loses interest, he will simply go silent in a conversation or not contribute to it anymore.

This can lead to awkward or uncomfortable conversations, and it might even make you feel like you want to run away from the conversation.

That’s why it is so important to pay attention to how he reacts in a conversation and if he seems like he is putting in no effort at all to keep it going.

In that case, there is a chance that he is no longer interested.

You see, this zodiac sign is often fascinated by other people, so if he is no longer interested in you, it’s likely that he will show that by not really talking to you anymore.

This might be the reason why he keeps trying to keep the conversation going, and why he doesn’t seem to put any effort into it.

6) He seems almost bored with you

I just mentioned how Aries men are often fascinated by other people and their lives.

They really enjoy having a great conversation with someone, and they are also really good at keeping the conversation going.

Because of this, you might have the impression that he is very interested in you and your life.

However, once he loses his interest, you will feel as though he’s almost bored with you.

He might not even seem interested in your life anymore, and it might feel as though he’s just going through the motions when you talk or spend time together.

It’s important to pay attention to his body language and if he seems bored, he might not be interested in you anymore.

You see, Aries men are always interested in new things and new people because they want to constantly learn something new.

When they lose interest in someone, they often can’t really hide their boredom.

7) He starts flirting with other girls

Okay, this next one might hurt a bit, especially when it happens while you are literally with him.

An Aries man who loses interest in you will have no issue starting to flirt with other women.

In fact, it’s likely that he will start to flirt with them in front of you, and it will be painfully obvious that he is doing this.

Sometimes, he might even do this to show you that things are over.

If you see him doing this, then it’s very likely that he has lost interest in you.

He might not even know that he is doing it or why he is doing it.

This is just a sign of how much his feelings have changed towards you.

You see, if he cared about you, he would never do that.

8) He criticizes you a lot

As if flirting with other women wasn’t bad enough, an Aries man who loses interest in you will also begin to criticize you a lot.

He will still be nice to you, but he will always find something to criticize about you.

He might say that you need to work on your body, or that you are too loud.

He might also say that your style of clothing is not attractive and that you should change it.

He might even begin to say that your life is boring, and maybe he even says it in front of other people.

Basically, an Aries man who loses interest in you will do everything in his power to try to make you feel bad about yourself.

He might even try to make you feel bad about things that have nothing to do with how you look.

If he is doing this a lot, it’s likely that he has lost interest in you.

Now: just a little disclaimer on the side here, if a guy ever makes you feel bad like that repeatedly, then what are you still doing with him?

I know, you might like him a lot, but you need to respect yourself more.

If a guy treats you with disrespect, you shouldn’t accept that, and instead, just end things with him.

9) He avoids you

As opposed to the previous points, this one seems kind of nicer to deal with: an Aries man who lost interest might just avoid you.

He won’t have time to hang out anymore, or he will just make excuses for not being able to hang out.

Sometimes, an Aries man who loses interest will even start to avoid your calls and texts.

It’s likely that this will happen if you were seeing each other a lot before, and suddenly he started losing interest.

In that case remember: if an Aries man likes you, he will show you.

10) You never hang out in public anymore

If you finally managed to get him to hang out with you and stop avoiding you, you might notice that he never wants to hang out in public anymore.

He might say that he doesn’t like it when people stare at him, or that he just feels like staying in.

If your Aries man is losing interest in you, then he will always find some excuse not to hang out in public with you.

Now: it’s not that he’s embarrassed or doesn’t want to be seen with you, but for him it feels easier to let you down and maybe break up when you’re in private.

11) He isn’t jealous anymore

Aries are usually very passionate, and so they tend to be the more jealous type.

This means, when other guys try to talk to you or flirt with you in public, he will generally get very jealous.

If he doesn’t get jealous anymore, it means that he has lost interest in you.

It’s actually pretty straight-forward, he needs to lose interest in order to not be bothered at all by something like that, so this is one of the best signs that things are over.

Now: that doesn’t mean you should go out and try to make him jealous to see if he still likes you.

That’s actually a really bad idea because it will just end up hurting you more.

Instead, just watch his normal behavior and if something comes up, watch how he reacts.

12) He doesn’t get worked up over anything anymore

Not only does he not get jealous anymore, but an Aries who isn’t interested in you won’t get worked up over anything anymore!

He might have been a passionate fighter and arguer in the past, but suddenly, everything leaves him cold.

That’s your sign that he has already closed this chapter internally. He doesn’t feel like it’s worth getting worked up over.

13) Your gut feeling tells you something is up

I’m sure this sign applies to you, given that you looked up this article.

You see, your intuition can be influenced by a lot of things, but generally, there is a good reason why you have a gut feeling about something.

If your gut feeling tells you that something is up, it’s good to pay attention to it and see if your Aries man has finally lost interest in you.

Even if it’s hard to explain, your intuition often knows way before you consciously do, so it’s a sign you shouldn’t ignore.

14) He stopped talking about his feelings

Okay, this next one is a bit tricky, because some Aries men don’t love talking about their feelings in the first place, but usually, they will open up to you when they like you.

If he doesn’t do that anymore, it means that he doesn’t feel comfortable opening up to you anymore.

He also might not tell you about things that bother him because he doesn’t want to worry you or burden you with his problems.

This is a huge sign that he has lost interest in you and he is no longer comfortable talking to you about anything personal.

You see, you want to be able to talk about things openly.

15) He flat-out tells you he’s done

Well, you’ve wanted open and honest communication – there is a chance that an Aries man will literally just tell you that he’s done with you.

He might not be able to explain why, but he will just tell you that it’s over and that it’s time for both of you to move on.

There is no point in arguing or trying to get him to change his mind either because if an Aries man has made up his mind, he will stick to it.

I know that kind of sucks, but at the same time, it’s a good thing.

At least now you get the chance to move on and find someone who is actually good for you!

Think of yourself, first

Before doing anything crazy to get this Aries man to be interested in you again, think of yourself first.

You don’t need to convince someone to love you if they don’t want to.

It’s not healthy to try and force someone to like you or be with you when they have already made it clear that they don’t want to be with you.

You deserve better than that, so don’t settle for less than what you deserve!

Find someone who is obsessed with who you are without you having to try!

Anna Scheucher

Anna Scheucher

Freelance writer specializing in holistic health, wellness, and psychology. Check out my blog to find out more https://www.fullyholistic.com/!

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