How to make a Taurus man chase you (best 5 tips)

Finding your ideal partner can be challenging, but as they say – work hard, play hard.

Whether it is love or friendship, we always want to develop a deeper connection with our partner, especially if he’s a Taurus.

However, it is not always easy to find the right person and keep them interested in you.

If you are someone who has been struggling to get the attention of that special guy, this article is for you!

Taurus men are known for being stubborn with a strong sense of independence; however, there are ways to crack their tough exterior and make them chase you until you give in.

Let’s take a look at the best 5 tips on how to make a Taurus man chase you

1) Keep an open mind

A Taurus man will chase you if he’s attracted to you and wants to pursue you.

But let me make it clear. This isn’t just about physical attraction for a Taurus man.

He’ll be drawn to your confidence, your sense of humor, and your intelligence.

He may also be interested in your goals and dreams.

Though a Taurus man is physically outgoing, he’s not a pushover.

If you want to go out on a date, he’ll buy the tickets and plan the itinerary—he doesn’t want to lead you around by the nose.

He knows that people are drawn together through chemistry, so he’s trying to find out what makes you tick before he goes overboard with his overtures.

If he notices that you have some reservations about him, he may back off at first; but as time goes on, he’ll become more persistent.

They are not used to being pushed around and will take a long time to warm up to someone new.

If you show too much interest too fast, he will most likely dismiss you as being too eager.

Try showing him that you actually want to be with him, but in a subtle manner..

For example, if he asks you out on a date, tell him that you’d love to go out sometime soon!

Don’t be afraid to show your interest and be yourself around Taurus men.

It will help them feel more comfortable with the idea of dating you.

When you do this, he will gradually open up more and begin to see things from your perspective.

Your job is to let him know that you want to keep things casual and take it slow at first so that both of you can get used to the idea of dating.

Communicate openly with him about any reservations or hesitations that you may have so that he understands where you’re coming from and why it might be difficult for you to jump into a relationship too quickly.

2) Be patient and persistent

While Taurus men are often very stubborn, you should be persistent in order to make him chase you.

Persistence is key when it comes to making a Taurus man chase you because it shows that you’re not willing to give up on him and that you’re committed to seeing things through.

Taurus men are very much into the idea of a challenge, so if you’re able to show him that you’re willing to stand your ground and fight for what you want, he’ll be more likely to give in and chase after you.

So what must you do?

Rather than giving up when things don’t go according to plan or when the going gets tough, always keep your chin up and keep pushing towards your goal.

If a man can see that you’re not going to give up no matter how hard things get, he’ll more likely want to pursue you.

Taurus men are very determined, and they will do whatever it takes to make their goals a reality.

They are persistent, and they know how to keep going when things get tough.

They are also very loyal, so they will stick with you even if things aren’t always going smoothly.

You should be persistent too if you want a Taurus man to chase you.

You’ll have to make sure that you don’t give up easily.

Taurus men are very driven people, so if you don’t show them that you’re willing to work hard for what you want, they may lose interest.

So don’t give up too easily!

Instead, keep working towards your goal and proving to the Taurus man that you’re committed to making it happen. If you do this, he might start to think of you as someone worth chasing after.

3) Be honest and straightforward

In a relationship, Taurus men are attracted to a woman who is honest, straightforward, and authentic.

They don’t like when a woman acts like she knows more about them than they know about her.

They also want a woman who is capable of being vulnerable and being seen as authentic.

Taurus men want to feel like they can trust you. If you can be honest with him, he will be able to trust you.

Be sure to be upfront and open in your communication.

Don’t let the fear of rejection keep you from revealing yourself to your partner.

Share your vulnerabilities and fears so that he knows that you are willing to be vulnerable for him.

This will make him feel more secure in his relationship with you and make him more willing to open up himself more to you.

By being honest and upfront, Taurus men are drawn to these qualities in a woman because they remind them of themselves.

They become attracted to someone who is willing to be vulnerable and share their innermost desires with them.

It makes them feel safe knowing that they can trust the person they are dating because they know that person won’t judge or reject them for who they are or what they have been through in life.

That way, the Taurus man knows that he can trust you and will want to be with you more often.

Being straightforward also shows that you’re not afraid of being vulnerable, which is very attractive to Taurus men.

Most importantly, though, is that they know they can trust you.

By approaching them honestly with your feelings and thoughts, they know that they can trust you with their feelings and thoughts too.

This makes them feel safe around you and allows them to open up more and feel comfortable enough to express themselves more freely.

4) Be yourself and show him your real personality

Being yourself and showing your true personality is one of the most important things you can do to attract a Taurus man.

Taurus men are attracted to women who are real and show them their true selves.

Being yourself means being honest, respectful, kind, caring, and having a good sense of humor.

Showing a Taurus man that you are not just another pretty face will make him want to keep you around.

Taurus men love women who stand up for themselves and don’t let anyone push them around.

They also love it when a woman is confident and doesn’t try to be something she’s not.

Taurus men like women who don’t put up with bad behavior from other people or from themselves.

They want a woman who will be honest with them about what they need to change in order to make the relationship work.

It’s really important to show your Taurus man that you’re a real person and not an object.

This means saying what you think, being yourself, and not trying to be someone else.

It also means showing him that you’re not afraid to take risks and be yourself without worrying about what other people think.

You need to show him that there’s more to you than just your looks and appearance.

Show him that you have a great personality, strong values, and a positive attitude.

If you’re not yourself, he’ll find this hard to believe and it will make him lose interest in you.

There are many ways to show him your real personality; for example, hanging out with friends can give you a chance to put your personality on display.

It also gives you a chance to interact with him and get more comfortable.

Another way is by posting things on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter about what’s happening in your life and showing him that you’re an active person who has interests outside of dating.

You don’t want to be online 24/7, but just posting pictures of yourself doing things is enough.

You don’t have to go crazy with it if he’s not super into social media; just make sure that he knows that you’re active and enjoying life.

All of these things make it easier for Taurus men to fall in love with you.

By putting yourself out there and being who you are, you will attract the type of man who will love you for that too!

And lastly,

5) Be feminine and sexy but not overbearing or demanding

Women have a soft and subtle appeal that turns men on. To make a Taurus man chase you, you must be feminine and sexy, but not overbearing or demanding.

As we know, Taurus men are very seductive and expressive so they like a woman who knows her own worth and is willing to stand up for herself in the face of adversity.

This is also another sign that you’re worth dating.

You need to be confident enough to know that you are worthy of being loved and cherished; Taurus men can tell if you’re just coasting through life on your looks and your charm.

He can’t resist a woman who is confident in her own skin and knows how to communicate her needs without making him feel like he has to do everything for her.

So, how can you show him you are worth chasing?

First of all, you should always be yourself; if you come across as someone who is overly aggressive or bossy, he will lose interest right away.

Second, try not to take things too personally; if he gets angry with you because you spilled coffee on his favorite shirt, don’t take it personally and start crying about how unfair life is. Instead, just get a new shirt and move on.

Third, smile at him when you see him so that he feels comfortable approaching you.

And finally, don’t be afraid to date other people while you’re waiting for him to show his interest in you.

He will eventually realize that there is somebody out there who makes him happy and that he doesn’t have to settle for anything less than the best.


Now, these 5 tips can make a Taurus man fall for you – hard.

But remember that Taurus men are very stubborn and may appear disinterested in you at times.

Do not take it personally; it is because they want to make sure that they are doing the right thing before they give you their heart.

Once they realize that they can trust you and that you are right for them, they will become more open and vulnerable.

Let your Taurus man know that you will not tolerate any games, and if he is being dishonest about something, you must call him out.

He will eventually make a full commitment to you and be ready to put his heart on the line.

By knowing how to make a Taurus man chase you, you will be able to sweep him off his feet and get him to fall head over heels in love with you.

Before we part, let me share one last thing with you.

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