Yoga for spiritual healing

We’ve all been absorbing negative energy from the day we were born.

And this negative energy strains —and can even eventually damage— our spirits.

Luckily, people in the past have discovered ways to deal with it, and those methods are called spiritual healing

In this article, I will talk about how yoga is an excellent method of spiritual healing and give you a few tips to help you get started.

How the body and spirit are connected

Your body, mind, and energy are inexplicably linked. It’s impossible to isolate one from the other.

Whenever one of these aspects are changed in one way or another, the other aspects can exhibit certain effects as well.

This can cause a variety of difficulties when trying to identify the causes of many physical maladies.

A basic example of this is when you are spiritually troubled and get anxious as a result. Anxiety does not only affect you mentally and spiritually, it can give you plenty of illnesses, too.

Chronic anxiety can make the body react in strange ways, known as psychosomatic disorders.

These disorders cause various bodily symptoms which cannot be easily explained by a physical reason and must be treated from a spiritual angle.

What is spiritual healing?

Conventional healing methods can be very effective at taking care of your physical symptoms and can even remove the underlying causes in certain cases. But they are very ineffective at treating an issue which is spiritual or energy-based in nature.

Negative energies usually disperse naturally over time, but some traumatic experiences or overexposure to negativity can cause them to build up and damage you in a number of ways.

If left unchecked, it can lead to disharmony with the world and becoming unbalanced within yourself.

This is why spiritual healing is not only encouraged, but it’s necessary for our holistic well-being.

What spiritual healing does

Regular spiritual healing sessions like doing yoga that’s focused on healing can easily undo the damages done from pent up negative energy.

On top of that, it can make you more resistant to the same negativity and traumatic experiences in the future.

It works by neutralizing the negative energy that’s poisoning your soul via various meditation techniques which are best done through yoga.

Once this poison is removed from your spirit, your soul gains a little bit of immunity to it.

With consistent practice and maintenance, this tiny bit of immunity can be strengthened, making you a lot more resilient.

Who needs yoga for spiritual healing the most?

Although spiritual healing is easily beneficial to everyone, there are some who need it more than others. Think about it like how some people with gum disease or calcium problems need to brush their teeth more often than the regular person.

Unfortunately, people often don’t realize that they need spiritual healing because the signs for it are sometimes difficult to spot.

Here, I’ll list a few points which might make it easier for you to tell if it’s important for you to do spiritual healing right now.

1) You have trauma of any kind

By far the most common way our spirit becomes damaged is through sufficiently traumatic experiences.

What counts as “sufficient” is different for each person, a good indicator is when you do acknowledge the fact that you experienced something traumatic.

Can you honestly say to yourself that you have a traumatic past? Has it been bothering you in big and small ways? Then you must start healing now.

2) You are suffering from anxiety and/ or depression

Rates of these two mental disorders are on the rise and spiritual healing can certainly help you endure and eventually overcome these disorders.

If you believe you have symptoms of these mental illnesses like lethargy, insomnia, constant worry, and hyperventilation among others, consult a therapist alongside a spiritual healing program.

The issue might have a physical cause rather than a spiritual one. Maybe even both.

3) You are going through a heartbreak

Romantic relationships involve a lot of very intense emotions, usually positive ones if the relationship is healthy. However, if and when these relationships end for whatever reason, those intense emotions can all crash down on you in a giant pile of negativity.

Spiritual healing can help you recenter yourself and recover.

But bear in mind that this is not limited to romantic heartbreak. It applies to other types of heartbreak too—end of friendship, job loss, betrayal.

4) You lost a loved one

Just like heartbreaks, the death of a loved one can cause incredibly intense negative emotions.

In fact, the permanence of death and the common fear it tends to invoke almost always makes these emotions that much more intense.

Even the most skeptical person often starts their own spiritual healing sessions due to how strongly they felt for their lost loved one.

5) You are constantly feeling negative emotion

Feeling negative emotions like anger, frustration, and guilt is a part of a healthy mental and spiritual state. Nobody lives a completely perfect life, after all.

Experiencing these feelings is normal, but having them all the time is not and should be addressed with spiritual healing.

It is important to recognize, however, that even if you exhibit all these signs, you might need a different treatment on top of spiritual healing treatments.

Plenty of people have been able to get better without any spiritual help whatsoever. I cannot stress this enough: the underlying cause of your problems could easily be something non-spiritual in nature. Seek as many different treatment methods as you can before you stick to the one that works best in your case.

How yoga is good for spiritual healing

Yoga is a holistic approach to wellness. It brings together the body, mind, and spirit.

While we do our stretches and poses, we also clear and reboot our mind, allowing our spirit to heal and have harmony again.

As previously mentioned, you cannot isolate your body from your spiritual energies. However, it is often easier to get a feel for how your body is doing over your spirit. If you can’t feel your energy properly, then healing it becomes that much more difficult.

This is where yoga comes in.

By adopting these specific poses and stretches, you can anchor your spirit to your body more securely, thus allowing you to become more aware of your energy.

Combine that with proper breathing technique, you can enter into a meditative state where your mind is calm and peaceful—the perfect state for true spiritual healing to begin in full.

While in this state, will have broken down all those mental barriers that have been keeping your spirit from naturally cleansing itself.

All the pent up negativity within you will slowly begin to drain away with every breath and leave you feeling ready to take on the world.

By achieving a good physical state, you’re setting up a good environment for your spirit to heal.

5 ways yoga is good for spiritual healing

1) It’s a holistic approach

Most methods of spiritual healing tend to neglect one, or sometimes even multiple, aspects of healing. Yoga, on the other hand, works on your mind, body, and spirit all at once.

This combined approach lets yoga practitioners get a better feel for their own well-being. When dealing with spiritual matters, it’s best to work on your whole being whenever possible.

2) It’s simple to start and learn

Yoga does not require any equipment and can easily be done in the comfort of your own home by yourself.

There are plenty of free instructional videos online that teach you how to get started as well. Simply find a quiet place and begin.

3) It can be done daily

Because of its simplicity, it is very easy to integrate a quick yoga session into your daily schedule without interrupting anything. An hour set aside each day is more than enough.

And just like a regular work-out regime when you’re trying to improve your body, the more consistent and regular you do yoga, the more effective it becomes. And you can’t get more regular than daily.

4) You’ll learn self-compassion

Proper technique requires that you remain alone with your thoughts while doing yoga. This forces you to learn how to love yourself and properly care for yourself while you heal your spirit.

Maintaining good bodily and spiritual health requires a degree of self-love, so cultivating it is vital to your continued well-being.

5) It’s very effective

By combining its multi-faceted approach to spiritual healing with its simplicity, yoga is capable of helping anyone through almost any kind of traumatic experience. Not only that, but it also helps strengthen you to be able to handle other traumatic experiences you will encounter later in life.

Various studies have been conducted on the efficacy of yoga in spiritual and therapeutic uses. One study in particular showed that women with depression and anxiety disorders reported a decrease in symptoms after only 12 weekly sessions of yoga.

Affirmations for spiritual healing

Yoga with just the stretches will not lead to spiritual healing.

In order for you to connect to your soul and start healing, you have to recite some affirmations.

You can repeat these phrases to yourself before starting your sessions to put yourself in the right mental space.

“I deserve happiness.”

“My mind, body, and soul are one.”

“I am in control of my life.”

“Today is a good day and tomorrow will be better.”

“No challenge is too much for me.”

“I can recover from anything.”

“My world is filled with beauty and peace.”

“Everyday I get closer to my goals.”

“The future looks bright and promising.”

“Being happy is my natural state of being.”

“I am a beacon of positivity and joy for those around me.”

“I love the people around me and myself.”

“Each day I live is a blessing.”

“Good attracts good, and I am good.”

“I am grateful that my life is full of wonder.”

Dos and Don’t when doing yoga for spiritual healing

Do prepare your mind

For best results, you should really try to avoid starting your yoga sessions with a negative mindset. Find a quiet spot you feel comfortable in and play your favorite calming music to put you in the correct headspace.

Do show up regularly

Add your yoga sessions to your routine and make sure you stick to it religiously. It’s infinitely better to have five one hour long sessions in a week rather than one that goes for five hours. Yoga still involves exercise, and your body needs to find rest.

Don’t expect fast results

The process of healing is something that takes a lot of time. There’s just no way around it. Nature loves to take her time.

Yoga is here to help guide you down to healing, not push you to healing faster than is humanly possible.

Don’t rush

Finally, you might be tempted to try and speed this healing process up a bit. That’s a very bad idea. Like taking a cast off a broken arm early, it does nothing to help you and instead makes everything take longer.

Do find an instructor and spiritual mentor

As long as you have a budget that allows for it, having a teacher will always give better results than doing things on your own.

Most people have a hard time trying to navigate the complexities of their own mind, so having a spiritual guide with you who can help you make sense of the confusing nature of the human soul will greatly increase results.


Spiritual healing is something everyone can benefit from, especially in our modern world where there’s plenty of things that stress us out with good reason.

The good news is that anyone can do it.

With yoga, you don’t need to do or buy anything special to start your spiritual healing process.

The effects of a regular yoga routine on your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being simply cannot be understated. And I encourage you to start your healing journey today.

You might not feel any immediate changes day after day, just like how you wouldn’t notice yourself growing bit by bit when you were a child.

But if you look back at when you first started, you’d be amazed at how far you’ve come and the amount of progress you’ve made.









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