Revealed: How long a Leo man can really go without talking to you

You walk into the room where your boyfriend (or husband) is, and he pretends that you’re not there. You ask him a question, and all you hear back is…nothing.

You might as well have been talking to the wall.

At the same time, you’re not surprised. Maybe, you made a careless mistake to hurt or offend him.

And he, a man with Leo as his zodiac sign, is now giving you the silent treatment.

How long a Leo man can really go without talking to you is totally dependent on the situation, his emotional state, and what kind of relationship you have.

Clearly, the cold shoulder is how he tells you that he’s upset with you.

So what now? What you did (or didn’t do) may clue you in as to how long he could go ignoring you.

But first, we have to understand what being in a relationship with a person whose sun sign is Leo, looks like. Then we’ll look into the general characteristics of a Leo man, and the possible reasons why a Leo man would stop speaking to you.

Why is it important to understand his zodiac?

By looking in-depth into this sign, we can best find out how long a Leo man can really go without talking to you.

Why? Astrology helps us understand more about our personalities, and how different zodiacs interact with each other.

In fact, there’s a whole school of thought dedicated to the 12 zodiac signs, and they cover everything from the traits you show the world, down to what you are like in the various aspects of life.

What’s it like going out with a Leo?

For Leos, love is something to be ‘dramatized’, meaning that they look at love through rose-tinted lenses.

They enjoy being in love, and as you must have guessed, they like public displays of affection.

Despite this, they’re known as wildly flirty individuals.

Leos, as lovers, take great pleasure in being romantic and generous to their significant others, such as giving well-thought-out presents.

They need to be appreciated; and when they are not could factor in as to how long a Leo man can really go without talking to you.

Apart from that, Leos are supportive, caring, and willing to sacrifice for their partners.

Inasmuch as your Leo man could make you feel like the most special woman in the world, he also wants to be treated like your prince, too.

Leos also do not tolerate betrayal of any kind – emotional, spiritual (having to do with his beliefs), or sexual. For them, fidelity is one of the most important features of an appropriate partner.

On the other end of the spectrum, they can be too temperamental and easily irritated. He can also be too idealistic: when people or things don’t behave as he expects them to, you can bet he’s not going to be happy about it.

Taking this into account can also help you figure out how long a Leo man can really go without talking to you.

What is a Leo man like?

Now that you have an idea about how people born under the sign of Leo behave in relationships, now let’s look at what Leo males are like.

1) He’s charismatic

The Leo man is someone with a strong personality, a distinct character; a certain joie de vivre.

When he walks into a room, he manages to capture everybody’s attention: it’s as if all the lights switched off and a spotlight went on, focusing on one person. Even the most reserved Leo man has a certain charm.

In order to balance him out, his partner has to be a stabilizing presence.

However, a Leo man can get jealous if his partner shines just as bright or even brighter than he.

If you inadvertently steal attention away from him, this could tip you off as to how long a Leo man can really go without talking to you.

2) He’s resolute in his beliefs

As I mentioned earlier, a Leo has a specific way of looking at the world. It then makes sense that a Leo man is stubborn when it comes to his convictions and his outlook on life.

But because of this stubbornness, they rarely – if at all – give in to other points of view.

If you have had a disagreement with him, him having this trait may give you an idea how long a Leo man can really go without talking to you.

3) He’s sensitive to criticism

This stubbornness can also give rise to other issues, like being sensitive to criticism.

Because a Leo man almost never thinks that he is wrong about something, being contradicted or criticized – especially by his partner – can sting for him.

You might even find it surprising how long a Leo man can really go without talking to you, because even if he is in the wrong, he will likely be reluctant to apologize first.

4) He’s a proud father

On the home front, the Leo man is territorial over his home, his family, and his possessions.

As you might expect from a King of the Jungle, he takes pleasure in his own space, his pride (a family of lions), and things he owns.

If you’re married to a Leo man, you might have noticed that as a father, he is protective and proud of his children.

5) He prizes loyalty

If a Leo man is possessive with his space and his belongings, what more over his partner?

A Leo man will be loyal to you, but it’s a two-way street. He expects the same from you.

If you cheat on him or make him jealous and then wait to see how long a Leo man can really go without talking to you, you’ll be waiting a long time.

So what does this all really boil down to?

Leo men are in touch with their feelings. But even then, they find it hard to express their emotions, even though they have a lot of them.

A Leo man needs to be cared for and constantly reassured because underneath all that charm and bravado, they have soft hearts.

Why do people give the silent treatment?

In some cases, it’s an initial reaction when somebody gets angry or overwhelmed over a situation or a problem.

Other times, however, it can be a symptom of a bigger problem, specifically emotional abuse.

Purdue University professor Kipling Williams studied the effects of silent treatment for nearly 40 years, found that 2 in 3 people have used it against someone else. He found that even more people had it done to them.

William said: “People use the silent treatment because they can get away with it without looking abusive to others, and because it’s highly effective in making the targeted individual feel bad.”

While people with passive personalities use it to avoid confrontation, those with stronger personalities, like the Leo man, use it as a form of punishment.

When a Leo gives you the cold shoulder…

People born under certain zodiacs – Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius – are more likely than others to clam up if they lose interest in you.

Leos, however, do this to get your attention.

They may get quiet when they don’t feel appreciated or seen, or if they feel that you’re not putting in the same effort in the relationship as he does.

If he’s angry with you, how long a Leo man can really go without talking to you could span anywhere from a few days to forever.

Why would a Leo man would stop speaking to you?

If you want to prevent your Leo man giving you the silent treatment, as I’m sure you do, watch out for the following things.

Lying to him

Your Leo boyfriend (or husband) trusts that you respect him enough to give him the truth, even though it’s not always comfortable.

Keeping the facts from him erodes that respect.

Being unfaithful

As I mentioned early, this is among the most effective ways to ensure he stops talking to you forever.

A Leo man needs someone to match his commitment to the relationship.

Insulting him

As I earlier discussed, a Leo man is very proud; some would even say egoistic.

If you offend him, there’s no doubt that he’ll be hurt – especially if it’s something he’s actually insecure about or if it comes from someone close to him.

Take his acts and gifts for granted

Recall that how long a Leo man can really go without talking to you depends on how hurt his feelings are.

Since they are very generous with their partners, showing no appreciation may bruise his ego fairly badly.

Ignoring him

As we had established, the Leo man likes to be the center of attention.

So, when you ignore him, whether or not intentionally, it’s very damaging to his self-esteem.

Making him jealous

This is an extension of one of our previous points, being unfaithful.

If you are flirting with others, paying more attention to other men even when he is around, you are all but sealing your fate about how long a Leo man can really go without talking to you.

He’s testing you

Yes, it’s a bit much, but it is entirely possible that he’s not talking to you because he wants to see how you’ll respond.

In this case, your Leo man needs validation that you notice or care that he’s keeping mum around you.

Is there anything you can do about it?

If, unfortunately, you did something to upset your Leo man and he’s icing you out, the following are the ways you can do damage control.

Let him cool down

Obviously, his giving you the cold shoulder meant he needed space.

Chasing or smothering him won’t do you any favors.

Don’t keep texting him

A Leo man wants a secure and independent woman in his life.

Texting him too much tells him that you are the exact opposite.

However, make sure not to disappear completely either. He’ll need your loving attention sooner rather than later.

Give him extra attention

When you’re in the same room as him, do your best to show him you care about him.

For instance, you can buy him a gift or cook him a meal as a peace offering.

Whatever it is, it should be something to make him feel extra special.

Go about your life like normal

Yes, it’s frustrating and it hurts to find out just how long a Leo man can really go without talking to you.

But, one of the most constructive things you can do in these situations is to live your life as you normally would.

Not only would it take your mind off his silent treatment, but it may show him you can handle it and make it more likely for him to talk to you again.

Talk about it

If and when your Leo man breaks the silence, gently bring up the incident and give him a chance to explain why he wasn’t speaking to you.

While he’s doing so, don’t get upset with him. And when he’s done, ask how you can both avoid it next time.

Final thoughts

Each of us has probably given someone the silent treatment, or been on the receiving end.

A Leo man, as much as he loves being the life of the party, is sensitive and easily hurt.

While a Leo man is known to be short-tempered, violent and loud, they can just as well ice you out.

How long a Leo man can really go without talking to you depends on the situation; it can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

If you did something he deems unforgivable, like cheating on him, then you need to accept that he might never speak to you again.

Whatever the case, it’s best to know how to resolve issues with your Leo man and prevent them from happening again in the future.

Because the fact is, the silent treatment harms both person being ignored and the person giving it. Ignoring others goes against human nature, so the person giving it feels compelled to justify why they’re doing it.

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