Will a Taurus man come back after no contact? 12 signs he will

Let’s get straight to the point:

Will a Taurus man come back after no contact?

Taureans are one of the most stubborn, loyal, and honorable signs in the zodiac.

So, depending on what happened between the two of you, he may want to come back but may need some time.

Are you curious about the verdict? Here are 12 signs he will come back:

1) You broke up with him, not the other way around

The first sign that he will come back is if you broke up with him.

How so? You see, when a Taurus man decides to break things off, he usually has one or more solid reasons for doing so. And because of that, he rarely changes his mind.

However, if he really loves you, he’ll come back to you – even after no contact – but there’s a catch:

The reason he broke up with you must be fixable. To be more precise, if you betrayed him or cheated on him, then there’s no chance he’s coming back.

But if you left him, then you can win him back, even after no contact, or should I say, especially after no contact?

The truth is that the no contact rule works with a Taurus man. Read on if you’d like to know why.

2) You are still friends on social media

Here’s another way to figure out whether a Taurus man will come back after no contact: he didn’t unfriend you or unfollow you on social media.

Let me explain:

When a Taurus man is truly done with you, he doesn’t want to stay friends anymore; not even on social media platforms.

He simply wants you out of his life. However, if he didn’t take that step just yet, then it’s possible that he will come back.

Keeping communication lines open is definitely a sign he will come back, even if you two don’t talk for days or weeks.

In this regard, Taurus men can be patient, since they know that the most valuable things in life – love and friendship included – are worth waiting for.

3) What would a real psychic say?

The signs above and below will give you a good idea about whether a Taurus man will come back after no contact.

But a surefire way to know for sure is to speak with a gifted advisor.

They can answer questions like, are you meant to be with him? Has he moved on?

The problem is finding someone you can trust.

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4) You didn’t try to make him jealous in any way

Look: Taurus men are characterized by their jealousy.

In addition, they are also possessive and territorial. As a matter of fact, they don’t stand other people getting close to their loved ones.

They see that sort of thing as a threat.

Obviously, this also means that if they find out that you are flirting with somebody else or going after another man, it may just push them over the edge.

But if your Taurus man finds out that you never did that, then he may be more prone to coming back to you because he knows your intentions are pure.

5) You haven’t contacted him since the breakup

The no contact rule works wonders on a Taurus man. How come?

Here are some juicy astrological details about him:

  • He doesn’t like clingy women;
  • He doesn’t like needy women;
  • He loves women who are independent;
  • He gets curious during no contact;
  • He doesn’t give up on love easily;

Based on these details, it’s a safe bet that he will come back after no contact.

6) He tried to contact you after breaking up

Let me ask you this:

Did he try to contact you at least once after breaking up?

If he did, then he’s definitely thinking about you. But if he hasn’t, then that may be a sign that he’s truly done with you and wants nothing to do with you anymore.

Or, maybe he’s using the no contact rule on you!

You see, Taurus men can be clever, especially when it comes to love. There’s no way to tell if he’s actually trying not to talk to you or if he wants to move on.

Being mysterious is one of their strong points, you know.

That’s why you shouldn’t get discouraged by his lack of communication. Even if he doesn’t contact you, don’t give up!

You may still be able to win him back. Read on to discover the secrets of how to do that.

7) Taurus men love to chase women

Numerous astrologers agree that Taureans like to do the chasing. What does this mean?

It means that your decision not to contact him or to ignore him didn’t go unnoticed.

To be honest, your Taurus man could even be intrigued. He could be thinking, “I have to win her back!”

But, things really depend on who broke up with whom, and, of course, why.

In case you didn’t cheat on him but you were the one to leave him, he might feel tempted to chase you even after no contact.

The same goes if he left you. If after some time he thinks that you two can work things out, then he might want to get back together with you.

8) You were a big part of his routine

Listen, Taurus men are creatures of habit. They don’t like change.

In addition, they rely heavily on their routines.

I mean, think about it: Taureans are known for being extremely stubborn, and they don’t like doing what they don’t want to do.

Well, one thing they need to be happy is a daily routine. And you were a big part of it!

So, if you’re out of his life, he might feel miserable without you.

A Taurean man may even convince himself that you two belong together because of your routines; that’s how powerful this need is for him.

So, if you relate, you can take this as a sign that he will come back to you, even after no contact.

9) Taurus men generally have problems letting go

Since the no contact rule works great on Taureans, we don’t have to focus on that anymore.

However, here’s something else to pay attention to:

In general, Taurus men have problems letting go. To be more precise, they keep thinking about the women they love, even after they’re out of their lives.

Unless she cheats on them or betrays them, they spend a long time trying to let go.

And the best part? You can use this aspect in your favor – if he didn’t manage to let go of you, yet, it’s possible to win him back.

But getting your ex back doesn’t have to be complicated.

In fact, speaking to a gifted advisor can make all the difference.

I mentioned Psychic Source earlier. They have helped me out in the past and I’ve always found them honest and compassionate in their readings.

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10) Your astrological signs are compatible

Want to know another sign a Taurus man will come back after no contact?

Your astrological sign is compatible with his.

So, let’s talk about compatibilities:

A Taurus man is compatible with the following signs:

  • Pisces – The relationship between a Pisces woman and a Taurus man is stable, secure, and soulful. These two have a long-lasting connection where the focus is not just on love but on a complete understanding of each other.
  • Taurus – The relationship between two Taurus people is like a breath of fresh air. Love and communication are ever-present in their relationship, and they know how to live in harmony with each other. However, things can also go south between them, too.
  • Cancer – The relationship between a Taurus man and a Cancer woman is favored by the stars. These two can get along in ways others cannot, and they’re always good for each other.
  • Capricorn – The relationship between a Taurus man and a Capricorn woman is strong and enduring. These two know how to trust one another, and each has the utmost respect for the other’s strengths.

What is your zodiac sign?

I hate to break it to you, but if you can’t find it in the list above, then the best thing you could do is move on. Or, you can choose to fight for your love.

11) You remind him how good-looking you are

Want to know a secret?

Taurus men appreciate the beauty of a woman in ways that no other zodiac sign does.

In fact, they appreciate beauty, in general. And, in case you didn’t know:

Taureans are known for being extremely visual. They love looking at women, and they tend to appreciate the beauty of a woman’s body.

But, to be fair, they also love looking at art and admiring the beauty of landscapes.

Think about it like this: their weakness opens the door for you to come back – all you need is to look amazing, and he will want to come back to you.

However, there is one problem: he may not see it.

So, make sure to post lots of pictures and videos of yourself on your social media if you want him back – especially if he’s still following you and can see your posts.

This way, he will see your beauty and feel drawn to you. And he might not be able to stay away!

12) He came back to you before

Is this the first time you two broke up?

If it isn’t, then you already know that Taurus men don’t give up easily.

In fact, it’s normal for them to come back to their exes if they still love them and the problems are fixable.

That’s why one of the main signs he will come back after no contact is that he has done it before.

However, you need to have patience. As you already know, your ex takes his sweet time to do anything. Taurus men are slow.

So, don’t rush it. Wait for him to get back to you. And if he did all that before, then he will definitely do it again this time!

Will a Taurus man miss you after a breakup?

I’m sure you’re wondering: Will he miss me?

To answer your question, we have to take another look at his traits.

A Taurus man is a creature of habit.

He likes his routines. He wants them to be maintained, and it’s not easy for him to change them. So, he will miss you if you were a big part of his life.

A Taurus man is possessive by nature.

Hence, if he cares about you and loves you, he won’t give up easily. He will come back to you after no contact, even if it takes months for that to happen.

Because he’s possessive, he can’t help but miss you. And it will make him want to get back together with you.

A Taurus man is an incurable romantic.

What does this mean? It means he will miss you in the name of romance. He wants to keep the romance alive in the relationship, and he will miss you if you’re the one who broke that bond.

A Taurus man is a fixer.

He thrives on organizing things and fixing problems. But, he can only fix problems that make sense to him over which he has control. So, if he can’t fix your relationship by himself, he’ll have no other option but to miss you.

A Taurus man is a hedonist.

What does that mean? A hedonist is a person who indulges in pleasure. To be more precise, a hedonist is someone who derives pleasure from experiencing stimuli.

And this is how a Taurus man feels about pleasure: it’s something he can’t live without.

So, what’s the conclusion?

A Taurus man will miss you if you’re the one who broke their relationship. It’s inevitable, and it will happen no matter what you do.

And it’s possible that he will come back after no contact.

Will a Taurus man wait for you?

As you already know, Taurus men are emotional creatures. They’re not as strong and rugged as they look. In fact, they’re tender and kind.

So, it’s possible for them to wait for you.

The only exception? You betrayed a Taurus man or cheated on him.

If you betrayed him or cheated on him, then he’ll move on.

It’s that simple.

So, if you have done something that makes him think it’s impossible for you to come back to be his girlfriend, consider moving on as well.

However, if you didn’t and your reasons are solid, he might just wait.

Don’t expect him to wait for you indefinitely, though.

He might do so for a few months, but he will eventually get tired of waiting and move on – especially if there’s no contact between you two.

Typically, a Taurus man waits for about 3 months. Then, he gets fed up and moves on.

But, if you’re in an LDR relationship and he can’t see or talk to you, then he won’t get tired of waiting so easily. He will wait longer.

What kind of woman do Taurus men like?

Now that you know how to make a Taurus man miss you and come back, it’s time to learn about the kind of woman he likes.

As a general rule, a Taurus man likes women who are both open and honest, as well as strong and independent.

The reason? An independent woman is a great match for him because he likes that she can stand on her own feet.

On the other hand, an honest woman is great for him as well because she won’t put on false fronts to please him. She will always be honest with him and tell him the truth, too.

So, if you aren’t this kind of woman yet, try to become one! Being open and honest is what a Taurus man wants in a girl – especially if you want to keep him happy.

What else?

Taurus men also like women who stick to their routines and expectations. If you’re someone who does so, then he will want to get back together with you.

At the same time, they love women who are patient and loyal because they have those qualities in themselves.

They love women with the strength to stick with them through thick and thin. And they love women who they can trust and rely on.

Want to know more?

Taurus men don’t like women who are hard to please. This is because they want someone who’s easy for them to be around.

The last thing most Taurus men don’t want is a girl who has lots of drama or who tries to control them. So, if you act like the former, then he won’t miss you so much and will move on.

How do you drive a Taurus man crazy?

Let’s face it: Taurus men are very demanding creatures. They want a beautiful woman who can dazzle them at all times.

They want her to cook for them, shower them with gifts and spend lots of time with them.

So, here are a few ways to drive a Taurus man crazy:

Always pay attention to your appearance

A Taurus man cares about how you look. He wants a woman who dresses well and has good taste in clothes and accessories.

A Taurus man also likes women who know how to take care of themselves. So, if you’re someone who does that, he’ll appreciate it.

Make him a priority in your life

Taurus men like to be the center of attention, and they want their girlfriends to treat them like royalty.

So, they want women who prioritize their time with them. And they want a girl who treats them like kings and endures their mood swings.

Give him your time and attention

A Taurus man doesn’t like women who are too busy. He thinks that you should have time for him, regardless of what you’re doing or where you are.

So, if you show him that you care enough to give him your undivided attention, then he’ll find you irresistible.

Cook his favorite meal for him

Do you know what a Taurus man loves more than anything? He loves food! And he especially loves a well-cooked meal.

So, if you can make his favorite meal, then he’ll love you even more than he already does.

Give him the best gift ever (if possible)

A Taurus man wants to be treated like royalty, so he loves good old-fashioned gifts and surprises – especially if they’re expensive.

So, if you can afford to give him the best gift ever, he’ll be over the moon. He’ll feel like a king and go crazy for you.

A Taurus man will come back after no contact. What next?

The signs above point to one fact: a Taurus man will come back to you if he still loves you and you didn’t betray him.

However, he might not know it yet. So, it’s up to you to make sure he realizes it soon.

So, if you truly want to reconnect with your ex-boyfriend, you can’t leave it down to chance.

You need to take action and get him back before it’s too late.

And the best thing you can do is get a love reading from a gifted advisor.

There’s one company that I always end up recommending, Psychic Source. Not only did they blow me away with their accurate reading, but they were also kind and understanding of my situation.

So if you’re tired of wondering whether your Taurus man will eventually come back, get in touch with a gifted advisor and take your future into your own hands. I did, and I’ve never looked back since.

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