16 signs you have a strong intimidating personality that might scare some people

Have you felt that your friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and close family members are baffled by your personality?

You’re left wondering what exactly did you do or say that makes them step back.

Even if you don’t realize it, your strong personality makes people nervous and uncomfortable around you.

Let me share with you the reasons why people tend to be intimidated by you and what you can do about it.

16 signs your personality may be intimidating people

If you can relate to most of these traits, you’re one of the few people who have genuine strength and confidence.

Some people might even think you’re rude or too dominating, but you’re not a “scary” person.

So by paying close attention to these signs, you’ll be aware of what people think about you so you understand where they’re coming from.

1) You’re strong-willed and opinionated

Since you have your mind, you don’t get easily swayed by what other people think.

You’re not afraid to challenge conventions – and this makes others feel intimidated or uncomfortable.

While you can influence people with your way of thinking, you remain respectful to those who go against your points.

Being highly opinionated involves:

  • You’re brave in sticking to your principles, even if others won’t back you up
  • You’re confident in achieving your desires, even it seems strange to others
  • You’re determined to do something, even if it doesn’t conform to what people expect of you

Having determination, faith, and confidence are great traits that most alpha people have.

Even if people get intimidated by your arguments and opinions, you don’t act arrogant in any way.

2) You’re led by your beliefs and morals

You know your principles in life and stand by them. No one can influence you to act on something that isn’t morally upright.

This makes you a better person than you think you are.

You stand firm with your values and you see no point in lowering them for anything or anyone. When making a decision, you make sure that it matches your values.

You’re open-minded, take a logical and rational approach, and get inspired by the unfamiliar.

Since you live by your morals and reason, you do not allow your emotions to rule you.

When someone goes out of the line, you’re not afraid to speak out, and you remain consistent with your words.

No wonder, people tend to trust you more – but some others get threatened when you challenge their way of thinking.

3) You value honesty

Being honest is one of your defining personality traits.

You speak your mind rather than sugar-coating things. And you would tell the hard truth even if it makes someone uncomfortable.

Unlike some people who have a know-it-all attitude on things they do not know anything about,  you choose to understand an issue before passing judgments.

People who speak without thinking get on your nerves.

This is also the reason why you can’t tolerate willful ignorance and detest when someone becomes judgemental easily.

You become well-informed as you put time, effort, and understanding issues with a multi-dimensional approach.

And this makes your personality stronger and wiser than the rest.

4) A real psychic confirms it

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5) You can’t stand chronic complainers

You can’t understand why people need to whine about anything and vocalize every disappointment in their life.

You’d rather walk away from them than listen to their complaints as you don’t want to listen to their endless list of grievances.

When you become straightforward and share your opinion, they would see that you lack empathy and are insensible to their struggles. Which of course isn’t true.

Instead of feeling sorry for themselves, you expect people to deal with their problems and take the leap of faith that you have.

People get intimidated by the way you grab life by the horns for you can handle difficult situations directly or confidently.

While chronic complainers can be annoying, they need guidance too.

Sometimes, you can deal with chronic complainers by understanding that they don’t have anyone to vent to or just want someone to hear them out.

Best way to handle them: Listen, acknowledge, and change the conversation and talk about something positive

6) You’re assertive

Being assertive is a good thing as it helps you get what you need.

You know and value your self-worth.

Whether it’s desiring a raise, wanting to create a positive change in your life, or anything else – you can work on ways to get what you want.

You’re confident and firm about things. You can stand up for your point of view and even for other people’s rights without fear.

So people won’t get intimidated by you and you won’t alienate those around you, you just have to find ways not to be aggressive and dominating.

Try these:

  • When in a conversation, match the pace of others so they can share their ideas
  • Encourage those who are sensitive towards you to speak too
  • Ask others about their thoughts or opinions so you can understand their views
  • Find the right balance while recognizing the needs of others

And you can do all this in a direct, calm, and positive way. You’re powerfully assertive yet non-confrontational.

7) You prefer big conversations to small talks

You find petty conversations annoying.

Having meaningful conversations is important for you. You don’t waste time chatting over trivial matters like the weather, gossip, or any topic that people talk about just to be friendly and polite.

You even get annoyed when someone bothers you with small talks, like how their weekend had been.

You skip the pleasantries as you find small talks pointless. You’d rather get straight to the point and talk about things you find significant.

Because you avoid talking to people who can’t have an engaging conversation with you, you’ll come across as rude or cold to others. Being direct and to the point makes people see you as intimidating.

Keep in mind what this article suggests: Small talks can bring big benefits and can be a good thing.

8) You’re tenacious and steadfast

This is the reason why you don’t put up with, make, nor accept excuses.

Because you have this strong personality, others find you intimidating. Since you don’t make or accept any form of excuses, people see you as someone who wants results.

You prefer focusing on what you can do and how to achieve what you need to do.

You never make nor accept excuses as it prevents you from living the life you want.

  • You don’t compare yourself to other people
  • You never fear the unknown
  • You’re prepared for the uncertainties
  • You take responsibility for your actions
  • You take action to achieve your goals
  • You work on your weaknesses
  • You believe in yourself

Don’t worry or question yourself why excuses don’t have a place in your life.  It’s just that you know that you have reasons and ways to do what you want.

So when the world is crumbling, live with your unwavering spirit. Keep standing up and never back off.

9) You’re goal-oriented

People with big goals are ambitious and strive to be the best version of themselves.

They always want to learn and achieve more. They are deeply inspired, committed, and motivated to move forward towards their goals.

If these traits fit you and you have a true go-getter attitude, it can seem quite intimidating to those people around you.

You have a strong attitude that some people perceive as arrogant – but you’re not.

  • You take small steps to reach your desired destination
  • You’re focused on your journey
  • You want to reach your fullest potential

But those who get intimidated by your drive are those who don’t have goals for themselves. Either they’re insecure about themselves or lack the drive to work on their goals.

Some can also be close-minded when they see that you’re striving to learn more.

10) You’re good at reading others

Your intuition and gut feeling are so strong and you have a knack for reading people you’ve met for the first time.

From studies made by psychologists at Princeton, they found out that it only takes people one-tenth of a second to make an initial judgment of someone.

People find it intimidating as they can sense that you can read their thoughts. They feel quite unsafe and uneasy around you.

This is especially true for dishonest, ignorant, or people who have ulterior motives.

They get scared, nervous, and threatened as they can’t conceal themselves from you. They know that you can sense what they mean even when they say otherwise.

By observing and noticing details, you can tell a lot by their behaviors and facial expressions.

Sometimes, you know how their minds work too.

Since you’re quick to read others, use this to adapt what you intend to say to ensure it will be received the best way possible.

11) You see more opportunities in your way

Ever since you already have a strong sense of what you want in life. You’re focused on the direction you’re headed.

Because of this, you’re able to face and handle whatever obstacles you’re facing across your path.

  • You don’t get discouraged with drawbacks as you know how to pick yourself back up
  • You walk openly into challenges and find a way to overcome them
  • You experience and learn more by taking the road less traveled
  • You enjoy discovering and learning things about yourself
  • You’re constantly making dents in the universe and showing your greatness to the world

Your open-minded approach in life helps you see more opportunities than others. While others prefer to stay in their comfort zone, you’re stepping out.

That’s why you’re open to new experiences and challenges.

When other people cringe and pull back, you exude strength and go forward.

By staying out of your comfort zone, you’ve seen your extraordinary potential and attract greater opportunities.

This makes other people get jealous of you. They get intimidated by your ability to grow and succeed amidst all those risks and hardships.

12) You’re a problem solver

Strong-willed people don’t focus on problems but solutions.

Instead of feeling sorry or making excuses, you take action and find solutions.

When faced with difficulties, you don’t find time to feel sorry for yourself. You have this uncanny ability to overcome and turn negativity into a positive one.

And even when the odds are against you, you’re able to bounce back.

Since you’re focused on getting things done, you detest people who keep on complaining and making unreasonable excuses.

When other people fear their problems, run around, and fill their minds with worries, you see solutions. You create a plan to get things done so you can set your path to success.

Your good critical and problem-solving skills can sometimes intimidate people.

One reason is that you’re always taking charge and know how to find solutions independently.

13) You desire meaningful relationships

Do you choose your friends carefully? If you do, some think that your being selective and picky is intimidating.

You know that choosing your friends carefully can be a positive thing. You do this because you don’t want toxic people around your life.

You keep your social circle with:

  • Friends can influence your future choices and help achieve your goals
  • Friends who inspire you to develop a better approach in life
  • Friends with great influence on your career growth
  • Friends that let your personality and inner self nourish
  • Friends who faithfully listens with sincerity and understanding
  • Friends with a supportive attitude that encourages you to face adversities

So you choose to spend your time and energy with people who matter and would bring you up.

You prefer wonderful people with optimism, integrity, positivity, and those who are just plain amazing.

You steer away from toxic friendships because they can be burdensome and affect your mental health too.

You know that the company of genuine friends will make every moment of your life happier, peaceful, and significant.

14) You are a person of your word

Many people get intimidated that you stick to your word and you commit to what you said you would do.

For you, it’s all a matter of honor. You’re straightforward and value honesty the most.

While you treat people with respect, you don’t feel like going out of your way to impress others. You speak your mind and tell people exactly what you think.

If people find that showing your genuine self is intimidating and they can’t handle it, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Since you don’t come around pleasing people, you can sometimes come off as someone rude.

You know how to keep your promises and make your word a bond.

Those who can’t stick to their words feel humiliated and powerless when they compare themselves to you.

Essentially, you do what you say. And you don’t agree on something you don’t want to do.

You know that words are powerful. Not only do you keep your words to others, as you also keep the words to yourself. You do this because you value yourself the same way you value others.

15) You don’t crave superficial attention

Strong people live their lives on their terms and standards. They believe in their worth without seeking and craving validation from others.

Since they’re contented and comfortable with themselves, they couldn’t care less if they’re making an impression or not.

So if you tend to march to the beat of your drum, it’s likely that your unique personality intimidates people.

You can’t see the reason why some people try hard to be liked by others. You can’t understand why some people also seek happiness and success based on their appearance and status.

You don’t do things and live your life for other peoples’ attention. You’re happy and satisfied in knowing that what you’re doing is right – and helps you achieve your goals.

Rather than seeking attention or getting attention from superficial things, you prefer being acknowledged for your depth and genuine personality.

You’re low-key but people are drawn to the special charisma you have. One reason is that you radiate the confidence and determination that most people desire to have.

16) You’re fearless

Not in a literal sense, but you never allow fear to control your life.

While we all experience fears, you know how to cope with them – and you’re using it as a way to supercharge yourself.

You never let fear stand in your way or rule over you.

You know that you can be bigger than the odds since you’re ready to face obstacles that would hold you back.

While most people feel unsettled with fears, the way you see fears can be quite a shock. You’re mindful and find comfort in the uncertainty

Your fears play a role in your life and you see it as:

  • An important part of life
  • An experience to learn from
  • A chance to make yourself better
  • A way to guide your dreams

When you sense fear, you become more cautious and prepared.  And you know how to make fears your greatest ally.

The way you unconditionally open up to fear makes you fearless. You see those fears as an opportunity to grow and experience greater things in life.

Being at peace with your fears helped transform your life completely.

Understanding why people feel intimidated by you

People who have intimidating personalities are strong-willed and decisive. They’re unyielding as they have this powerful will that allows them to stand up for themselves and for what they believe in.

Unfortunately, some think that people like you with great personalities are often mistaken as rude, impolite, and indifferent. It’s because you challenge people to be the best version of themselves.

You have a strong personality that people perceive as dominant. People are afraid as they can’t understand how comfortable you are.

They can’t figure out where you gather your strength as you don’t even care what others think about you.

Most probably, their opinions are influenced by their fears and insecurities.

Being intimidating isn’t a disadvantage especially when you’re leaning on the positive side.

People just fail to see that behind that toughness is someone with a softer side, a gentle soul, and a caring heart.

How not to scare others away

Are you worried that your intimidating personality and attitude scare people away?

You don’t need to change yourself.

But you can do something to avoid scaring off others so you don’t seem too intimidating to them.

For instance, when someone complains, makes excuses, or feels sorry for themselves, restrain yourself from alienating. Instead, try to support them. They’ll surely appreciate you for this.

Here are other ways on how you can make yourself less toxic and intimidating:

  • Try to adjust to different social situations if you need to
  • Be a bit passive until people get to know you better
  • Ask them how you can assist or support their interests
  • Show gratitude at all times
  • Keep your body language open and maintain eye contact
  • Smile as it makes people comfortable around you
  • Reveal the softer side of yourself
  • Be a little relaxed in how you appear to people
  • Be compassionate to those around you
  • Appreciate when others share their great ideas

Don’t panic when people get intimidated by your special traits and strong personality.

Just take time to be aware of it a bit so you can best show that there’s nothing in you that they should fear.

You can’t control what people think of you, so it’s better to focus on becoming the real person that you are and work on being the best version of yourself.

People who are courageous and open-minded will get to appreciate your honesty, wisdom, and unique perspective in life.

I know you won’t get shaken down by the insecurities of others.

Live with your intimidating personality

Now that you know more about your strong and deep personality, consider how it influences the way you live your life.

Do expect that some would get nervous approaching or talking to you. Some might feel uncomfortable when you’re around.

In time, maybe they’ll realize what a wonderful person and sweetheart you are.

When you know that you never belittle others, never be sorry for who you are. Even if others may not like your attitude towards life, don’t let it bother you.

You know that the personality you have is the result of all the struggles, challenges, and experiences that you’ve gone through – and learned from it.

You know that these traits make up who you truly are and make you stand out from the rest.

Many of us are working towards being the person we are today.

You’ve fought those battles and challenges – and you become stronger because of it.

You’re a rare gem

Staying honest, being proud of yourself, and fighting for what you believe in aren’t the things you should feel sorry for.

By all means, keep being the amazing, assertive person that you are.

Embrace your special and strong, intimidating, and pleasant personality.

Your strong-willed nature will continue to lead you towards personal and professional success.

That’s all that matters.

Czaroma Roman

Czaroma Roman

Czaroma is a content strategist and copywriter with a purposeful mindset. She finds fulfillment in crafting content for entrepreneurs and life coaches. In a place of love and growth, she's raising a tribe of three with her husband - and writes to inspire people to create impactful relationships.

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