How to make a Taurus man chase you (best 5 tips)


1. Keep an open mind

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A Taurus man, attracted to confidence, humor, and intelligence, cautiously engages, seeking a deeper connection before expressing strong intentions, valuing patience and gradual progression in relationships.

2. Be patient and persistent

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Persistence is crucial in attracting a Taurus man, as it demonstrates unwavering commitment and determination towards a desired outcome.

3. Be honest and straightforward

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In a relationship, Taurus men are drawn to honesty, authenticity, and vulnerability, as these qualities make them feel safe and allow them to trust and open up more freely.

4. Be yourself and show him your real personality

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To attract a Taurus man, be genuine, show your true self, be confident, stand up for yourself, and don't let anyone push you around.

5. Be feminine and sexy but not overbearing or demanding

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To win a Taurus man's heart, be confident, feminine, and expressive while being true to oneself, understanding, and open to exploring other romantic opportunities.

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