WildFit Review (2023): Is it Worth it? My verdict

Achieving your ideal body shape without counting calories or exercising?

That sounds like a dream, especially with the saturated world of fitness influencers and diet fads telling us that it’s impossible to get even remotely healthy without some “special science”.

But then I discovered the WildFit Quest by Eric Edmeades on Mindvalley, which takes a completely different approach. 

I completed the program from start to finish to see if it actually works. In my WildFit review, I’ll share with you my honest verdict of the program.

Is WildFit really worth it?

Let’s find out.

What is WildFit?

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WildFit is a 90-day program on Mindvalley designed to help you lose weight naturally, using behavioral psychology to get to the root of your relationship with food.

With WildFit, there’s a focus instead on a few core concepts, including:

  • Your level of food awareness with every meal; essentially, how mindful you are about every single calorie you put in your mouth
  • Your personal eating behavior and how you tend to consume food throughout the day
  • Your understanding of your personal food addictions, and knowing the difference between truly needing to eat or simply wanting to eat because your mind believes you need it
  • Your appreciation for every meal, and detaching from the need to eat unhealthy and addictive food over more filling and healthier food
  • The science behind why we eat, how we eat, and using that to your advantage

And that’s what makes WildFit so different but so effective.

With WildFit, you get a lesson plan and a guide that teaches you how to relearn your relationship with food and readjust what food means to you.

No crazy fads, temporary fixes, or extreme workouts — just the science behind what makes a healthy diet.

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The creator of WildFit — Eric Edmeades

wildfit eric edmeades

Eric Edmeades faced his fair share of health problems in the past and decided to do something about it, starting with his diet.

His research into healthy eating took him to the bushmen in Africa, where he lived and studied their eating habits. Alongside years of dedicated research, WildFit is a culmination of everything Eric has learned and experienced.

Now, he’s a pioneer in the field of nutritional anthropology and evolutionary biology, an author, and an international speaker, and WildFit has become a promising alternative to conventional diets.

WildFit is available on Mindvalley, a platform created by Vishen Lakhiani. They cover programs ranging from personal development to relationships and career success, and I’ve enjoyed taking part in their programs in the past.

Why I took the program

I’ve always been a pretty healthy guy.

That’s not to say I’m a health nut; I’ve never tracked my macros or competed in sports or athletics, but I’ve always taken just enough care of my body to stay fit and healthy.

And I’m sure many people fall in that same category. But I’ve noticed my age a lot over the last few years, and it’s starting to feel like time is finally catching up with me.

I don’t feel like I have the same limitless reservoir of energy that I had in my 20s; I can’t just get up and work or party for as long as I want anymore.

That feeling of vulnerability terrified me — so I decided to make a change. 

While searching through the Mindvalley programs, I came across WildFit, and it was highly recommended. I was skeptical at first, so I decided to dig a little into Eric and why I should take the program.

Long story short, Eric’s approach to fitness is unlike any I’ve ever heard, and in an industry saturated with the same old tips and advice, it was quite eye-opening and almost unbelievable.

You don’t realize until you’re halfway through the WildFit challenge how much the way you think about food, fitness, and health has been stuffed into a very specific box, so you’re stuck working with a framework that might not be entirely accurate, to begin with.

And most of all, I wanted a long-lasting change, not a temporary fix that would fall through the moment the program finished. 

What’s included in WildFit?

wildfit review

Unlike the majority of the quests and programs in the library, WildFit involves one-on-one sessions as well as daily and weekly video calls with a certified WildFit coach.

It’s a lot more hands-on and personal than the other quests to ensure each student’s success throughout the program. Content includes:

  • All WildFit content using the MindValley App (and access on your laptop/PC)
  • Access to the WildFit community
  • Regular coaching videos to help you discover a healthier relationship with food
  • Recipes and guides 
  • Checklists and progress surveys 

WildFit also comes with a ton of bonus content including:

  • Bonus videos by Eric Edmeades. They delve deeper on topics like accountability while you travel, alcohol, fasting, to name a few.
  • Live weekly group coaching calls with a certified WildFit coach. This is to help you track your progress and answer any questions you might have.
  • Prerecorded coaching sessions. These past videos provide a trove of information regarding the program, giving you a new avenue to dig deeper through other people’s questions.
  • A special bonus week at the end of the program. This is to reinstate what you’ve learned. This bonus week is led by Eric Edmeades himself where he helps you wrap up your new habits and transformations into a daily lifestyle

So what about WildFit sets it apart from the competition? Let’s have a look at how it works:

How WildFit works — an overview of the program

 WildFit is broken up into three steps:

Step 1 – Discovering what your body needs

The WildFit program doesn’t throw you in the deep end. You won’t be cutting anything out of your diet just yet.

For weeks one and two, you’ll be learning about your relationship with food, allowing you to look at how and what you eat objectively.

For example, day four of the program is all about how our emotions affect our food decisions (shout out to all the fellow emotional eaters out there, this lesson was an eye-opener!). 

Think of the first part of the program as the preparation phase. Here you’ll learn more about the six types of human hunger and how to effectively neutralize them.

This makes it easy to stick to healthy foods and avoid overconsumption, which is especially helpful for people with eating disorders.

Step 2 – Working in your natural human diet 

Part two is all about making gradual changes to your diet.

Through weeks three to ten, you’ll be engaging in weekly videos and group coaching sessions to make positive changes in your diet in small increments.

You won’t be undergoing drastic restrictions or absurd calorie cuts. Instead, the WildFit program is designed to work with what your body naturally wants, cutting out unhealthy elements gradually. 

A lot of students talk about seeing improvements in other areas of their life.

I felt more focused and a lot more energetic around week five, but struggled in week six when it came to cutting out refined sugar. 

Of course, don’t expect to see my results; your results will be specific to your journey.

Step 3 – Losing weight rapidly and keeping off for good

During weeks 11 and 12, you’ll get two coaching sessions per week and one weekly coaching call to wrap up your session. This keeps accountability high and ensures that follow-through is strong towards the end of the program.

Around week 11 to 13, your newfound habits and dietary changes will have profound effects on your body. Aside from improvements to your mood, satiety, and energy, you should start seeing the pounds dropping off effortlessly.

For the final week of the program, you get a daily video coaching call to ensure that the changes stay permanent in your life.

In this part of the WildFit program, called “Spring”, you’ll learn how to work with seasonal changes in your life. You’ll also be encouraged to engage with the exclusive WildFit community so you can talk to people who are on the same path as you.

I thought this was a great way to stay on track and consistent even weeks after finishing the program.


How much does WildFit cost?

At the moment, the entire WildFit program costs $699, due to an incredible saving Mindvalley is offering of $800. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t fall under Mindvalley’s yearly membership, which gives you unlimited access to 50+ programs for $499. 

 But for me, the amount of content made the price worth it. Had it been for a program with just another diet or “miracle” cure, I probably wouldn’t have invested that much into it. 

But, I do see my health as a long-term investment, so I’d rather try one great program rather than many ineffective ones.

My personal experience with WildFit

Whenever I try something new I go in with an open mind and enthusiasm. I can’t say the same when it comes to diets, because time after time they’ve failed. But, I gave it my best shot and the results speak for themselves:

Before the program:

Before I started the program, I felt like I’d lost my “get up and go”. I wanted to live life to the fullest, but I started planning my days around how tired I’d inevitably feel, scaling back plans, and always making sure not to “overdo” myself just in case. 

I ate okay-ish…tried to find a balance between healthy and indulgent foods, but I had no real understanding of what my body needed as opposed to what I wanted and found palatably appealing. 

During the program:

I appreciated that the first few weeks unfolded slowly, giving me a chance to get into it and understand the reasoning behind some of the changes that were coming up in the following weeks. 

The checklist on each daily session was a great reminder (especially when it came to staying hydrated!) and I felt really good. I was sleeping better and my energy levels were picking up.

Then I got to sort of the halfway point when we start cutting out certain elements like refined sugar, carbs, and dairy….and that’s when the cravings hit and the withdrawal symptoms started. 

It wasn’t easy to get through but it was a good challenge. Making it through this part to “Spring”, the end few weeks, proved that I could do it and made me even more resolute to continue.

And that’s what Spring is all about – instilling everything we’ve learned and making them a part of the daily routine and habit. This part dragged a little for me, but I understand the need for it (habits aren’t learned overnight). 

After the program:

I’m not going to lie, it’s been hard to resist the cravings, but a great motivator is that I spent three months on this program, I’m not going to give in just yet! 

I certainly noted changes in both my weight and my overall focus – I no longer reached my familiar “ceiling” when working or hanging out. 

But more importantly, I feel more confident in my ability to pick and create meals that my body can use for energy, without gaining weight. It’s pretty empowering to have this knowledge because I can use it for a lifetime. 

So, what was good about the program, and what didn’t do it for me?

What I liked about WildFit:

  • The layout of the program was super easy to navigate and the videos were high-quality
  • How in-depth the content is yet it’s easy to understand 
  • Surprisingly for me, I enjoyed drinking the “Alkagizer Prime” smoothie daily 
  • The program’s length makes up for the cost 
  • I could feel a difference by the second stage, which was encouraging 
  • Learning all about the food industry and its manipulative strategies was an eye-opener

What I didn’t like about WildFit:

  • Sometimes I wished the pace would speed up slightly 
  • I found it a little hard to get creative with my meals towards the end 
  • Shopping became a bit of a chore the first few times I went (checking every label) 
  • Spring is the consolidation part at the end, which could feel a little repetitive 


Who is WildFit for?

Unlike most diet programs out there, WildFit doesn’t give you a day-by-day, meal-by-meal instruction manual. 

It teaches you the science behind food and weight loss, where you learn everything from the seasonal approach to weight loss, and the conditioning approach to weaning yourself off unhealthy foods.

But that’s not for everyone, so who would suit WildFit?

You’d love WildFit if…

WildFit isn’t for you if… 

You’re tired of diets and exercise routines that you can’t stick to because they get boring or tiresome

You don’t have that much time to make huge changes in the way you eat

You want a guide or coach who can help you discover a real, lasting change in your life

You’re not super committed to the idea of making huge changes to your daily diet

You want a better understanding of how the food industry works and what to watch out for

You’re content with your body as it is, and you’d rather try something less extreme

You’re up for understanding the dietary choices you make and planning your meals as part of the program

You’d rather follow a set-out meal plan without having to get too creative with your meal planning

You are up for the challenge of trying something new, even if it feels like it goes against everything you know when it comes to food and health

You’re vegetarian or vegan, as some of what is taught may conflict with your principles and current dietary choices (although you can still take part and substitute meat recommendations for plant-based alternatives)

With WildFit, the people who benefit the most are the ones who are really up for the challenge of figuring out what makes their bodies tick.

And let me be the first to say, that’s not for everyone, and that’s completely fine.

A lot of people would rather find a step-by-step, routine-by-routine, meal-by-meal plan that requires zero thought and full execution.

If that works for you, great. If it doesn’t, WildFit is your alternative.

WildFit pros and cons

No review would be complete without the pros and cons, and let’s face it, there’s no weight-loss program out there that doesn’t have drawbacks. But, let’s start with the good stuff:

The pros of WildFit

  • It’s easy to access from your phone, and straightforward to navigate and use 
  • There are only a few core principles to keep up with 
  • It gets to the root causes of why eat unhealthily, using science-based evidence
  • No need for extreme workouts or drastic diet changes 
  • Incorporates breathwork for a holistic approach
  • Offers empowering truth on the manipulative marketing strategies in the food industry
  • Isn’t reliant solely on willpower, which most of us run out of at some point

The Cons of WildFit

  • Its price is fairly expensive for a weight loss program 
  • Some people might not have time to commit to three months 
  • Can’t be accessed online, although guidelines and resources are downloadable 
  • Those who travel or work intensely may struggle with the daily commitment 
  • Everyone is different, so there’s no guarantee it’ll work
  • Doesn’t provide instant results – weight loss truly begins in the final part of the program
  • Isn’t part of Mindvalley’s membership pass 

What are the alternatives to WildFit?

For whatever reason, WildFit might not be for you. You might prefer more exercise incorporated in the program, a shorter diet, or one that’s more affordable. 

  • The 30 Day Slim Down Challenge by Shape: This free program uses a mix of exercise and healthy eating to help you feel and look better. With daily goals and changes to make, by the end of the month, you’ll have a whole new approach to healthy living. 
  • The Custom Keto Diet: Receive eight weeks of customized meals with the Custom Keto Diet. It requires little exercise and there’s no need to count calories, and for just under $40, you can lose weight and learn healthy eating at the same time. 

  • 6 Week Weight Loss Diet: This program featured on Udemy is designed to help you change your lifestyle through diet and exercise. In addition, you’ll learn how to battle sugar addiction, through training videos, articles, and tons of resources. The cost is just under $85 but you’ll gain lifetime access to the materials. 

In case you’re interested in more of Mindvalley’s programs, these two below are both aimed at improving your overall health and fitness.

Each course individually costs $349, but with a Mindvalley membership pass, you’ll have access to both courses plus 50+ more, for an annual price of $499:

  • The Longevity Blueprint: This program is a 7-week program that focuses on up-leveling your health and longevity. Rather than grueling workouts, it promotes 5-20 minutes a day to recondition the body and improve your overall wellness.
  • 10x Fitness: If you don’t have much time to spare but want to build up a workout routine and healthy eating, 10x Fitness is a good choice. Improve your physique, build muscle, and increase strength through science-based and holistic approaches. 


Is the WildFit challenge worth it?

Most people join WildFit for one of two reasons: they want to lose weight fast and for good; or they want to get rid of chronic health problems.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m lucky enough to have stayed relatively fit throughout my adult life.

Most WildFit reviews talk about better pain management or impressive weight loss, but I think they don’t realize a third benefit to the WildFit program: improved energy.

Which was a huge turning point for me. Yes, the weight loss is great, but what truly made me feel good again was having more energy and motivation. And having a better understanding of which foods will benefit me and which are temporary fixes!

That’s the main takeaway from WildFit: understanding how your body works, and what it needs to work optimally. 

You’re not getting Eric Edmeades or anyone else’s special diet; you’re being taught to listen to your cravings, your food preferences. You learn to trust yourself and your body.

That’s what makes WildFit such an interesting program:

It’s designed to work for you, and not the other way around.

So if you’re feeling a little sluggish or just stuck in a rut athletically, or even just curious as to what real food science sounds like without the hocus pocus of marketers and advertisers, the WildFit program is definitely a worthy investment.


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