Manifesting Love: How to Unleash The Superpower That’s Deep Within You – EBOOK


Are you ready to ditch the outdated narratives to make way for an upleveled you?

If you’re ready to commit to a path of radical self-reflection, and you want to learn all about the limitless power of manifesting in your love life, this eBook is for you.

Through Manifesting Love: How to Unleash the Superpower That’s Deep Within You you’ll follow a 10-step process to work through internal blocks, get clearer than ever about what you want in a partner and finish the book full of excitement about the future you’re calling in.

True love is out there for you and it’s up to you to embrace it.   

About this eBook

Ready to commit to a lifelong partner? Calling in The One is made simple in this accessible eBook, written by someone who’s been in your shoes.

Meet Tiffany McGee – she’s a super manifestor who has created the love life she desired through following a series of simple steps. Passionate about sharing her experience and inspiring others, in this eBook Tiffany talks about how she called in her dream relationship and how you can do the same.

She shares practical tips on how to get into manifesting – whether you’re totally new to it or already on your manifestation journey. You’ll learn all about the building blocks of visualization, breathwork and meditation, which she compiles from her own experience, alongside insights from great thinkers and visionaries.

You’ll come away from this eBook knowing:

● What you want from a partner – through reflecting, reflecting and reflecting some more, you’ll get clear on what your dream partner is like

● How to prioritize self-love – you’ll fill up your journal pages with prompts that encourage a healthy relationship with yourself

● Techniques for life – become a master meditator and visualizer from following practical exercises 

Who is this eBook for?

Whether you’ve been single for years, you’re newly out of a relationship or you’re stuck in a relationship that you know isn’t going anywhere, Tiffany will assist you in moving to the next phase of your life so you can truly let real love in.

If you’re fed up with dating people who aren’t on the same page as you or you feel like you’re unlucky in love, this eBook shows you it doesn’t have to be your reality. Focusing on rewriting old belief patterns and limiting beliefs, you’ll not only change what you think about your romantic relationships but you’ll change how you think about yourself.

So, if you’re ready to change the narrative and level-up, this eBook will be your new best friend. 

It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey – you’ll find support in these pages that encourage you to design the best version of your life yet.

Through following Tiffany’s 10 steps, you’ll not only learn how to call in The One, but you’ll come away knowing:

▶ How to master your emotions

▶ Why there’s magic in being open-minded

▶ The power of your imagination

What you’ll learn:

How to become a super manifestor: Discover how to make manifesting work for you, whether you’re really clear on what you want or open to different possibilities. You’ll learn the basics of manifesting and come away from the course knowing how to co-create your reality through the power of intention setting.

What a ‘hell no’ and ‘hell yes’ looks like for you: Get clarity like never before on what you want from a future partner. Exercises in this eBook will help you identify what is a ‘hell no’ or a ‘hell yes’ to you – thinking about spirituality and personal development to career and family. You’ll be able to notice patterns in your thoughts that will bring you closer to being able to manifest someone who is truly right for you.

Your true desires in a relationship: Discover what you actually hold in importance in your relationship and make way for new ways of being.

The tricks to successful visualizing: Super visual or not, this eBook will equip you with the skills to become a super manifestor through creative imagining. Teaching you how to successfully visualize, you’ll be able to get clear on what you want from a partner – from their values and goals, to what their love language looks like.

Why you need to embody the love you deserve: Seeing yourself as already complete, you’ll learn why it’s necessary to love yourself before you can let love in. You’ll take away self-love techniques that have helped thousands of people, and come away from the eBook feeling empowered and worthy of love.

Why you need to embody the love you deserve: The importance of staying open-minded: This eBook teaches that there’s magic in staying open to the unknowns in life – and, while you might think you want something, that could all change when you come face-to-face with it. Sharing real life stories, you’ll learn the importance of keeping an open, curious mind.

About Tiffany Mcgee

Tiffany McGee
Tiffany McGee

Tiffany McGee is the founder of It’s through this platform that she shares her extensive experience of spirituality with her readers, guiding them gently as they navigate through the turbulences of life.

Being a nomad herself, Tiffany thrives off meeting people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Through this passion for knowledge and connectivity with the world around her, she’s stripped through the woo – woo fads and dug deep to find the core meanings of spirituality.