Roldan Campuso

Roldan Campuso is a college instructor-slash-freelance writer based in the captivating city of Cebu, Philippines. He was the editor-in-chief of his university’s publication back in his college days, and he has won several competitions in the essay and feature writing categories. As the third of six siblings and an INFJ, he spent most of his childhood reading fiction, writing poetry, and observing people. Roldan’s love for writing general life advice stems from his “lack of mentor” growing up and his constant questioning approach toward the status quo. Anyone who knows him knows that when he’s not answering calls or coming out of his room, he’s either busy writing or fantasizing about a life full of adventure. When he’s not home, he’s most certainly in the forest or by the seashore - marveling at the sound of the crashing waves and wondering how migratory birds know when it’s time to go. Feel free to contact him through his email:

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