Is telepathy real in love? Everything you need to know

Although there are many differing opinions on the subject, most psychologists and social scientists agree that telepathy is not a proven reality. It may be a romantic fantasy, but it’s not science. 

Read on to find out more about what psychology has to say about telepathic connections between lovers.

1) What is telepathy?

Telepathy is the alleged ability to sense, perceive, or know things about another person without that person being aware of the information. It’s sometimes referred to as “mind reading” and the idea is that one person can “read” another’s thoughts and feelings. 

While some people may experience brief flashes of telepathic contact, they are not able to maintain it and usually experience an inability to read the other person’s thoughts. 

Telepathy is not the same as clairvoyance, which is the ability to see things beyond all physical limitations.

Besides, telepathy is sometimes considered to be a form of extrasensory communication (ESC), which refers to any method by which a person may receive information “outside” of their usual sensory system. 

Some people may have a bit of paranormal ability, but most of us are only capable of telepathy with other beings who also have the special “talent.”

2) Why does telepathy feel so real?

Telepathy has been a common human experience throughout history. 

The ancient Greeks and Romans had many myths and stories about the psychic connection between people. Western civilization’s knowledge of it has only been on the rise since the 1800s, and yet we’re still experiencing it.

This is because telepathy is not something we’re born with — it’s a skill that can be developed through practice, just like any other relationship or communication skill.

Now, just imagine how magical it would be if you could feel your partner’s emotions in your heart! 

And the truth is that telepathy might feel more real than other types of connections because it relies on nonverbal cues that we all pick up on unconsciously.

Firstly, one reason stated above as to why telepathy may not be a proven reality — researchers can’t study it — may also be the reason why it feels so real: We’re able to study it. 

We know, for example, that we can sense another person’s physical location and emotion from a distance, even if we can’t pick up on any details. 

Furthermore, we can also sense other people’s emotions just by being in proximity to them — as we can with our own emotions.

Seeing someone smile, feeling someone pat your back, and experiencing someone breathe with their chest rather than their mouth all help us feel connected and loved. 

On an even deeper level, we can feel connected to our ancestors, our deity, and the universe itself when we sense that someone else is feeling our emotions.

If you’re looking for a connection that feels deeper, more eternal, and more real than a simple wink or smile, try out telepathy! Whether or not you ever experience it for real, you’ll feel like you’re on a more intimate and authentic connection with your partner in no time.

Telepathic connections are not scientific evidence, but neither are they exactly a myth. 

While there is no definitive, proven way to transmit information from one person to another, there are many documented cases of individuals who have experienced similar sensations. 

Based on what we know about the brain, we can surmise that these types of experiences may be possible because of the strong connection between our emotions and our thoughts. 

In other words, if you’re feeling sad, it’s likely that your thoughts will also be sad if another person happens to be able to sense them in your mind. It’s not that one person is reading your mind and telling the world about your sadness, it’s that your sadness is making itself known to someone else.

3) Types of telepathy

There are many different types of telepathy, but all of them allow you to feel what another person is feeling, even if they’re far away from you. You can telepathically feel a person’s emotions, thoughts, and even memories, as well as what they’re experiencing in the present moment.

However, there are two main popular types of telepathy, although there are also subtypes. These are receptive telepathy and communicative telepathy.

First, receptive telepathy occurs when a person senses another person without being able to give or receive information back.

One may “feel” the other person’s sadness, anger, or happiness, but they can’t actually tell them anything about those feelings. This is the “odd” kind of telepathy that occurs rarely, and it’s not something most people experience. 

Second, communicative telepathy occurs when two people can “hear” one another’s thoughts, which is like hearing a voice in one’s head. 

While some people may experience brief flashes of telepathic connection, they are not “in” the other person’s head and usually have difficulty maintaining it long enough to communicate effectively.

Otherwise, there is another side of telepathy that should be mentioned as: Form of telepathic connection.

It is romantic love. This can often lead to the most intense form of telepathic connection — a state known as “influencing.” People who fall in love often feel a strong, immediate connection with another person. Their thoughts become intertwined with the person they love, and both feel a physical connection between the two.

4) How telepathy works

Telepathy is not a broadcast medium — you can’t “send” your thoughts to another person, and they can’t “receive” them. 

In order to experience telepathy, you must be in a state of high empathy with another person who is experiencing a similar thought. The pair then enter a trance-like state together, where both people’s brains become altered. 

This can happen naturally when a person is in a very emotional state, or it can happen deliberately through meditation or hypnosis. Once both people are in this altered state, they can begin to “feel” each other’s thoughts and emotions.

Besides, another way of sounding more scientific is that telepathy works by using the connection between our neurons, known as the “neuro-axis.” 

The neuro-axis is a pathway through the brain that connects the right and the left hemispheres. The neuro-axis is responsible for the transmission of information from the right hemisphere to the left hemisphere, and vice versa.

It is possible to consciously use the neuro-axis to communicate with someone else, but it requires a significant amount of concentration.

Or you can think of an easier way like:

Telepathy works on the concept of energy. When a person is thinking of something, they are sending out a certain amount of energy that can be sensed by another person. 

If a person is also feeling a certain way at the same time, the energy can be “read” by the other person. 

Telepathy is often studied by “sending love” to someone and observing if the other person feels it back. If the other person does feel something, it could be a sign that telepathic communication is occurring.

5) Pros and cons of telepathic love

One of the biggest benefits of the possibility of telepathic connections is that it can make people feel more connected to one another.

Telepathic connections between lovers can help you feel closer to your partner, and they may help you both relax, decrease stress, and fall asleep faster. Plus, they can satisfy your craving for romance and connection, which makes them feel very real.

When one person can “feel” what another is feeling, that can create a strong emotional connection and create a sense of “oneness” between partners. People who are connected in this way report feeling a lot closer to one another than those who aren’t experiencing telepathic connections.

However, you may also feel a sense of anxiety or even guilt if your partner feels anxious or upset, which can be uncomfortable. Additionally, you can’t control who your partner feels, so your connection with them could be more dramatic than they feel themselves.

By the way, telepathic love still has a lot more positive things than we think. 

Let’s find out:

Telepathy love can give you a unique insight into your partner’s mind. You can learn a lot by understanding your partner’s thoughts and feelings, and you can express your own truths in an honest way.

Besides, telepathic connections can also help you feel connected physically. You may be separated by a great distance when you meet in person, but if you have a telepathic connection, you can feel as if you’re right next to one another.

Next, telepathic connections also give you a sense of connection with your past. Long-lost family members and friends might feel like they’re your closest friends who you’ve known your whole life.

Finally, one of the most important things about developing a telepathic connection is finding a partner who is receptive to it. It’s not something you can force, so you’ll need to look for a partner who seems open-minded enough to receive your thoughts.

Telepathy can be an amazing thing if people are both “open” to the experience and are willing to put in some effort. A couple can connect on an almost psychic level, feeling one another’s emotions with perfect clarity.

This is a unique and beautiful thing, but it does not happen naturally for everyone. A person must be prepared for a long, difficult journey during which the other person may seem to be “out of step” with their feelings or thoughts.

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6) How to develop telepathic connection with someone you love

If you are interested in developing a telepathic connection with someone you love, you must follow certain steps. 

First, you must find a way to relax and let go — both physically and mentally. Being tense and in a constant state of stress can hinder any kind of telepathic connection. 

Or, be open to the idea that you might be feeling someone else’s emotions while they feel yours. This way, you’ll be more likely to feel someone else’s emotions and be open to what they’re feeling.

Next, you must try to keep your mind open and free of any “thoughts” that could get in the way of the connection. A person’s thoughts can actually block the other person’s connection to you.

Then, communicate with your partner more! Talk to each other, text each other, email each other, etc. This will help your brains communicate with each other and develop a telepathic connection.

If you’re feeling anxious when your partner is upset, try to find a way to take a break from the situation or distract yourself.

Finally, if you think you might be receiving false information from your partner, try to imagine what you think the information is and then visualize what it feels like to receive that information from your partner’s brain.

Or if you want to boost your telepathic connection with someone you love, you can really develop your skills when they’re feeling happy, relaxed, or engaged in activities that they enjoy.

As a result, these tips can help you develop a telepathic connection with your partner, and they’re easy to implement.

7) Some signs shows that you are experiencing a telepathic connection with your partner

If you’ve ever been psychically connected with your partner, you know how strange it can feel. 

Many people find themselves wondering if they are experiencing hallucination or mental illness, but the truth is that there are some telltale signs to look for when determining whether or not a telepathic connection has occurred.


This is often the first sign that you have experienced a telepathic connection. It is the ability to know something without knowing how you know it. It is the “gut” reaction to something that you can “feel” but you can’t “explain.” 

Some people may have a natural inclination to the paranormal. If you are one of these people, you may have a certain ability to receive messages from the universe.

Thought crime seems to be on the rise. Ever feel like your partner is reading your mind? It’s not your imagination. 

The mind is a very powerful place and it’s very easy for someone to break into it without you even realizing it.

If you feel like your partner is reading your mind, it’s because they are. They can hear everything you are thinking. 

Maybe, this can be really creepy, but it’s also a sign that your relationship is a little bit telepathic. 

People who are telepathic can often sense each other’s emotions and thoughts a little bit more deeply than others. They can also share their thoughts with others and sometimes they even communicate with animals and other people who aren’t physically in the room with them. 

These are just a few examples of the types of things that people who are telepathic can sense and do.


People who are naturally connected to the “other side” may see dreams that relate to the other person

Dreams are a way for the unconscious mind to access information. In some cases, the information that is revealed in a dream is extremely insightful and helpful. 

Dreams are often full of symbolism and metaphor, and they are often able to communicate things that you cannot communicate any other way.

If you are having dreams that seem to relate to your partner, there is a very strong chance that you are having a telepathic connection with them.

While dreams are often dismissed as nonsense, they may be very important. Some people will even set intentions in their dreams. 

For example, you may dream that you are pregnant with your partner’s child. This dream will help your partner to realize that they want to have that relationship in their life.

So that, when you have been experiencing a telepathic connection, you may have been having very surreal dreams about the person connected to you. This could be very disturbing, but it could also be an opportunity for you to gain insight from these dreams.


Insights are the “aha moments” that can come from telepathic connections. They are often followed by a sudden understanding of something, or an event will suddenly make sense to you when you were not even sure how it made sense before. 

Insights often occur suddenly, and it is often difficult to remember just what that insight was exactly that allowed you to have that sudden understanding.

Besides, the connection between two people can also reveal information about each other. When one person is thinking or feeling something, their connection with the other person will often show it to the other person.

If you have a telepathic connection with your partner, you will often receive “vague” or “noisy” information. 

This often means that their thoughts are “cloudy” or “messy” and not in a good way. Your partner may fear that their thoughts are “dirty” or “negative” and they may be worried that someone else will see them that way.

Another sign that you have received some insight into your lover’s life is that they show up in your dreams.


Going back to the earlier example of your partner connected to you sensing your emotions without you knowing it, there is also the possibility that you are experiencing a telepathic connection and experiencing a synchronicity. 

This is where two people experience a “coincidence” where both are thinking or feeling something that relates to each other. These coincidences may show up in your life in many different ways.

Furthermore, you may receive a “sign” that relates to your partner, you may receive an “opening” where you two meet each other at a “coincidental” moment, or you may get “stepped-on” by your lover while you are engaged in a “coincidental” experience together.

Similar situations, similar reactions

Similar situations may happen in both people’s lives that relate to a particular emotion. The emotion will be similar for both people. This may happen in a person’s work life, a person’s family life, or even their personal relationships.

When people are connected telepathically, they can often “sense” the other person’s emotions in the situation and may have a certain “reaction” to the situation that relates to their own emotions.

For example, a person may be experiencing a situation in their job that greatly irritates them. They may be feeling very angry and “angry” while they are in that situation. Their connection with the other person may “sense” this and may begin to feel angry themselves.

Telephone telepathy

The biggest sign that you are experiencing a telepathic connection is that you can hear your partner’s thoughts over the phone. This could be literally hearing their thoughts, it could also be feeling their thoughts over the phone. 

So telepathic connections are often made through phone calls or through texting. If you receive a text message from your lover that is extremely “vague,” “noisy,” or “vaguely” related to you, there is a very strong chance that they are connecting telepathically with you.

If you receive a text from your partner that seems to be “guiding” you or telling you “something,” it is likely a sign that they are “reading” your mind and sending you telepathic messages.

Otherwise, you may be able to hear your partner’s thoughts over the phone and even feel what they are feeling. This means that you are able to enter their mind and freely explore it. 

This could be a terrifying experience for your partner because their mind is open for exploration. However, it is an incredible opportunity for you because you have been able to enter your lover’s mind to gain insight about them.


Whether you believe in telepathy or not, there’s no denying that it’s an incredible feeling when you can feel your partner’s emotions. If you’re struggling to connect with the person you love, you might want to consider taking a look at your relationship patterns and asking yourself some difficult questions. If you can honestly examine your past, you will find your answers.

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