Will I ever find my soulmate? 20 ways to tell

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Love is incredible.

It’s a wonderful sensation to be pleased and at ease with someone, especially when those feelings are returned.

But how can you know whether the person you’re dating is the one, if they’re…your soulmate?

While many people do not believe in “soulmates,” it is comforting to imagine that there is someone (or a few others) out there who is perfect for you.

Are you unsure if your bae is the right person for you? Here are 18 indicators that you’ve found your real love.

1) Whenever you’re apart, you think of them

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just met them; you’ll be thinking about them even when you’re not together.

If you’re ever without them for long, your thoughts will be dominated by recollections of their personality and how they can bring out your best qualities.

It’s a familiar story and it usually goes like this:

When you go to work or sleep, your mind immediately turns toward them, and your heart beats as if they are right next to you.

When you wake up in the morning and turn on the shower, your eyes are only able to look at their face in the reflection.

When you go to get lunch and it doesn’t matter what’s in the refrigerator, you can only think of their favorite dish.

And when you get home from work and take off your shoes, your imagination is filled with the dream of them dreaming with you.

And if you have these feelings, then maybe that person will be your soulmate!

2) You have extreme empathy for them

If you find yourself constantly worrying about how the person you love is feeling, you may be more than just “in like.”

“Empathy” is a key ingredient of real love.

You want to know their life, not just their latest text message.

In addition to how they feel, your empathy also extends to what they are going through in the present moment. This is more than a “surface level” caring where you tell them they’re beautiful and all that stuff.

It’s as if you are truly on a journey with them, where both of you constantly feel each other’s pain, joy and frustration. This is what real love will be like when you finally find your soulmate.

You will both understand that you are living for each other, and it is up to you to work hard to make sure that this love will stay strong.

Be as open and honest with each other as possible, and learn to appreciate what you have so that it can grow.

3) A gifted advisor confirms it.

The signs above and below will give you a good idea about whether you’ve found your real love.

But a surefire way to know for sure is to speak with a gifted advisor.

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4) You respect each other

It’s not enough to just be in love with them.

You need to respect each other in all situations, both large and small. And how can you do that when you don’t know the person?

You may get along better than your friends do, but if there is friction in your relationship, it won’t last. That’s why it’s so important to talk about everything with each other.

And the best way to do that is to have open and honest conversations.

If you don’t understand something, ask them. If you’d like something done differently, tell them.

If they want to go out on a date, they need to be willing to be vulnerable and show their true selves to you.

It’s difficult and sometimes uncomfortable for them, but if it’s going well then you can truly know how much they care about you.

5) You balance each other out

We all need a little bit of something.

You need to give them some space, and they can’t take all of your time. They need to feel independent, and you can’t always tell them what to do.

It’s only by giving each other what we need that we can show that our love is real. And it’s important that you don’t give someone everything they ask for. If you do then nothing will change!

When you meet your soulmate, it’s a long-term relationship. You’re not just going to walk away after a few days or months.

Give it time, and when something isn’t working, try to fix it as quickly as possible.

Don’t just brush things off because you don’t like the way they are doing something; do your best to bring each other up without making yourself feel small in the process.

6) You feel a sense of calm when around them.

Your mind and body are at ease when you’re around them.

You can look inward (to the future) and still smile, even when the situation is stressful.

How do I know?

Ever had a place where you felt comfort and peace?

I used to go to an outdoor cafe in Scottsdale, AZ. The name of the cafe was Culver Cafe. The atmosphere was calm and peaceful. I felt an aura of belonging, despite being a complete stranger to the entire area.

I’ve been to other cafes in Scottsdale, but they don’t compare to the sense of peace and belonging that I get when I’m at Culver Cafe.


Because it was built on old magic!

You’ll know that you’ve found your real love in the same way. If you feel calm and tranquil when around that person, then they are probably your soulmate!

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7) You agree about the important things.

Love is not just about having similar interests, or both loving the same things.

You need to understand that it’s important to the other person. And the way you show this is through your actions.

Do you go to the same events?

Do you spend time doing what they enjoy?

You may not have to like everything they do, but if you have a soft and caring heart, then it’s important to show them that you care about their life.

This is how real love manifests itself in everyday life when the two of you are out doing different things.

The best way to prove that you’re in love is to give them your time.

So when they want to go on a date, help them get ready.

If you have something else going on, don’t cancel: just help out and put your partner first!

They’ll appreciate it and remember it. You can even make a list of how you can show them your love, and encourage each other to help the other person with their goals.

8) You share the same life goals

You’re not just in love for the moment.

You’re in it for the long haul. And when you’ve found your real soulmate, you will want to spend the rest of your life together.

If you and that person don’t share the same goals and dreams, then there’s no way this relationship can work out.

Let’s dive in!

You both want different things from life, but you know how to support each other.

It’s important that you understand each other’s goals, and work together to make sure that these goals are achieved.

For example, you could be a party girl who wants to go to clubs every weekend, and your soulmate could be a homebody who wants to stay in and watch Netflix.

But if this doesn’t bother either of you, then you’re on the right track!

You’ll know it’s real love when each person can help the other achieve their life goals without feeling super stressed.

If you’re having problems with this, then I’d suggest speaking to a gifted advisor at Psychic Source.

They’ll find a way to help each of you achieve everything that you want in life.

9) You challenge each other.

Love is not always easy.

You can’t just sit around and be happy with your partner all the time. And the only way to grow is to challenge each other.

It’s the only way that you can help each other develop in all aspects of life. That means not just physical challenges, but also emotional ones.

You are willing to be there for each other, no matter what.

In fact:

You want that person in your life even when things get difficult.

When you’re with the right person, you can always bring out the best in them. There’s no challenge that they can’t rise up to.

The hardest part is finding this person who can help you become the best version of yourself. When they challenge you it sends out a message that they love and care about you.

You have to have a sense of adventure and a strong personality, or else you’ll never get anywhere.

10) You can totally be yourself

Your real soulmate will love you for who you are. The good, the bad and the ugly.

They’ll accept you, no matter what. As a result, you can totally be yourself in front of them.

When they fight with you, it’s not because they want to change you. They’re making an effort to show you that their love for you is true.

Then, without you having to even ask for it, they’ll listen and help you solve your problems.

You have to be able to let go of the past and be open-minded at the same time. No more pretending to be someone else.

And that’s the best part about finding your soulmate.

You’ll always love them for who they are and they’ll love you for who you are. So if anyone is going to accept you, it will be them.

And if you’re going through a difficult time, then they’ll be there to help out.

11) You’re honest with each other, no matter what happens.

No matter what happens, you’ll be able to face it as a couple; as a soulmate to your soulmate!

You won’t hide anything from each other because that would be unfair.

Instead, you’ll be honest about your fears, your doubts and any other problems that you’re going through in life.

So you’ll always know where your soulmate stands and together you’ll face it. You won’t run away when hard times come along.

Even if things get tough and they end up leaving, you’ll understand that they weren’t in love with you or didn’t have any feelings for you.

If you think that something is bothering your soulmate, then you won’t hide it. You’ll encourage them to talk about it.

Want to know more?

You’ll also support them and listen until they’re happy.

This is what real love is, two people who are honest with each other no matter what happens!

That’s not just a few words on paper; this is how you really feel inside after being together for a while.

That’s the real love worth having!

12) You feel each other’s pain

There is a connection that you both share. You deeply feel the pain of the other person.

When you are in love, everyone feels it. This feeling is what makes you want to be with that person.

It’s the love that you can’t get enough of. It’s a love that is so pure and honest that it’s unimaginable.

You won’t find it anywhere else, because real love will always make you feel loved and needed, no matter what happens in life.

You have to be willing to do anything for each other, and to accept all their words and deeds without question.

Because you feel “that” kind of way.

And they know how to get you back into their arms with the right words, or by doing whatever it takes to make your day better.

When you find your soulmate, you can feel their problems and know exactly what to do without having to ask.

It’s funny how that happens. I think we are naturally wired to fall in love with some of the people who make us feel better, not only because they lift our spirits but also because we get a sense of security from them.

So you are already there! We all need someone to vent to and feel that deep connection with.

And that’s how you know you have found a soulmate!

13) You’re there for each other

You are there for each other no matter what.

If someone is going through a tough time, you’ll be there to listen. If your soulmate has a problem, you’ll be there to support them.

And if they need some space, you’ll understand their emotions and make sure that they know that they can call on you anytime they like.

Of course, if either of you are also going through some difficulties in your life, then it’s ok to have space for each other.

When you’re in love, you can’t imagine how it would be without them.

If you love someone, it’s not because they’re smart or rich or beautiful.

Love is the way you feel when you are around that person.

You feel their presence, no matter how far they are away from you. When they leave, and you know it’s just for a while, you miss them.

That’s how you know that you’ve found your soulmate. It’s a good feeling to realize that you have found your future spouse or partner in life.

14) You can hear the other person’s silent thoughts

You can hear the other person’s thoughts! You are one with them. That’s how you know that you found your soulmate.

Soulmates don’t have to talk to each other, they just know what the other is thinking. And that’s a good thing because you don’t have to have all the answers!

They know what you need without you having to ask.

So what else can you do when you hear their thoughts?

You can read each other’s minds just by looking into each other’s eyes. When you feel this deep connection, you know that you’ve found your soulmate. That’s when the real work is done.

And then you can relax and just be close with each other.

15) You know each other’s flaws and the benefits in them

Having someone in your life who understands you is priceless.

They know all of your flaws, and they don’t judge you for them. They also see the benefits in you, and they are proud of them.

You don’t have to hide anything from them. You can be yourself around them, just as if you were with your best friend or family member.

Some of us have been programmed to believe we have to be perfect for a person to love us back.

But a soulmate will accept you the way you are and love you for who you are. That’s what I believe! It’s a wonderful feeling.

You don’t have to be perfect. You’re not supposed to be perfect. Life isn’t meant to be perfect, it just is the way it is!

You are supposed to learn and grow with one another, and help each other along the way. It’s not a competition of who “is better.”

We’re all in this together! It doesn’t matter where you come from or what you’ve done in the past.

16) You’re mature in each other’s presence

You are open to growing up and taking responsibility for yourself.

You are wiser in each other’s presence and you know how to take care of each other.

You will help each other develop your mind, body and spirit simultaneously. You’ll see that how you nurture someone else will help you grow, too.

A soulmate’s presence keeps you grounded even when you feel lost.

You won’t take things for granted anymore because they understand everything that matters to you and what really matters to them as well.

It’s really true!

You’re mature when you’re with your soulmate. You don’t have to feel like a child anymore, or be immature.

You can be yourself without having to pretend that things are the way you wish they would be.

17) You don’t experience jealousy

You don’t experience jealousy. Jealousy is sometimes a sign that you’re immature and are not ready to commit to a real relationship.

When you have found your soulmate, you no longer experience jealousy.

The only thing that you feel is love! And love isn’t jealous or selfish. Love just wants to share itself with the one who it loves the most!

And that’s how you know that you’ve found your soulmate.

It sounds like a fairy tale, but the truth is, when you feel this connection with each other, it’s not only a feeling but also a concrete reality.

You’re happy and proud of being in love. It’s a good feeling to find someone who is willing to accept you for who you are.

And love can be messy sometimes; we need it to grow and blossom into something much better in our lives.

18) You complete each other

Soulmates choose each other because they are the missing pieces of each other’s lives. They complete each other in the best way possible.

And you will feel that way about each other too. You know that your lives are just better when you’re with them.

What’s more?

When you feel like your soulmate is the missing piece of the puzzle that’s been broken, then you know!

There’s nothing more satisfying than feeling that you are a part of another person. And they are a part of you.

They have found someone who is their match and can accept them for who they are.

Your soulmate is the only person that you can hold and feel comfortable with.

And you can feel them, too. Love is not a fiction. Soulmates are real! You just need to find them.

19) You support their goals

You support each other’s goals without even being asked.

There’s nothing more rewarding than finding a soulmate who will support your dreams and goals in life.

When you are ready to conquer the world, they are there with you. And when they’re not ready to conquer the world, you support them and their dreams.

That’s how it is to have a soulmate! You always have time for each other. It doesn’t matter whether your goals are professional or personal; your soulmate is always there with you!

When you have found your soulmate, you will naturally want to support them because they need that from you. You know that their lives will be better when they come first in your life. It’s selfless.

It’s not just about making your life better; it’s about making their lives better. And a soulmate wouldn’t have it any other way.

20) You listen and so do they

Soulmates actually listen to each other. You’re both in the room when the other person is talking!

You know that you have found your soulmate when you feel that everything you say is heard.

It’s a good feeling to know that the one you love is paying attention. That’s how you know that you’ve found your soulmate.

You want to listen to each other’s thoughts and feelings and discuss them with each other. When you feel like this, you know! You are in love. And it feels good!

And they actually acknowledge what you are saying as important.

You can tell that they care about what you have to say. And they will listen or they won’t. This is how you know that you have found your soulmate!

They accept you and what you have to say without judging, without criticism, and without judgment.

So don’t be scared to talk to them because they will accept it because they want what’s best for you.

Final thoughts

No matter how much you see yourself as a person who has no soulmate, it’s reassuring to know that someone out there is perfect for you.

If you’re unsure if your current partner is the real deal, ask a gifted advisor to get their thoughts on the situation.

They have a sensitive gift of unearthing what’s really going on so that you can continue moving forward.

Hopefully, the 20 signs above will shed some light on your wonder about your soulmate.

But if there’s a part of you that still wants to know more, I recommend speaking to a genuine advisor.

And there’s one company that I always end up recommending, Psychic Source. Not only did they blow me away with their accurate reading, but they were also kind and understanding of my situation.

So if you’re tired of wondering about whether you will ever find your soulmate, get in touch with a gifted advisor and take your future into your own hands. I did, and I’ve never looked back since.

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